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indie contact newsletter
indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

I just wanted to thank you again for the microphone that I won a few months back. We have used it for ever gig and it's great! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again. It's impossible to stay on top of all the info that you give out, but I give it a good try. - Mary Garibaldi, Manager

I love this newsletter! You have helped fan the flame of my musical desire. Thank you! - Mike Gentry, Artist

Just to let you know that I received my headphones a couple of weeks ago and have used them recording a few live gigs and while tracking myself and others at home. They have made a huge difference! I am extremely pleased with them. - Mark Lennox, Technical Consultant, ENDUSER

I love the Indie Contact Newsletter. I have already gotten 2 college stations playing my music through contacts in the Newsletter! Thanks! - Queenie, Recording Artist

David, I just finished reading your latest newsletter and felt compelled to thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate your above-and-beyond style. You are doing a wonderful job! - Jayne Olderman, Recording Artist

My sincere thanks for and appreciation of your newsletter which came today and which I read through with great interest. It is by far the best email newsletter (for my purposes) that I have ever received. It will take me a while to follow through on all its suggestions. - Derek Strahan, Composer/Writer

Keep sending the info..its great! - Rob Taylor, Blue Hippo Management/Roadsweeper Records

I've just received my first Indie Newsletter and I am very impressed! Thank you! - Willie Evans, Recording Artist

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for putting together such a great newsletter. I've been receiving it for a while and have found it really useful. Just wanted you to know it's appreciated! - Christine Mascott, The Drop Band

Hey I just wanted you all to know how much I really appreciate the newsletter. I am a solo artist (I record all instruments on my cds and write all the songs) so I really need the extra help with contacts. I've sent my cd's off to tons of the contacts you send out. So I was just wanting you to know that I really appreciate it all. Thanks again! - Ryan Hughes, Recording Artist

Your newsletter is fantastic!!! (plus it's free!) I placed some songs for licensing on a web site publicized by you. Thank you! Keep up the good work. - Saro Tribastone, Recording Artist

I am one of the many subscriptors of your newsletter. I just wanted to thank you for all the information that you are sending out to really helps...thanks! - Nundhia, Recording Artist

Wow! This newsletter just keeps getting better and better! As always, an absolutely essential asset to the independent musician. Thanks! - Mac, In Perpetual Motion Radio Show

I love the newsletter and wouldn't want to miss it! - Ed Yashinsky, Recording Artist

Your newsletters are insightful and helpful to many indie artists and bands. Keep up the good work! - Nancy Rancourt, Recording Artist

You're publishing one of the best ezines out there....keep up the good work! - Todd West, Underground Records

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter. What a great recource and marketing tool! Keep up the good work. - Pete Berwick, Recording Artist

I have recommended a few of my friends to recieve the great benefits of your publication. Thanx so much for all the outlets of assistance. You guys kick ass!!!! - Joe Lawson, Recording Artist

Bless you and your efforts! They will never go un-noticed. ..or, un-appreciated. - Dixon DeVore, Cricket Power Records

Thanks for providing such a terrific contact publication. There's almost too much to completely read through. Kudos! - Graham Greer , Recording Artist

I love your newsletter! - Lisa Hogan , Recording Artist

Your contacts to online reviewers have been truly helpful. After sending my CDs to several of them, I recently received an outstanding review, which I have posted on my site and am mailing to promoters and record companies as part of my press kit. Suddenly, the possibilities seem brighter. I would recommend that any artist who believes in his or her work subscribe. Getting free unbiased reviews is a great way to get things rolling. - Peter Margolies, Recording Artist

Your newsletter is awesome--full of great and useful info :-) - Jule Carey, Recording Artist

Thanks friend! We already have at least twenty new contacts. It's a great info-letter you've got there! - Enrique Pena, Prospective Magazine

I truly enjoy your newsletter. I am happy to spread it to my friends in the industry. - Phillip Kim, Recording Artist

I see a lot of nonsense on the net, but this is definitely helpful for someone who is underground and trying to come out! - Norris Scott, Recording Artist

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy this newsletter. It is very informative! - Jennifer Likewater, Sounds Like Water

indie contact newsletter

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