January 2012

The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.
    1. Publications that will REVIEW your music
    2. Radio Stations/Shows that will PLAY your songs
    3. Labels, Vendors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
    4. Sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
    5. Helpful Resources for recording artists

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Janne Zawa jannezawa@gmail.com
A blog dedicated to reviewing most styles of independent music.

Target Audience Magazine
Ellen ellen@targetaudiencemagazine.com
An online, quarterly publication which promotes independent artists of all genres ranging from musicians to writers and illustrators through encouraging them to find a voice for marketing and connecting to their desired audience. Our hope is that through education of those struggling to make it in the arts and interaction with those who have succeeded we will inspire the circle to continue so that art may reward writing and all disciplines may cross-inspire. Once you find your voice as a passionate, creative soul, express yourself through art and find your target audience. Submissions are done through Sonicbids.

4520 N. Oakley 1st. Fl. Chicago, IL 60625
PH: 773-275-8602
Joe Wallace jwallace@turntabling.net
A blog reviewing VINYL RELEASES ONLY. Turntabling also sells vinyl at conventions and seeks interesting, unconventional artists.

The Country Reviewer
54730 NW Wilson River Hwy. Forest Grove, OR 97116
Matthew Hundley countryreviewer@gmail.com
A review website and online radio station that promotes independent Country music.

Hip-Hop Wired
We will raise the bar for what we expect of Hip Hop artist by asking them challenging and engaging questions. Our motto is just because you're from the hood doesn't mean that your mentality has to remain there. Smarten up! Hip-Hop Wired will document the Hip-Hop culture and artist and be one of their primary voices to help them reach new heights but we will also take them to task and hold them accountable when they need to be checked. Hip-Hop Wired will also provide a voice to non-mainstream artist who have a message that desperately needs to be heard but is suppressed by major record label machines and mainstream media outlets.

SoundPress.net Music Magazine
We are seeking new community members! SoundPress.net is a popular music destination on the world wide web. For over a decade we have promoted great indie and mainstream music through our online magazine and innovative internet radio show. We're looking for the best new acts to feature in our community - all genres welcome!

PO Box 1394, St. Kilda, VIC 3182 Australia
PH: +61 3-9999-6625
Sea sea@gashe.com
An international music, arts & lifestyle magazine profiling and featuring creative indie content, complemented by internet radio stations and shows. Features mostly Dance, Hip Hop and Electronic music.

Progressive Rock Central
2524 Cascadilla St., Durham, NC 27704-4406
Angel Romero angel@worldmusiccentral.org
The main focus is Progressive Rock as well as other musical genres such as Jazz Fusion and Electronic music (Ambient, Space, Chill Out).

New Noise Webzine
Drew drew@newnoisewebzine.com
Rock/Alt/Hard Rock magazine. If you would like us to cover your band, shoot us an e-mail.

Muzique Magazine
Online Hip Hop magazine that features an independent Hip Hop artist interview each issue.

Guitar International
PH: 703-860-2442
Guitar based music from Classical to Metal. Features Acoustic and guitar related interviews, reviews, news, contests, lessons and more.

Box 22001, Vernon, BC V1T 9L7
PH: 250-309-1299 FX: 250-545-4822
Our Vandala Ezine and blog brings top independent music, interviews, reviews, news, events and more to fans with a 100% unique honest spin! Check our website for Submission Guidelines.

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter



Rockin' Rich Lynch On The Radio
The founder of SoundPress.net hosts an amazing indie music podcast heard around the world. Lynch always speaks to world-famous musicians like Yoko Ono, Donovan, Meat Loaf, Jon Anderson of YES to name just a few - and he mixes the the music of the world's best indies in between. We're looking for the best new acts to feature in our playlist - all genres welcome!

PH: 505-255-1468
BRiAN LUSH djlush@rockwired.com
Online radio that rocks! Every artist that comes to ROCKWIRED comes from a different place, not just in terms of genre but in terms of who they are as people - real individuals. You never know whats going to happen next. If you are interested in sending material for ROCKWIRED to consider, please send MP3s or WAV files to our e-mail address.

309 Oakland Dr. Gainesville, GA 30501
J. Scott Fugate scott@soulandjazz.com
Listened to in 152 countries, we feature daily podcasts featuring music across the spectrum of Soul and Jazz from the last 90 years. Each month at least 30 new, free to download, CD quality, DJ-led podcasts are created.

Audiokult Radio
PH: 747-666-5858
DiG fdigaudio@audiokultradio.com
Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative online radio network. Our mission is to bring to the forefront the very best of up and coming unsigned and independent artists, as well as independent labels with a premise to provide exposure in a mainstream radio entertainment style venue.

PH: 615-696-9636
We are a bunch of musicians, marketers and technologists who realized that there really is no effective way to market new music. We figure that building a radio platform designed to increase engagement between fans and bands is a slick idea. We think personalized radio is the future of music discovery and that it ought to be used to get fans fired up and out supporting new music. To submit your music, please fill out our online submission form.

Corazon 1610 AM
2618 Mesquite Ridge Dr. Houston, TX 77073
PH: 713-842-0117
Perry Walters perry@corazon1610am.com
Brings you the latest information on the Christian independent music industry, artists, groups and ministries. The variety of programs includes classic Christian classic, indie and major recording artists, interviews, live performances, teaching, discussions, church services and community news.

New Driven Radio - WBCX
PH: 678-234-6354
Sherry Sabine NewDriven@gmail.com
We are all about unsigned/independent ROCK! It's pure. It's unadulterated.

IndieCan Radio
69 Yonge St. 2nd Fl. Toronto, ON M5E 1K3
PH: 416-239-8737
Joe Chisholm info@indiecan.com
Online radio featuring Canadian artists. Radio Programming like the one hour "Inside Toronto Indie Show" which brings you up close and personal with the best of indie artists in the greater Toronto area. We take you into the studio, on the road and behind the scenes. Who, Where, When and Info on Bands in towns all across the country. Better ways to listen to and support your favourite Indie Bands Communicate directly with Bands you want to get to know; give them your feedback, get on their street team.

Lingua Musica
Joe Kendrick josephdkendrick@gmail.com
Focuses on artist interviews ahead of their appearances, which we post to our YouTube channel. Conversations typically dwell on music news, history and culture. We use social media like Facebook and twitter to let everyone in our networks know that there's a short interview posted to get attention for them, their show, the venue and our sponsors. We're also partnering with other media to promote them and post these interviews on their sites. WNCW midday host Joe Kendrick produces and hosts the show, with a rotating cast of musicians, music journalists, and industry professionals as both hosts and guests.

The Tillerman Show
Unit 4, Birchall St., Liverpool, L20 8PD UK
We accept demo material from all corners of the globe and in all categories of music. To be considered for inclusion on the playlist, please send a short biography and no more than two (2) tracks in MP3 format to our e-mail address. Although we place no restrictions on demo submissions, only tracks deemed suitable for live radio will be eligible for The Tillerman Show.

Evolution Rock Metal Podcast
Here you will find bands and musicians from all over the world. Sometimes geographical distances may separate us, but through Rock and Metal music we all speak the same language.

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Music Promotion, Inc.
PO Box 272227, Fort Collins, CO 80527
PH: 970-377-0313
Amanda Alexandrakis
International radio promotion (Europe, UK & Australia), marketing, licensing and consulting.

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter



2319 Fox Run Rd. Centerville, OH 45459
PH: 937-434-9913
Kent Cretors kent@kentsmusic.com
I run an online music instrument store, but I also provide personal management, business management and possibly co-management with alliance connections for artists that I believe in. I deal with musicians who perform Country, Country Rock, Pop and Alternative Rock. I would prefer the acts to at least have a product and gigging, understand the biz, but I may consider artist development if the acts are really talented and write hit music. I started in the music business back in the 60's and I am pretty well educated on how things work or don't work. Interested artists should contact me first by e-mail ... then we can go from there.

Yergh Entertainment
PH: +44 (0) 2071935189 info@anrfactory.com
A London based, music management, promotions, publishing, and consultancy company. We also specialize in the placement of songs in advertising, film, TV, trailers and video games. We represent a wide library of music, in all genres from a variety of artists, songwriters and producers.

Indigenous Promotions
(NY) 5 Devoe St. 2nd Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11211
(LA) PO Box 27485, Los Angeles, CA 90027
PH: 303-503-7333 FX: 718-302-5054
We are a boutique music marketing, PR and events company located in LA and NY. We offer traditional and non-traditional publicity campaigns for record releases, tours, one-off singles, videos, and events including long-lead press, national, local and regional print, online media, and blogger promotions. Campaign planning and execution, project management for record and film releases, tour promotions, direct-to-fan marketing capabilities, new media and social networking, online retail and promotional tools, street teaming and guerilla marketing. We always work to maximize exposure for our artists while they're on the road. In fact, it's our specialty. In addition to soliciting concert previews/reviews and inviting media and industry contacts to shows, we also target lifestyle-based online media and indie retail outlets such as vintage and record stores, integrating the artist into the city's local creative culture.

Broadjam Licensing Services
6401 Odana Rd. Madison, WI 53719
PH: 608-271-3633 FX: 608-273-3635
Music licensing is a highly competitive area of the music business, but everyone deserves a fair shot. All music licensing opportunities on Broadjam are open to every musician that wants to be considered, making it a level playing field for all. Every day on Broadjam you can find over 100 music licensing opportunities for your music, covering every style and genre. All music licensing submissions will be heard by the person providing the opportunity before they make a decision - 100% guaranteed or your money back.

A website which gives you the power to license music, & lyrics directly to TV, Film, media and performing artists. We also let you sell your music directly to your fans. The best part is you get paid instantly and directly. Smashsongs takes no commissions, meaning you end up with 100% of all profits made from selling and licensing your music, lyrics. Smashsongs is very easy to use. We focus on what is really important to members, and that is an easy way to license songs and sell music directly. Once you are a member, you will be able to start uploading your music and lyrics directly onto your profile page and into our Music Library buyer search. You can sell your music directly to your fans and also upload music for potential song licensing opportunities. Using Smashsongs, you can license music to both media and other performers. While you are free to use your own music contracts, we also provide members with 3 standard industry contracts which you are able to use when dealing with buyers.

Cyber PR
389 12th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215
PH: 212-239-8384
Jason Loomis jason@arielpublicity.com
Have a Love Song To Promote? Cyber PR Valentines Day Campaigns Start at $247. A Cyber PR "Mini" gets your music directly to our network of bloggers, podcasters and iRadio DJ's for content consideration. We also increase your reviews on iTunes, Amazon & CD Baby and help you expand your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).

The Management Agency
Committed to providing the very best in development support, production and marketing for artists, ministries, and other businesses needing professional services so they can focus on what they do best. Our services include artist management, artist development (all aspects), tour management, promotions & marketing, concert & event promotions, website design, world-class production services (audio & video), branding & logo development and social network & fan development. We have over 30 years' experience in church and ministry business administration, Christian education, worship team training & development, and in the management and administration of tours (domestic & international), events of all kinds, non-profit consultation services, and artist development, administration and management.

Low Life Inc.
Sean Holland sean@cocomachete.com
Online Music Promotions and Artist Management for Pop and Electronic artists ... Straight from the Dingy Basements of New York City.

PH: 818-505-1836
Started by industry veterans to further the goal of helping develop the cutting edge of new artists and labels with innovative marketing and talent. Combining 25+ years of valuable experience with an arsenal of talents and a passion for breaking albums and artists, Indie Power is about to add a few new pages to the history books! @indie_power

The Musicians and Authors Media Group (MAMG)
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
PH: 212-810-1151
Forrest Casey info@musiciansandauthors.com
Promotes the works of established and emerging musicians and authors through our custom promotional print and website programs.

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Tillerman Records
A&R Dept, Unit 4, Birchall St., Liverpool, L20 8PD UK
Our aim is to promote and release music more true to meaning; we want people to genuinely enjoy listening to our music, not just for them to simply buy it. We are accepting demos of all genres. Artists should send their demo to the above address. We can also accept 128kbps MP3 demos sent via our e-mail address. All we ask is that you please send us 3 tracks which you deem to be your most fulfilling and not necessarily those which are the most commercially viable. Include with your submission a brief artist biography and contact details.

133 Richmond St. W. #310, Toronto, ON M5H 2L3
PH: 905-719-5252
Tom Treumuth tom@frostbytemedia.net
A record label passionate about its artists & committed to delivering diverse and quality music on a global stage. Ship packages to the above address. We welcome music from Singer/Songwriters to Metal.

PO Box 276, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4LR UK
PH: 01481237414
Stephen Dixon support@xarnia.com
An indie music portal which offers digital downloads, distribution and promotion for unsigned artists and bands. We have 250 stores in 26 countries and best of all it's FREE!

Whirlpool Records
Schulstr.16, 80634, Munich, Germany
PH: 0049-89-12111765 FX: 0049-89-12111766
Chris Gilcher mail@whirlpoolrecords.com
We are an independent record label featuring all styles of Electronic music like Lounge, Chillout, House, etc. If you want to send us your demos, please use our Soundcloud Dropbox.

Game Tite Records
PH: 281-310-4542 FX: 713-699-8843
Lyvonte Byrd gametitesouth@yahoo.com
Houston based Hip Hop record label. We also offer music production, digital and electronic music services, marketing and promotion, artist development and a recording studio.

jerome promotions

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Radar Music Videos
A worldwide network of talented music video directors, used by independent labels and DIY artists to commission exciting, popular music videos. Radar also promotes music videos, through partnerships including Arte and the BBC Film Network and promotes on Radar, YouTube and Vimeo. The weekly Radar Tipsheet recommends music videos direct to hundreds of music journalists worldwide.

Our mission is to give aspiring music artists an equal chance to be discovered. Industry professionals can plug into TalentWatch's platform to stage contests for artists anywhere in the world. Our site can be used to crown the winning artist or run the audition phase of a major reality TV competition. Without the geographic limitations of live contests you extend your talent pool and capture the interest of music fans all over the world. Our video-driven platform enables singers, bands and musicians to showcase their talent and tell their story in a format that draws you in and helps fans connect emotionally with each performer. Music fans rate artists on their talent, entertainment and likeability, and ultimately decide who deserves to be discovered. TalentWatch provides the most engaging platform on the internet where every music artist uploads at least one music video and a personal video, where they share their story.

12 Desbrosses St., New York, NY 10013
PH: 347-627-0331
Trevor Collins trevor@hypetree.com
A place where all musicians can find a targeted audience. Crowds of listeners hear two songs and pick one over another, giving the musicians data and the chance to rank at the top of the tree.

Tunecore Canada
Canadian artists can now get their music to fans worldwide via distribution into iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. TuneCore is now the world's largest music distributor, placing more music into iTunes and other global music services in one month than Sony, Universal, Warner and EMI combined in a year.

Pax Stereo TV
PH: 323-296-6165
Victor Allen victor@paxstereo.tv
Online Urban television and video website with a variety of stations. Use our YouSendIt Dropbox to submit your music files.

Sunset Island Music TV
DJ Frankie V sunsetimusic@aol.com
A new show that will feature music videos, interviews and live music broadcasts from unsigned bands and indie artists from around the globe.

311 Montford Ave. Asheville, NC 28801
PH: 828-232-0016
Will Cumberland cumberland@jukeboxalive.com
Our Advanced Jukebox Player protects your music from being digitally downloaded, yet allows fans to hear your music online. This creates exciting possibilities for you to present yourself to new audiences without being ripped off.

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter


A social media platform that offers its members a simple, but surprisingly effective collaboration tool. Soundslates.com strives to connect and showcase a worldwide community of artists, bridging cultural and continental divides with one global language - music. The diversity of singers, songwriters, musicians and sound professionals participating in the community will deliver endless possibilities of sounds and create opportunities to collaborate with talents otherwise unreachable. Rock, Rap, Classical, R&B, Indie, Jazz, Electro, Metal, World - All categories of music are welcome - the platform has been design to allow for a multitude of instruments - the common denominator being passion and a strong desire to create new music.

Love Performing
A FREE website that allows you to network with like-minded people. You can gain free advice, share your experiences, upload videos, find jobs and MUCH more.

I'm a Songwriter
120 Deppe Ln. Ottumwa, IA 52501
PH: 641-777-1556
Shay Hovell support@imasongwriter.org
Bringing singers and musicians together for online collaboration.

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Rue Abbe Cuypers 3 1040 Brussels, Belgium
PH: 32475615912
Frederick Tubiermont slowbizz@gmail.com
This is the first global house concerts network. Join the movement ;-)

11922 W. Farmington Rd. Hanna City, IL 61536
PH: 309-588-4569
Ali Puckett ali@buttonhead.org
Creates high-quality custom buttons, pins, magnets, pocket mirrors, and temporary tattoos for your gigs or promotional needs.

Festival Network Online
There's nothing like a live performance! FNO lists more than 7,000 events throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking performers, from local & regional to national & international. @_festivalnet Search by 22 different music genres, event attendance, zip code radius & more. Plug in festival dates with club dates.

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29 Ways to Promote Your Music Video
A free 4 part e-mail series on how to promote your videos online.

Woofer Magazine
582 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603
PH: 914-358-1200
An e-magazine intended to help musicians, those working in the music industries, and fans address the latest challenges and opportunities in the music business. It highlights events, recommends music and musical acts, comments on music-lifestyle issues, and profiles music creation and business issues, in addition to drawing together insights and information provided by experienced journalists, top artists, educators and others working in the field.

Music Marketing Manifesto Blog
John Oszajca john@musicmarketingmanifesto.com
Advanced strategies, secrets, tactics and tips on selling your music online. @JohnOszajca

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Great New Metal
PH: 415-652-8834
Brian Shields brian@greatnewmetal.com
Our Authorities are the definitive sources for the best up and coming artists in all genres of Metal. Each month each of these Metal gurus will award their Seal of Approval to a new band and spend four weeks hearing from the musicians and learning about their music. You can show off your superior knowledge of the future great new Metal bands by wearing exclusive t-shirts from our own signature designers.

Allows you to create a gorgeous website in minutes, bringing together social media updates, photos, videos and more into a unified web presence. Flavors is free! The upgrade to access premium features, such as our mobile layout or the option for a custom domain name is just $20 per year. Automatically organizes content from 35 services - more than anywhere else - into an elegant and cohesive online presence. Showcase Your Content Present your social media in stunning visual fashion with a customizable display, full screen photos, and interactive audio and video.

Everyone knows that nothing gets stale as fast as yesterday's news. Welcome to Meporter, a location-based news app that enables you to write, photograph and video your local news as it breaks. But that's not all. Meporter makes the stories available to anyone in the world with a mobile phone or an Internet connection. When you witness breaking news - anything from weather to traffic, from nightlife to local politics, from a hot new restaurant to a cool new real estate opportunity - simply use your iPhone or your iPod Touch to take a picture or make a video, write up your story, add a headline, and post it for the world to see. Out-anchor your local news anchor!

30 Compton Way, Hamilton Sq. NJ 08690
PH: 609-689-1711
Scott Clark info@cdreview.com
We manufacture our own line of CD boxes for artists to sell their music at shows or in stores.

5925 NE 80th Ave. Portland, OR 97218
PH: 888-448-6369
The best place to host your website/domain! Powerful artist tools including blogging, calendar, mailing list, selling merch, and streaming audio. Integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter and more! No design skills are needed. We have hundreds of professional design templates. Sell your music through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, Rhapsody + over 15 other music sites!

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Songwriters in Seattle
12411 NE 134th Pl. Kirkland, WA 98034
PH: 425-802-2036
Chris Klimecky info@songwritersinseattle.com
A non-profit org supporting music and musicians in the Pacific Northwest. 500+ members, 10 events/month.

MEOW (Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women)
Carla DeSantis Black info@meowonline.org
Dedicated to ensuring that women's voices are heard in every genre of music and at every level of an artist's career.

The Alabama Music Office (AMO)
Founded to promote Alabama music and musicians. AMO provides Alabama's largest music database which is used as a information clearinghouse for the Alabama music industry. The AMO serves the Alabama music industry by using its Made in Alabama Referral Network to promote the development of the music industry within the state. AMO also makes the public aware of Alabama's music community.

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A Musician's Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals For 2012

by Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity
© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

The last half of 2011 was intense for a lot of us. The financial news across the world remained bleak, Occupy Wall Street was all over the news as the 99% spoke up to be heard.

The music business continued to take hits with Spotify's arrival and news of more layoffs at record labels, management companies as we all scratched our heads to blog about positive things and good outcomes

Many of you may have seen this article (or another one) on setting goals as they crop up at this time of year.

It's a new year and a clear slate is in front of all of us. The turning of the calendar from 2011 to 2012 is an ideal time to set your goals. I see a marked difference between artists who set finite goals and those who do not regardless of what is happening in the world and in the news.

Ask yourself: Is this the year I want to make a difference for my music career? And if so - what difference and how?

Think of goal setting as if you were driving in a foreign place - You wouldn't get where you expect to go without a clear set of directions. Goal setting is like drawing a map for yourself.

This article is designed to assist you in creating a personal roadmap for achieving what you would like with your musical career this year, whether you consider music your hobby and you do it part time or you are making a living out of it full-time.

I have included a few links from some of the best musician related posts on how to think about and achieve goals as well. So, bookmark this long article and refer to it throughout the year!


Many studies have proven that long-term perspective is the most accurate single predictor of upward social and economic mobility in America. And it has been proven that people who have goals written down are much more likely to achieve them.


STEP 1: Write Down Your Focus Areas

Here is a list of some areas you may want to focus on. Skip the ones that are not for you and write out each focus area goal.

Branding - Your look and feel your image and health or your pitch and overall messaging.

Marketing - What will you do this year for your marketing plans.

Newsletter - It's still the #1 way to make money! What will you do to create and send yours 12 - 24 times this year & how many people can you add to your e-mail list.

Website - Building a new one or diversifying your online presence?

Social Networking - How's your Facebook Fan Page looking? How many tweets do you send each week?

PR - Getting covered on radio, print, or online.

Booking - Touring or local gigs this year or a combination?

New Music - How much will you release?

Money - How much money you would like to earn?

Film & TV Placements - Will you work towards them this year?

Expanding Your Fan Base - How will you do this?

Team - Will you be trying to get a manager or a booking agent?

Time - How will you manage to balance your time this year to make sure you can focus on your musical goals?

Songwriting - Recording an album or EP this year or just releasing singles as they come?

Instrument - Buying a new instrument or taking lessons?

Personal Health - So your performance is better - exercise, eating etc.

STEP 2: Write Your Goals Down

- Write each goal as if it is already happening - use the present tense

- Give dates by when you want to achieve each one

- Your goals should involve you and only you (they can't be contingent on someone else)

- Make them so they are realistically achievable

- Start with small goals so I can get them checked off the list and get in momentum fast!

- Make sure they make you FEEL MOTIVATED to complete! Derek Sivers wrote great commentary on this: http://sivers.org/goals

STEP 3: Look At Them Everyday

I highly recommend writing your goals neatly on paper or creating a vision board that illustrates them. Use colored pens or make a collage that brings them to life and hang them in a place where you can see them everyday.

Keeping them within your sights will keep them in your mind

Carla Lynne Hall at Rockstar Life Lessons has a fabulous guide on how to create a vision board on her blog: http://bit.ly/CarlasVisionBoard


1. Start With An Easy Goal And Complete It

One of the main reasons people don't end up achieving their goals / keeping their new years resolutions is they set themselves up for failure by choosing goals that take a lot of discipline and time to achieve. There is nothing wrong with having big goals however, here's what I recommend to overcome this issue ...

Choose a simple goal and get it achieved within the next two weeks. This will start your momentum and get you feeling like you are in full forward motion.

Think of a small, achievable goal that only takes four to five hours to complete.

Choose something like:

Organize cluttered studio
Clean off desk
Delete unwanted files from computer & emails
Recycle last years unwanted papers
Write one new song

Next, set a date when you will get it done by and go for it.

Now that you have achieved a goal within the first two weeks of the new year, the rest of your goal setting will seem a lot easier to accomplish, and you will be able to get things off your plate.

2. Make Lists To Stay On Track

- Make daily lists of what you need to do to get your goals met - the night before! Do the hardest thing first in the morning - don't procrastinate.

- Do something everyday that moves you towards the goals

- Delegate the little activities that waste your valuable time to other people (you would be amazed what you could do with four hours it takes to clean your house).

- Don't overload yourself - studies show that 6 tasks is the maximum you can achieve in one day!

3. Get Help

Build a TEAM to help you!! Get an intern or two - log on to http://www.entertainmentcareers.net and read http://www.internlikearockstar.com/ for inspiration and post as an employer seeking interns - you will be amazed at how many bright young people would like to get their feet wet in the business.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of an intern then ask a friend or a family member to help you. Schedule just 2 hours a week with that person to attack the goals and get them in motion.

4. Structure Time to Achieve Goals

They won't happen unless you have time to make sure they do!

Make sure you set aside time and stick to it with pigheaded diligence

5. Remember You Can Change The Goals As You Go

Goals should be looked at as beacons and guiding points for you to keep yourself on track along your journey. I would not recommend changing them every week but the music industry is changing so rapidly it's hard to know what goals are reachable in this landscape. So if the course of the year your goals change its OK to cross one off or modify as you go.

6. Write Down 5 Successes Each Day

I'm inviting you to write down five little victories a day for this entire year.

I learned this powerful technique years ago from T. Harv Eker. Once you start getting into this habit, you are training yourself to put the focus on the positive and get your brain to stop being so critical.

So put a notebook in your gig bag or next to your bed and each day write down 5 things. Make one or two of them music or band related.

Here are some examples:

1. Went to gym.

2. Wrote lyrics for a new song.

3. Called three clubs for potential booking.

4. Did the dishes.

5. Posted a blog.


This is a process intended to take a whole year and you will have your days where you may get frustrated, and you will start to beat yourself up (sound familiar?)

Self-criticism will interfere directly with achieving your goals and dreams. So, the next time you are making yourself wrong, take a step back and instead acknowledge the good, and celebrate your achievements.

Another thing that will stop you is not taking time for YOU so schedule time to reflect and take it all in. Maybe that's a walk in the woods, maybe that's cooking yourself a decadent meal, or maybe it's spending time with people you love and turning down your power for a few days without the pressure of a holiday or an event???.

Here's to your success in 2012!

WANT A GUIDE TO HELP YOU? I wrote one :-) My completely new THIRD edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks is available for presale now! (and it's $5 less than last year!) This edition is completely revamped and now includes a full chapter on YouTube as well as new sections on Fan funding, and new blogging techniques. Each book comes with My Cyber PR?? Mastermind Forum - Get goal support for $27.99 (ebook) $29.99 (physical book) Many fabulous musicians and I will be there help you along with your goals. 1 Membership comes with each purchase. Order now: www.musicsuccessinnineweeks.com

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indie contact newsletter

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indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

Indie Venue Bible

indie music promotion
Regular Placement Ads are $250 each.
If you advertise for 3 consecutive issues, you will receive a $100 discount ($650 total).

Premium placements (the first 2 ad spots) cost $300 per month (with no discount for multiple placements).

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