June 2012

The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.
    1. Publications that will REVIEW your music
    2. Radio Stations/Shows that will PLAY your songs
    3. Labels, Vendors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
    4. Sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
    5. Helpful Resources for recording artists

indie contact newsletter


Hot Indie News
269 12th St. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11215-3919
James Lane hotindieNews@yahoo.com
Indie Resource for movies, music, politics and more. We always accept press releases and physical submissions to help indies increase their worldwide exposure. So, please feel free to send your CDs, DVDs and Press Kits to our mailing address. NOTE: Due to the high quantity of email we receive on a daily basis, we request that you please do not submit electronic press kits. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Rapsoulution Magazine
Anna anna@slickworthington.com
Digital Urban magazine with focus on indie artists. When sending us your music, be sure to correctly tag your track. Submissions without proper tags are not acceptable. Include your information is a separate email as we do not have the time to look around and attempt to 'find' you to respond to your submissions.

Sleaze Roxx
Box 142, Minto, MB R0K 1M0
Skid skid55@yahoo.com
Hard Rock news, reviews and interviews. Albums, demos, presskits etc. can be sent to the above address for review.

Bearded Magazine
Bearded exists to generate coverage for independent labels and artists regardless of genre, background or how fashionable they are. Bearded aims to do this with writing that allows the reader to form their own opinions rather than being told what to think and what to like. Bearded is put together exclusively by music lovers for music lovers - like a conversation in a pub, but with much nicer paper. Submitting your music is easy, and can be done digitally by e-mailing us a LINK to your music. Make sure you include the artist, record title and release date in the subject. To send records, please refer to our ABOUT US page for individual addresses. Please do NOT attach MP3s!

Box 22001, Vernon, BC V1T 9L7
PH: 250-309-1299 FX: 250-545-4822
Our Vandala Ezine and blog brings top independent music, interviews, reviews, news, events and more to fans with a 100% unique honest spin! Check our website for Submission Guidelines.

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M3 Radio
269 12th St. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11215-3919
James Lane m3newmusic@yahoo.com
Our mission is to give the independent musician a broadcast forum where if their music is good, it will receive airplay regardless of whether they're signed to a major label or not. It's not about someone telling us to play the music, we play it because it's good or else we just won't play it!

Insane Realm Radio
An internet radio station that plays primarily Indie, Alternative, Punk and Metal music. Submit your music via our SoundCloud Dropbox.

Broadcast Network For Indie Artists (BN4IA)
The purpose of the BN4IA network is to give indie recording artist a level playing field when it comes to getting their songs on radio and television stations around the world. We only accept music in the genre of Rock, CHR (Pop), R&B, AC and Dance. We DO NOT accept Rap, Hip Hop, Country, Heavy Metal or instrumentals.

Tranzistor Radio
A free Music Player for Android and iPhone which features curated content from the best indie labels, artists, radio shows, and more. Are you an Artist or Label interested in including your music on Tranzistor Radio's Network? Drop a line to our e-mail address.

Rock Solid Pressure Radio Show
J-Rock and Patty rocksolidpressure@yahoo.com
A radio experience you won't soon forget. Not only do we feature the best rockin' bands from today and yesterday, but we also give unsigned bands a shot a national exposure. If you are an original Hard Rock / Metal band, and would like to considered for airplay, please send us an e-mail.

Independent Music Podcast
125A Franciscan Rd. London, SW17 8DZ UK
A mix of the weird and wonderful releases coming from the independent music scene this week. To submit records for inclusion our podcast you can send a LINK to our e-mail address or mail your CDs to our physical address. Please do NOT attach MP3s!

Great Unknowns Presents
Mikey Jayy info@allindiemagazine.net
An online radio show featuring only the best independent music artists. If you would like to be considered for this show, submit your music to us through MusicXray.com http://www.musicxray.com/profiles/2281

New Driven Radio
PH: 770-538-4744
Sherry Sabine NewDriven@gmail.com
A weekly 4 hour radio show that features only independent Rock from across the US and around the world. It airs Tuesdays 8-midnight (est). We feature independent bands from Soft Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal, Southern Rock, Americana, Pop and everything in between. The first 2 hours are called New Driven Cruise and we feature the softer stuff there. The second two hours is called New Driven Torqued and the harder stuff is featured there.

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter


Millions (Radio and PR)
1050 N. Clover, Boise, ID 83703
PH: 208-409-4482
J. Milione therearemillions@gmail.com
We are a highly selective radio promotions unit. If you are interested in working with us, you can send us an email about your project. We'll have to hear you before we can begin talking about a working campaign. We also provide digital and physical mailing campaigns and support for artists and projects that we believe in. We find that when it's something that we are excited about, we don't mind cutting deals with the artists, labels or producers. Get in touch!

Spirit Enterprises Radio Promotion
PO Box 1075, Oxon Hill, MD 20750
PH: 301-567-5349
Henry Harris media1@smpecma.com
Gospel radio promotion. Artist who are ready for radio play will contract with me for 3 months I will work the artist project to radio both charting and non charting stations with a minimum of 1 charting stations by the end of the first month or the contract expires. Before the end of 30 days the song should be spinning and charting the BDS or the Media Base chart.

Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
1828 Broadway, 2nd Fl. Santa Monica, CA 90404
PH: 310-998-8305 FX: 310-998-8323
Bryan airplay@radio-media.com
Indie airplay promotion to commercial, commercial specialty and college radio stations in the U.S. and Canada.

Howard Rosen Promotion
521 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #15, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
PH: 805-382-2200 FX: 805-201-7816
Since 1985 We have been helping artists reach their goals of obtaining radio airplay, expanding their fan base, and creating awareness throughout the industry. @Howiewoodpromo

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254 Sixth St. #2, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
PH: 201-656-5458 FX: 201-216-1186
Stevie B. MiMiMus@aol.com
You've recorded, mixed, mastered and manufactured your music - now what? We are entertainment promotion & marketing specialists. Within our promotion division we are concerned primarily with radio tracking and specialize in working with close to 2000 BDS, CMJ, Mediabase as well as Mediaguide surveyed radio stations across the United States and Canada, while offering help in publicity. We can also provide national record distribution.

Push-It! Promotions
PO Box 18061, Fairfield, OH 45018
PH: 313-207-5786
Bruce Knight ppushitnews@gmail.com
20 year music industry professional that provides various promotional services to independent artists with stellar Gospel music award nominees and winners for the past 6 years!

ICE Promotion
107 Tibton Cir. Myrtle Beach SC 29588
PH: 843-606-0822
Michael michael@icepromotion.com
Social Media marketing and promotions for artists, labels, DJs and businesses.

Hard Pressed Publicity
PO Box 49001, Austin, TX 78765
PH: 512-554-2799
Jo Rae Di Menno jorae@hardpressedpublicity.com
Offers local, regional and national media promotion and publicity for artists, events, CD releases (local/regional), tour press, on-going publicity (regarding local shows) and CD releases for national review. Eclectic projects welcome. Former Director of Publicity for South by Southwest Music & Media Conference for ten years. Set up Press Conferences at SXSW for Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett, Carl Perkins, Nick Lowe, Rosanne Cash, Bob Mould & others.

9114 Adams Ave. #335, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
PH: 888-856-5080 FX: 888-856-5659
Javan Mershad info@mondotunes.com
We provide the world's largest digital music distribution service reaching over 750 retailers, mobile partners and streaming companies in over 100+ countries.

The Musicians and Authors Media Group (MAMG)
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
PH: 212-810-1151
Forrest Casey info@musiciansandauthors.com
Promotes the works of established and emerging musicians and authors through our custom promotional print and website programs.

Vandala Concepts
Box 22001, Vernon, BC V1T 9L7
PH: 250-309-1299 FX: 250-545-4822
A Unique Entertainment Company dedicated to servicing the needs of independent musicians worldwide. We also review artists with a unique honest spin in our Vandala Ezine! We have a wide range of services for every artist, drop us a line.

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PH: 613-266-5882
Philippe Lafrenier info.upandupmusic@gmail.com
A Canadian record label focused on an eclectic mix of Folk and Roots, to Blues, Funk and World; a home for authentic music. For an address where you can send a demo or record, please call or e-mail to inquire.

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12 Desbrosses St., New York, NY 10013
PH: 347-627-0331
Trevor Collins trevor@hypetree.com
All the music on hypetree.com is uploaded by independent musicians and labels themselves, and anyone can add their music to the system. The system works by assigning each song an "interest" score based on its win/loss ratio compared to all the other songs in the system. Songs with the highest interest get to be on the homepage, and are displayed throughout the site. The data collected from voting is accessible to the artists via detailed graphical song analytics, in addition to the overall score. Musicians get exposure for their songs, and feedback about which of those songs people are into. It's market research for every musician. People looking for new music get a fun way to discover artists, and they contribute to what ultimately end up being the top songs.

If you are a band or artist fill out our Artist Syndication Application. Make sure to fill out all required fields and keep in mind that to participate in the program we ask artists to post a message or our video to their Facebook or Twitter page to help create awareness. Once approved you will start getting paid for every one of your pre-owned tracks that is resold on ReDigi, oftentimes as much as what you net on the sale of a new track!

The Uncontrolled TV Show
In order to make it in the entertainment industry you need to have a place where your talent can be discovered and appreciated. The Uncontrolled TV Show is the place for you. This show can help turn your aspirations and dreams into a reality. At the Uncontrolled TV Show, we feel that it doesn't matter where great music or talent comes from. If it's something that people will like, we want our audience to see it. If you believe you have what it takes to steal the spotlight, and if we like what we see, we'll add your music video to our playlist for the world to see. All you have to do is send a YouTube video link to your best music video - Only (1) one link - Sending more than one will automatically disqualify you. Your video should be of high quality. Send us your biography, name, contact information and any other information you want us to know about you. Submitting your high quality YouTube video is very easy and we have a huge playlist to make, so make sure you give us your best. If we like your video you will get a response from our management, so cross your fingers and keep a look out for an e-mail in your inbox!

311 Montford Ave. Asheville, NC 28801
PH: 828-232-0016
Will Cumberland cumberland@jukeboxalive.com
Our Advanced Jukebox Player protects your music from being digitally downloaded, yet allows fans to hear your music online. This creates exciting possibilities for you to present yourself to new audiences without being ripped off.

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PO Box 723, Bordentown, NJ 08505
We allow users to post their comments about their favorite (and not so favorite) songs and even submit their own lyrics. Our goal is to create the world's largest and most functional lyrics site, period. We also have a community aspect with user profiles, message boards and more.

indie contact newsletter

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The Tea Philter - A T-Filter Pedal Kit
The Tea Philter Pedal is newest do-it-yourself pedal kit from MODTM Kits DIY, produces a fixed wah tone allowing you to lock it in without rocking the pedal back and forth. Every guitar/wah combination has a certain sweet spot that is perfect for lead and chord work. The Tea Philter lets you dial in everything from your favorite vocal mid-range tone to thick lows. Using point-to-point wiring and easy-to-follow instructions you can have a working fixed wah pedal in a matter of hours.

MODTM Kits are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build their own amps and effects pedals. All kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and use point-to-point wiring. A pre-drilled enclosure and all necessary parts are included. All you need to provide are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. The effect pedal operates on a 9V battery; for a longer lasting option, a 9-volt adapter can be purchased separately.

For a complete listing of kits available from MODTM Kits DIY visit our website.

Dustin Jenkins Nashville
PH: 615-768-9032
There are many places to turn for recording services today, but here are several of the main reasons you chose the RIGHT place, by coming to our site - we offer free initial consultations, nashville quality, affordable for almost any budget, dependable turnaround, & quick most of the time, christian owned and operated and produced for artists, by an artist.

Not Just Country TV
PO Box 60775, Nashville, TN 37206
PH: 615-715-6015
Ricky Toran info@njctv.com
The artists that appear on NJCTV have made a name for themselves in the industry by becoming famous or writing, appearing, singing backup, touring, opening, performing with known artists, or have just created a buzz that Team NJC has noticed.

First Tutors: Music
EduNation, Rm. 1, The Courtyard, Bishops Stortford, CM23 3EG UK
Isa Benedetti isa@firsttutors.com
Provides those in search of music tuition with access to the widest range of music tutors in their local area, whilst supplying individuals able to teach music with a platform from which to advertise the tuition they offer FOR FREE.

Peerless Mastering
1085 Commonwealth Ave. #322, Boston, MA 02215
PH: 617-527-2200
Dedicated to providing the highest quality restoration. We offer the highest quality stereo and 5.1 pre-mastering, CD, CD Enhanced, and DVD-A authoring and full audio restoration. Our staff is exceptional at giving our clients the best quality and service, guiding them through the final phase of their sonic process with ease and expertise. We are uniquely equipped to provide the highest quality mastering available anywhere. We have the expertise, equipment, and skills to achieve the full sound potential of your album. As more and more artists are choosing to record in project and home studios, high-quality professional mastering in an acoustically accurate room has never been more important. Working at Peerless' state-of-the-art studios with our highly trained engineers, you can realize your sonic vision and make your recording sound as full, warm, punchy, and clear as possible. We will guide you through every step of this final phase of your project, and you will be truly amazed when you hear how incredible your music can sound. @PeerlessMaster

Festival Network Online
There's nothing like a live performance! FNO lists more than 7,000 events throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking performers, from local & regional to national & international. @_festivalnet Search by 22 different music genres, event attendance, zip code radius & more. Plug in festival dates with club dates.



University of Recording Arts and Music Inc.
18101 Von Karman 3rd Fl. Irvine, CA 92612
PH: 888-876-2509
Our founders and management are seasoned professionals in the entertainment industry, with countless Gold and Platinum records, Grammy Award-winning recordings, and Recording Academy recognition. They have also served as world-class educators to many thousands of recording arts students and music students. In addition, the Company's founders and management have previously created commercially successful curricula in the Recording Arts and Music Industry. URAM takes this collective experience and delivers interactive practical education products and application based techniques.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Music Marketing Manifesto Blog
John Oszajca
Advanced strategies, secrets, tactics and tips on selling your music online. @JohnOszajca

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PO Box 220307, Boston, MA 02122
PH: 617-359-8634 FX: 617-507-0071
Shawn Radley info@fantexter.com
A cloud based service that allows bands and venues to create a self managed text list to communicate with fans. Their fans would text a keyword (ie: Text BAND to 63566) to be added to a text list, and they can then communicate with them about shows, new music, news etc. via text message rather than e-mail.

14090 FM 2920, Ste. G117, Tomball, TX 77377
PH: 281-890-5034 FX: 281-890-5034
Kathy Douglas kathyd@indieextreme.com
Using the indieExtreme management suites, we have the resources, staff and expertise you need to expand your career. You now have the tools to build your business, with a support system that is accessible anywhere, any-time.

101 Arena
2375 E. Camelback Rd. 5th Fl. Phoenix, AZ 85016
PH: 602-357-3288 FX: 602-357-3288
A free streaming music service to pay 100 percent of all advertising revenue generated directly to artists and content owners. This solution comes in response to growing controversy surrounding marginal payments for unlimited listens through popular services like Grooveshark, Spotify, RDIO, Rhapsody and others. 101 Arena's model divides all site advertising revenue between each artist based on "listens."

30 Compton Way, Hamilton Sq. NJ 08690
PH: 609-689-1711
Scott Clark info@cdreview.com
We manufacture our own line of CD boxes for artists to sell their music at shows or in stores.

A user-friendly, feature-rich, online newsletter management program for novices and professionals alike.

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Get Your Music Licensed
Sarah Gavigan info@getyourmusiclicensed.com
A community for musicians and music professionals to gain insider knowledge of the sync music licensing business. Through a combination of daily free content and online workshops, a GYML education begins with the fundamentals of the licensing business, and dives deep into best practices and marketing techniques musicians must know in order to succeed in the licensing business. With insider knowledge, GYML can show you how to make licensing a valuable income stream for years to come.

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Interview: 7 Questions For A Real Live Music Supervisor Sarah Gavigan of Get Your Music Licensed

by Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity
© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

I'm kinda obsessed with how artists make money mostly because artists constantly ask me how they can make more of it.

Several weeks ago, we proudly blogged in support of The Future of Music's incredible undertaking Artist Revenue Streams, which is a must read for any artist looking to monetize their music.

The FMC has begun to release the results of their in depth study and they have identified 42 ways artists can earn money.

Numbers 5 & 6 on the list are:

5. Composing Original Works for Broadcast (an original jingle, soundtrack, score, or other musical work for a film, TV or cable show, or an ad agency???)

6. Synch Licenses (Typically involves licensing an existing work for use in a movie, documentary, TV, video game, internet, or a commercial).

Which leads me to start focusing in on: How I can help??? which led me to Sarah Gavigan, founder of Get Your Music Licensed.

Sarah is an award-winning music supervisor/producer for advertising agencies, brand consultant on music licensing, and a writer. Like me, She has presented at conferences around the globe, including CMJ, SXSW, and Belfast Music Week.

I asked her 7 of the most important questions I could come up with about music licensing and placement and she graciously answered.

1. Ariel Hyatt: What makes music licensing so important for musicians today?

Sarah Gavigan: The first reason is distribution. In a sea of music it's hard to make a lot of noise. Radio is still seen as the most powerful way to get your music heard by the masses, and the only way to major rotation is to be signed with a major label who is willing to throw a lot of money into your record. Radio literally has the ability to broadcast your song to millions of people every time it's played. So does synchronization music licensing! If your music is in a television commercial, during primetime hours your song is being heard by millions of people every time that television show is broadcast. The second reason is that it is a fastest way to make real money.

2. AH: Is it possible for an independent artist or band to get their music placed in a film, on a TV show or ad on their own?

SG: Absolutely, but you need to have a 2 things in place: 1st In order to appeal to music supervisors you have to know what they're looking for, and you need to have your rights in order. 2nd you need to understand that presentation is everything. That's not to say that you need a fancy website, you just need to understand what information a music supervisor is looking for.

The 2nd most important thing to know about music licensing is that it's a numbers game. The more music you have in your catalog, the more diverse that catalog is, and the more chances you have for getting your music licensed.

3. AH: How do you know if your music is right for licensing?

SG: The best way to know if your music suits a certain type of placement is to watch TV. Watch TV shows, movie trailers, TV commercials and webisodes on YouTube, and you will get a feeling for where your music will work best (i.e. an action series, a drama etc.)

4. AH: Who should an artist contact to get his music placed?

SG: It's important to know who you're talking to, I never open e-mails if I can see that it is a mass newsletter or e-mail blast from someone I don't know. You need to do some well thought out research. Find a show or brand that you like and work backwards. Look up the Music Supervisor online, and learn a little bit about them before reaching out. Are you thinking a certain brand you think your music might be good for? With good research you can find the name of the ad agency, and then the name of the music producer or creative director at that agency that works on that brand. For many people this can be daunting and time-consuming way to spend your time, which is why I recommend forming mastermind groups with other musicians to help divide and conquer, or to join music libraries that can help distribute your music to buyers in the licensing market.

5. AH: How will being on Facebook & Twitter help get music licensed?

SG: You need to create an audience and create buzz if you want major music supervisors to notice your music. You want to use Facebook and Twitter to help you to establish your brand.

6. AH: What are music supervisors looking for when they search for artists on social media?

SG: We usually head to social media channels once we know about an artist to see what the buzz factor is. If I have heard a song of an artist and I want to know more I will Google their name and visit their Facebook & Twitter profiles to see how large their audience is. Many times as music supervisors, this helps us gauge where the music might fit best. It seems strange but many times are creative direction is to find a ???buzz band.??? (meaning one with an already established and growing audience).

7. AH: If you want to get your music placed, do you need to be signed to a label or a publishing deal first?

SG: You don't need to be signed to get a music placement. I use unsigned artists all the time, which I find through reps, managers and other types of music companies that handle musicians. But, having a prominent music placement can help your chances of getting signed to a label or publisher because you have acquired a larger audience by having your music heard by millions.

Sarah has created an online educational resource called Get Your Music Licensed. Which is an online community and platform where she shares her insight and expertise on the notoriously hard to access music licensing industry. www.getyourmusiclicensed.com WANT A GUIDE TO HELP YOU? I wrote one :-) My completely new THIRD edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks is available for presale now! (and it's $5 less than last year!) This edition is completely revamped and now includes a full chapter on YouTube as well as new sections on Fan funding, and new blogging techniques. Each book comes with My Cyber PR Mastermind Forum - Get goal support for $27.99 (ebook) $29.99 (physical book) Many fabulous musicians and I will be there help you along with your goals. 1 Membership comes with each purchase. Order now: www.musicsuccessinnineweeks.com

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indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

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jerome promotions

indie contact newsletter

indie contact newsletter

Indie Venue Bible

indie music promotion
Regular Placement Ads are $250 each.
If you advertise for 3 consecutive issues, you will receive a $100 discount ($650 total).

Premium placements (the first 2 ad spots) cost $300 per month (with no discount for multiple placements).

Contact: newsletter@indiebible.com
or 1- (613) 596-4996 (Eastern Time Zone UTC/GMT -5 hours)

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