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- October 2002 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. How to Make the Most Out of a Music Conference PART II by Valerie DeLaCruz
8. Independent Radio Promoter Checklist PART I by Bryan Farrish

Featuring services for indie musicians such
as gig listings, cd reviews, concert reviews, more.
While you're there, check out the latest music news
on artists such as Eminem, Missy Elliott, Courtney Love,
and David Bowie. Plus interviews with Andrew WK,
Red Hot Chili Peppers, more. http://nyrock.com


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Welcome to the October Edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

This month's newsletter features PART 2 of Valerie DeLaCruz's helpful article on how to get the most out of music conferences.

Our second article is one that I have been hoping to present to you for quite awhile now. I finally found the article that I've been looking for! It deals with that often shady area of the music business....radio promotion.

I met Radio Promoter Bryan Farrish last month on a couple of occasions. I have corresponded with Bryan many times, and was happy to finally meet him in person. I respect his insight into the mysterious world of radio promotion. I asked if he had any articles that could help the artist that is as confused as the rest of us, as to what exactly a Radio Promoter does, and what should one expect. Brian was kind enough to allow me to use a very insightful 2 PART article/checklist that will help you to get an idea of what you should expect (and what you should try to avoid) when it comes to the overall process of radio promotion.

In other news, I have decided to end the "Music Review" segment of this newsletter. This newsletter is now dedicated in its entirety to listing resources and services that will help you and your career. Special thanks to Keith "the Muzikman" Hannaleck for taking the time to do all those great reviews over the past two years.

One last piece of business. I mentioned last month about a rogue company that was ripping off Independent artists.

I feel what the Independent Music World needs is some sort of watchdog site to make these businesses accountable for their actions. It could be a website where those with issues could bring them forth, and the services in question would be allowed to respond ...allowing artists from around the world to check both sides of the story, and decide for themselves if they want to risk dealing with that particular company.

I have a volunteer to do the webwork, and it looks like someone has donated a site to use. I thought a good name for the Organization/Site would be "Face the Music". I don't have the time to head this organization....I just thought it was a good idea. If you would like to donate a bit of your time to this cause, please get in touch. It's something that will help every musician and songwriter in the world, if it does eventually get up and running.

And as is the case every month, there is a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the October issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble


Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in September. The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Online services that will help to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Resources and promotional sites for Independent bands




The Creative Line Great Songs Chart and Reviews
Glenn TheArtistsLine@cs.com
A grassroots arts and music oriented magazine in the Southern California area that is geared to songwriters, fine artists, poets, musicians, actors, writers, etc. as well as general art and music lovers. Send your CDs for review to The Creative Line, PO Box 8323, La Crescenta, CA 91224, USA.

Underground Society
A french e-zine dedicated to all metal styles!! Bands, labels, zines and others send your promo packages for reviews / interviews / articles to: Underground Society, 13 Rue John Kennedy, Lotissement Du Lac, 40990 Saint Paul Les Dax, France

Stanley sholditch@yahoo.com
An indie website that promotes local bands in Birmingham, AL, as well as any bands that we deem original or worthy that may come through the Birmingham or Southeast area. We have done interviews with local hip-hop acts, and numerous local indie-bands. We are looking to expand beyond just the Southeast as far as bands we cover, and we would very much like to be listed as bands that can upload MP3s and provide exposure to independent music. I would love to help out any talented bands.

The Bluegrass Page
Graylen Cook cgraylen@hotmail.com
Will review cds for indie artists. My core group is dedicated bluegrass fans.

The Rock Quarry.net
Devin O'Bryan quarrymaster@devinobryan.com
American rock reviews along the I-20 strip between Texas and Mississippi!! We bring it!

Se?n sean@independentsounds.net
Galway's (ireland) finest online music publication where positive people give positive feedback!

Energy Castle Record Co. and Zine
Caleb Dermyer skyinarug@juno.com
Indie/Pop record label and zine. Non-exclusive contracts, singles club and reviews.

2 Walls Webzine
Michael Walls mwalls@2walls.com
Commentary for the socially misguided - music reviews, book reviews, social commentary, rants and blogs.

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You Pick the Hits Radio
Blaque starbaze1@sbcglobal.net
You can purchase radio time that guarantees your CD is played on our radio show for exposure, promotion and sales.

Costa Rica Radio Airplay Project seeking submissions
Bruce mundodehockey@yahoo.com
A chain of 12 regional radio stations in Costa Rica is seeking submissions of ALL styles of music for airplay on their network. The network is run under the I.C.E.R {Costa Rican Radiographic Institute }which is funded by Radio Netherlands and Leichenstein. All decent sounding submissions will be programmed into the stations playlists and will be gratefully received. These stations are not serviced by record labels and are hungry for music sung in english and radio program submissions of all types. All artists that are distributed to the stations will have their airplay progress monitored and reference material will be provided to them to document their progress. Opportunities exist for performing in Costa Rica as well.

The Ska Parade Radio Show
Since its inception, the show has built a reputation for showcasing cutting-edge new artists. All genres of music are welcome!

Garage Radio
John Foxworthy roadrash@garageradio.com
A site dedicated to promoting independent artists via 24/7/365 Internet radio stream.

K Shorter blueprintent@comcast.net
I have a new radio show on KABF 88.3 Little Rock, AR Tuesdays from 1pm to 3pm. I am looking to play R&B and some forms of rock music. I would like to offer the opportunity for artist to send me material to the station. Support indie music!!!

Lawrence Littrell info@boomboxradio.com
Everything about independent bands and artists...cds.band bookings...newsletters and music...talk radio shows.

eindie records - eindie radio
Jacob Bouchard kickitonetime@hotmail.com
eindie radio playing the bands of eindie, other local NY bands, influeneces of... Selection of Punk,New Wave/, CLassic rock , Rap filling in the gaps in radio. MP3 stream.

TraceLength Radio
Aaron Fisher shaggy@tracelength.com
An Internet radio station that plays indie music of all genres. More info at our site.

Bjarne C. Hesselbjerggaard bj-the-dj@adslhome.dk
Radio DJ in Denmark, Country-Action Show since 1989, play mostly independent artists from all over the world.

"The independent label label for career minded artist"
Expose your music to over 1,000,000 visitors a month


This summer Galaris is publishing a new resource for musicians!!
This all inclusive musicians directory will include the following categories: Booking Agents, Clubs, Disc Manufacturers, Distributors, Legal Services, Magazines, Managers, Music Retailers, Photographers, Promoters, Publicists, Publishers, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Music Schools, Studios, Video/Sound Production, Engineers and Producers.

Those who fit into any of these categories are encouraged To submit their listing at: http://galaris.com/musiciansdirectory/submit.php




Mage Promotions Mathieu
Soucy mage_design@hotmail.com
Promotion services on the internet for bands & musicians.

IndieLaunch.com cdstore@stationMP3.com
Sell your CD through IndieLaunch.com, CDbarn.com, and Yahoo Shopping. Reach millions of new customers worldwide! Setup is easy!

Craig Cooke craig@rhythmnet.com
A website for independent musicians. Viewers can read about artists, listen to their music and purchase their CDs.

Mark Skelton mail@generationaudio.com
UK based store selling only releases from independent bands and labels on a sale or return basis.

Rasheeda Denning MilMilPro@fiam.net
We're a one stop does it all corporation. We specialize in production, songwriting, recording, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, publishing and management.

Zorch Productions
Tobba Andersson info@zorchproductions.com
Label that release the best unsigned stuff from Scandinavia. We do NOT trap bands with contracts, just one release of stuff we LIKE A LOT!

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Great American Song Contest
Steve moontunes@linkport.com
Nov. 7 is the deadline for our contest. This annual songwriting event is open to songwriters everywhere.

The Kids Are Bored - Live Electronic Music Listings
Corey H Maass mail@thekidsarebored.com
Electronic music artists and promoters create a basic profile and list their live events.

Traditional Country Music in Florida
Steve L. Butts cwosteve50@hotmail.com
Our goal is to promote all "NEW" and existing artists who strive to keep "Traditional Country Music" alive.

The PAN Network
Perry Leopold pan@pan.com
A free tracking system is now available for independent music sites. It automatically collects and compiles song download data from sites like yours on a daily basis and ranks the artists on a chart showing the most popular (i.e. most downloaded) artists and songs. The charts will be freely available to anyone on the net, along with links to all the artists and the songs listed on the chart.

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? 2002 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


10. Networking is the name of the game. You will meet so many people that you won't remember them all when you leave, and the same of them remembering you. The single most important thing you can do is exchange and collect business cards. Write a note to yourself about what you talked about, or if you told the person you would like to follow up. I refrain sometimes from giving packages out with the throng that accosts the panelists after their presentation, and instead collect their card and ask if I can send it along in a week or two. This again separates out your stuff from the crowd. But use your judgment; seize the moment. If you have the opportunity to hand deliver a package to the producer you never thought you'd be lucky enough to meet, take it!

11. Practice remembering names; it will go a long way to be able to address someone you met by their name. Everyone wants to feel valued.

12. Find out where everyone is hanging out after the sessions. Definitely go to the "mixers" to talk to people in a more casual atmosphere. Sometimes there are informal "jams" or guitar-pulls late into the night where you hear some of the most compelling music. I ended up booking someone to share a bill with me after being astonished at her beautiful song during one of these sessions.

13. In the question-and-answer session that normally follows a presentation, be conscious of not wasting the time of the panelists or other attendees with your personal request. (I heard recently and saw many eyes roll when a participant used his chance at the microphone to go into microscopic detail about the steps he had taken to get his demo played on radio, naming deejays, etc.!). Ask yourself if the question you have would benefit everyone, such as clarifying a point, or if it would be better to get to the speaker later privately.

14. Take advantage of signing up for one-on-one critique sessions. These are invaluable and educational, not to mention making a personal connection with someone in the industry that may be able to help you. Even if there is an extra charge for this, sign up for at least one. Here is where you can pick the brains of the experts. And if you ask for a critique, take it graciously; don't challenge the reviewer's advice or become defensive. This is how we learn and progress. You may not agree entirely with them (it is, after all, one person's opinion), but there is probably a grain of truth in there.

15. If you showcase, prepare a great and tight set list that shows what you have that is different than everyone else. I always prefer to do a fantastic five-song set than two hours in a bar where no one pays attention. If they can't get a flavor of your style, performance and sound in five songs, then you have not focused on a genre, and you will have a lot of problems anyway. It's good to start with a strong, driving, uptempo song. Plan your segues for a smooth transition. Don't stand around onstage while you and the band are trying to decide the next song; this looks unprofessional. However, if you judge the crowd and think a different song would maintain your momentum, say that?speaking candidly to the audience makes them feel involved. Just be well-rehearsed and prepared for this possibility if you do it. Plan your appearance to maximize your shot at getting noticed or having a style identification. No more than one ballad, which should be a pleasant change of pace, then close with another fantastic uptempo song.

16. Have your cards and demo CDs at the stage readily available for people to take. You never know when Miles Copeland will be in the audience!

17. OK, it's over and you are overwhelmed, but in a good way. When you get home, the real work begins, unless you were signed to a recording contract right on the spot.

a. follow up with thank you notes to the organizers and panelists of the conference.
b. Organize the business cards you collected and assign action steps to them.
c. Put the packages together and send them to the people you said that you would (within a week or ten days while it is still fresh). Tailor them now that you know what they are looking for.
d. Keep a log of your contacts, what you did to follow up, and then call in about two weeks to follow up on the packages you sent out.
e. Schedule those co-writing or demo sessions you connected with.
f. Order the publications and/or resources that you discovered.

Good luck and enjoy the experience!

Valerie DeLaCruz's passionate career pursuit and professionalism has been a model for other grassroots artists. Through hard work and persistence (and talent!) she's continued to make headway in the rough and tumble music industry. To learn more about Valerie, visit her website at www.valeriedelacruz.com.
(This article first appeared in the July 3rd "Just Plain Notes" newsletter).

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Hurry, visit: http://www.songwriting.net


? 2002 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


If you are hiring a promoter to push your artist to radio, here are a few things you can consider which will help you have the greatest chance of success. (And when I say promoter, I mean an airplay promoter, not a club or booking promoter.) The big concern with this process is, if you choose the wrong person(s) to promote your artist... and end up with bad results... you can't just go back and do it over again. That's it for that CD (at those stations). That CD is now "an old project" at those stations, and you can't go back to them until you have a new release.

USING A FRIEND: Non-experienced friends sometimes offer to work artists to radio for free or "for a few dollars". This is fine as long as you use them for the right tasks... like helping with the mailing, etc. If you are working college radio... say, no more than 20-30 stations... then they could make some calls too. But if they try to call any more stations than this, or if they try to call commercial radio, they will probably stumble after just a couple of weeks. And forget any capacity of doing reports or trade charts.

SOMEONE FROM THE MAJORS: Staff promoters at major labels sometimes offer to "help you out on the side" for a fee. On their days off, or on the weekend, they say they will "make some calls for you". What happens is that their company finds out and disallows it, or, the person gets tied up on their days off and can't do it. You are then stuck. Either way, it is a conflict of interest for them.

PR PEOPLE: Public Relations (or "publicity") people sometimes offer to work an artist to radio for airplay. But don't, however, confuse PR with airplay. A real radio campaign has nothing to do with publicity. They are two separate techniques, with different contacts, lead times, terminology, call frequency, and so on. A person who is good at one is usually terrible at the other. This is why they are always separate departments at labels.

STATION PEOPLE: Station employees are sometimes recruited to work an artist, and will tell you that "they know what stations want." This sounds convincing, but in reality, taking the calls (which they do/did at the station), and making the calls, are very different animals. Until station people are trained (at a label or indie), they make poor promoters.

OWN CHART: When you do hire a real promoter, make sure he/she is not affiliated with the chart that they say they are going to promote you to. Some promoters actually publish their own chart, and they can put you on it wherever they want to. And they can take you off just as quick. Worse, any advertising money you place with the publication actually just goes straight to them. They won't make any of this clear to you... you'll have to ask around.

BIG CLIENTS: The most-often used sales technique of promoters is to tell you they have worked "some big artist", and that this would benefit you. Ask them what they mean by "worked". Were they solely responsible for charting that artist? Probably not (you will have to ask the artist to verify this... the promoter is just not going to tell you the truth.) More than likely, the promoter was probably just partnered with a label or another promoter, or worse, was just an assistant or sidekick. Again, they WILL NOT tell you they were not the only promoter. You will HAVE to ask the artist or the artist's management directly.

Promoters who really do work major label projects just do not like to work with entry-level projects. With major label projects, the indie promoter ALWAYS has staff promoters at the label doing a ton of the work, in addition to heavy retail (the CD is on the shelf at most bookstores), touring (20-200 cities in major venues), and press (10-100 articles in major publications like Spin or Billboard, along with 50-500 articles in small publications.) And all this is on top of TV appearances. So if you think that the indie promoter is the one person who made the artist chart, think again. He will not be able to do the same for you.

- PART II of this article will appear next month -

Bryan Farrish is an independent radio airplay promoter. He can be reached at 818-905-8038 or www.radio-media.com. Want to be informed of any events, seminars or parties we do in Los Angeles?... send an email to meet@radio-media.com


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There are no rules to follow (except common courtesy). It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners.

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This newsletter goes out to over 60,000 music people each month (most are musicians and songwriters) and is growing rapidly!

Contact me at bigmeteor@rogers.com or (613) 596-4996.

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