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- November 2001 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. Artist-Management Contracts: How Long Is Long? by Richard P. Dieguez, Entertainment Lawyer
8. The Process and Power of Persistence - Part I, by Brian Austin Whitney, Founder of the 'Just Plain Folks' Music Organization
9. WMMW CD Review of The Month by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Rainmaker Publicity, founded in 1996 by ex-ABC Radio exec, Rhonda Kelley , is looking to add a few new bands to their roster this year. Rainmaker works with unsigned artists and indie labels ONLY!!

For more info and rates, go to: www.rainmakerpublicity.com


Galaris is giving musicians free promotional tools, like free classifieds, chat rooms, gig calendar, music boards, many valuable tips and information, polls, and a place to sell your music or buy other independent music. For more information visit our website http://www.galaris.com/indiemusic

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Welcome to the November edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

Richard P. Dieguez is an Entertainment Lawyer working out of New York City. Richard also hosts the very popular Entertainment Industry Forum called "The Circle". Richard has written a very insightful article that takes a look at the points that should be considered when an artist is about to sign an "Artist - Management" contract.

The second article was written as a special favor by Brian Austin Whitney of Just Plain Folks. I am still convinced that persistence is the key to success in the music business. Brian has written an excellent article that breaks down the quality of persistence into tangible things that musicians and songwriters can do to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the wieght of the creative journey. Part II of the article will appear in next month's newsletter.

As always, the MuzikMan is back with another review. This month the MuzikMan reviews Lisa Brigantino's CD entitled "A Brooklyn Night".

As is the case every month, there are a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain some exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the November edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble

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MAGGIEB.COM invites you to submit your independent CD recording to showcase your work and identity on a dedicated platform. Indie artists of ALL musical styles and genres are encouraged to submit projects for consideration. We feature enormously talented independent musicians and songwriters who are underexposed or on private record labels that are difficult to locate. Maggieb.com provides a unique opportunity for indie artists to be recognized and to be heard. All product sales go directly to you -- the artist -- in support of your endeavors.

For submission inquiries and additional information visit: http://www.maggieb.com

Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in October. As is the case in The Indie Bible (www.indiebible.com), the contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Online services that will help to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Resources and promotional sites for Independent bands




Mean Street Magazine
tatiana tatiana@meanstreet.com
We cover a wide variety of music but there are several writers, like myself, who only cover the independent music scene.

BIG BAER Urban Alternative Music Magazine
Jack C. Baer promote@bigbaer.com
Industry Insiders will feature interviews and articles by today's movers & shakers in the music world. We will bring you insights to consider and resources to utilize, whether you are a musician, songwriter, producer or promoter, we will have the features and articles for you.

NashVegas Online
Matthew Sinclair editor@nashvegas-online.com
Concert & entertainment reviews.

Dj Catatonic
I am an electronic reviewer (trance,techno,house,etc) for both www.choonz.com, and Keystone - the Kutztown University newspaper printed once a week, and even posted online at www.keystoneonline.com

If people would like to be featured on both, they may send a cd to: Dj Catatonic, 412 West Main Street, Kutztown PA, 19530. Electronic styles only....thanks.

Laura and Caroline hoochy_website@hotmail.com
A Glam Punk/Pop, Indie/Rock music fanzine willing to promote any band and review any demos.

Culture Burn
Joe Ingle joe@cultureburn.com
This online rock zine reviews indie rock releases of all types.

John Harrison click411@aol.com
The San Francisco Bay Area's biggest hiphop/R&B site. Live 10 min interviews, instant full track samples with artist pictures and contact.

The metal mp3 forum! Everything from alternative rock to death metal. Reviews, discussion, mp3, new releases, tourdates, chat, whatever to do with metal andhard rock Come have a look...we are friendly.

Local CREW Chicago
Matthew Sinclair editor@localcrewchicago.net
Concert & entertainment reviews.

Dimestore Psychology
Like a Reader's Digest for punk rockers. Columns, special features, interviews, links and tons of reviews. Submissions are welcomed.

Anna anna@sweetcherrie.com
Sweetcherrie.com is a music-related e-zine, which features music news, reviews, and profiles of musicians from around the world, as well as interactive quizzes comic strip forums and more.

from those who are looking to have their songs placed in television, film, and commercials. We are also looking to hear from emerging indie bands, solo artists, and great songwriters who are targeting the major and indie record labels hoping to land a recording contract. All styles of music are welcome and eligible for licensing and record label submission. Broadcast quality recordings are a must!

Visit www.noma1.com for more information or phone (877) 980-7700.




Danny Copacetic copacetic@starpower.net
Revolutionary independent radio broadcasts containing groundbreaking music written and produced by independent artists on independent labels. indieradio.org broadcasts streaming indie rock and pop, 24/7 over the internet. all free for your listening pleasure.

Fun Radio
Cristian Bushuioc FunRad@yahoo.com
Located in Bucharest, Romania, Fun Radio is an alternative radio station specialized in the Underground Music, from noise, dub, electro to alternative, punk, metal.

The Basement
Sam Green ssamgree@bigpond.net.au
We are an Internet-only video station with live DJs playing music videos from our studios in Sydney Australia.

Psych-Out Scott Watkins scott@angband.org
Psych-Out is a show dealing with psychedelia past and present in as many of its different forms that can fit.

Pushing The Envelope (Music Decidedly Left Of Center)
Joel Krutt joelkru@aol.com
We have spent the past eleven years bringing you the finest in avant ephemera, in the realms of rock, classical, electronic, jazz, world music, and just about anything else that catches my ear. All this along with a healthy dollop of new and classic progressive rock.

Out of the Box
Alisha outofthebox@freeze.com
I host an all girl radio show on my college station. Me, along with my cohost play all kinds of music, it just has to have female vocals. Anyone interested in sending us music to play on the show or even playing live in studio (we are located near Seattle) should email me for more information. The name of the show is Out of the Box and it is on from 10pm to Midnight every Sunday. You don't need a label or a professional promo pack. DIY rules! If you do have a label, give them my info! We support all aspects of the girl scene, if you are coming to the Seattle area and looking to play a show, we could possibly book one for you as well.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to an exciting new development in the TSA family. Our new company/division, Tim Sweeney Entertainment (TSE) has just launched its new radio shows and web site, which features artists like yourself. I would like to encourage you to visit the new web site and listen to the shows and submit your CD for consideration (following the submission policy on the site). I look forward to reviewing your music!

ODIN-DJ goth/industrial/EBM
Brian Caples bjcaples@hotmail.com
I DJ an electro night in north CA, spinning goth/industrial/EBM etc. New music always welcome. Bookings as well.

No Frills
PBS FM in Australia is proud to announce the return of the unsigned artists program starting on October 17th 2001. "No Frills" is the next phase of unsigned artists, showcasing the hard working, often under represented sector of the Australian music industry. We aim to draw together music and performances of all genres, to form one very loud voice.

Southern Rock & Hard Rock music show
Philippe Archambeau philippe.archambeau@wanadoo.fr
I am disc jokey and I have a Southern Rock & Hard Rock music Radio program on a local station in the western part in France. My goal is to promote and get people in involved in Southern Rock & Hard Rock Music. I order to promote your releases. I would like to receive CDs and any other material I could use in my show.

Tuned In Radio - The New Rhythm Of The Nation
Dave tunedin@tunedinradio.com
A one hour, weekly syndicated dance radio show heard in Canada, United States and American Samoa is always looking for 'radio friendly' dance, r&b, reaggae, soul and dance related synthpop recording artists to interview. For more information, phone, fax, email or check out our website.


The 3rd Edition of The Indie Bible is now available! This valuable promotional tool lists over 6000 websites, publications and radio shows where you can gain exposure for your music. ALL styles of music are covered!

The 3rd Edition is 322 pages and contains:
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440 vendors and services that will help you to SELL your music!
340 sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3 files!
300 helpful resources and sites where you can PROMOTE your band!

Visit the website for details: https://www.indiebible.com
email: indiebible@home.com or phone: 613-596-4996

Girl Player-For the female musician

Exposure, promotion, and resources for female musicians from all around the world. Girl Player will allow you to post your photo in the artist gallery along with a band description, your email, and link to your site. Reviews, interviews, articles, tips, gig swap/classifieds, and many other valuable resources.




Evolution Promotion
Karen Lee klee@evolutionpromotion.com
We are committed to helping artists in the Adult Eclectic genres evolve to their full potential. As a full service company we offer all the key essentials necessary for a successful campaign - Radio Promotion, Tour Promotion, Internet Marketing, Direct Consumer Marketing, Web Design, and Consulting services that capitalize on crucial opportunities that build careers.

Gianni gianni@makeastar.com
Revolutionary music site showcasing top indie artists while combining the excitement of songwriting competitions, Industry song reviews & free-entry sweepstakes.

Anthony B. Smith sgmabs@earthlink.net
SGM Record spreads positive music, produces, and distribute 3-4 new independent artist each year. Spreading the gospel by any means necessary!

GILSON RODRIGUES soundriot@mail.telepac.pt
Metal Record-Label.

Outlaw Entertainment International
Tommy Floyd info@outlawentertainment.com
Full service Artist Management firm with divisions in Publicity, Promotion & Career Development. Highly specialized for the Indie Artist!

Maximum Velocity Records
Scott Patterson scott@maximumvelocityrecords.com
Independent Label that offers non-exclusive distribution and promotion deals. Focuses on artist development.

The Minstrel Avenue Record
Paul Benshoof tmar@zianet.com
The Minstrel Avenue Record (TMAR) serves as a medium for musicians to advertise and market their works independent of or complementary to record distributors.

Grant Clemo Grant@elinemusic.com
We offer a NON-EXCLUSIVE, NO RISK means of distribution. For more information please e-mail me or call me at (570) 517-0400 ext.121

Colie Brice colie.brice@themusic.com
Well, after nine months of intensive labor a new & improved TheMusic.com hath been born!

Thanks to the efforts of Artist Forum.com, our own staff, 2000 members & over 500 artists, we have produced what I believe to be the most happening music site in the known cyber universe - and yes I am biased:)

The site features incredible, new, and original music from every continent except Antartica, state of the art, CD quality audio broadcasting, interesting news coverage, and basically ridiculously cool shit you're not gonna hear anywhere else - not yet anyway.

Kari Estrin Management - Artist Career Consulting

KEM specializes in artist management consulting: career direction, goal setting and implementation. Plan a recording project and maximize touring, publicity and radio; get out of a rut and make a jump in your career by learning how. Management plan specifically tailored to your talent, needs and lifestyle. Kari has an extensive music business background: artist and tour management, concert/ festival production & promotion and is editor of "How To Be Your Own booking Agent...A Performing Artist's Guide to a Successful Touring Career." Career assessments and consultation-by-the-hour by phone, e-mail or in person. Management-related services also available.

PO Box 60232 - Nashville, TN 37206
615/262-0883 - 615/262-9885 (fax)




Jean-Jacques Schneider jaeng@pt.lu
Mp3 link promotion site for artists/bands of any Mp3 site.

Rate My Song
Jonathan Litwack s1ckboy@home.com
Rate My Song provides a database for bands to upload their music to, and gain feedback from.

Bill Evans bill@dmusic.com
Online Music community of MP3 users and Independent Music. Free webpage for bands, links to your CD sales site.

SBS Records wants to help you expand your audience by releasing your "single" to their indie music-loving fan base of over 15,000. Our objective is to support and encourage independent artists in all genres and all levels of experience by placing your song on a CD Sampler and giving the CD's away on a first come first serve basis to folks who buy music. Entries must meet the following requirements or cannot be considered: 1. Song must be less than 4:25 in length. 2. Song to be considered must be circled on the CD (one entry per CD) 3. CD's only. Your cost to be included on 1000 CD samplers is only $275 - that's less than .28 per CD - Plus you also get 50 FREE sampler's. For more info, write SBSRecords@aol.com, or apply immediately by sending your CD to: SBS Records, P.O.Box 3092, Decatur, GA 30031, ATTN: SAMPLER.

Your CD must be reviewed first; DO NOT SEND MONEY. We will contact you if your song is chosen. Artists retain all publishing and ownership. CD cannot be returned. I'm not only the president, I'm also an indie artist member. Michelle Malone, SBS Records


A Global Meeting Place for the Creative Community
Visual Arts - Performing Arts - Literary Arts
It's Our Anniversary!
November marks our First Year on the Internet.
Join us online for the Celebration...
Contact us: info@imaginestation.net




Mid-Atlantic Dark Music MADM
A guide to dark-toned music in the Mid-Atlantic region.

check other media & music
Stefanie Accattatis info@checkothermedia.com
Photography, website design and other reasonably priced services for bands and musicians.

We are dedicated to educating and empowering artists, with an emphasis on artist advocacy and artist development. We are also committed to supporting the arts by rewarding and highlighting the most hard-working and deserving artists. StarPolish is a collaborative effort between artists and music industry professionals.

Brian Caples bjcaples@hotmail.com
DEVIATION is san jose's only gothic/industrial club. Electro\Industrial and Gothic bands welcome.

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7. ARTIST-MANAGEMENT CONTRACTS: HOW LONG IS LONG by Richard P. Dieguez, Entertainment Lawyer
? 2001 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Next to a record label deal, the artist management contract is the most exciting agreement an artist will sign. As with any legal document, a contract shouldn't be signed without the advice of a music attorney. In addition to being your legal counselor, your attorney is also your advocate because his is especially needed to play the role of the "bad guy." What I mean is that there are many aspects of the contract that will have to be negotiated. It can be somewhat awkward if you and the manager were to try negotiating these points on your own because you may end up putting a strain on the close working relationship you're supposed to have with each other. The attorneys for each side, however, are disinterested third parties who have the objectivity and professional training to vigorously fight for their client's interest without (hopefully!) coming to blows or shouting matches. So let your lawyer take the blame for "asking too much" or for being such a "tough negotiator" -- that's what he is being paid to do.

There are at least three big questions in artist management contracts that you and your lawyer have to ask: how long will the agreement be in effect; how much will the manager get paid during the agreement; and how much will the manager get paid after the agreement has ended. How you ultimately answer these question is the result of what can be some heavy negotiation. Why? Because these questions cover areas where your interests are not going to coincide with those of your manager. The goal of the negotiating process is to produce a deal that will be fair to both sides.

Consider the first big question. You and your manager are each likely to have a legitimate difference of opinion as to the amount of time for which the contract will be binding. From your point of view, you would generally want a short-term contract. If it turns out, for any number of reasons, that you're not happy with your manager, you want the assurance of being freed from the contract within a short period of time. After the initial excitement wears off, for example, you may come to feel that you and your manager don't really get along well. Or perhaps it turns out that he or she isn't as experienced or doesn't have all the contacts and "pull" that he said he did. Maybe he's simply not doing his job effectively. Whatever the reason, you don't want to get locked in with a loser for the next seven years.

But now put yourself in the manager's shoes. Generally, he will want the contract to be as long as possible because his compensation is based on a percentage of whatever money you make. Not every artist out there is going to be an overnight success. Chances are that your manager's early efforts will not result in financial success for you until much later. So that manager will want a contract that will last long enough for her to enjoy the rewards she toiled for in the beginning. Nothing can be more frustrating for a manager than to have her budding artists go to another manager, where they then make it to the big time.

So depending on the particular circumstances of the parties, the negotiation will center on a contract term ranging from as short as six months to as long as several years. What length of time is fair really depends on what you and your manager are each bringing to the relationship you wish to form. For example, let's say that neither of you has too much experience in the music business. In this situation, you're both probably better off with a short-term contract, like six months or one year, so that you can check each other out without getting locked in to a big commitment. You can always enter into another agreement if it turns out, at the end of the contract, that you have a future together.

Part II of this article entitled "Artist-Management Contracts: More About Time and Money" will be in next month's edition of this newsletter.

An NYU Law graduate, Richard P. Dieguez has over 16 years experience in entertainment law. He has represented hundreds of clients across the U.S. and several nations in music, film, television, publishing and other legal matters such as Amber (Tommy Boy Records), The Jerky Boys (Select Records), Village People (BMG Records), members of the Gangstarr Foundation (PolyGram Records), Lisa Lisa (EMI Records), and many other high-profile personalities and companies. Mr. Dieguez taught 3 semesters of entertainment law at Baruch College and is listed in over two dozen Who's Who and professional directories. Mr. Dieguez is also the founder of The Circle, a monthly music industry seminar held in New York City. More info on Mr. Dieguez and The Circle is available at www.RPDieguez.com.

THE INDIE LINK EXCHANGE is a list of people that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 500 current listings, it's a great way to get some immediate and free exposure There are no rules to follow. It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. http://www.indielinkexchange.com/ile


8. THE PROCESS AND POWER OF PERSISTENCE - PART I by Brian Austin Whitney, Founder of the Just Plain Folks Music Organization
? 2001 Just Plain Folks Productions. All Rights Reserved.


If you speak with successful people in nearly any business, especially those with an artistic bent, one common factor you'll find among nearly all of them is that they were persistent. Whether it was in the face of competition, lack of understanding or acceptance among their peers and their industry or their family asking when they were going to get a day job, those who persist through the ups and downs, and do it with hope and a positive spirit seem to last the longest and do the best. But there is more than just relentlessness to that formula. While being persistent, you need to evolve. You need to develop. You need to remain cognizant of change and focused on goals you have. This isn't simply a matter of moving forward like a drone. You still need a plan and you need to progress. Here are a few suggestions and guide markers to help you along the way:

1. Keep Learning.

One of the things that persistence offers is an ongoing education. You learn by doing and you learn by trial and error. You also learn by reading books and taking advantage of various resources surrounding the music community. But you have to keep doing it. It never stops and you never know everything there is, and even if you did, it changes.

2. Keep making friends.

It really is about who you know and how well they like you. Sure talent matters, but there is a lot of talent out there. Being friends with the right people is always the tiebreaker, and in a business filled with so many worthy talents, you need the tiebreaker on your side. But that doesn't just mean the well-known stars and the already successful industry figures. In fact, the most important friends you can make are those who are also on their way up or are developing their own network of connections. One of my most important music industry allies is someone I met when I was 22 and he was 15 and we played in a band together in a small town in the middle of nowhere Indiana. Now I run the one of the worlds largest music organizations and he is a key player with Virgin's Internet Radio Division. You can never have too many friends and one enemy often turns out to be one too many.

3. Be sincere and honest.

Don't exaggerate your skills. Don't falsely praise other's either. Find your real strengths and emphasize those. Admit those things you need help with and do the same for your peers. It's an old clich?, but if you always tell the truth, you never have to remember your lies. If you are always sincere, people will support you even when you make a mistake or are wrong. And if you DO make a mistake, the quicker you admit it and take full responsibility for it, the quicker others will forgive and forget and in some cases rally to your side to help. Denial of the truth is the biggest downfall of politicians and one of the biggest weaknesses an artist can possess. The best artists are those who are the most honest in both their business and their art.

4. Reinvent yourself.

Few, if any, of us get it right the first time. As we mature as artists or performers, we need to take that new knowledge and allow it to adjust the way we write or perform. Being persistent doesn't mean being rigid and unchanging. It means constant motion forward. Traveling to a destination is never a completely straight line. Your style, technique, presentation and approach shouldn't try to be a straight line either.

5. Create your art for yourself, market it for everyone else.

A lot of self important (and usually obscure) artists will insist that your art should only concern yourself and no one else. This is partially true. But it is also partially deadly to your long-term career. You SHOULD create the art that is true to yourself, true to your vision and true to your heart. But once you bring it to life, you must shift gears and concern yourself with everyone else. Find out who your audience is, what they want and how you can market your art to them. Are you mainstream? Are you part of a small niche? Learn who you are through the eyes of your potential audience and plan your marketing accordingly. This means lose the attitude about being in a genre or sounding like another artist. Being able to categorize yourself and your music makes it easier for your audience to buy your music, see your show, and become your fan. And that is what it needs to be about. Your job is to remove any barrier between you and the music consuming public at large on their terms, not yours.
==================================================== Brian Austin Whitney is the Founder of the Just Plain Folks Music Organization, which is one of the largest groups of artists, writers and industry professionals in the world. To become a member, or learn more about all the organization has to offer, visit their website at http://www.jpfolks.com. =================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The InterMixx IndieGate is an awesome place to sell your indie music. Includes a FREE InterMixx Merchant Membership which features a high-level industry email discussion group, online database features and the ability to sell any type of indie merchandise through our powerful database driven storefront. You'll have your very own control panel through which you can add merchandise, create special sale items, offer member discounts, and promote your shows. Only $25 to get started!

Visit: http://www.IndieGate.com

Held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Lexington, KY and featuring a dozen venues exhibiting 110 acts over two days. Conference attendance and panelists include a broad spectrum of representatives, ranging from large recording labels and management companies to grassroots independent organizations. The Midwest MusiCon is a groundbreaking conference, addressing the Midwestern states as no other event has. Attendees can forge an entirely new regional network with states such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and others.
Online registration is only $100. Group Discounts available.
Visit: http://www.MidwestMusiCon.com


9. WMMW CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
? 2001 Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Artist: Lisa Brigantino
Title: A Brooklyn Night
Genre: Folk-Rock
Label: Independent
Website: www.lisabrig.com

After I listened to this wonderful CD I flipped over the CD jewel case and there was a picture of Lisa Brigantino looking across the water at the Twin Towers. It was a weird looking at them knowing that they are gone forever. Things that we normally would take for granted can be snatched away and removed from our lives permanently at a moments notice. Now more than ever is a time to really dive into music and let it take you away, we need it in these tense and emotional times.

"A Brooklyn Night" is a splendid album. With the help of some stinging guitar work by her husband Tomi Millioto, Brigantino puts together a varied selection of tasty musical entrees. She sings with a lot of soul and grit, showing the spirit of a true New Yorker. If it's a strumming mover like the opener "Left Side Of The Street" or a bluesy rocker like "Blue Jeans", Lisa gives it every ounce of energy and sweat on each song. She plays one mean acoustic guitar and sings like a woman that is full of life and plenty of it to share with her audience. I completely enjoyed this CD from start to finish. She has a way of being forceful and driven then the ability to change the mood and become soft and tender. All the emotions are harnessed and delivered right on time in every song. This is all very well done.

1. Left Side Of The Street
2. One More Day
3. O Sister
4. A Change Is Coming
5. I Will
6. Can't Get You Outta My Mind
7. Same Home Town
8. I Won't Sing For You
9. Blue Jeans
10. I Choose Life A Different Way
11. Holding On For Something
12. It's What You Want
13. A Brooklyn Night

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck muzikman@bcn.net is an independent music reviewer. Keith writes reviews for "Women Of Music-Music Of Women" as well as several other sites on the Internet.

Reviews, interviews, and articles can be viewed at these sites:

Send Submissions and snail mail to:
PO Box 476
Adams, MA 01220

You're Invite To The Circle!

New York City's Premier Entertainment Industry Forum

Meet Grammy-nominated Chris Barron, Lead Singer, The Spin Doctors, Tuesday, December 4, 2001

For more info (516) 621-6424 RPDieguez@RPDieguez.com

Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com

Bob Masse's Rock Posters
30 years of rock art by one of North America's premier poster artists
Check out our website: http://www.bmasse.com
E-mail: bob@bmasse.com
Telephone: (604) 736-8353

Duckmusic.com and OnStage Magazine launch Onstagetrivia.com where musicians can win over $13,000 in prizes.

Musicians can test their knowledge of the music business and win prizes at Onstagetrivia.com. Each month new questions will be created from the current issue of Onstage magazine. From Green Day to Smash Mouth, Counting Crows to Clint Black.

Onstage magazine is where artists grab the mic and sound off about making music and livin' the life. Over $13,000 in prizes will be given away. The grand prize winner will have their next CD or CD single enhanced by DuckMusic.com. http://www.onstagetrivia.com

Onstage magazine is available news stands for $3.95, or for subscription online at http://www.onstagemag.com. Potential sponsors can contact Onstage sales associate Keith Murray at kmurray@intertec.com.

The Musicians Tip Sheet is a free newsletter for musicians which includes many industry contacts and informative information about the music industry. To subscribe please send an email to:

Zebra Music Web Site http://www.zebramusic.com An information depot for musicians featuring hundreds of Industry Contacts, The Gig Sharing Network, The Musicians Tip Sheet, Industry Interviews, Music FAQ's, Music Chat, The Musician Discussion List and many Cool Links to help your musical act.

If you are interested in advertising in the next issue of this newsletter please contact me at bigmeteor@home.com or (613) 596-4996. Ads are $25 for 10 lines. If you advertise for five consecutive issues, your ads will only cost $20 each ($100 total).

The newsletter goes out to 12,000 people and is growing rapidly!

Just a reminder that past issues of this newsletter can be viewed at: https://www.indiebible.com/newsletter

Also, many of you have requested that I put up a message board at my site. There are now a number of boards set up at: www.indiebible.com Feel free to promote anything you like!

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