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- May 2002 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. Artist-Management Contracts: Money....After the Contract Ends - by Richard P. Dieguez
8. Alert the Media! - Publicizing Your Career (PART I1) - by Teresa Conboy
WMMW CD Review of The Month by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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- Jive Records Looking to break rock acts
- MTV Shows want hard rock songs

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Rainmaker is the premier public relations firm for independent musicians. Specializing in print, broadcast, and electronic media, Rainmaker artists attract a & r attention, augment their fan-base, define their niche market, and garner bookings in select venues. Via previews, reviews, features, special events, news items, and other strategic campaign tactics, Rainmaker artists are maximizing their talents and going places. Itís not all about the music...

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This month's winners of 1 year subscriptions to OnStage Magazine (visit http://www.onstagemag.com) are:
- Ellen Surrey, Uxbridge, MA
- Rick Eberle, Rockville Centre, NY
- Scott Patterson, North Haledon, NJ
- Ross Landy, Philadelphia, PA
- Ron Iacopucci, Redondo Beach, CA

The winner of the 3 month subscription to the Bandit Newsletter (for more information on this newsletter, visit http://www.banditnewsletter.com)
- Emiliano Santoro, San Cataldo, Italy

The winner of "The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" e-book by Bob Baker (for more info on this book, visit http://www.thebuzzfactor.com)
- Paul Barnes, Montreal, Quebec

The winner of "The Songwriter's Guide to Demo Submission" e-book by Brian Cook (for more information on this book, visit http://www.songwritersguide.com)
- Denise Holliday, Vancouver, BC

The winner of "How To Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet" e-book by David Nevue (for more information on this book, visit http://www.musicbizacademy.com)
- Helen Stepanova, Moscow, Russia

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Welcome to the May edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

I'm extremely happy to announce that Sennheiser Electronic Corp. (http://www.sennheiserusa.com) has joined on as a sponsor of this newsletter, and starting in the June issue, there will be a draw EVERY month for a Sennheiser E835 microphone and a pair of Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones! Special thanks to Greg Beebe of Sennheiser for setting that up and supporting this newsletter!

As far as the monthly prizes go, I'm still using the referral system, which allows you receive an extra ballot for each person that you signup for this newsletter. PLEASE make sure that the e-mails that you send me are legitimate...in other words, don't send me a list of everyone from your address book. Make sure that the people you are signing up will have an interest in the information and resources offered in this newsletter. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Now let's take a look at this month's articles. Richard P. Dieguez is an Entertainment Lawyer working out of New York City. Richard also hosts the very popular Entertainment Industry Forum called "The Circle". This month Richard continues his series on Artist- Management relationships, and takes a look at what what happens when the contract expires. Legally, are there any more ties? You may be surprised at some of the answers.

Teresa Conboy is an independent publicist who has written an insightful article that identifies the important areas to cover when it comes to publicizing your new CD release. This month's newsletter presents Part 2 of her article. Congratulations are in store for Teresa! This article has been picked up by the Berkeley School of Music for their publication.

As always, The MuzikMan is back with another review. This month he reviews Eileen Carey's CD titled "Possibilities".

*** Just a quick note for those of you that will be sending your music to the various resources listed in this newsletter. I've been getting a lot of feedback from radio hosts and music reviewers informing me that many of the CDs they are receiving in the mail are not appropriate for their show or publication. Please make sure that you "read the descriptions carefully", and that your music fits the mold. Save your money, and focus on "safe bets" for your style of music. If you're having trouble finding resources for your particular brand of music, check out the Indie Bible at www.indiebible.com It has an extensive selection of resources for EVERY genre of music. ***

As is the case every month, there is a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the May issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble

Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in April. The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Online services that will help to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Resources and promotional sites for Independent bands




Mediasearch - Alternative Melbourne
Carmine Pascuzzi carminep@mediasearch.com.au
Melbourne-based online publication that covers news, reviews & interviews of music artists.

chris chris@bofosoco.com
A multimedia e-zine that publishes the works of independant artists.

Expository Magazine
An online exploration of feminist thought, theory and action. Opinions, experiences, music reviews, art, a feminist quilt and flights of fancy conceived and created by an intelligent and varied group of feminists. Starting in the June 15, 2002 issue, EM will now review several female musical artists per issue, instead of just one. Send in current CD/s and press kit to: EM P.O. Box 1023 Nipomo, CA 93444 or e-mail me for more information.

Incision Magazine
Stephen Morgan incisionmagazine@hotmail.com
An Australian magazine focussing on the latest indie and alternative music from around the world. punk/emo/hardcore/metal/whatever!

Score! Music Magazine
Kimmie, Jeanne or Cristy Score@ScoreRocks.com
Focus on indie artists and providing the best cross section of mainstream rock while portraying a fun and flirty attitude.

Subscribe to the award-winning free ezine/webzine MUSIC MORSELS - the music industry's monthly publication featuring self-help for musicians and songwriters including interviews with national and unsigned recording artists, industry profiles, CD reviews and much more. Just send an email to MusMorsels@aol.com with the word "Subscribe" in the subject field.

MUSICIANS & LABELS: Send your presskits (must send complete presskit (photo, bio, clippings), not just a CD) to us for possible upcoming reviews or interviews in Music Morsels. We cover all genres. Mail to: Sandy Serge, Editor, Music Morsels, PO Box 672216, Marietta, GA 30006-0037 USA URL - http://www.serge.org/musicmorsels.htm Published since 1995 targeting musicians, songwriters and music industry professionals serving over 35,000 readers.

PLANET MEDIA SERVICES provides a one-stop solution for your CD and DVD projects. You will appreciate our fast reliable service and competitive pricing. Our high-quality products and services include: CD/DVD/Vinyl Replication, Custom Packaging, DVD Authoring, CD/DVD Equipment and CD-R/DVD-R media.

Have a project in the works? Call or email us with your specifications and we will put together a custom quote for you. 800-459-3472 - scott@planetmediaservices.com.




Radio & Retail Promotions
Jon Flanagan promotions@radioandretail.com
Our goals are the building of a band's fan base, to increase CD sales, concert attendance & music industry recognition ( esp. Distributors, labels & press ). Jon learned the business while working at Capitol, Columbia, EMI, A&M, Tower Records & was a Radio Music Director himself.

Ministry Networks
Laurie Vincent ministrynetworks@execulink.com
A radio servicing, distribution and tracking service to Christian radio stations around the world, with the most extensive list of Christian radio venues in Canada.

Way Out West Radio
Bill Bruedigam williamb@thirdroad.com
Online semi-commercial radio station playing Indie music 24/7!

Torch rockhardtorch@hotmail.com
Rock radio show looking for new Rock, Metal, Industrial, Punk, Goth and other loud music!

The Sonic Chronicles
Aaron Childs aaronchilds@ameritech.net
The Sonic Chronicles" is a live, interactive web radio program from Jackson, Michigan, and plays unsigned and independent label acts in rock, blues, jazz, and electronica genres, with an emphasis on the local music scene in south central Michigan.

Factory 911
SidePart ex-Machina@charter.net
An industrial and electronic show. It is every Saturday night 7-9 pm. This summer I am starting a showcase hour where I play one band for an hour. On factory 911 I play everything from hard core industrial (i.e. skinny puppy) to progressive (Paul Okenfold) drum and base (ak 1200), dancy techno, to experimental and every now and then something a little on the Goth side. I basically play everything that is electronic in origin. Send CDs to: WEGL 91.1 FM Radio, 116 Foy Union, Auburn University AL, 36849, USA

Mauro Missana fansclub@mailcity.com
I host 5 different radio shows on 2 radio station, Radio Onde Furlane in North East Italy and Radio Capodistria in Slovenia. Playing all kind of music, from electronica to pop & rock. I will listen to all CD's sent to us for consideration for airplay. I will give feedback on airplay status on monthly basis. Send CD's to: Mauro Missana, Via Umberto I, 146, 33034 Fagagna, Italy

Soaring Spirit Radio
Lee Widener ozma@neverendingwonder.com
Internet radio station featuring folk, acoustic, new age, singer/ songwriter, traditional, international, world music. Very open to independant artists that fit our format.

Zed's Psycholopedia of Rock
Zaid 'Zed' Couri zed@psycholopedia.co.uk
A kick-arse Rock/Heavy metal show on TotalRock.com radio. Special feature on the show is a retrospective look at particular metal/rock artist's career every week.

Blue Band Radio
Richard Hannah richardhannah@completelycreative.co.uk
New Music and unsigned band Internet based Radio station broadcasting from London.

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The musician's guide to the best places to promote, sell, and distribute music on the Internet. Includes our top 10 list, music promotion tips, and recommended resources.

Canary Promotion + Design
Megan Wendell info@canarypromo.com
Publicity and graphic design services for web and print. Full scale publicity campaigns to press kit design for indie musicians.

Worship CDs from Independent Artists and Labels
Holly Simmers web@worshipcds.com
Buy, Hear, Sell Christian indie music. Country, Gospel, Praise & Worship, Rock, Soul.

Atomic Mouse Recordings
We believe that CDs on demand is a great way to make the work of independent and emerging artists available without excessive overhead. Consumers get more access to a wider range of artists and artists get access to more potential consumers. Everybody wins!

If your CD isn't for sale in CD Baby, you're losing sales!
ALL CD SALES FROM mp3.com, garageband.com, iuma.com go through CD Baby. CD Baby has been featured in the NY Times, MSNBC, Wired, CNET and more. 10,000 CUSTOMERS A DAY go through cdbaby.com looking for CDs like yours. Such a popular online store, you HAVE to make sure your CD is there. They pay $20,000 a week to musicians like you (over $1 million so far!) ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO START SELLING is go to http://www.cdbaby.net Takes 5 minutes. Send them a box of CDs. They'll sell them and pay you. Real cool people. Total first-class treatment. Great CD distribution.


Indiemusicreview.com is a new website that empowers independent artists by offering them CD REVIEWS as well as in- depth CRITIQUES of their works by an award winning producer. Instead of funding the site with money from subscribers or advertisers, any artist may submit their disc along with a small fee. REVIEWS are posted on the site and detailed CRITIQUES are emailed directly to you. For more info, click over to





Once your band or group is registered we will assign your free unique sign in key. This will allow you to follow our easy instructions to upload you band's music for the millions of MP3 listeners on the internet.

Matt matt@topicalnetworks.com
We run a digital download service that offers much to the indie community. We accept digital music from all artists and sell them in digital format to fans, giving artists a direct 50% revenue share. We also have the ability to place indie artists right next to the major label talent we distribute as well. We also will be offering a reviewing service.


Since Urban is the impulse that drives business and entertainment on July 11-14, 2002, music industry professionals from around the world will come together in Chicago, IL for the annual "International Urban Music Conference 2002" www.iumc2002.com The purpose of this conference is to give an educational experience to music industry leaders, artists and consumers on how to be successful in the R&B, Hip-Hop and Gospel music marketplace. The conference will consist of educational seminars with high profile panelists; luncheons with high profile keynote speakers; a networking reception; networking breakfast meetings; nightly talent showcases; private listening parties and VIP after parties. Our guests for this years conference are those of the mainstream, urban and gospel music markets. We are expecting an attendance of at least 5,000 people.

The three-day conference will bring together many of the urban industry executives, media, artist and promoters to contribute their knowledge and expertise in this urban movement. IUMC will be held at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Ė Downtown Chicago, July 11-14.

Registration and additional information is given at
http://www.iumc2002.com or you can reach Rochelle A. Brown
rbrown@iumc2002.com at 1-708-865-8322 or Tollfree: 1-877-443-5282

at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The Musicians Expo 2002 is a one- day event targeting the independent musician who wants to start a career or advance a career in the music industry. Guest speakers and celebrities are coming from across the country to give YOU the valuable knowledge needed as a musician to help you get where you want to be in the music industry. Local and regional Exhibitors will be on hand providing services, products and information to the independent musician. PLUS many exhibitors are waiting to hear YOUR music. So bring your demos and promo material, because this is the place to get the knowledge and make the connections you need to succeed! Register early because space is limited. For more information visit our website at:




Luke Hits
Luke Eddins writeluke@lukehits.com
Los Angeles musician Luke Eddins has taken on the task of helping unsigned bands place their hit songs in popular TV shows and Films. The key word in this case is HIT--he screens each demo for songs that sound like they are straight off the radio, saving music supervisors valuable time. If you want to learn the basics and more, this is the site. Luke also focuses on the artist, using non-exlusive agreements with each songwriter.

Waynebow Music
Wayne Carter wcarter@waynebowmusic.com
Publishers of traditional and modern country music. Our main goal is to help songwriters who need a helping hand along the path in their pursuit of a career as a composer and songwriter.

The Music Biz Academy
At the Music Biz Academy, we have one primary focus: teaching musicians how to use the internet to their financial advantage. Whether using the internet to sell CDs, 'get the word out,' or simply to make some extra cash, we help musicians help themselves.

Singer Songwriter Resources
Dave Blackledge dave@dblackledge.com
Aiding indie singer songwriters by guiding them to the places to get their music heard or improve their craft.

Entertainment In Pennsylvania
Dave Blackledge dave@dblackledge.com
Site listing musicians, singer-songwriters, bands and venues in Pennsylvania.

Maverick Films
Sebastian Cluer rep@maverickfilms.com
A music video production company for the Canadian Indie artist.

Music Without Borders, LLC
Steve Lurie smlurie@juno.com
A total solution consultancy to the Music/Entertainment industry. MWB serves a range of industry professionals, from recording artists to retailers to record labels. MWB also consults music supervisors and directors of film and television to help find the perfect music for their respective projects.

Tony Smith wingsofeagles@charter.net
Providing a common ground for music artists, technicians and booking agencies to exchange resources, talents and insights, serving the Great Lakes region.

Art for Musicians
Jerry Macdonell avatar_art@yahoo.com
Custom designed artwork and promotions for indie musicians and beyond.

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Productions present...


New York City, NY - August 17, 2002
Los Angeles, CA - September 7, 2002
Nashville, TN - August 24, 2002

The Indie Sessions is a one-day networking extravaganza created to bring together all sectors of the music industry. From the packed aisle of the vendor area, to the exclusive conference sessions covering all the latest issues, to the after hours networking party, The Indie Sessions is sure to generate success for every attendee.

Your ticket includes: - An all-access badge to the keynote speeches, presentations, industry panels, debates and access to the vendor area
- A 2002 Indie Sessions T-shirt
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- A 2002 Indie Sessions event directory, which will include a list of the day's events, sponsor information and various discounts from music retailers
- First 50 ticket holders per event will receive a free A&R listening session. During this session, an A&R executive from a record label will discuss and critique your music
- Next 200 ticket holders per event will receive a written critique from a music industry professional
- Free snacks and beverages throughout the day's events
- All access to after-hours networking party, which will include networking opportunities with executives, sponsors and attendees
- Discount pass for dinner
- Goody bags with sponsor information, prizes and discounts
- A pen and note pad to take notes during the day's panels
- A chance to win over $25,000 worth of giveaways
- Detailed biographies on each speaker
- Discounted hotel and airfare information



© 2002 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


So far we've discussed the issues involved in negotiating the manager's compensation during the life of the contract. Another touchy subject, that is especially close to the manager's heart, is whether he will continue to get a commission on gross income earned by the artist after the contract has ended. Your response will probably be "of course not!" After all, once the contract is over, neither party has any further obligation to the other. The manager shouldn't continue to get paid when his isn't even the manager anymore. He got paid enough when he was the manager. Besides, you may feel that despite the manager's efforts, there comes a point when the band becomes somewhat established enough to sell itself with little help from the manager. So once the contract is over, there should be a clean break. No more ties.

Well, maybe not. During the course of the contract, and through the manager's efforts, you may be fortunate enough to have signed some money-making deals. For the life of the contract, you earn money from these deals. As agreed, the manager gets his percentage and you keep the rest. But it may be that your money-making contracts will still be in effect for quite some time after your management contract has ended. Since you will continue to profit from a deal he helped you obtain, the manager may feel that he should also continue to profit even after the artist-manager relationship legally ends.

Consider another scenario. During the course of the contract, and through the manager's efforts, you are fortunate enough to take part in negations for some money- making deals. But the final handshake on these deals may not take place until after the contract with your manager has ended. As a result, the money earned from these deals doesn't start pouring in until after the contract has ended. Again, the manager will want to enjoy his percentage of the profits you are earning from a deal that had its genesis with the artist-manager relationship -- even after the relationship has legally ended.

But before you agree to compensating your manager after the contract ends (after all, you've learned by now that there are two sides to every coin), consider yet another twist. If you enter into a contract with a new manager, that new manager will probably be no different from your former manager on the question of compensation. The new manager's attorney will probably demand that the commission apply to every conceivable entertainment- related activity from which you could possibly earn an income. And this would include the money pouring in from deals your former manager obtained! You don't need me to tell you that you wouldn't want to be stuck paying two commissions on the same money.

Well, skillful lawyering can help straighten out this mess too. Remember the staggered commissions we discussed? A special schedule can be set up whereby the manager continues to get compensated after the contract has ended, but with the commission rates adjusting downward as certain income levels are reached. You may even want to try something like limiting this compensation to say three years after the contract has ended. If you can get your new manager to accept a staggered commission schedule on the money- making deals of your former manager, you can greatly alleviate the financial drain of paying two full commissions on the same income.

In the next installment, I'll conclude this series by quickly bringing up some other areas of negotiation and giving you some final thoughts to consider.

Richard P. Dieguez has over 16 years of experience as an entertainment lawyer and 5 years of experience managing major label talent. He is also the founder of The Circle, a monthly music industry educational and networking forum. You may contact Mr. Dieguez at (516) 621-6424,
RPDieguez.com@RPDieguez.com or www.RPDieguez.com.

Did You Know...

That most artists don't sell as many CDs as they would like because they continue to use the same strategies for radio, press and their live shows that didn't yield them the results they wanted the first time?

At Music Strategies we will teach you new strategies of how to capture the attention of the fanatical fans of major radio stations, create Artist Profiles that will get you the media attention you want and how you can use MTV or VH-1 to promote your next local show.

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by Publicist Teresa Conboy
© 2002 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Researching & Communicating with the Media

Researching media avenues you plan to target will result in more effective placement as you supply the appropriate news to the appropriate writers and columns. If you have access to the publication, notice the format, editorial style, music genres covered, if they use black & white or color photos, review CDs, and how often is it published (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly)?

If contacting a writer by phone find out which days they are on deadline and the best times to call. It will help establish a good relationship. E-mail is a great way to communicate with busy writers. Keep your conversation and emails brief and to the point. If you submit a CD for review always follow up (by phone or email). As in any area of the business, donít berate the person if they "pass" on reviewing it or have to give priority to other releases. Thank them for their time and get over it. You can always send them the next CD.

Such useful guides as The Indie Bible (www.theindiebible.com) published annually or the Musicianís Guide To Touring And Promotion provide media lists with contact and content info. Magazines and websites do come and go and writers move from publication to publication, so be sure and double check the contact name by email or accessing its website before sending out your materials. For a listing of newspapers and magazines city by city in the U.S. some local libraries carry the Baconís Media Guide.

Cover Stories - I wish I had $1.00 for every time Iíve been asked "so do you think we can get on the cover of ....?" The best way to figure out who or what ends up as a cover story of a magazine is to notice with each issue, who or what is on the cover. Covers are generally to sell the magazine. So notice the following - if the subjects are high-profile celebrities? High profile stories? Legendary artists? New Artists? Buzz Artists?

Again the Internet comes to the rescue with its plethora of music websites (many listed in this particular newsletter - the Indie Contact Newsletter) catering to independent releases. And many times if your CD is a featured pick the cover or review will sometimes be posted on the home page with a link to your website.

Tour Press

Press coverage from out-of-town publications is a great addition to any press kit. After you have booked the shows, ask the club owners for a list of local media. Many times they will also include radio stations open to playing independent releases and/or who also announce a weekly calendar of gigs. Or do a search on the Internet for that particular city. In many cases you can find information about their local media that may have their own web pages. Send emails to the editors and ask who handles music listings, concert previews or CD reviews. If you have a local angle with a particular city include it in your press release and it may result in an article or a preview, both which usually run with a photo and information, of course, about the show. Always ask how far in advance they need the material and which days are their deadlines. If they need it the next day or within two days to ensure delivery spend the extra money and send it by overnight delivery.

Sometimes you may find it easier to achieve a photo and mention of your gig on tour (in less saturated markets) than in your own hometown. You may not "score" the first time but as the various media become more familiar with your name - you will stand a better chance of receiving advance press and hopefully a writer assigned to review your show.

Hiring a Publicist

Maybe at this point youíre thinking "hey I donít have the time to do all of this - why donít I just hire someone to do it for me!?" If you have the funds to hire a publicist, there are some things you should know. Independent publicists or PR firms charge anywhere from $500 to $6000 per month and that may not include expenses. Some may negotiate their fees or accept a flat rate for the whole project. Some require a 2 -3 month non-refundable deposit up front (so you donít "bail" because you havenít landed on Leno). Most publicists or firms do not work out payment plans because of the nature of publicity. Clients often expect publicists to wave the PR wand and magically they will find themselves in every magazine on the racks. It is a common misconception stemming from the belief that if a publicist has contacts with high profile publications and TV shows that the client is automatically guaranteed such coverage. If any publicist ever gives you such a guarantee - run! Granted they may have an easier time (than you would) convincing their contacts to listen to your music but that doesnít mean you are a "shoe in." It takes time for even a major public relations firm to generate press. Also, for a variety of reasons, such higher profile publicity firms prefer to work with artists signed to a major record label or a well-known independent label because - they are extremely busy with high profile clients; may feel there is really nothing to publicize or feel it would be too much work to try and land the coverage they are used to securing for celebrities (magazine covers, TV interviews, etc.).

And unless you are out on tour and/or there is daily newsworthy activity about your project Ė try to refrain from calling or emailing your publicist every day. Remember that everything takes time and for a publicist the job is as much about writing the press releases, bios (if necessary), letters, phone calls, emails, mailings, thinking about, focusing on the material and researching possible media avenues, as it is about securing reviews and interviews. Again, nobody can really guarantee the coverage. But if after a three or four months you donít have any idea of where its going then perhaps a different publicist can provide a different perspective to take it another direction. Thereís not much we can do if few writers are interested in covering a particular artist. I personally have never worked on a project that nobody wanted to cover, but again, I have also turned down some that I knew would stand little chance of getting what I thought would be a fair amount of coverage. And many times after wrapping up a project Iíve had reviews appear six months to a year later due to various writers and magazinesí backlog of reviews and publication schedules.

Whatever road you decide to take, the time to start is now. Donít expect results overnight or underestimate the amount of coverage you receive. As your career builds so will the publicity.

Since 1992 Teresa has worked as an independent publicist through her company Teresa Conboy PR. Prior to starting her own business she worked at a major entertainment public relations firm and with numerous independent artists. Teresa's clients have included major and independent record labels, films, entertainment industry support services, music & cultural festivals, authors, music equipment manufacturers, radio & film personalities and theatre projects.
http://home.earthlink.net/~tcpr tcpr@earthlink.net

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The Indie Link Exchange is a list of people that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 500 current listings, it's a great way to get some IMMEDIATE and FREE exposure There are no rules to follow (except common courtesy). It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners.


9. WMMW CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
© 2002 Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Artist: Eileen Carey
Title: Possibilities
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Rolleycstr Music
Website: www.eileencarey.com

This CD is full of pleasure and rock-pop tunes that will keep you humming all day long. Eileen Carey offers up a contagious bunch of country inflected rock tunes on her latest release "Possibilities."

Her voice is a blend of Shania Twain meets Madonna with a country fried flavor. Whether you are flying with "Wings" or hearing about a "Bad Boy," Carey holds her own through each mood found in every song. This woman has a very strong voice, and she sings from her toes with conviction. She also has a crackerjack band to back her, and that never hurts.

This isn't pop fluff, its good songwriting and great music combined to make each track distinctive in its own way. I found the entire listening experience to be pleasant and enjoyable. This is great music for that drive into work in the morning. It's very nice, and upbeat enough to keep your feet in a groove. The best way to describe this effort is that it's solid.

I like the possibilities of where this artist can go.

1. Joey
2. Someone By My Side
3. Wings
4. Burning Up My Heart
5. That Town
6. Lazy
7. Where's Norma?
8. Bad Boy
9. Joey (reprise)

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck muzikman@bcn.net is an independent music reviewer. Keith writes reviews for "Women Of Music-Music Of Women" as well as several other sites on the Internet. Contact Keith for submission information.

Reviews, interviews, and articles can be viewed at these sites:
www.classicrecords.com (DVD-DAD Reviews)

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Onstage magazine is where artists grab the mic and sound off about making music and livin' the life. Onstage magazine is available news stands for $3.95, or for subscription online at http://www.onstagemag.com. Potential advertisers can contact Onstage sales associate Keith Murray at keith.murray@verizon.net

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One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com

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30 years of rock art by one of North America's premier poster artists Check out our website: http://www.bmasse.com
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