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- March 2004 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. "Why Most Demo Recordings Are Rejected" by Christopher Knab
8. "Four Ways to Attract More Music Fans Faster - PART II" by author Bob Baker

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This month's winner of the Sennheiser E835 microphone (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- Allie Fox, Selkirk, UK

This month's winner of a pair of Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- Allison Lancaster, East Sussex, UK

This month's winners of the A&R Directory (for more information visit http://www.musicregistry.com ) are:
- Ivan Dailey, Danville, VA
- Stacia Russell, Lynn, MA

This month's winner of the Publisher's Directory (for more information visit http://www.musicregistry.com ) is:
- Zach Grace, Evansville, IN

The winner of the Musician's ToolKit CD (for more information visit https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com ) is:
- Alecia Hernandez, Frisco, TX
- Tom Fair, Charleston, SC

The winner of "100 Miles to a Record Deal" by Bronson Herrmuth (for more information on this book, visit http://www.songrepair.com )
- Greg Zajac, Emmaus, PA

The winner of "How To Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet" e-book by David Nevue (for more information on this book, visit http://www.promoteyourmusic.com ) is:
- Stuart Niven, Brisbane, Australia

The winner of the Sumadek (for more information visit http://www.sumadek.com/indiebible.html ) is:
- Eric Singer, Upper Montclair, NJ

The winner of the musicSUBMIT music promotion and publicity service (for more information visit http://www.musicsubmit.com ) is:
- Sherry Klinedinst, South Bend, IN

The winner of "The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" e-book by Bob Baker (for more info visit http://www.thebuzzfactor.com) is:
- Eero Barndok, Saue Linn, Estonia

The winner of the CD Trophy Clock (for more information visit http://www.cdstands.com/index.shtml?icn ) is:
- Earl Thomas Sears, Schenectady, NY

The winner of a shirt/jersey from Enjoy Music (for more information visit http://www.enjoymusic.com ) is:
- Dan Balassone, Eatontown, NJ

This month's winner of a one year subscriptions to Electronic Musician Magazine (visit http://www.emusician.com) is:
- Alex Vazquez. Salt Lake City, UT


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Welcome to the March Indie Contact Newsletter.

Our first article this month is by author Christopher Knab. Chris has complied a list of 10 reasons why most demos are rejected. The list is based on feedback Chris has received from A&R people over the last decade. This is definitely a checklist you want to refer to before sending your demos out.

The second article is Part Two of guerrilla marketing expert Bob Baker's ideas on how to attract more fans to your music. This month Bob goes into detail on the four ways to accomplish this crucial task.

Many of you have got your friends to sign up for this newsletter, and it is greatly appreciated. However, signing up using the Topica system is a bit flaky. In other words, it usually doesn't work. The best way to sign up is to simply send an e-mail to newsletter@indiebible.com with the word "newsletter" in the Subject: line. Your friend be added to the list right away.

Starting this month we'll be presenting three Weedfiles.com Featured Artists of the month. Weed is the new technology that allows you to download a song and play it three times for FREE before purchasing it. You can then either delete the song, or purchase it for a small fee and help the artist out. Visit http://www.weedfiles.com/ib to check out this month's Featured Artists. You can also sign up there to make your music available through the Weed technology.

As is the case every month, there is a large group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the March issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble
The Indie Contact Newsletter

Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in February.
The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Services that will help you to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Helpful resources and promotional sites for recording artists

Q: HOW do I sell MORE CDS?

A: You NEED to get your music out to the people who help CONSUMERS decide which CDs to buy (music editors, radio hosts etc.)

SOLUTION: The Indie Bible lists THOUSANDS of these services!

"This book has been an AMAZING help. I'm getting a lot of response from people I never would have never found on my own."
- Matthew, The Matthew Show

Get your copy today at http://www.indiebible2004.com or visit your local Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Borders or Barnes & Noble (in Canada at Long & McQuade).
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The Heard
Trevor support@theheard.org
A supporting arts publishing organization dedicated to promoting indie artists worldwide, and to providing an alternative to mainstream music for music fans who enjoy music with substance. We produce a bi-monthly magazine, which includes articles, reviews, comics, and a compilation CD composed of various songs from unsigned artists around the world.

Michael Hubbard MichaelAway@musicOMH.com
Established reviews and interviews site with reviewers in the UK and around the world.

AM Marketing/AM Publications
Al Martino AMPUBS@aol.com
PO Box 20044, St. Petersburg, FL 33742
PH: 727-577-5500
We are one of the largest entertainment magazines in Central Florida. We cover many Indie CDs!

Review You
For less than the price of a new CD we will get your CD reviewed - 100% Guaranteed - by a real music writer who has experience as a music journalist. And we will send the review straight to you.

Marc Kuykendall's Arts & Music Calendar
Marc Kuykendall mkuykendall@jam.rr.com
PO Box 55523, Jackson, MS 39296
I write a twice-monthly online arts column and will be adding reviews of new and interesting musicians and music. You can read my current column at . It's listed at the top under "Featured Column." I'm also a promoter and talent buyer in Mississippi.

Strictly Locals!
Sonny Malvolio Malvoliocybercafe@hotmail.com
"Down with the Underground" is our motto. Why? Because the underground is all we have left and the commercialized world is trying to take it from us. Indie label, Music reviews, Interviews, free promotion, submit your demo now! We are associated with Malvolio Inc.

Blu Ashton blu@starvox.net
A monthly online zine dedicated to promoting music in the genres of post-punk, goth, deathrock, psychobilly, gothabilly, dark alternative country, ethereal, industrial, dark ambient, and doom/black metal.

Danny danny@anti-popmusic.com
Promotes all types of rock bands. Each month four bands will be picked to be featured.

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Indie-Connections Radio
Online radio station devoted to playing top unsigned and indie label acts.

mrJungle Radio
Ricky Smith ricky@mrjungle.com
Online radio station and online community.

Acid Rain FM Radio
Ronin ronin55@sbcglobal.net
Internet radio station playing and promoting independent electronica artists.

P.Parker inquires@passionfmuk.com
Our station promotes and plays your music at no cost to you, whatever your style!

WRKY - The Hoss
Douglas Sheppard beartrax@covad.net
Denver's top country Internet radio station, playing country, bluegrass and alt-country.

Scrub Radio
Dan Platt info@scrubradio.com
We play indie music from around the world. Live Dj from time to time, but great music 24/7. We are always on the lookout for new talent. Drop us a line!

Muldoon til Noon
Gracie punknmud@msn.com
Box 95, Marathon OH 45145
If you have a country or bluegrass or gospel CD (professionally recorded) I would consider playing it on my program on WOBO 88.7 FM in Cincinnati. My Friday morning show plays greats, as well as locals, and unknowns....from 8 am til 12 noon! Send your CDs, addressed to me at the above address. Your CD must have a traditional country or bluegrass sound.

M3 Radio
Tony-O/Music Dir. M3Radio@aol.com
259 West 30th St., 12th Floor, New York, NY 10001
PH: 917-351-1021
Our mission is to give the independent musician a broadcast forum where if their music is good, it will receive airplay regardless of whether they're signed to a major label or not. It's not about someone telling us to play the music, we play it because it's good or else we just won't play it! Send your music in. Also, send in show dates at least 2 weeks in advance to be announced on "Sophia's Topless Tour Dates".

The Stepping Stone
Rich Maidment indieradio@hotmail.com
PH: 250-960-7664
Playing 100% Independent music. Everything from Rock thru to Blues (NO COUNTRY or DANCE). If you have a gig or news about your band, feel free to contact us.

FlagAss Radio!
Rev. Dan radio@flagass.com
Features local, independent and underground acts. Live 24/7!

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DAD (Digital Audio Distribution)
Launched by DISC MAKERS the DAD service gives independent bands and artists the opportunity to sell their songs online on sites like Apple's iTunes Music Store, Listen.com's Rhapsody, AOL's MusicNet, Emusic, and newcomer BuyMusic.com. The DAD service is FREE with all new CD orders with DISC MAKERS. The service is also available to artists who do not make their CDs with DISC MAKERS for only $75.




Leo Futierra Ltd. - International Audio Visual Promotions
Michael mail@leofutierra.com
We promote up and coming bands and independent artists. Sell your CDs, professionally designed, thermal printed and wrapped to the highest standard. Become a member, Upload Music/ Art, and start selling your CDs and Merchandise.

True Music And Songs
David Whittaker davidwhittaker@truemusicandsongs.com
7 Wild Flower Dr. Kings Park, NY 11754
PH: 631-896-9800
Dedicated to artists and bands trying to get their music to the right people in the music industry. We also represent bands seeking management, production and label interest.

Monet Radio Promotions
Arsdale Harris monetproductions@comcast.net
We have over 100 Radio Program Directors and DJs in our contact database.....

Song Hookers Inc.
Lisa Lisa@songhookers.com
Radio promotion label. Releasing product to commercial airwaves.

FARElectric Productions Inc.
Ronald Thompson rtdaquiet1@farelectric.com
We are music business consultants and administrators selling independent music over the net.

Terrelonge Recordings
Renee Terrelonge rlt@2000te.com
We sign talented artists to recording and management deals. We also sell Independent music from our site.

RGM Records, Inc.
Bruce Ferber bruce@recklessgrace.com
Christian record company specializing in breaking rock/pop/ alt/acoustic acts into the mainstream markets. Demos currently being accepted.

Flying Monkey Records
Dave Baker dave@flyingmonkeyrecords.com
We list and sell independently released punk, hardcore, ska, emo and indie rock on consignment.

Hippie Chick Twang Records
Devon O'Day devon@hippiechicktwangrecords.com
An all-chick record label of award winning singer/songwriter women, in several formats. Great songs in Americana, Folk, Alternative, and Ukrainian represented on the roster.

where it's at is where you are
John wiaiwya@bigfoot.com
Diverse and exciting UK based record label.

Licorich Record$
Jay Plot JAYPLOT@LicorichRecords.com
We are an Independent Record Label that sells and promotes the hottest Hip Hop, RnB, Rock and Pop music. We bring you the future of music...Now!!!

Just Distribution
Nate nate@justdistribution.com
A new place to sell your CD's online! Set up fee is only $35 and we keep a low $3.50 per album sold. For the first 25 artists to mention this listing, we'll waive the set up fee.
ROA Records
Monica Rabino monica@roarecords.com
Based in Orlando, we are an independent music label by artists for artists who bring out the fine craft of music and songwriting. A label for the artist to have the creative freedom to record what they want where they have the final say on all. The music is first and foremost.

JaThom Records
J.Minor justthemusic@att.net
An independent record label and distributor that specializes in working with independent artists to provide them with the tools necessary to ascertain the musical success they so dearly desire.

Beowolf Productions
PO Box 731, Phoenixville, PA 19460
I carry products covering all styles of extreme music & I'm always looking to expand my catalog.

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MECA Music Conference ? May 12-15 ? Chicago, USA

An acronym for Musician?s Education and Career Advancement, MECA is a major music conference in the Midwest. This four-day Chicago-based event will offer forty panels, workshops and performance clinics, mentoring sessions, 250 live music showcases, and numerous networking events.





Greg webmaster@artistgigs.com
Get free promotion for independent artists and bands where you can upload your music and, get signed with a record label that will help you sell your music!

BlankTV Eddie Sunset sunset@blanktv.com
The Internet's largest punk, indie, hardcore and alternative music video channel. We offer free exposure for your videos to a worldwide audience of indie music lovers.

Our use of Kazaa and Showcase-radio.com will guarantee valuable exposure which will generate interest in a market that is looking for quality new artists. You keep 100% of the cash generated and we do not require you to sign any contracts.

WCH Radio / Next Step Promotions
John O'Day wchradio@yahoo.com
We are offering a new distribution service for artists via the Internet and eventually through kiosks. This free service allows fans to download your music. We stop piracy by using the Immediatek technology. Artists can sign up through both our websites (WCH Radio & Next Step Promotions). Also, on our Next Step Promotions site, we have a new feature which allows indie artists an opportunity to profile themselves with a brief bio, pictures and a link to their website.

The Indie Contact Newsletter and Weedfiles.com are teaming up to bring great indie music from around the world right to your desktop! We're currently seeking to sign hundreds of indie artists!

Check out this month's featured artists at http://www.weedfiles.com/ib

The Emergency
In their unofficial bio The Emergency promises to rock your face off with their golden hooks, pop sharp melodies and gritty guitars. Meanwhile, the band's debut album, How Can You Move?, is picking up piles of great press as it climbs the CMJ charts.

These four songs from Leiana's debut solo Ep confront the demons that lurk inside her with metallic crunch, neo-rock psychedelia and sharp lyrical images.

The Big Creak
These songs from The Big Creak's latest release, Just Left Town, fuse choice elements of modern rock, pop and world beat rhythms into a tasty musical pie.

What are you waiting for? The revolution has already begun...

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Visit http://www.indiebible2003.com/whole.shtml for details.




Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase
595 Piedmont Avenue N.E. Suite 320 Box 129, Atlanta, GA 30308
PH: 800 278 4931 FX: 404-795-0821
Enter our Indie Artist Showcase and win gift certificates up to $6,000.00.

Dave cddkmusik@hotmail.com
We provide a complete online service for anyone and everyone interested in music or involved in the music business including various music services such as musical instruments, band/musician promotion, festival and gig guides, CDs DVDs & Videos, Music Tuition, help and info and a load more...

League of Advocates for Artists World Wide
John Foxworthy roadrash@garageradio.com
LAAWW's mission is to provide a reporting hub and resource library for activities specific to the music industry. The organization will offer standards for ethics and integrity and help to encourage legitimate business practices throughout the industry in the form of a fair reporting and rating system. L.A.A.W.W. will become a central resource for information regarding the reliability of commercial members of the music community and provide a library of research as well as contacts in the legal aspects.

Design & Lyrics
Jenny Backstrom info@ninni.co.uk
Affordable, stylish web design and lyric help service. Packages made especially for musicians and songwriters. Packages start from ?75 (basic 2-3 pages website). We will have your new website up and running within days! As an artist, having a website is a crucial part of the promotion of your music and is the perfect place to direct fans and record company representatives.

Nashville Rounds
Dennis Eggers info@nashvillerounds.net
An Independent Performing Songwriters Network. We offer listings and webpages to anyone involved in the creation, production and promotion of live and recorded music with focus on the independent performing songwriter.

WilliamB william@alliancemp3.com
Come on over and promote your Indie band, stations, CDs etc.

Cooch Music
Joseph Cuccia J.Cuccia@coochmusic.com
22 Williams Way South, PO Box 340, Baiting Hollow, NY Publishing, songwriter services, and more! Home of the first amateur only songwriting contest in the world!


The Indie Link Exchange is a list of music sites that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 600 current listings, it's a great way to get some FREE exposure

It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. ALL styles of music sites are welcome! http://www.indielinkexchange.com/ile
SONICBIDS is an online service that connects musicians and music promoters. Instead of mailing out traditional, bulky press kits, Sonicbids' members email Sonicbids Electronic Press Kits (EPKs). Soncbids EPKs - which contain the MP3 files, pictures, press reviews and contact information - can be easily emailed to anyone, anywhere! In addition, members can directly submit their EPKs to some of the world's biggest festivals, clubs, and conferences for free. Members are also eligible for exclusive Sonicbids spots at some of the hottest conferences around the world. Promote your band in a powerful new way, for only $49.95 a year.

Go to http://www.sonicbids.com/default.asp?pID=1435 today!


7. WHY MOST DEMO RECORDINGS ARE REJECTED by Christopher Knab author of "Music Is Your Business"
? 2004 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


?Getting a deal? has long been the goal of many would-be artists and bands. For mostly naive reasons, most new talent feel that by securing a recording contract with a significant major or independent label, success will be guaranteed. (Talk about naivet?.) To get this ?belief system? up and running, many musicians figure all they have to do is send off their music to a label, and a recording contract will come their way shortly.

The following list of 10 Reasons Why Demo Are Rejected was gathered together after years of listening to comments made by Record Label A&R reps at music industry conferences and workshops, as well as from personal interviews with reps, and from many interviews A&R reps have given to the press. In addition, I can verify that these observations as true from having personally listened to thousands of demos over the years.

The purpose of providing you with this information is to at least improve the odds that your music will get listened to when you submit your demos. This list will look at the most common mistakes musicians make when either shopping for a record deal, or trying to get the attention of A&R Reps with their demo recordings.

10 Reasons Why Demos Are Rejected

1. No Contact Information on CDR and/or CDR container: Put your name, address, email, and phone number on both.

2. Lack of Originality: Just because you can record, doesn?t mean your music is worth recording.

3. The Music Is Good, But The Artist Doesn?t Play Live: This applies to all genres of music except electroninca and experimental music.

4. Poorly Recorded Material: So you bought ProTools ? so what!

5. Best songs are not identified or highlighted on the CDR: Give the folks a break. For demos-send only 3 or 4 songs and highlight the best ones.

6. Sending Videos In Place Of CDRs: Keep it simple, in the demo mode. All anyone wants is to check out your songwriting and musicianship.

7. Sending Unsolicited Recordings: You sent them, but they never asked for them.

8. Sending The Wrong Music To The Wrong Label: You didn?t do your research to find out what labels put out what kind of music.

9. Musicians Can?t Play Their Instruments Competently: This is so basic, but you would be astounded at how incompetent most start-up musicians are.

10. The Music Sucks: This criticism is as old as music itself. You may think your music is the greatest thing since frappacinos, but most demo recordings the industry receives are as bad as the first round contestants on American Idol.

Christopher Knab is a music business Consultant, Author and Lecturer. He was recently honored by Seattle's Rocket magazine as "One of the Most Influential People in the Northwest Music Industry."

You can visit his website at: http://www.4frontmusic.com or contact him personally at: Chris@Knab.com

============================================ -----------------------------------------------------------------------
We wanted to make you aware of a very special industry event that we are a part of and are sponsoring. It's the Global Entertainment and Media Summit and it is one of the largest pro-active events dedicated to helping artists and industry promote their projects and make valuable connections. At last years Summit, three artists secured national tours, labels secured distribution deals, and songs were chosen for films and television.

New York GEMS: April 3-4

Los Angeles GEMS: June 12-13

Website: http://www.globalentertainmentnetwork.com

Previous speakers, panelists and participants have included recognized innovators in media, humanitarianism, music, film and video.

Attendees include: A&R, publishers, producers, directors, media outlets, agents, casting directors, music supervisors, marketing directors, music licensing, record companies, talent directors, performing artists, songwriters and performing rights associations.
Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com


8. FOUR WAYS TO ATTRACT MORE MUSIC FANS FASTER - PART 2 by Bob Baker author of "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook"
? 2004 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Here are four steps to take to reach new fans:

1. Define Your Distinct Musical Identity

You must have a firm grasp on what your music is about. And you must be able to define it clearly and quickly. What are your strongest musical traits? What sets you apart from other acts? What attitude or social statement do you make? Being a generic rock, pop or hip-hop act won't cut it. Dig deeper and discover your unique identity. When you do finally reach some of those rare potential fans, don't lose them by not being clear about who you are.

2. Describe Your Ideal Fan

Once you have a handle on who you are musically, it's time to paint a clear picture of your ideal fan. Can you articulate how your fans dress, where they work, what TV shows they watch, what they do for fun and who their favorite cultural heroes are? Observe the types of people who come to see you perform and note what they have in common? Knowing precisely who your fans are will dictate what avenues you use to reach them and how you communicate your message once you do reach them.

3. List Ways of Getting Access to Your Fans

Once you know exactly what type of music fan you're going after, start making a list of the various resources these specific people are attracted to. What magazines and newspapers do they read? Where do they hang out? What radio stations do they listen to? What retail outlets do they frequent? What web sites do they surf to? What e-mail newsletters do they subscribe to? For example, if your fans are mostly Harley riders, go to a search engine like Google and start entering keywords related to motorcycles. Evaluate the search results and compile a list of the many good sources you uncover.

4. Network and Promote Your Music

Armed with this targeted list of contacts, get busy! Send e-mail press releases to niche media outlets. Contact the webmasters and editors of appropriate publications. Post messages in specialized forums. Visit and interact via the web sites of similar-sounding bands. Contact organizations and charities related to your musical niche.

In short, go to where your ideal fans are. And market yourself through these outlets relentlessly. Why waste time and money trying to promote to everyone ... when you can save money and be far more effective by going directly to those valuable one-in-a-thousand fans?

Bob Baker is the author of "Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook," "Unleash the Artist Within" and "Branding Yourself Online." He also publishes TheBuzzFactor.com, a web site and e-zine that have been delivering marketing tips and inspirational messages to music people of all kinds since 1995. Get your FREE subscription to Bob's e-zine by visiting http://TheBuzzFactor.com today.
Subscribe to the award-winning free ezine/webzine MUSIC MORSELS - the music industry's monthly publication featuring self-help for musicians and songwriters including interviews with national and unsigned recording artists, industry profiles, CD reviews and much more. Just send an email to MusMorsels@aol.com with the word "Subscribe" in the subject field.

MUSICIANS & LABELS: Send your press kits (must send complete press kit (photo, bio, clippings), not just a CD) to us for possible upcoming reviews or interviews in Music Morsels. We cover all genres. Mail to: Sandy Serge, Editor, Music Morsels, PO Box 672216, Marietta, GA 30006-0037 USA URL - http://www.serge.org/musicmorsels.htm Published since 1995 targeting musicians, songwriters and music industry professionals serving over 35,000 readers.
The 3rd Annual ?National Holiday Weekend for Musicians!?

With more than a half dozen artists realizing their dreams of signing major label contracts and meeting major league managers and attorneys, the first two FMF conferences have been heralded by industry and artists alike. We look forward to an even larger turnout of industry reps and music fans than last year, we are expecting more than a dozen majors, and hundreds of regionally and nationally known reps from various backgrounds, such as management, publishing, legal and licensing.

For details visit: http://www.fmf2004.com
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The A&R Registry, Publisher Registry, Music Attorney, Legal & Business Affairs Registry and the Film & Television Music Guide are the four directories no Professional or Musician should be without if you are serious about your career. Each directory covers the US, Canada and UK markets and comes complete with direct dial phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, assistant names and company websites.

For more information, sample listings or to place an order, go to our website at http://www.musicregistry.com or call us at 800-377-7411 or 818-995-7458.

THE ROCK HOUSE METHOD - Creating Musicians One Lesson at a Time!

Rock House instruction products teach how to play today's music using easy-to-understand methods. Every DVD comes with a FREE lesson book and membership to Rock House's lesson support site at http://www.rockhousemethod.com This exclusive feature offers supplementary support for the lessons on the DVD. On the support site, students interact with the community, utilize the additional learning tools and access special features such as "ask the teacher"; "take quizzes"; download "backing tracks"; get "tab music" and much more to make learning fun and complete. http://www.rockhousemethod.com
ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Record, Publishing, Management and Licensing deal worldwide, especially in the UK and USA? Each month the BANDIT A&R NEWSLETTER publishes features on Labels, Publishers, Managers etc looking to sign acts, songs or masters.
Songwriters, bands & artists! Enter to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash, merchandise and more! This the largest prize package in any annual songwriting competition. Also, winners' songs will be featured on a nationally syndicated radio program serving over 60 cities in the US and Canada. Judges include A&R Managers from Major Record labels and publishers. BONUS: Early bird entrants receive a FREE gift.
Hurry, visit: http://www.songwriting.net
THE MAD HAND ARTS GRAPHICS & DESIGN GIVES 25% DISCOUNT TO INDIES on CD cover graphics & all music graphics needs. Digital design & fine arts savants, a killer design, sound technical execution, and painless business experience are our standard package. http://www.themadhand.com 718-544-8901 info@themadhand.com

Regular Placement Ads are $250 each. If you advertise for 3 consecutive issues, you will receive a $100 discount ($650 total).

Premium placements (the first 2 ad spots) cost $300 per month (with no discount for multiple placements).

This newsletter goes out to over 90,000 music people each month!

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