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- March 2002 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. Band Press Kit Essentials by author Richard V. Tuttell
8. Marketing Your Debut CD by Ken Klar, Must Have Music
WMMW CD Review of The Month by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

INDIEPERFORMER.COM is accepting CD projects of all styles and genres from Independent and Major Label artists throughout the world. We are seeking enormously talented independent musicians and songwriters who are underexposed or on private record labels that much too difficult to locate. We provide independent artists a unique opportunity to increase exposure, to be recognized, and to be heard. INDIEPERFORMER.COM is known for its creative ability to gain maximum exposure provided via the Internet and throughout the independent and music industry communities. Submissions will be considered for written review and showcasing on INDIEPERFORMER.COM.

IndiePerformer, ATTN: New Submissions, P.O. Box 3721, Brentwood, TN 37024

For additional information, please visit: www.indieperformer.com

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- Mel Lindstrom, East Peoria, IL
- Katrina Dickson, New Glarus, WI

The winner of the 3 month subscription to the Bandit
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- Kevin Carley, Surrey UK

"How to Make $100,000 a year in the Music Business (Without a Record Label)" by Lee Kennedy and David Hooper (for more info on this book, visit http://www.musicbizbooks.com)
- Lourdes Fernandez, Miami, FL

The winner of "The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" e-book by Bob Baker (for more info on this book, visit http://www.thebuzzfactor.com)
- Angelique Lefrancois, Ottawa, Ontario

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Welcome to the March edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

Richard V. Tuttell is the author of the book "Good Press: An Insider's Guide to Publicizing Business and Community News". Richard has put together a very clear and helpful article on Band Press Kit Essentials.

Ken Klar is a Songwriter and Managing Director of "Must Have Music". Ken has submitted an article that is sure to help you get your debut CD launched in an orderly fashion, and in a way that should create some ripples as well.

As always, the MuzikMan is back with another review. This month he reviews Cheryl Hill's CD titled "The Road Less Traveled".

I'd just like to say a quick hello to the many of you that I met in Harrisburg, Jacksonville and New York. It's always great to be able to meet the people that I deal with online, in person.

My next stop is SXSW in Austin and then NEMO in Boston. Stop by if you're there. I'd also like to mention a one day conference that a gentleman named Kevin Guillickson is starting up in Minneapolis on June 15th. Kevin has been kind enough to ask me to speak there. I wish him the best of luck because I've noted while researching the Indie Bible that Minneapolis is a great music town. If you can make it there as a guest or exhibitor, please attend. It's very inexpensive. You can find out more details at: http://www.musiciansexpo.com or contact Kevin at: expo@musiciansexpo.com

As is the case every month, there is a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the March issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble

Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in February. The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Online services that will help to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Resources and promotional sites for Independent bands



dorisMartini, the Audio Magazine
Kati Sprenger ksprenger@dorismartini.com
An audio magazine, a monthly CD where you can listen to great independent musicians, comedy, and interviews.

Clayton White pollutedone@polluteme.com
Get your band, venue, and showdates listed. Read show, CD, and other unsigned/indie reviews in our online ezine.

The LA Music Scene
Seth Schwartz seth@thelamusicscene.com
Los Angeles music scene site featuring artists / bands, clubs, reviews, show dates a discussion forum and more!

Christopher & Karley stop_pop_rawk@hotmail.com
A zine looking at independent music, alternative culture, political and social issues, and vegan health. Based in Ontario, Canada.

Sound the Sirens
Billy billy@heydisturbiarecords.com
Independent Online Magazine. Punk, hardcore, indie, emo, pop music and culture.

Christina bio@indiemusicpaper.ca
Reviews of indie artist are featured in the paper. Sells 5,000 copies monthly throughout the Toronto area.

fm sound
CE Pelc fmsoundmusic@yahoo.com
Twice a month fm sound features tons of new release reviews from the mainstream area, as well as an entire site dedicated to the indie scene.

UmbrellaZine - Arts, Music, Poetry
Lee Hansen editor@umbrellazine.com
http://www.umbrellazine.com/ Publishing, reviews, interviews, music, lyrics, news, tips and resources.


Indiemusicreview.com is a new website that empowers independent artists by offering them CD REVIEWS as well as in- depth CRITIQUES of their works by an award winning producer. Instead of funding the site with money from subscribers or advertisers, any artist may submit their disc along with a small fee. REVIEWS are posted on the site and detailed CRITIQUES are emailed directly to you. For more info, click over to http://www.indiemusicreview.com/indiebible


GOTHIC BEAUTY, A NEW FASHION MAGAZINE, also accepts music submissions for review. Each issue also features music interviews. Gothic Beauty is interested in goth, electro, industrial, ethereal, and punk. Gothic Beauty is published quarterly and has major distribution through Hot Topic, Tower Records, and Books-A-Million covering 600 outlets in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Japan. Issue 4 will be out mid December and in-stores on January 7 '02. Please send us your material now for Issue 5 (April 9 '02). See website for more details http://www.GothicBeauty.com

RAINMAKER MUSIC PUBLICITY devoted to working with unsigned bands and indie labels across the U.S.A....So..Ride The Revolution... go to: www.rainmakerpublicity.com

Get a FREE "Musician's Guide to the Web" from Disc Makers, the nation's leading independent CD manufacturer and proud sponsor of The Indie Bible. Click here to register to get your guide

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La Hora Muerta radioshow
Rafa Cros lahoramuerta@yahoo.com
Dark radioshow in spanish played weekly at industrialradio.net: goth, industrial, ebm, etc... P.O.Box 5138, 31010 Baranain, SPAIN

Bob Bobbygeewiz@hotmail.com
Bobbygeewizstation is looking for good rock music, not just any music, but good rock music. If you feel you have something to contribute to this station, drop me a line and I'll check it out.

Guilherme Vignini startrips@uol.com.br
We are a radio station in S?o Paulo - Brazil, and I work in a weekly radio show called Startrips, which have different directions, all kind of alternative tendencies. The idea of my show is promote bands and musicians that are unknown or almost unknown from the audience in Brazil. Contact me if you have a band or label. Over 400 bands all over the world already had radio play guaranteed in the only show in Brazil, who supports 100% underground.

joe's Blue Plate Special
Brad brad@joesgrille.com
A syndicated weekly one-hour show featuring unsigned artists and independent labels. We also feature interviews (RADIOHEAD, flaming lips, Strokes...)

BBC Radio Wales' Musical Mystery Tour
Adam Walton musicalmysterytour@hotmail.com
Wales' foremost alternative music show [plays unsolicited, GOOD demo tunes!].

Don R. Wadewitz II info@xroxx.com
A new online PUNK/SKA radio station. We will have CD & Show reviews, band of the week, etc. "We're not PORN, but we'll make you ROCK hard!"

WFFC 89.9FM Ferrum College Radio
Music Director wffc@ferrum.edu
A station eager to support new and vetran indie bands with much- needed air play.

The Stepping Stone Radio Program
Rich "The Messenger" Maidment indieradio@hotmail.com
The Stepping Stone radio program has a playlist that is 100% Independent, everything from rock thru to blues (NO COUNTRY or DANCE)!! We are always looking to add to our listenership and playlist.

Level 10 Entertainment, LLC
Michael Brooks level10beats@yahoo.com
An independent record label that offers non-exclusive contracts. We specialize in Hip Hop and R&B. Level 10 also produces and sells music tracks.

Jayme Hanjin JaymeNatasha@aol.com
Radio in PERTH, West Australia. We play Rockin' Rhythms & Blues music, from across the world. Our Rhythm & Blues shows are ever- growing; and it seems we need some more music to play to our hungry listners of Australia. One of my favorite shows is called "Cruizin' for a Bluezin"......of course; I'm the Host \ D.J, along with our own Perth Blues Club Vice-Prez: Steve Pike. Send your music to: 2 Rodgers Court, Roleystone. 6111. West Australia.

Lic. Jorge Aloy sotanoglobal@yahoo.com.ar or jaloy@uole.com
I have my own daily show on RADIO FUTURA 90.5 FM (community station), also weekly show at powerfull LR11 Radio Universidad FM 107.5 (in this station also I programm 10 hours of music each weekend), both in my city, La Plata. I play "world" stuff, electronic, HH, weird bands... Also I touch literature, movies, old TV, and we have some radiotheater spots.

We would like to know new music and to air it in our programs here in Argentina. Many people will value it too much. Our interests are wide open to musicians and bands from many styles:

Musicians, bands and labels can send promo items (CD, tape or vinyl), as well as the information and any questions that might arise about our work, to this address: Lic. Jorge Aloy, Radio Futura, Conexi?n C.C. 465 1900 La Plata, Argentina, S.America.

When you send your music, write "CD, CASS, PROMOTIONAL MUSIC, not commercial value" etc. on shipments, to avoid problems with our mail/taxes customs.

440MUSIC.COM Live Webcast
Moe ijock@440music.net
Wednesday and Saturday all Independent Music! We're always interested in hearing from independent bands, singer songwriters, rapper, and comedians.


There's only one problem. The Internet is so big it would literally take your thousands of hours to find all of the places and people that are interested in your music and are willing to help you and your band out. A solution is finally here. It's called the Indie Bible.

This resource has been created with your immediate need in mind, which is to get your music heard, and moving towards greater exposure as soon as possible. The contacts listed are music reviewers, radio programmers and vendors that will listen to your music, and if they like it, will present it to their readers and listeners.

The 3rd Edition is 322 pages and contains:
*2300* publications from around the world that will REVIEW your CD!
*2700* radio stations from around the world will PLAY your songs!
*440* vendors and services that will help you to SELL your music!
*340* sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3 files!
*300* helpful resources and sites where you can PROMOTE your band!

Visit the website for details: https://www.indiebible.com
email: indiebible@rogers.com or phone: 613-596-4996

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We can help you expand your audience by releasing your "single" to our indie music-loving fan base of over 15,000. Our objective is to support and empower independent artists in ALL GENRES and all levels of experience by placing your song on a CD Sampler. Plus you get FREE copies of the sampler! For more info, please visit www.SBS-Records.com/sampler.html, or email SBSRecords@aol.com.




Cindy Carlier contact@click4musicians.com
Promotion of unsigned artists of all music styles.

BIE Records, Music
Victor Bunick bierecords@aol.com
Independent record (music) distribution and promotion.

Tinderbox Music
Krista Vilinskis krista@tinderboxmusic.com
Music promotion and distribution company. Work mainly with unsigned and indie-label bands across the country. Services: Radio, Press, Distribution.

Don Schockow Don@GroupieChick.Com
We are dedicated to getting the Indie artists CD into the new fan's hand. Sell your CD on GroupieChick.com today!

En Sound Entertainment
Delroy Souden ensound@ensoundentertainment.com
Dedicated to the exposure of independent gospel music of all genre. Taking gospel music to another level.

Miles Carroll info@indiebob.com
http://www.indiebob.com Artist Development, Booking and Promotion for Unsigned Artists. Please forward kit for consideration in upcoming events to INDIEBOB c/o MCAD 13 Bayview Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854

Oddball Musicworks
David Thomas Peacock dtp@oddballmusicworks.com
An independant record label that signs, produces and promotes artists that fall outside of the mainstream. We work with artists on a non- exclusive basis.

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NOMA Music, an established music promotion company, has the ways and means to place and license songs for use in major and indie television and film projects. Interested in a recording contract? We can get your songs heard by the best.

If you have original broadcast quality music and think you may be interested in our services, send over your CD and package for consideration.

"Good music deserves to be heard"




Jessika Jessika@UnitePR.com
Publicity, Promotions, MP3's and Reviews.

THE FIRST ANNUAL MUSICIAN'S EXPO WILL BE HELD JUNE 15th, 2002 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The Musicians Expo 2002 is a one- day event targeting the independent musician who wants to start a career or advance a career in the music industry. Guest speakers and celebrities are coming from across the country to give YOU the valuable knowledge needed as a musician to help you get where you want to be in the music industry. Local and regional Exhibitors will be on hand providing services, products and information to the independent musician. PLUS many exhibitors are waiting to hear YOUR music. So bring your demos and promo material, because this is the place to get the knowledge and make the connections you need to succeed! Register early because space is limited. For more information visit our website at:

Songwriters, bands & artists! Enter to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash, merchandise and more! This the largest prize package in any annual songwriting competition. Also, winners' songs will be featured on a nationally syndicated radio program serving over 60 cities in the US and Canada. Judges include A&R Managers from Major Record labels and publishers. BONUS: Early bird entrants receive a FREE gift. Hurry, visit: http://www.songwriting.net




LA Artist Resource
Seth Schwartz seth@thelamusicscene.com
http://www.laartistresource.com Los Angeles artist resource featuring articles with industry professionals, venue booking info, classifieds and a lot more.

C.J. Chilvers cj@musicjournalist.com
The music press information resource and home of the Association of Music Writers and Photographers.

Yamamiya Masayoshi eigo@musiccopyright.jp
A new gateway to Japanese music market. MCJP works for "Digital Delivery", "Internet Radio" and "Music Licensing".

Ben Cruz bcruz@demandid.com
Network of music sites helps consumers request shows and artists to find out where to schedule tour stops based on geographic demand.

Gavin support@intomusic.co.uk
An independant band site, with band info, voting and forums.

Must Have Music
Ken Klar musthavemusic@yahoo.com
Whether you're a Film/TV Music Supervisor or an original artist looking for great songs for you next recording project, this is music you can't live without!

Wilmington Exchange Festival
Kenyata Sullivan kenyata@juno.com
An independent music festival since 1996, founded out of the mail underground. Has featured bands of all genres, from as far away as Japan and Europe.

Productions present...

New York City, NY - August 17, 2002
Los Angeles, CA - September 7, 2002
Nashville, TN - August 24, 2002

The Indie Sessions is a one-day networking extravaganza created to bring together all sectors of the music industry. From the packed aisle of the vendor area, to the exclusive conference sessions covering all the latest issues, to the after hours networking party, The Indie Sessions is sure to generate success for every attendee.

Your ticket includes:
- An all-access badge to the keynote speeches, presentations, industry panels, debates and access to the vendor area - A 2002 Indie Sessions T-shirt
- An Indie Sessions Microphone Key Tag
- A 2002 Indie Sessions event directory, which will include a list of the day's events, sponsor information and various discounts from music retailers
- First 50 ticket holders per event will receive a free A&R listening session. During this session, an A&R executive from a record label will discuss and critique your music
- Next 200 ticket holders per event will receive a written critique from a music industry professional
- Free snacks and beverages throughout the day's events
- All access to after-hours networking party, which will include networking opportunities with executives, sponsors and attendees
- Discount pass for dinner
- Goody bags with sponsor information, prizes and discounts
- A pen and note pad to take notes during the day's panels
- A chance to win over $25,000 worth of giveaways
- Detailed biographies on each speaker
- Discounted hotel and airfare information



7. BAND AND PRESS KIT ESSENTIALS by author Richard V. Tuttell
? 2002 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Destiny's Mother-in-Law may not be the best local band in town ? or even the loudest ? but they know how to attract attention. The heavy metal group's marketing plan included an obvious first contact for any promotion ? their hometown newspaper. Many bands overlook this option when promoting their CDs and gigs. What may seem stuffy and low-tech, however, is a golden opportunity for getting publicity and building a local following.

In the case of Destiny, a power trio based in eastern North Carolina, the first move involved a phone call to the editor to introduce the band, gauge interest and find out the preferred method of submitting information. That was followed by a press kit containing a few simple essentials ? a press release, photo and CD. Let's look at each item.

Press Release. This is the most important piece of the promotion program. It should answer six questions: who (the name of the band and its members), what (the style of music, gigs, or recording being promoted), where (the location of the performance or where the recordings are available, when (the time and date of the show), why and how (is the show a benefit, then for whom, why should people want to hear the band and how can people get advance tickets or find the club or other venue?) Leave the detailed back-story ? how the lead singer while working at the Citgo station met the guitarist when he drove in with a flat ? for a later full-blown feature.

Format is just as important as content. A sloppy presentation reflects a lack of professionalism and reduces the chances the release will run as written, or at all. Type the release on standard letter-size sheets or submit it as a digital text file on diskette or by email. Use plain text, which is compatible with most computer programs and operating systems used by newspapers. Not everybody has a copy of Microsoft Word around. If you email your release, paste the text of the release into the body of the message because editors are wary of opening attachments from strangers. Write in narrative form with complete sentences (use both lowercase and uppercase letters) rather than sending a flyer, because it gives the band a better shot at controlling how the information will be printed. Be sure to include contact information (names, phone numbers and email addresses) in case additional information is needed.

Photos. Destiny's Mother-In-Law sent a standard 8x10 black and white print, which was fine for our paper, but I would suggest sending color prints. It leaves open the opportunity of it being used on a feature front. If the image is to go on an inside page a color photo can still be scanned as grayscale.

Many papers are using digital cameras and will accept digital images with a resolution of at least 2 megapixels. Submit a jpeg or tiff file on a diskette or by email. It's helpful to provide a paper printout to show what the digital image looks like. You can also refer to a Web site from which the photo can be downloaded.

Don't print a digital image on your inkjet, submit it on a sheet of copy paper and expect it to be published. The quality just won't be acceptable. Also avoid Polaroids that usually have poor production quality. Spend a few bucks for a professional portrait or get a friend with a decent camera and an eye for composition to help you out. Keep the shot tight with members grouped closely together to avoid dead space. Filling the viewfinder to the max allows you to decide how the photo should be cropped rather than a photo editor.

Always attach caption information to the photo on a piece of paper taped the back or bottom of the print. Name everyone in the photo, identifying each person. Even if that information is already on the accompanying press release put in the caption. Photos and releases are often separated.

Recordings. Including a CD showcasing your talent is a nice touch with a press release, but is more important when requesting a music review or feature story. Some newspapers prefer to experience the band live and others may accept MP3 files. Do not send your only master copy of your sure-fire hit, because there's often no guarantee that it will be returned.

Don't be discouraged if the big metro paper rejects your submission. For every daily paper there are about nine weeklies or other non- daily publications, and they depend on local content ? news about area folks just like Destiny's Mother-in-Law and you.

Daily newspaper editor Richard Tuttell is the author of Good Press: An Insider's Guide to Publicizing Business and Community News, available from Barnesandnoble.com, Amazon.com and other on-line booksellers.

This article originally appeared in Disc Makers Fast Forward newsletter. For a free one-year subscription, call 1-800-468-9353, or visit www.discmakers.com.

Did You Know...

That most artists don't sell as many CDs as they would like because they continue to use the same strategies for radio, press and their live shows that didn't yield them the results they wanted the first time?

At Music Strategies we will teach you new strategies of how to capture the attention of the fanatical fans of major radio stations, create Artist Profiles that will get you the media attention you want and how you can use MTV or VH-1 to promote your next local show.

Serious about selling a lot of CDs and taking your career to the next level? Join us at http://www.musictsrategies.com

The Indie Link Exchange is a list of people that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 500 current listings, it's a great way to get some IMMEDIATE and FREE exposure There are no rules to follow (except common courtesy). It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners.


8. MARKETING YOUR DEBUT CD by Ken Klar, Must Have Music
? 2002 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Here's the situation. You've worked incredibly hard and managed to finish your Debut CD. You're ready to announce yourself to the world, but have one big, nagging question. How do you market this thing so that your dream of one day being able to earn a living playing music can actually come true?

There are a number of things that have to be done, but let's focus on the immediate concerns of your Debut Release and starting the promotional cycle that will earn CD sales and begin to pay-off the debt you've collected while creating this beast!


The first thing to do is schedule a CD Release Party needs to as soon as the actual product is available for sale. This is an easy way of generating immediate sales based on your local affiliations, family, friend and loyal fans of your music. At this event, it might be a good idea to play a song or two, but I would recommend keeping the live performance to a minimum at this stage. At a minimum, you definitely want a "listening" portion of this event. That's where you break out the CD and talk to the crowd about the creation process and the inspiration of certain more meaningful songs on the CD.

However, I wouldn't play the entire CD... I see this event as more of a meet and greet opportunity.'a teaser' , if you will. A way for the supporters of your music to "hang" with you in an intimate setting with an opportunity to get a "First Release" CD of their very own.

Remember to offer to sign these little momentos for all of your fans! It's these little things that can make the difference between a passionate support and an obligated family member. Take this seriously and it will pay big dividends!


The next thing on your list should be a Live performance. For the people who want to connect with the project, this will be another great opportunity. I would plan for this to happen about 3 months after the CD release party. That'll give you plenty of time to assemble a band (if you need to) and sufficiently rehearse. After that, you should plan on playing live once a month (once you hit your full stride) and focus initially in your local area, expanding that radius slowly. These could be simply "special music" as an opening act for some better-known artist (thus introducing you to their fan- base) or a full-blown 45-minute set.

You should try to visit the venue at least a week before. Be sure to take some promotional items to Hand out to people you meet there. This is the best way to announce your gig the following week and entice people to come and check it out. Hand out flyers, cassette demos, CDs and anything else that might give them a reason to visit your website, sign your mailing list or come to a gig.

There are a number of venues you should consider:

Book Stores
Lodges / American Legion Hall

Wherever appropriate, each of these venues should be encouraged to "stock" a dozen or so CDs so that if people want to purchase them after you're gone playing, they can. (BTW, these units are usually sold to the venues at a "wholesale" rate, so they can make a little after markup...)

Remember not to play in the same location more the 3 times a year. This will help to ensure that the crowd "comes out" in droves the night that you appear!

After you have played at a certain location, you should have a place for making notes about the gig. In general you want to note the kind of things that went right, what went wrong and what you want to remember for next time. This includes before, during and after the performance. Keep these notes in a safe place for easy reference, It might be 6-9 months before you return, and you'll want to be able to refer to them at that time.


You should start a Newsletter. This is another excellent means of communicating directly with the "Masses". Perhaps this could be maintained by your spouse, or significant other or another loyal fan of your music? I recommend a newsletter release every other month, but certainly no more often than monthly, and should contain any significant items including Tour Schedule, Press Releases and other Special Events.

At each event, there should be a big push to get people to sign up for the newsletter. This is your main means to generate interest and attendance at your live events. Email is an easy and affordable way to communicate, but you might want to consider a snail mail alternative as well.

You should also start soliciting radio stations. Approach them as a business partner. Let them know how many "loyal fans" that you will introduce to their radio station if they put you on for an interview or other special event. Be sure to include your current credits, live appearances and album sales numbers. Use the radio to announce the availability of your CD and any special local events you may be appearing in.

Phone/Postcard/Email - You should start contacting venue owners. This can be done either through their website (most have one these days) or directly. When you do, do yourself a favor: Approach them as a service provider. Let them know how many current local venues are selling your material in their stores, and that you are available for any special music and/or a special event they might have in mind as a way of auditioning. Again, don't forget to include your credits and current album sales numbers.


Expansion of your 'tour route' should happen very slowly. Start locally (cause it will be tons easier) in an effort to work the bugs out. However, you should begin to develop your region strategy and marketing yourself to larger events each time you reach out to a new area. While you can also market your act via the Internet and conventional mail without the need for the travel, I believe it will eventually come to that...so, emotionally prepare yourself!

Convince yourself that you have a great product! If you can't do that, then keep working on it until it is great! Then start focusing on getting the word out. Let me repeat what I have already said: I would focus on proceeding slowly and accurately. Build this thing one step at a time and at a pace you can sustain over the long haul.

At this point it must seem like you've been running on empty for a while. Now is the time to throttle back a bit...but don't stop moving forward. You have built some incredible momentum. You don't want to lose that, but we also don't want to burn out on the whole thing! It's a bit of a tight rope...

Set a schedule for your marketing efforts. One that is manageable, but that continually moves things forward at a steady comfortable pace. In the beginning, it might be as simple as sending out one email a day. The newsletter is VERY important and it should reduce your workload. But like everything else I've mentioned it needs to be done consistently. Keep everything about your act "real". Let your fans get to know you. The good and the bad...again, they want to be part of what you've started! Let them partner with you!

Good Luck!

Ken Klar is a Songwriter and Managing Director of Must Have Music (BMI), which has spent the last ten years, developing an extensive catalog of top quality original songs ranging from Adult Contemporary, Pop/R&B, Contemporary Christian, Pop-Rock and Country. The current catalog includes more than one hundred songs that have been placed with Independent Artists across the country. For information about this and other music industry related topics, go to http://www.musthavemusic.net

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9. WMMW CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
? 2002 Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Artist: Cheryl Hill
Title: The Road Less Traveled
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: New World Records
Website: www.cherylhill.com
Big fat power chords come raining down upon you as the electrifying opener "The Power Of Love" on Cheryl Hill's "The Road Less Traveled" CD gets you in the right mood and injects you with plenty of energy to set you up for more of the same. Hill maintains a notable steadiness with her vocals throughout this entertaining and emotionally charged recording. This woman is full of feelings that are projected through her music in a most appealing and sexy rock and roll way.

"New World" has brightness and hope built in the nucleus that brings Hill's voice into clear focus and gives you the realization time and again that she has a heartfelt belief in what she is singing. Besides presenting great rhythmic rock music in every song, Hill's vocal style can offer something sweet and inviting in "I Will Always Love You" or it can change like a chameleon's colors into a potent weapon in the revealing "Naked Underneath My Clothes." I have to tip my hat to Geoff Clarke; he plays an explosive guitar and proves to be versatile enough to fit around Hill's voice regardless of the tempo changes in each song. He is a very imposing guitar man. What I found most remarkable were the time changes that they pull off. One minute you are rocking your ass off then the brakes get put on, and it all slows right down, then the pace changes again and you are ready to blast off, Whew! What a ride?it's all so totally inspiring.

This is a crisp, clear, and polished production that I thoroughly enjoyed. The spirit of Indie music cannot be denied and this is a strong testament to the force that drives independence. This is all about touching the masses with what's inside you and pushing it one step further with fantastic music.

1. The Power Of Love
2. Sittin' On The Park Bench
3. Why Can't We Love Each Other
4. New World
5. Voice Is Calling
6. These Are The Hard Times
7. Tranquility
8. Mmm I Gotta?
9. I Will Always Love You
10. Naked
11. Underneath My Clothes
12. Look Inside
13. The Road Less Traveled

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck muzikman@bcn.net is an independent music reviewer. Keith writes reviews for "Women Of Music-Music Of Women" as well as several other sites on the Internet. Contact Keith for submission information.

Reviews, interviews, and articles can be viewed at these sites:
www.classicrecords.com (DVD-DAD Reviews)

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The owners and operators of BarChord are very pleased to announce that they will be working with the Rockaway Partnership Relief / Memorial Fund ('the Fund') to raise money for people that were affected by the events of September 11 and November 12 (when the American Airlines flight crashed in the Rockaways).

Basically, the way it will work is that BarChord artists will upload their tunes under the moniker of the Rockaway Fund. They will assign a price that they feel is appropriate and we will arrange to donate all of the funds received from the download (their half AND ours) to the Fund.

More information about the Rockaway Relief / Memorial Fund can be found here: http://www.barchord.com/artists/rockaway

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