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- January 2005 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Services/Labels that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. Musician Survival Tips by Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of "The REAL DEAL" and "How to Start and Run Your Own Record Label"

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Were now accepting submissions and have a contract available online at: http://www.onoproductionsinc.com in our ONO-Zine services section. We offer publishing, beats, link exchange, bulk buying, and review submissions.

Your time and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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This month's winner of the Sennheiser E835 microphone (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- K. Cornelius, Brunswick MD

This month's winner of a pair of Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- Chuck Thompson, Nashville, TN

This month's winners of the Publisher's Directory (for more information visit http://www.musicregistry.com ) are:
- Sean Pearson, New York, NY
- Anamieke Carrozza, Scottsdale, AZ

This month's winner of the CD Trophy Clock (for more information visit http://www.cdstands.com/index.shtml?icn ) is:
- Jay Taylor, Hannon, ON

This month's winner of The Indie Band Manager (for more information on this program, visit http://www.indiebandmanager.com) is:
- Oracio Alvarado, Los Angeles, CA

This month's winner of "How To Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet" e-book by David Nevue (for more information on this book, visit http://www.promoteyourmusic.com ) is:
- Mark Fisher, Fairmont, WV

This month's winner of "The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" e-book by Bob Baker (for more info visit http://www.thebuzzfactor.com) is:
- Dada Nabhaniilananda, Gzira, Malta

The winners of the Galaris Musician's Directory (for more information visit http://www.galaris.com/GMD.html?icb ) are:
- Andrea Hubbert, Milwaukee, WI
- Mark Maxey, Oklahoma City, OK

This month's winner of the an Artist Press Kit (ArtistPK) (for more information visit http://TOURdatabase.com ) is:
- Keith Roberts, Sparks, NV

This month's winner of the 1-2-3 Music Store (for more information visit http://easybe.com ) is:
- Ciesther Parrilla, Richmond, VA

This month's winner of one year subscriptions to Electronic Musician Magazine (visit http://www.emusician.com) is:
- Daniel McAssey, Brooklyn, NY


The 6th Edition lists 4200 publications that will REVIEW your CD and 3400 Radio Stations that will PLAY your Songs. ALL genres of music are covered!

"316 Pages of Pure Gold!"
- Guitar Player Magazine, February 2005

Order online today at https://www.indiebible.com/ib or visit your local Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Borders, Virgin Records or Barnes & Noble (in Canada at Long & McQuade).

"How to Build a Music Web Site That Sells" is a step-by-step guide to the best-kept secrets of selling more CDs on the Internet you ever thought was possible.

"This is the most on-the-money best laid-out easy and entertaining incredibly informative absolutely accurate and insightful book I have ever seen on the subject of promoting your music online." - Derek Sivers, CDBaby and Hostbaby

Beat major labels on the Web: http://www.musicpromotiontips.com


Welcome to the January Indie Contact Newsletter.

This month's article is a collection of helpful tips by my good friend, and well known author Daylle Deanna Schwartz. Daylle has a monthly newsletter she sends out with all sorts of great interviews and tips for Indie Artists. You can view Daylle's newsletter archive, and sign up for her newsletter at: http://daylle.com/monthly.html

I'm still looking for a "Female Fronted Band Photo" for next year's cover of the Indie Bible. We have lots of great shots that have been sent in, but the more we have the better.

Here are the requirements: The band must be female or female fronted. They MUST BE live, in concert, band shots (no still shots, head shots or press photos). They MUST BE active, HIGH ENERGY shots. Prefer shots with some audience visible. Prefer link to web photos, but if you send photo attachments, please make them jpeg, 72dpi, and no more than 100k for now.

If we use your photo, we will need a large, high-resolution (300dpi +) copy for use in the print final. So they must be shots either from a high resolution digital camera, or printed ** If you donít have a large, high resolution copy of the photo you are submitting, please donít submit it. You can view last year's cover to get an idea of how your photo will be used https://www.indiebible.com/icb/cover.shtml

**** The person to send your photos to is JANE DENNY at themadhand@nyc.rr.com ****

I also need photos for a banner campaign I'm doing. The photo can be male or female fronted (solo or group). What I need are photos that immediately create a connection with a specific genre of music (ie: Punk, Classical, Latin, New Age, Metal etc.) For any photo that is selected, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the Indie Bible, or you could select one of the other books from our monthly draw. You will also be credited for the photo on my website. Send the genre specific photos to Jane as well themadhand@nyc.rr.com

Lastly, I'm very excited that "Guitar Player Magazine" did a review of the Indie Bible in their February 2005 issue. I've scanned the review and placed it online: https://www.indiebible.com/rev/gp.html The final sentence of the review is "316 Pages of Pure Gold". As a book publisher, that is the ultimate compliment!

As is the case every month, there is a large group of new contacts in this newsletter that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the January issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble
The Indie Contact Newsletter


Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in December. The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Services that will help you to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Helpful resources and promotional sites for recording artists


Beat Wire will deliver your press release directly to the desk tops of over 5000 music editors at daily newspapers, magazines, news agencies, top Web sites, radio stations--every place you need to be promoted. Whether it's a new CD, upcoming tour, charity concert, or any other music-associated event you want to announce, there is hardly anything more potentially rewarding than a positive response to a well-written press release. Our clients have had their music featured in major media outlets like New York Times, CNN, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today to name just a few. In addition to press release distribution, Beat Wire can also write a press release for you.

For more information, please got to http://www.beatwire.com
Do your records rock? Do they sound huge like the big names? Punchy, warm, loud? Better than the competition? If not, Rare Form Mastering is the answer. Our experienced engineers, mastering grade processing and reference monitoring can bring that major label sound to your music. From your original mixes to the final delivery master, from our engineer's hands to your fans' stereo or surround system. Whether CD, DVD or vinyl, we have the experience to make your music sound the way your audience wants it to sound. Put our 2,500+ albums of mastering experience to work for you.




Last Word Online
900-306 Summit Walk Dr. Charlotte, NC 28270
PH: 704-364-9222
Mehka mehka_1@hotmail.com
An online Hip Hop news magazine. We cover Hip Hop topics and music, as well as politics, business, sports and world news and events.

464 Rock Glen Dr. Wynnewood, PA 19096
PH: 610-896-3656 FX: 610-896-6255
Darrell B. Gilbert dbg786@net-bizz.com
Music Reviews & Sales. Songs from the Heart for the Heart. A place for the spirit to sing out loud!

PO Box 440 - Jaen 23080, Spain
Juanma Cantos redaccion@buscamusica.org
Electronic magazine, band promotion and new indie label. Upload your music!

Music for Unicorns
Niki Selken nselken@ucsc.edu
I post MP3s and review them. I also do album reviews and interviews.

Music Maker Magazine
28 Grafton Terr. London, NW5 4JJ UK
PH: 020-7424-0027
Brian Healey tradmusic@btinternet.com
Dedicated to the promotion of independent record labels, Songwriters & performers. If you have a CD you would like to see reviewed in the magazines or played on the website then send a copy to the Editor together with any photographs and profile information.

New Artist Radio CD Reviews
17121 Berlin Ln. Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phillip Hardy madmonk@newartistradio.net
Available to New Artist Radio members. If you want me to put more emphasis on your lyrics, then please provide me with lyric sheets in addition to your band bio. Please be advised that I cannot return your material after I complete your review and may use your CD for skeet shooting practice.

Full Value Review
26489 Ynez Rd. C113, Temecula, CA 92591
PH: 909-318-0686
Bill Gould fullvalue@hotmail.com
Our focus is on reviewing food, music, hotels etc. Please send us your CD. We are more than happy to review all genres of music.




Indie Rock Radio Show
1000 Bates, St. Louis, MO 63111
Robert Winkelmann indierockshow@gmail.com
Seeking Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Melodic Rock, Alternative and Heavy Metal bands to include in a worldwide syndicated indie/unsigned radio show.

Mariner Radio
6485 Omaha Blvd. #4, Colorado Springs, CO 80915-2633
PH: 719-574-2310
Jeffrey J. Roediger radio@marinerministries.org
Christian Internet Radio. A non-profit ministry reaching the world for Christ.

Music Maker
28 Grafton Terr. London, NW5 4JJ UK
PH: 020-7424-0027
Brian Healey tradmusic@btinternet.com
A number of programmes covering different styles from Folk to Country, Rock, Jazz and World music.

Radio Crystal Blue
c/o Dan Herman 3655 Shore Pkwy. #1F, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Featuring the best of the independents & the unsigned. Send your latest CD to the above address.

New Artist Radio
490 S. Main Pleasent Grove, UT 84062
PH: 801-380-0215 FX: 801-785-2157
See submission guidelines to get airplay! Members are eligible for a free review of their music as well.

NoWhere Radio
Box 42065 Southland Crossing PO, Calgary, AB T2J 7A6
Presents music from the world's best Indie artists.

PO Box 252, New York, NY 10116-0252
Mike Perazzetti galahad@thefeveredbrainofradiomike.com
Our mission ...is to make the world safe for good music around the world to thrive and multiply on the Radio and be the best damn Music Supervisor, at the Movies with Great Independent Music. It's very simple really.

Audio Independence
PO Box 73193, Metairie, LA 70033-3193
Wesley Clark wesley@wesleyclark.com
Features a new independent artist each week for a one hour show.

7738 Forest Ln. #284, Dallas, TX 75230
Annette Conlon info@netteradio.com
A weekly 2-hour internet radio show that is dedicated to promoting unsigned women musicians. From piano to punk - it's great music by fab women artists, as well as discussion of current events and upcoming showcases around the country. PLEASE visit our website for submission details.




Union Enterprise Recordz
7737 Fair Oaks Blvd. #235, Carmichael, CA 95608
PH: 916-997-2509
Cabone cabone@unionenterpriserecordz.com
Independent record company looking for new talent. I have my own radio station and an outlet for independent artists to get their product heard and in stores.

Utopia Records
PO Box 660-100, Flushing, NY 11366
PH: 718-217-1033 FX: 718-776-0946
Alfonzo Blackwell Blackwell@UtopiaRecordings.com
An Independent Major. Creative, Innovative Artists. Distributed Nationally!

462 Courtland Ln, Pickerington, OH 43147
PH: 614-920-0826
Troy Stacy cdradiorocks@yahoo.com
Music promotion at college universities. FREE opportunity if selected by the CD RADIO staff.

Kentland Records
1247 S. Elgin, Forest Park, IL 60130
PH: 708-220-4387
Spiv simsimon@aol.com
Independent record label. Artist submissions welcome.

Utopia Records
PO Box 660-100, Flushing, NY, 11366
PH: 718-217-1033 FX: 718-776-0946
Alfonzo Blackwell info@UtopiaRecordings.com
We believe that with our national distribution and the successful relationships that we have fostered along the way, Utopia Records will continue to release promising Jazz Artists that will bring great music and a legacy that will last a lifetime.

codeXpress Music Distribution
PH: +49(0)69-4787488-1 FX: +49(0)711-305625-7
Nicole Wohlsecker info@codexpress.de
The Advantage Of Music Distribution with more than 2500 retail and chain outlets within Germany.

Us Girlz Entertainment Group
96 Linwood Plaza #234, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
PH: 201-808-6024
Ronnie Robinson veronicagirlz@hotmail.com
An all female-owned promotions and management company specializing in grassroots promotions and marketing concepts.

Freewill Records Inc.
PO Box 39013, Birmingham, AL 35208
PH: 256-457-6350
K.Bibbs freewillrecords@comcast.net
Our music is Southern Hip Hop. We offer airplay on our web radio station (Freewill Radio). Booking, forums, mixtapes etc.

Arrow/ATM Distributing Company
1373 Grandview Ave. #212, Columbus, OH 43212
PH: 800-552-3472 FX: 877-249-6787
Matt E. Earley mee@arrdis.com
National distribution of college music to retailers, bookstores & mass merchants. Specializing in East Coast and Midwest distribution.

Blue Duck Records
4 Bonnie Dr. Berkley, MA 02779
Jason Ronan BLUEDUCKRECORDS@aol.com
A Christian Indie Label looking for talented Christian bands/Artists to sign. Send a CD with a press kit/bio (must include lyrics) to the above address.

Street Work Entertainment
180 Abbey Dr. Mount Wolf, PA 17347
PH: 717-266-4924 FX: 717-266-4924
Fred Walker fred@streetworkent.com
We help independent artists get noticed in the music business. We help them with mix tapes and by promoting them. We are doing a Barber Shop tour to expose local artists.

Coldhouse Records, Inc.
205 alpine drive
PH: 434-797-4501 FX: 434-797-4501
Ivan Dailey coldhouse@gamewood.net
Dedicated to creating entrepreneurial opportunities for African Americans. Our mission is to establish a successful distribution company that offers Record Labels ownership to young creative individuals with entrepreneurial desires, moderate financial resources and talent scout ability.

Crow & Wolf Music
911 Central Ave. Albany, NY 12206
PH: 866-544-4129
William Feagin info@crowolfmusic.com
Online Folk and World Music Shop. Buy and sell your music with us. New and independent artists and old time favorites.

Nine 12 Records
275 Cathy Dr. Newbury Park, CA 91320
PH: 805-368-2251
Sara theman@nine12records.com
Independent record label based in LA area. Individualized contracts based on artist goals.

If your CD isn't for sale in CD Baby, you're losing sales!
CD Baby has been featured in the NY Times, MSNBC, Wired, CNET and more.
10,000 CUSTOMERS A DAY go through cdbaby.com looking for CDs like yours.
Such a popular online store, you HAVE to make sure your CD is there.
They pay $20,000 a week to musicians like you (over $1 million so far!)
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO START SELLING is go to http://www.cdbaby.net
Takes 5 minutes. Send them a box of CDs. They'll sell them and pay you.
Real cool people. Total first-class treatment. Great CD distribution.




c/ 36 N™ 828, Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina
PH: 02324427265
Hernan Botta hernanbotta@speedy.com.ar
A site based in Argentina where you can upload your music and video files for free!


The Indie Link Exchange is a list of music sites that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 1200

It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners.
ALL styles of music sites are welcome!
ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Get yourself a FREE SAMPLE COPY from: bandit.42@aweber.com




Shaker Microphones
PO Box 2634 Harrison, AR 72601
PH: 870-437-5304
Joe shakermics@ritternet.com
We have established a concrete reputation for quality and performance among musicians around the world!

PH: 403-348-1062
Chad Gillies Chad@canadianmusicdirect.com
You can sell the music or film that you have created to the highest bidder. You do not sell copies of your songs but rather you sell one or both of the copyrights that you own in your music. You do not sell copies of your movie, but rather, complete ownership to the film itself.

Music Promotion - Free MP3 Downloads - Band Exposure - Music Forum - Rate and Review.

The Ambient Mind: Graphic Design Services
2 Miller Ct, Miller Place, NY 11764
PH: 631-928-2780 FX: 631-928-2780
Scott Mosher ninja@mindspring.com
A graphic design studio that forges the symmetry of sight and sound with contemporary cutting edge art.

Dark Dream Studios
Sandman sandman@darkdreamstudios.com
A one-stop shop for all promotional and designing needs for anyone, anywhere.

Whateverway Productions Inc
1796 NW 22nd St. #415, Boynton Beach, FL 33426
PH: 561-799-4800 FX: 561-630-3591
Greg McLaughlin whateverway@adelphia.net
A co-op of like minded artists in the fields of Music, Video and Fine Arts.

734 El Sur Ave. Salinas, CA 93906
PH: 831-794-1614
Jason Hobbs jasonpromos@hotmail.com
Online Rock ezine for independent/signed musicians, bands, and other artists. We also do promotions.

All Night Long Productions Recording Studio
8344 Foothill Blvd, Sunland, CA 91040
PH: 818-446-0092
Marie Warren-Bossio sessionman@earthlink.net
We have the ears for producing (not just recording) the quality of music that the artists are seeking to achieve--for albums, demo's, multi-media, etc.; doing it affordably (package deals arranged, too).

Killer Bee Uk Tours
Unit 14A Colenzo Dr., Andover, Hants SP10 1JN UK
PH: +44-1264-392495 FX: +44-1264-392368
Darren Smith info@killerbeetours.com
We offer tours to the UK. You can use this either as a Rock 'n Roll vacation or as serious promotion.

Nashville Onstage
923 Kipling Dr. Nashville, TN 37217
PH: 615-367-2803
Steve McNaron dsimms55@aol.com
We have a mission to help new aspiring musicians and songwriters get exposure in Nashville.

All Musicians Information
Andy Temple info@allmusicians.info
A place for artists/musicians/songwriters and music websites to post their information. It is completely FREE but you do have to Register to post.

SONICBIDS is an online service that connects musicians and music promoters. Instead of mailing out traditional, bulky press kits, Sonicbids' members email Sonicbids Electronic Press Kits (EPKs). Soncbids EPKs - which contain the MP3 files, pictures, press reviews and contact information - can be easily emailed to anyone, anywhere! In addition, members can directly submit their EPKs to some of the world's biggest festivals, clubs, and conferences for free. Members are also eligible for exclusive Sonicbids spots at some of the hottest conferences around the world. Promote your band in a powerful new way, for only $49.95 a year.

Go to http://www.sonicbids.com/default.asp?pID=1435 today!


7. MUSICIAN SURVIVAL TIPS by Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of "The REAL DEAL" and "How to Start and Run Your Own Record Label"
© 2007 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Developing a Guerilla Mentality:
It's important to always be ready to jump on any opportunity that arises, no matter how hard it is. I hear lazy musicians complain that they didn't want to get up early to appear on a cable show because they felt wasn't worth the effort.

Everything is helpful! You never know who might see you. Some musicians pass on last minute gigs because they prefer more notice. Say *no* and lose out! Last week I was woken by a call from the producer of Inside Edition, asking me to be on-air in an hour. I had 25 minutes to get camera ready. It was pouring rain. They didn't know I was still in bed and that my hair was a mess. With energy, I said I'd be happy to do it. Happy was the last thing I felt as I looked in the mirror, hoping my styling tool would heat up in time. I threw make-up, hair gel and a banana in a bag for the ride over. My appearance was short but it's an important one for my bio. I brushed my teeth and had a real breakfast when I got home. When you intend to succeed, you must be prepared to take any opportunities.

Even if you'd like more time to rehearse. Even if you only have a day to find a guitar player. Say yes and hustle to make it work. When people tell me how lucky I am, I refute that as luck. I put myself out there and grab everything I can. You've got to do that if you want to be one of the *lucky* artists who have good opportunities.

Flex Your Indie Muscles:
In my next book I emphasize that if you want to make money as a musician, be flexible about how you do that. While you might feel most satisfied by only playing your original music, other music avenues can help pay the bills and keep your chops in good shape. Many artists I interviewed do covers to pay the bills. Many say that eventually they introduce original material when they have the crowd going. It can lead to more. Musicians/ singers who do weddings on the side say that it's good money and they've made many contacts with people who attended the functions they played at. One met a TV producer at a graduation party and ended up on a prime time show. Another got to substitute on a show when the regular player got sick because the producer he met at a wedding had his card. Side gigs pay bills and are still better than doing something that's completely out of the music biz. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to play somewhere, anywhere, if you can get paid for it. Paying bills is good and paying them from doing any kind of music is even better! Don't let your ego stop you from earning a living from your music. Everything you do can be a stepping stone to the career you want.

Raising Money Alternatives:
I'm regularly asked about how to get people to invest in your music. There are no easy answers. It helps to be in as many places as possible.

Exposure can attract fans with money! Some people put ads in biz publications, like the Wall Street Journal or Crain's. If you get interest from someone, you must have some ammo to convince them that your music is worth investing in. Before you go to anyone for money, enhance your profile. Do the ground work to make it look like you've got something besides good music. Getting publicity can encourage a potential investor to touch their checkbook. Getting written up can look more impressive than a nice CD. You should be doing everything you can to get into publications, no matter what your goal. It shows that people are paying attention. If you're not ready to get press, you're probably not ready for an investor. People want to invest in something attractive. Clips give them something to hold and share with others who may be involved. Keep reminding yourself and your bandmates, "A press kit without press isn't impressive."

Daylle Deanna Schwartz is the author of Start & Run Your Own Record Label and The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label from A to Z, both on Billboard Books. She also teaches full day seminars and does consulting on these topics. Contact: http://www.daylle.com

The Indie Bible is one of the most popular resources for Independent Recording Artists in the world. As an affiliate, you will receive $10 US for each sale of the Indie Bible generated through your site!

Visit https://www.indiebible.com/thumper.shtml for details.
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Subscribe to the award-winning free ezine/webzine MUSIC MORSELS - the music industry's monthly publication featuring self-help for musicians and songwriters including interviews with national and unsigned recording artists, industry profiles, CD reviews and much more. Just send an email to MusMorsels@aol.com with the word "Subscribe" in the subject field.

MUSICIANS & LABELS: Send your press kits (must send complete press kit (photo, bio, clippings), not just a CD) to us for possible upcoming reviews or interviews in Music Morsels. We cover all genres. Mail to: Sandy Serge, Editor, Music Morsels, PO Box 672216, Marietta, GA 30006-0037 USA URL - http://www.serge.org/musicmorsels.htm
Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more.

The A&R Registry, Publisher Registry, Music Attorney, Legal & Business Affairs Registry and the Film & Television Music Guide are the four directories no Professional or Musician should be without if you are serious about your career. Each directory covers the US, Canada and UK markets and comes complete with direct dial phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, assistant names and company websites.

For more information, sample listings or to place an order, go to our website at http://www.musicregistry.com or call us at 800-377-7411 or 818-995-7458.
ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Get yourself a FREE SAMPLE COPY from: bandit.42@aweber.com
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"This is music that appeals to the soul" - Zzaj Productions

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