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- December 2003 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. DJs are human beings too! Part II by Lord Litter
8. "Finding a Sponsor" by Bronson Herrmuth, author of "100 Miles To A Record Deal"

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- Susan Krepart, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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- John Pasternack, Palatine, IL

This month's winner of a one year subscription to Electronic Musician Magazine (visit http://www.emusician.com) is:
- Matthew Allen, Jerseyville, IL
- Tom Murray, Bronx, NY
- Robert Michael Chiles, Springfield, OH

This month's winners of the A&R Directory (for more information visit http://www.musicregistry.com ) are:
- J. Applebaum, Toronto, Ontario
- Jon Reitzes, New York, NY
- Daniel Berube, Verdun, Quebec

This month's winner of the Publisher's Directory (for more information visit http://www.musicregistry.com ) is:
- Compton Maddux, Nyack, NY
- Thomas Wilson, Staten Island, NY
- Carol Digou, Fairbanks, AK

The winner of the Musician's ToolKit CD (for more information visit https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com ) is:
- Keyonna Williams, St. Louis, MO

The winner of "100 Miles to a Record Deal" by Bronson Herrmuth (for more information on this book, visit http://www.songrepair.com )
- Garry Sharp, Cambs, England

The winners of The Indie Band Manager (for more information on this program, visit http://www.indiebandmanager.com) are:
- Brian Whitney, Seattle, WA
- Terese Taylor, San Francisco, CA

The winner of "How To Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet" e-book by David Nevue (for more information on this book, visit http://www.promoteyourmusic.com ) is:
- Kevin Osborn, Chicago, IL

The winner of the Sumadek (for more information visit http://www.sumadek.com/indiebible.html ) is:
- Martine Locke, San Francisco, CA

The winner of the Galaris Musician's Directory (for more information visit http://www.galaris.com/GMD.html?icb ) is:
- Nina Interlandi, Brooklyn, NY

The winner of "The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook" e-book by Bob Baker (for more info on this book, visit http://www.thebuzzfactor.com)
- Jemma Green, London, England

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Welcome to the December Edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

This month, world famous radio host Lord Litter returns with Part Two of his article on how to properly send your music to the various DJs/Shows around the world. Once again, Lord Litter emphasizes the importance of sending in a "clearly marked" product. It sounds like it should be the simplist thing in the world to remember, but still many people send their CDs in without any clear contact information.

In the second article this month, Bronson Herrmuth, author of the book "100 Miles to a Record Deal" is back and provides a wonderful article that offers simple but effective tips on how to find a sponsor. The essence of Bronson's article is that opportunities are everywhere. This article should be a real eye opener.

I'm very happy to announce two new sponsors this month. Starting next month, both sponsors will donate a valuable prize for the Indie Contact Newsletter's monthly draw.

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Have a safe and happy music-filled holiday season, and I'll talk to you again in the new year!

David Wimble
The Indie Contact Newsletter


Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in November.
The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Services that will help you to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Helpful resources and promotional sites for recording artists


Simple...you get your music out to the people who help consumers decide which CDs they are going to spend their hard earned money on (music reviewers, DJs etc.).

The INDIE BIBLE lists THOUSANDS of these services!!

"This book has been an AMAZING help. I'm getting a lot of response from people I never would have never found on my own." - Matthew, The Matthew Show

"The Indie Bible kicks ass!" - Derek Sivers, CD Baby

"It's helped me to get rave reviews and spins already!" - Genie from GenieSongs.com

To purchase a copy go to http://www.indiebible2003.com or visit your local Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Borders or Barnes & Noble (in Canada at Long & McQuade).




Past and Present Music
Hans J. Eidisgard hansje35@hotmail.com
A monthly webzine covering all kinds of music. Each month we review 50+ CDs that are sent to us by some of the most important record labels as well as independent artists. We review every album, EP, single, demo that we receive, and it doesn't matter what kind of music it is - we cover it all.

Spunout Central
Adam Mico admin@spunoutcentral.com
A weekly ad-free indie and commercial cd review magazine.

The Plague
Dan Hinds plaguelord@triple-point.net
A webzine that covers all types of metal and other dark music. Started in 1988 and moved online in 1995, The Plague features interviews as well as CD, video and concert reviews.

Mike Frost Mike@buzzgrinder.com
An online music community that posts music, news, and useless opinions on a daily basis. We post album reviews/interviews for a very diverse range of music (everything from hardcore to neo-folk). Our audience seems to like bands with a slightly more aggressive feel, but we have a soft spot in our hearts for any DIY project. Drop us an e-mail any time and we will tell you where to send your demo. We guarantee a review (even if you are a whiney emo band).

Independent Musician Magazine
Greg Coghill iuka214@hotmail.com
A new national magazine covering all genres of music and dedicated to empowering the independent musician. Each issue comes with a CD of 12 contest winners from all over the country who each get a full page write up, so it allows general America to get their hands and ears on new music, and gives independent artists a new medium to promote their work. The magazine also includes articles designed to educate the independent musician about how to promote themselves, how improve their music, and gear reviews. It also includes performance reviews, venue reviews, and local scenes. The White Noises section explores new cities each month to tell you what's happening on the music scene, meaning college radio and free form programming that is making a mark on the music scene and different and new styles of music coming out of different parts of the country.

CreatorsWeb Internet Publishing
Ken Mowery kmowery3@comcast.net
We publish reviews, interviews and articles about and by independent musicians, freelance writers, photographers,graphic artists. Articles are posted and promoted on the CreatorsWeb network of over 150 entertainment and Internet related websites, blogs, and indices. Each artist that registers receives a web page with a review, interview article, photo or graphic, links to their other websites. This is a free service.

With clients coming from around the world, VersusMedia prides itself in focusing on unique methods of marketing for the music and film industries. VersusMedia's latest service provides independent film makers a direct connection to locate types of music they require for projects in post- production. Within the last year, this service has helped find music for films coming from India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and locations all over the US. In an industry where companies come and go, VersusMedia continues to gain applause as one of the best of its kind!

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"The Unknown" Radio Show
Ruth Daniel ruth@fatnortherner.com
Northerner Records, have been offered space on a web-based digital radio station, http://www.streamingradio.co.uk The show features new music, be it signed or unsigned from the UK and the rest of the world. We need to get as many demos and bands to interview/play a live session as possible. Anyone band interested should send their demos complete with biographies and press releases to: Ruth Daniel, The Unknown, Fat Northerner Records, 14 Sefton Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8UU United Kingdom

The Pulse 93.5FM
Debo Grim debogrim@bestweb.net
93.5 FM in NEW YORK is playing independent unsigned artist a long w/the hottest hits of today. The only station on the East Coast doing it! You can get your song on the radio! Send CDs to: The Pulse 93.5FM, Attn: Debo, 21 Randolph Street, Yonkers, NY 10705

WCH Radio
John O'Day wchradio@yahoo.com
We have created a new page on the website called Artists Interviews. We plan to run the same interview for two weeks before we conduct a new one. If you would like to participate please email us back with a contact number and a couple of possible times for us to contact you. Interviews can be conducted either by phone or email let me know your choice. We are very pleased to provide this new service to you, and hope that you all will take advantage of it. For those of you who are outside of the US, if you are interested we can conduct interviews with you by email.

Showcase Radio
Eric Healing airplay@showcase-radio.com
On February 1st 2004 we will be launching a new radio station and our pre-launch marketing campaign collated information from music fans on what music they would like to hear on our station. Our radio station will be the premier station for up and coming artists. Initially launching as internet based radio at , we plan to move to other broadcast media such as DAB, Cable and satellite radio. The listening public will be asked to vote for their favourite tunes and the artist with the most votes each month will win ?1000 (or $1600 USD). If you are interested in finding out more visit our website.

M3 Radio
Tony-O M3Radio@aol.com
We want to extend a formal invitation to all readers of this newsletter to send in their CDs for airplay. M3 Radio is a commercial Internet station dedicated to playing "New independent music all of the time 24/7, 365....." Music Director, Tony-O, explained that "The M3 Radio mission is to give the independent musician a broadcast forum where if their music is good, it will receive airplay regardless of whether they're signed to a major label or not. It's not about someone telling us to play the music, we play it because it's good...or else we just won't play it!" M3 Radio, Attn: Tony-O/Music Dir., 259 West 30th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Way Out West Radio
Playing only music from Independent artists and bands! We will NOT air anyone until we receive our PERMISSION FORM filled out, signed and dated properly. You can find the form at: http://www.thirdroad.com/radio/getaired.htm Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sheila Shidnia music@wiselephant.com
A marketing company based out of Brooklyn, NY run by artists for artists. Wiselephant offers marketing tools geared specifically to promote you while saving you the time to focus on your true interest, your music. Time is money and who doesn't need more of both! Build your image. Create awareness. Make money doing what you love.

Pure Pop Records
Dave Stevens info@purepop.com.au
We license and distribute indie pop CD's in Australia. Please check our website to see if you are our cup of tea. For example if you're a dance of metal act you might be wasting your demo. Even though we might love it, we probably won't license it.

Watch the Line Records
Craig Byrnes craigbyrnes@wtlrecords.com
We seek to revive the original essence of music, focusing intently upon talented Independent Artists who would otherwise be lost in the background. Working hard through the vast Independent Underground to promote and support REAL musicians and fans truly into the music, WTL will work for the music.

: : VISUAL AUDIO : : the new way to view entertainment
Wayde Richardson [National Music Director] staticexciter@hotmail.com
We are an Independent Record Label, specialising in Australian Music in a range of genres. If you're looking for a band for your next festival - from Melbourne to Milan ... see Visual Audio.

Funkee Fish Records
Jenny info@funkeefish.com
We're a new independent label based in Devon (UK) and we specialise in folk, acoustic, singer/songwriter, jazz, instrumental and fusion but we're open to all types of music. We listen and reply to every demo that is submitted to us. Our aim is to provide talented artists and bands to be given the freedom to write and record quality emotive music with out the fear of being molded into a money making product. Artists signed to our label are passionate about the music they write and record. If you'd like more info about us and what we do visit our website where there is also info on how to submit your demo to us.

Shut Eye Records & Agency
Pete Knapp knapp@shuteyerecords.com
We promote records to college, specialty commercial, and non-commercial radio stations who report their playlists to CMJ, AMA, Roots Music Report, Dusted and Progressive Country.

OneSource e-CD Distribution System
Perry Leopold onesource@pan.com
Sell digital downloads directly from your own web site and get paid 100% of the sale immediately, deposited directly to your bank account through electronic funds transfer. No commissions, no exclusives, no bull.

Matchbox Records
Norm Coleman norm@matchboxrecords.com
An independent record label for Rock, alt, punk, metal type genres.

Paul Scaturro info@webcds.com
A music promotion site for both Indies and Majors. Post photo, description, interviews, reviews, articles and links to songs, videos. We don't sell CDs we just promote them! First year is Free.

If your CD isn't for sale in CD Baby, you're losing sales!
CD Baby has been featured in the NY Times, MSNBC, Wired, CNET and more.
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CD Baby Digital Distribution
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Clear Channel New Music Network
Share your music with your fans and music industry professionals who want to find new, promising acts.

NOMA Music is seeking original songs from quality bands that are interested in having them placed into major and indie motion pictures, television, and multi media.

They are most interested in styles similar to Coldplay, Radiohead, Creed, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Fatboy Slim, etc. but they will listen to, and consider all great rock, electronic, and dance.

There are no fees to pay as NOMA works on commission only. Only broadcast quality recordings will be accepted.

For consideration, send songs with titles, email address and phone number to:

NOMA Music
ICN Department
23705 Vanowen Street # 239
West Hills, CA 91307 USA

The Indie Bible is one of the most popular resource for Independent Recording Artists in the world. As an affiliate, you will receive $10 US for each sale of the Indie Bible generated through your site!

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4 on 6 Media
Mark Wholey music4on@yahoo.com
Southern New England Independent Music Community Resource and Promotion company. Site will feature musician contact database and store front in 2004.

Metal HeadQuarters
Magnus Magnus@metalheadquarters.com
Metalheads deserve more than censorship, lame stereotypes and 1/2 baked ideas about metal. The next Metal Evolution is upon you!

Edson HoverZ info@musictexas.com
An Independent Music Community. This portal came to life as the music section of an entertainment magazine popular in the mid 1990's in Austin, Texas. Since then it has taken on a life of its own.

One World Beat - the Global Music Festival
Andy Treichler festival@oneworldbeat.org
A global music festival providing a platform for musicians and bands - of all genres - to unite and convey a message of hope through their music, all to benefit charities; Music Making A Difference!

NYC Music Places
Emily Bowles emilyb@nycmusicplaces.org
A FREE online database that helps musicians find suitable rehearsal and performance spaces throughout New York City. The NYC Music Places website lists hundreds of spaces, and can be searched by rental rates, audience capacity, number of musicians, even neighborhood. Search results tell you if the spaces have chairs, music stands, percussion equipment, piano, recording studios, and secure storage. Contact information is provided for each space listed.

David Osenberg Osenbergdd@aol.com
Media Mailing Service for Independent Classical, Jazz & World Music labels. It is a FREE service for those in the music media, who want to request copies of recordings for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. If you cannot provide the recordings / labels with written review, critique, feature (either in print or online) or radio broadcast, then please DO NOT use our service.

1-2-3 Music Store
Alfred Himmelweiss a.himmelweiss@berlin.de
It is the first software program that lets musicians sell their own music downloads independently. With minimal effort and virtually no overhead costs, musicians and label owners can sell songs and albums all over the world, in five different currencies.


The Indie Link Exchange is a list of music sites that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 600 current listings, it's a great way to get some FREE exposure

It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. ALL styles of music sites are welcome! http://www.indielinkexchange.com/ile
SONICBIDS is an online service that connects musicians and music promoters. Instead of mailing out traditional, bulky press kits, Sonicbids' members email Sonicbids Electronic Press Kits (EPKs). Soncbids EPKs - which contain the MP3 files, pictures, press reviews and contact information - can be easily emailed to anyone, anywhere! In addition, members can directly submit their EPKs to some of the world's biggest festivals, clubs, and conferences for free. Members are also eligible for exclusive Sonicbids spots at some of the hottest conferences around the world. Promote your band in a powerful new way, for only $49.95 a year.

Go to http://www.sonicbids.com/default.asp?pID=1435 today!


7. DJs ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO! (how to approach indie/underground DJs) Part II
NO copyright by Lord Litter, November 2003 .. so, spread if you like!


Do you know what happens if I receive a burned CD with NO cover, NO label and a crappy note ... well, that's food for my trash can! I'm not asking for 100% glossy stuff but an aesthetical presentation with easy to find facts etc. are totally important - the song titles on the label are not enough - the CD will be in the player at the show!! Some DJs (like me) don't write down the titles etc. - in my case I just write: band A - track 3 - so a label AND and a cover, that's important! If you send it this way I've absolutely no problems with burned CDs! This aspect may no longer be THAT strict if I know the artist on *grown personal level*!

A TOTAL DON'T is to send MP3s as a first contact - this is like an assault - imagine if you were to receive 50 MBs daily .. how long would it take to download? That's the best way to destroy a relationship before it begins. There are certain basic rules for communication via the internet (you can find them in books or on the net) - check them!!

Basic rules:
- make it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE for the DJ

The personal aspect
Oops, what's that? Well, very easy - imagine receiving a package with a CD/info and a short handwritten note saying something like "Hi, thanks for listening .. hope you'll like - much appreciated!" Bang! ..it becomes obvious that there is a human being behind it! Receiving the same without a personal note is just another faceless *promo thing*! On the other hand: to send a 5 paged letter when making the first contact is a definite DON'T! NO way to really read and answer these..In some cases a real personal relationship with the DJ will grow, then you both can keep working on the relationship/correspondence etc. - it's not good to be *pushy*... "have you played our CD? When will you play it? Please play more from my CD" etc. - if the DJ wants to promote you he/she'll do it anyway ... being pushy may destroy the relationship - act normal and natural!

Now you are in touch
A bad thing is to put the DJ on the mailing list without asking - some may want your news .. but to be honest I delete 95% of the newsletters (it's all just TOO MUCH) - to send the news with the usual *unsubscribe* info at the bottom is NOT the solution! This forces work upon the DJ!! So, ask before you do something! If all bands I ever played at my shows would send newsletters I would receive THOUSANDS of newsletters!!

Asking for favours
If you are in a REAL CLOSE contact with a DJ (like being REAL friends) you can sure ask for all kind of favours ... like the favours you would ask a friend for (never forget: asking for favours always means you're willing to give something back! ..otherwise the friendship won't last long.) ... if you're not *close* friends, here are some examples of what DJs simply CAN'T do:
- what about venues in your area?
- can you write a short review?
- please download my new song!
- please forward my news to all your friends!
- how are your listeners responding?
- would you mind signing my guest book?
- tell me more about your show!
- please vote for my song!
.. the list is endless!! DJs work hard to produce the shows, and don't forget, most don't earn money with their DIGS, have a family, a private life etc. etc. .. they are not promoters, managers, reviewers etc. etc. etc. - by simply asking these questions you force work upon them! They have to answer - some feel *miserable* because they would like to help .. but simply CAN'T for the above reasons. Be SENSITIVE!!!

Ok - I hope all this gave an basic idea how to approach DJs?! .. probably I should write another article aimed at DJs, because I'm an artist too ... but I guess this would have just two main topics: setting up a system of getting back after receiving something ... and: setting up a system so that the audience can get in touch with the artists (buy their recordings). This second aspect is VERY VERY VERY important if the DJ wants to help generating online sales! At all my shows I announce my website with the hint to check the playlists which have all the info to get in touch with the artists I present. Plus, I announce http://www.CDBaby.com (NO it doesn't give me money) but at least 70-80% of the music I present is available from this supercool *TRUE* indie-shop. So I can't help it but I have to add: concentrate on the DJs that have similar systems if you want to generate online sales.

PS: Two VERY recommendable stations that work with the above mentioned *get in touch system*:
1. http://www.newartistradio.net
2. http://www.wholewheatradio.org

Lord Litter.. keeps struggling to promote the *TRUE* indie attitude! .. producing shows for: Radio Marabu (Germany) / Cyberstorm Radio (USA) / Jolly Roger Radio Ireland) http://www.LordLitter.de
We wanted to make you aware of a very special industry event that we are a part of and are sponsoring. It's the Global Entertainment and Media Summit and it is one of the largest pro-active events dedicated to helping artists and industry promote their projects and make valuable connections. At last years Summit, three artists secured national tours, labels secured distribution deals, and songs were chosen for films and television.

New York GEMS: April 3-4

Los Angeles GEMS: June 12-13

Website: http://www.globalentertainmentnetwork.com

Previous speakers, panelists and participants have included recognized innovators in media, humanitarianism, music, film and video.

Attendees include: A&R, publishers, producers, directors, media outlets, agents, casting directors, music supervisors, marketing directors, music licensing, record companies, talent directors, performing artists, songwriters and performing rights associations.
Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com


8. FINDING A SPONSOR by Bronson Herrmuth, author of "100 Miles To A Record Deal"
? 2003 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Success in the music business is about separating yourself from the pack. One of the quickest and most effective ways to do this as an artist is to find sponsors. Unless you live in some unpopulated remote region of the world, then you are probably surrounded by plenty of potential sponsors for your music. Basically any individual, company or corporation doing business in your area is a possible sponsor. All it really takes is them wanting to sponsor you, and then you feeling good about promoting whatever the product is that they make, sell, or distribute. In a nut shell that is how a sponsorship works. Your sponsor "supports" you and in return you promote their product.

A sponsor can support you in many different ways, depending on their product and how active they are in promoting it. To give you a real-life example, my band once had a sponsorship with Budweiser through a regional distributor who we met through a club owner friend after we played his club. We were invited to this distributors warehouse where we were given T-shirts, ball caps, fancy mugs, stickers, etc., all kinds of Budweiser merchandise including several cases of their beer. They paid to have a big banner made with our logo on it, done very professionally and to our satisfaction. We would hang it up behind us whenever we performed. In one corner of the banner it said "Budweiser presents" with their logo and then our logo, much much bigger and more prominent. None of this cost us a dime and being sponsored by Budweiser definitely gave us an edge up on our competition when it came time to get gigs in the clubs. So, how do you find a sponsor for your music?

1. Target the businesses that actively promote their product on your local radio stations or TV. The ones that are already showing their desire and ability to promote their product effectively in your area, city or town.

2. Call or just stop by their location and meet them. Do your homework first to find out who is in charge, then make an appointment and go meet them. Chances are you may already know them if you live in a small town or city. Maybe someone you know, like a friend or a family member, already has a relationship with them. Use any and all connections you have to get started.

3. If they run radio spots and you have original music already professionally recorded, see if they are open to using your music for the background music "bed" in their radio promotions.

4. If you are a songwriter, write them a song. This can be tremendously effective as a starting point to approaching a potential sponsor. Walk in and play them a song you wrote about them and their product.

5. Car dealerships are great places to start looking. Many bands are riding down the road right now in a vehicle that was provided by their sponsor. Good chance that there name or logo is professionally painted on that vehicle too, along with their sponsor's. Car dealerships also do lots of promotions and events where they have live music for their customers. Even if you approach them for a sponsorship and they decline, making them aware of you and your music can turn into some great paying gigs on a consistent, long term basis.

6. Radio stations can be awesome sponsors. Many radio stations produce and promote concerts and in most cases use local or area talent to open these concerts, not to mention all the free radio exposure you can get if they sponsor you, or even if they just like you. If you have a record out, having a radio station for a sponsor can really help you get exposed in your immediate area quickly. Approach the ones that play your style of music.

Bronson Herrmuth has worked in music publishing for 20 years. He is Creative Manager for Al Jolson Black & White Music and Jolie House Music, in addition to being President of Iowa HomeGrown Music, Stepping Stone Productions and SongRepair.com. Signed as a recording Artist with RCA Mexico from 1981-1985, he is a multi-instrumentalist and has toured 42 states and 18 countries as a performer. Cross trained in the Industry his specialty is working with new Songwriters and Artists, concentrating on development. He is author of the new book "100 Miles To A Record Deal".
http://www.iowahomegrown.com http://www.songrepair.com
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For more information, sample listings or to place an order, go to our website at http://www.musicregistry.com or call us at 800-377-7411 or 818-995-7458.

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Chicago and musicians in the Midwest finally will get the attention they deserve when organizers launch the first large-scale music conference hosted by a Midwestern city.

Submissions for MECA showcases received before October 31 will have a DISCOUNTED FEE of $20.

Apply at mecaconference.com or SonicBids.com, the Exclusive Online Submission Platform for MECA 2004. http://www.mecaconference.com
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