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- August 2003 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. You Don't Need No Stinkin' Labels (PART IV) by Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine
8. Making a Good Living as an Independent Artist by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

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This month's winner of the Sennheiser E835 microphone (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- John A. Davis, Plainsboro, NJ

This month's winner of a pair of Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- Nathan Garza, Arlington, TX

The winner of the CD Trophy Clock (for more information visit http://www.cdstands.com/index.shtml?icn ) is:
- Viki Ann Christensen, Las Vegas, NV

The winner of "How To Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet" e-book by David Nevue (for more information on this book, visit http://www.promoteyourmusic.com )
- John Mathie, Chicago

(due to the huge North Eastern blackout in North America, plus the holidays, only a few people have responded in regard to their prizes this month. Those that contact me later in the month will still receive their prize, and will be mentioned in next month's newsletter)
Doniryeed Records 2003 Indie Music Talent Search

Sponsored by The Indie Bible, Sonicbids, Dirtbag Clothing and The Indie Band Manager, Doniryeed Records 2003 Indie Talent Search offers a unique opportunity for up and coming unsigned bands and artists of all musical styles to create a "buzz" surrounding their music. The fact is, major label A&R reps. are looking to sign the bands and artists who are actively developing a "buzz". This is your opportunity to become involved with a "buzz" worthy music industry event and get your music noticed! Submit your original songs now, for a chance to win a spot on Doniryeed Records compilation CD and share in over $20,000 worth of prizes.
Visit www.doniryeed.com for more info.
RAINMAKER PUBLICITY is the premier public relations firm for independent musicians& labels, specializing in print & electronic media, attracting A&R attention, augmenting a fan-base & selling CDs. Visit http://www.rainmakerpublicity.com


Welcome to the August Edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

This month, Bernard Baur, the Review Editor & Feature Writer for Music Connection Magazine presents the last installment of his 4-Part series on how to succeed as a recording artist without the support of a major label.

And Bernard's positive article is a perfect gateway to our second article this month.

One of the most frequently asked question by Independent artists is "can I 'really' make a living doing this?" The truth always remains that you can - IF you are willing to take the required risks, and put in the effort that is needed (which is an extraordinary amount of energy).

Music book author, lecturer and good friend, Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents an interview that she did with Rich Hardesty. Rich is an Independent artist that is making a 6 figure living, doing what he loves best.

This is the sort of inspirational article that I've been trying to track down for some time. There's no better way to help you to understand that success is possible than by having a successful artist share their story (and what it took to reach their current level of success).

Lastly, as some of you may know, one of our sponsors, OnStage magazine, is folding at the end of the month. However, their publisher Primedia has kindly offered free subscriptions to another one of their magazines - "Electronic Musician". Those of you that have won the OnStage prize in the past will be receiving Electronic Musician for the duration of your subscription. As always, 25 One-Year subscriptions will be available each month as prizes.

As is the case every month, there is a large group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the August issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble
The Indie Contact Newsletter


Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in July.
The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Services that will help you to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Helpful resources and promotional sites for recording artists




America's Best Rock
You have a chance on being featured on AmericasBestRock.com!

Gypsy Nicole editor@RisingStarsInc.com
An online magazine dedicated to showcasing musicians! Aspiring, Independent, Unsigned or Signed.

The Best Female Musicians
I am running short on Submissions and CDs to review. If you're a female recording artist, please send in your stuff!

Ken McIntyre thesleazegrinder@hotmail.com
Wholly dedicated- like a tiger to its prey- to the preservation and ultimate domination of full-tilt, high octane, blistering rock and roll. Reviews? We've got a million of 'em...hell, we've even got our own label. The catch? Oh, you've gotta rock. And we do mean ROCK.

The Celtic Cafe
Bernadette Price bernadette@celticcafe.com
Our mission is to promote "Celtic culture," mostly Irish dance, Celtic music, books, etc. Our associated mail lists are large and very international, and we love letting folks know about things we hear and like! :-)

Cross RAWK
Yu have a chance on being featured! There is only one requirement... your band has to be Christian Rock (alternative, rapcore, punk etc. is cool)!

Paul Madden info@joynet.tk
A new music ezine featuring reviews, interviews and features on the best new and established bands from the indie, post-punk, lo-fi and electro scenes.

J-Sin editor@smother.net
A socio-political e-zine that covers the widest variety of music on the web. Smother.Net covers music ranging from emo to black metal to drum&bass to lo-fi to hip-hop to reggae. We review EVERYTHING we receive. We also focus on liberal politics to help invigorate the youth of today into interest in the political process.

Steve Sobel steve@openingbands.com
A website/zine dedicated to the promotion of independent music. Based in Champaign Illinois, we primarily promote local and regional music, but we receive CD submissions from people all over the world. We are entirely volunteer-run and our site even has caught the attention of major labels with no direct promotion whatsoever.

Hazel O' Keefe info@tribe8industry.com
UK based company aimed at female rock and punk bands, other genres considered.

chc neo-zine@earthlink.net
A web zine dedicated to DIY, underground, and extreme recording styles. Free ad space, reviews, interviews with very deep underground bands and noise artists + art, banners, links, and other attractions.

Adrenalin Metal Fanzine
Mike Burmeister adrenalinzine@hotmail.com
This is a 'zine that promotes bands of the various metal styles via interviews, reviews, photos, links, ads, and more!

The Edge Of Insanity
Terri "TC" Cantu tc@theedgeofinsanity.com
Online community for promotions, reviews and networking for music, art, film and video.

Skratch Magazine
scott scott@SkratchMagazine.com
A free monthly MUSIC/SKATE magazine (over 7 years in print) that covers a wide variety of indie, garage rock, punk, hardcore, and emo music. I'm confident you'll move mountains with our 120,000 readership and regional/national distribution in Ca, Ny, Nj, Pa, Ma, Il, Co, Az, Tx, Wa, and Nv. Today, we are proudly the biggest free independent music magazine (of our kind) in the United States.

Los Angeles-Music-Scene.com
Eric J. Olsen eric@losangeles-music-scene.com
A site dedicated to the local music scene in the Los Angeles area, providing band listings, concert listings, reviews, contests, and more.

Zhopka Records
Peter Mezensky peter@zhopkarecords.com
Artists can submit experimental music CDs to be reviewed and sold by our site.

Start Spyring
Deborah Wai Kapohe deborah@ringtroutcds.com
New Zealand based CD Review Site. Interesting in reviewing any Indie Artists.

Midwest Invasion
Tom Korhely (Tubbs) tubbs@midwestinvasion.com
Your #1 Source For Midwest Hip Hop! We will be offering cd reviews, mp3s, streaming radio, a store, and a video magazine in the near future.


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Chauncy Jackson press@groovevolt.com
Features indie and upcoming artist in our Ubergroove channel, INDIELIFE. Indielife will open our users to a whole new world of indie artist.

PartyTown Streaming Freedom Network
Brad and Sandy partytown@charter.net
Streaming indie bands and indymedia news. Submit your bands for airplay. Submit your news for newscasts.

Dark Horizons
Theresa Frederick info@darkhorizonsradio.com
A two hour radio show on WMNF 88.5FM Community Radio in Tampa, Florida featuring new releases from ethereal, gothic, industrial and synthpop bands.

Patty rocksolidpressure@yahoo.com
Those high profile net radio personalities, J-Rock and Patty The Radio Girl, are at it again! Now accepting all forms of Indie Music except Country, Folk, and Blues! Superstar Interviews plus the newest indie sounds! Get involved! Sponsored by some of the biggest names in indie and beyond! Every Wednesday 8:30pm Eastern USA time. Exclusively on Cyberstation USA.

En Sound Radio
Provides the most comprehensive listing of gospel music anywhere on the web. From Reggae To Gospel House, this is the station for you!

Some Assembly Required
Catherine Campion assembly@detritus.net
Since 1999, Jon Nelson has been the host of the only radio program known to focus exclusively on "tape manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations." Showcasing audio work by artists who appropriate sounds from the media environment. Now nationally syndicated.

MWB Radio
Mark and Jenny Lush mwbcontact@midwestbands.com
The Internet Radio station for MidwestBands.com, playing the music of great independent bands and artists listed at MidwestBands.com! Tune in to hear THE BEST Independent music in the Midwest on MWB Radio!

Eternal Fusion
Gary Fosster garyfosster319@yahoo.co.uk
A free form radio show consisting of: indie/alternative, electronica, psychedelia, folk, and progressive. Currently it is webcast via SpydaRadio in the UK. For submission of music please use the e-mail address provided so we can ascertain whether material is suitable for the format of the show.

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Massive Music America
Aliene questions@massivemusicamerica.com
We are an independent promotions company that offers radio, media/print, internet and tour support. Contact us for an estimate, we can customize a plan to fit your needs and your budget.

Jason Donlon info@stompinground.com
Global Independent Promotion and World Market Place for Local Bands. Free band and record label listings.

Nina Denny Public Relations
Nina Denny ndenny@prweb.com
Music and Entertainment PR Firm that offers PR with a personal touch, affordable rates, and music expertise.

Fall Records
Chris info@fallrecords.com
An Independent record label out of michigan looking to create a unique roster featuring indie, rock, emo, punk, and so on.

The Night Cafe CD Store
Richard Hazelwood sales@nightcafe.co.uk
Distributor of relaxing yet stimulating late night music with a high "chill out" factor. staffed by music enthusiasts! We also sell cd's by Independent artists covering most genres. We offer great deals for the Unsigned artists.

RPM Records - UK music Store
Paula Machin paula@rpmrecords.uk.com
Well established Online Record, Cd and Memorabilia shop - Offering rock, metal, dance, pop, indie, punk, jazz, soul, blues, disco, reggae, soundtracks etc etc. Site features a fully searchable database and secure online ordering.
v SouleD Out Music
Erinn Soule souledoutrecords@sbcglobal.net
Band promotion, Publishing, Booking, Free musician resources for unsigned bands!

Muzik Info Inc.
Kirti Priyadarshani saptam_music@yahoo.co.in
We promote Indian music and budding talent.

Foundling Editions
R. Kitch foundling.ed@earthlink.net
A cd/cdr label focused on releasing composed and improvised outsider music.

BenT Music
T. De La Comte bentmusic@bentmusic.ca
An Independent label dedicated to helping Independent artists get their music out to the public while keeping as much of the control and capital in the artists hands as possible. We provide information and links to Independent artists and an on line store where artists can sell their CD's, tickets to shows, T-shirts and other paraphanalia.

Real Star Records
Matthew Leber mleber@realstarrecords.com
An independent label that gives its artists respect and creative freedom, with an agreement that the music released does not harm the betterment of the human race. "The golden rule" is the premise from which Real Star Records is founded on and the music it promotes hangs on this principle.

Astral Records
Michael A Puskas puskas@astralrecords.com
We are an Australian development label of worldwide music and we are looking for artists that are wanting to become part of our film and television placement platform. Our site features artists from all around the world.

IRL Music Group, Inc.
John Mendola jmendola@earthlink.net
We specializes in the International Music Market. Licensing, Publishing, Tour management and Events worldwide. Nearly a decade of hands on experience!

Way 2 Real Entertainment
Ted Selu admin@way2realent.com
Record Label Based in the San Francisco CA Bay Area bringing new emerging artist into the music industry. Rap, Urban and Jazz.

CD WOW! 'unsigned...AS YET!'
Jen Whitehouse unsigned@cd-wow.com
As a leading music retailer, CD WOW! Wants to actively encourage new and emerging musical talent, by offering up and coming music makers, creators and producers a window to sell their music in a real, retail setting and gain some great EXPOSURE! All Bands and Artists deciding to sell their album on 'unsigned...AS YET!' will have their own album information page to include album cover image, track listing, album description in their own words, official band or artist website link and e-mail address and future gig listings.

Dalloway Records
Christina Lewis clewis@dallowayrecords.com
An independent record label based in North Carolina. Dalloway is interested in most music genres and endeavours to promulgate excellent independent music at a national level.

Righteous But Ruthless Inc.
Power power@righteousbutruthless.com
Independent record label who sign and release artist whose artistic skills are in hiphop/rap and r&b.

Bands To Go
Sarah Edwards bandstogo@thoughtsfrommyheart.com
Basically, we do the grunt work that most performers and/or managers either don't like to do or don't have time to do. We start out by sending out a mass email announcement introducing the artist and/or band. The email contains a brief bio as well as web site address and contact person and information for booking the gigs. If you would prefer that we do the follow up calls, long distance calls would be charged to the performer at the rate given by the long distance carrier.

Bailey Records
Bryan K. Borgman bryan@baileyrecords.com
Independent and Christ-centered record label in Columbus, Ohio. Featuring our own digital-platform recording studios, grassroots promotion and marketing, and regional and online distribution. Current artists include Stratos, Jennifer Greenawalt, Micah Klotz, and others. A division of GreenMan Entertainment [www.greenmanentertainment.com].

Funk Squad Entertainment
Mario Marrero funksquade@aol.com
An Independent Hip Hop Label/productions/DJ service. Supportive of good music and talent from all styles.

Al Harbison President@screachen.com
Non profit to review, manage, publicty and produce bands. We also do the same for national bands.

Delmus Jeffery filtelnetwork@sbcglobal.net
All new music website designed to showcase music talent. Offers high exposure and promotions for music artists as well as cd distribution, website design, cd cover design and much much more. Offers streaming video, music reviews,animated banner adversiting that really focuses on high promotions of the music artist. This site will also market your music to the public and highly publicize your music act. This is a must See!

Canadian American/Caprice International
Joey Welz canadianamerican@webtv.net
We are looking for quality radio singles for your 2004 worldwide radio release. All radio formats. We will also distribute your album, returning 75% of all sales to you. Finally, our CEO, Joey Welz, will represent you at MIDEM 2004 in Cannes France for a foreign label Licensing/Record deal. Send all submissions to Joey Welz, c/o Canadian American Records, PO Box 808, Lititz, PA 17543-USA

Jason Donlon info@stompinground.com
Global Independent Promotion and World Market Place for Local Bands. Free band and record label listings.

SongwriterUniverse, a popular music website & online magazine, has just launched its "Best Song Of The Month" Contest, which will honor and publicize the winning song & songwriter each month, plus showcase the songs of the Top Five finalists. The monthly winner will interviewed for a feature article in our magazine section, and will be awarded one of many excellent prizes.

For details visit: http://www.songwriteruniverse.com
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Only a few days until the IMC2003!

Philadelphia is a symbol of independence...AND just like this great country of ours was founded by a bunch of rebels seeking freedom. So too are we seeking the freedom of independence from a music industry that is no longer run by musicians for the love of music. Instead it's now run by multi-national corporations that are more concerned with profits, than with artists and the music which they lovingly create to share with the world.

Join Us...
August 28th - 31st, 2003
Sheraton Society Hill, One Dock Street, Philadelphia, PA http://IMC2003.com




DAD (Digital Audio Distribution)
Launched by Disc Makers, the DAD service gives independent bands and artists the opportunity to sell their songs online on sites like Apple's iTunes Music Store, Listen.com's Rhapsody, AOLs MusicNet, Emusic, and newcomer BuyMusic.com. The DAD service is FREE with all new CD orders with Disc Makers a $75 value. The service is also available to artists who do not make their CDs with Disc Makers for only $75.

Music Gorilla
GRAND OPENING! Bands, Artists, Songwriters...receive guaranteed exposure to major labels, indie labels, film studios and publishers. Your songs appear on dedicated pages that weve built for the pros while they view your picture, profile and gigs.

ALBERTA METAL - Where Heavy Music Lives... Out West
Christine Garton info@albertametal.net
This website is an online network for everything you ever wanted to know about Alberta's independent Metal Scene. A great resource for metal in Western Canada if your band is looking to set up an show, get contact information or if you would just generally like to know what is going on in our area. Alberta metal bands may submit a profile, including an MP3 soundfile, and other Canadian metal bands may submit their website to be linked from ALBERTA METAL.NET

The Rain Dog Records
The Rain Dog Records division of Oasis CD Manufacturing has been hand-picked by Apple to help supply independent ("Indie") music to the Apple iTunes Music Store. You can sign up right online, at http://RaindogRecords.com You don't even have to be a current or past Oasis CD Manufacturing customer. Your music will be encoded and submitted for consideration to the iTunes Music Store AND to Listen.com, emusic, and other digital distributors. (Note: Apple reserves, without exception, the right to refuse submissions. It is their store. But they have been the most Indie-friendly major corporation we have ever encountered.)

Bag Lunch Tapes
Maya Maravilla baglunchtapes@hotmail.com
Street level hip-hop mixtapes. So far 3600 units distributed of most recent issue, more disributed with each issue. Each CD features 20-30 hip-hop and electro songs submitted on vinyl format. People can also submit their full length CD and then we tell them which songs if any we will put on the next issue and then they can have those songs pressed on a dubplate at cost and send it to us. This is for hip-hop and electro only, and we only include what we like in order to keep fan base happy.

---------------------- ATTENTION MUSIC FANS ----------------------

MPMF 2003 is the Midwest's best and biggest music festival. From September 24 to 27, downtown Cincinnati will host over 200 artist from the U.S. and abroad. There will also be two days of speakers, panels, and mentor sessions. New for 2003 is the MPMF Tradeshow. With so many artists, industry professionals, and music fans, we beg the question..."Who Will You Discover?"

------------------------- www.mpmf.com ---------------------------




Eat This Music!
Ian Davy iandavy@breathemail.net
Our primary aim is to develop an interactive music management environment for unsigned bands to not only advertise their stuff but also to have venues, management companies, promoters etc (in fact anyone involved in the music scene) to be part of our infrastructure, allowing everyone to use the site to organise their music business. We also review Demos, EPs and gigs and soon will be reviewing companies as well.

The American Federation of Jazz Societies
Our mission is to build an inter-national jazz community by being a proactive advocate for jazz music of all styles, jazz organizations, jazz musicians, jazz educators and students, jazz venues and other entities which present, promote or support jazz, Americas national treasure and only true original art form.

Peter Prins acidfanatic@acidfanatic.com
I produce sound & loops libraries and provide a music community website for over 8,000 people.

KC Productions Los Angeles
Kathy Cook kathyc@kcproductions-notorioustechnology.com
International live music & film/ video production services, included stage & lighting design and tour management. Based in Los Angeles & NYC.

Nashville Song Search Songwriting Contest
Matthew Conway matthew@crisisinterventioncenter.org
We are pleased to announce a world-class songwriting contest: Nashville Song Search. It is a fundraiser for the Nashville Crisis Intervention Center. We believe this contest from the heart of country music - Nashville - will become one of the premier country songwriting contests in the entire country. The overall winner will receive a professional package to enable him/her to pitch the winning song to the labels and a return trip for FanFair 2004, where the winner will have their own booth at FanFair and perform their song live on stage at FanFair. This contest is new. No one has an inside track. Every song will be judged impartially.

JenAud Music
Jenaud jenaudmusic@yahoo.com
Promotions, website design and set-up, photography... all resources for musicians BY musicians! Located in central NJ. We work one on one with you to provide what you need on a free or very low cost budget. We do this becasue we love what we do and take pride in our work.

One Stop Indie Shop
John Whiteman john@arete100.com
We provide all the resources an indie artist needs to be their own record label.

RTS Promotions
Hazel O'Keefe info@rtspromotions.co.uk
Not for profit promotions and event management raises money for local charities and helps local unsigned bands.

Frequency Media
Erik Maier emaier@frequencymedia.com
Provides both artists and music industry professionals with non-commercial radio airplay information. Using proprietary technology, we can tell independent artists exactly when and on which non-commercial radio stations their music is being played.

Really Big City Festivals
Mike mike@reallybigcity.com
We are a festival that reaches college students across America. We highlight indie bands with a christian worldview at our festivals. We can provide excellent exposure for upcoming bands!

Dead Or Alive
Nicholas Barnett n_barnett@madasafish.com
We have become one of the most respected independent music promoters in the UK. We focus on staging gigs for up and coming bands, particularly those on independent labels who have released singles / EPs and albums. Many acts have specifically chosen 'Dead Or Alive' for single / album launches because of its reputation for highlighting and promoting new talent and quality music.
A company which provides technophobes and novice computer users a way to easily and effectively construct and maintain their own websites. RAMPANT'S mission is to provide affordable, straightforward quality web hosting and customer support. Initially created for musicians, RAMPANT websites allow the easy upload of music and video files as well as text and images on any PC at anytime. The system is ideal for musicians, bands , clubs and any business that needs to frequently update its website.

Mg Studio
Mike kc0ftm@dailypost.com
A protools studio, located in Watertown, SD. We also help bands book shows about 8 times a year.

Matt Peterson info@indiebandsites.com
Cheap full featured websites for indie bands. If you can send webmail you can mange your own site. Bio's - Msg Boards - Gig Listings - E-commerce Shopping Cart - Photo Galleries and much more.


The Indie Link Exchange is a list of music sites that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 600 current listings, it's a great way to get some FREE exposure

It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. ALL styles of music sites are welcome! http://www.indielinkexchange.com/ile
Featuring services for indie musicians such as gig listings, cd reviews, concert reviews, more. While you're there, check out the latest music news on artists such as Eminem, Missy Elliott, Courtney Love, and David Bowie. Plus interviews with Andrew WK, Red Hot Chili Peppers, more. http://nyrock.com


7. You Don't Need No Stinkin' Labels (Part IV) by Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine
2003 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission



Of course, for some, whose music may not be mainstream, independence is their only choice; while for others it's by design. But, regardless of whether you're a maverick or an act still seeking a deal, the same rules apply. If you want success, you have to work for it.

While DIY may be a lot of work, it can be very rewarding. "It is time consuming and takes a lot of patience but," Gilli Moon concludes, "there's nothing quite like having control over your own destiny. You can be as big or as small as you want and go at your own pace."

The independent route is empowering as long as you're up to it. K. K. Martin reflects, "Everything is a challenge that must be met. But, if you believe in yourself and take care of business, you can make it work. And, there is one thing you can be sure about - at least, it's not boring."


(All the artists profiled are self-sufficient. They make a living "solely" with their music. This list was compiled from their interviews.)

You must believe in yourself. Realize that you don't need a label to be a success. Don't be egotistical, but be confident. Be optimistic - believe you are good enough and can get what you want. If you don't have faith in yourself - no one else will.

Do research - Get objective opinions - Identify your market. Know that you're going to have to tour. Know when to ask for help. Accept the fact that you probably won't become a star or get on MTV, but that you can make a living playing music.

Create a Wish List - What do you ultimately want and how do you plan to get it? What are the things you need to do and how long will it take? Set reasonable goals and break your Plan into phases: 3 months - 6 months - 1 year - 3 years, etc

If you're serious about a career, you're going to have to invest in yourself. Itemize your expenses and add 20%. Approach Sponsors with a detailed plan. Negotiate deals that take care of the basics: travel, food, lodging, backline, etc... And, don't forget manufacturing and promotional costs.

Remember - it is the music "business." Network as much as possible. Organize a team, as soon as you can, with each person responsible for a specific area. If you're solo, manage your time wisely. Get your own Bar Code. Seek professional advice to set up your business entities. Pay attention to licenses and tax implications. When you tour, get insurance.

Think creatively. Make time for "personal appearances" before your gigs. Set up cross-promotions with radio stations, sponsors, venues, and retail stores. Make sure you have enough products to sell - both CDs and merchandise. Offer promotional contests. Play Special Events. Work your mailing list and keep in touch with your fans at least once a month.

Keep books that reflect income and expenses. Accurately account for sales. Register and report to SoundScan. Maintain tax records. Record your draw - note the venue/locale that draws best. Keep updating your mailing list. 8. ADAPT & ADJUST
Evaluate results: What works - What doesn't? Revise your plan and adjust your approach accordingly. Find ways to increase your fan base and make a profit. What can be done better?

No matter how hard you work, there will be frustrating times. Keep the faith and don't let it deter you. Everyone experiences setbacks. Those that persevere will prevail.

If it's not fun anymore - don't do it. Reward yourself (and your team) whenever possible. Acknowledge a job well done. Take a break - enjoy life - then, get back to work.


Design a plan that incorporates long-term goals and short-term goals. Include press, radio, retail, television and the Internet. Coordinate your efforts so that they follow your tours and target your live shows.

Keep your Web site updated and make it multi-purpose. Do NOT have MP3.com as your main site. Your focus should be on "new people" who don't know you - Don't simply appeal to your fans. Make registration "mandatory" to tour the site - ask for contact information - you'll build your mailing list that way. And, make sure you have e-mail capability.

Be creative. Play special events and benefits. Offer discounts at shows. Give away goodies and organize a street team. Make your CD worth something: Have fans bring your CD or sampler to a show for free admission. You can recoup (and re-sell) your inventory that way. Give the doorman a few bucks to collect basic contact information on postcards- name, city, state and e-mail. Have the venue stamp patrons' hands with your Web site address. It'll last a couple of days and they'll probably check it out.

Have product available wherever you are, including posters, flyers and anything else that helps to sell your CD. Visit retailers and radio stations - send them newsletters once a month. Use film students to make a short video for commercial use. Buy advertising time on radio and TV - it's cheap late at night. Set up a merchant account to take credit cards online and offline. People are sometimes more willing to use a card rather than cash at your shows, so buy a knuckle-buster for $10 and run their cards. The invoices can be used to verify sales.

Contact music related businesses for sponsorships or endorsements. Contact community businesses that want to be involved with the arts. Set up cross-promotions and have them advertise your shows. Meet as many local artists as you can combine your efforts. Join ASCAP or BMI and work their showcases. Join associations and organizations that cater to the independent artist.

Devise simple Promo-Packages for media - include a "one-sheet" that has all the information they need, a CD and a photo. Don't weigh it down with tons of paper and press. Always put contact info on everything! Send out Press Releases and follow up with phone calls or e-mails. Ask for a review of your show. Realize that turn-around time may be 3-4 weeks, so plan in advance. Be courteous to media contacts and they will support you.

Expose your music any way you can. If you can place a song in a film or TV program - do it even if it's for free. (By the way, MTV hardly ever pays for songs). Offer your music to charities and businesses. Have a retailer give out one of your samplers with every purchase - while your music plays in their store. Keep visible and develop ongoing relationships.

Find people who believe in you and build a team. You can't do it all yourself. Utilize every person and tool available. Find ways to work together and listen to other ideas. Create a community online and offline. Empower your team members. Reward their efforts with exclusive access to new songs, new photos and new product.

Set aside at least 10-20% of your income and reinvest it into your career. If you don't put money into it, why should anyone else? Allocate your money wisely. Use it for things that work. Keep building on success. Don't try to fix a problem by throwing money at it.

Love what you do. The basics are always the same - good music moves people. If you approach everything in a positive way, people will respond.

Bernard Baur is the Review Editor & Feature Writer for Music Connection Magazine http://www.musicconnection.com Bernard also works in the A&R Department for Tonos, as well as in the A&R Department for a variety of record labels. Tel: 818-755-0101 Ext.519 EqxManLtd@aol.com
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Rich Hardesty earns a 6-figure income by working his original music in the college market. He was finishing his 8th CD when I spoke to him. While studying business at college in Indiana, hed get his guitar out and entertain. Hardesty wrote a song called Never Wanna to Fn See You Again. Everybody in the dorm requested it and he played that trademark song at open mic nights. He decided to try making money from his music, and began by performing acoustically in bars. Hardesty says, It seemed too good to be true. I thought I was supposed to go out into the real world. I didnt know how long it would last but I had to do it. I had no idea that 10 years later Id still be doing it.

Fraternities called Hardesty to do parties. He used his college education to structure his business and recorded live shows to pass around. People made copies. He learned when they heard a live show on tape, theyd want more and come see him. Word about him spread. People lined up to hear Hardesty play his trademark song. That song was a vehicle to invite people to shows and to sell his first CD. Hardesty realized what a large profit margin he had from selling CDs direct and his business education took over. Hes sold over well 50,000 CDs with NO distribution. He runs his business in-house. I sat down with Rich to find out why he finds his independent career so satisfying.

DDS: Why do you spend so much time marketing?

RH: I want to make money - this is my business. I do everything now. Theres so much involved it drains me. You have to be business oriented to succeed in selling albums. I dont want to just be an artist sitting under a tree writing songs. If you want this to be your full time job, then you have to do business. People ask why Im not with a record label, as if that would be the greatest thing. They dont understand - I am my own record label.

DDS: How did you get the buzz going in the beginning?

RH: My gigs were mostly word of mouth. It turned into a business. Id record live. Id pass around tapes. People would record them. When they heard a live show theyd want to come to one. In college markets people love live music. Id say peoples names into the mic throughout the show. Theyd have their name on the live recording and think that was a big deal. People would make copies for friends. They ask me if they could. Live shows is what helped sell me. My live show is way different than a recorded one.

DDS: Why did you press a CD?

RH: Having a CD was all I wanted. I had no idea Id keep recording and make money from them. I wanted to have my name on a CD MY CD. For the first CD, half the songs Id originally written in high school. I wanted to get them documented and have something tangible. I never dreamed Id be the singer/songwriter/ recording artist. I was going to be the business dude. All of a sudden I had a CD. I was so proud of that before I learned I could make money from it. That was more of a success to me in my heart.

DDS: How much free music do you give out?

RH: In my office I have about 38 live CDs recorded at shows with a label on them. I mostly give them away for free because its a fan that will keep coming to shows. Fans pass them around. They end up on the internet. Its live and Im not worried about it being passed around because it creates new fans. Thats the bottom line.

DDS: Why do you like putting out your own CDs?

RH: After the third year I realized you sell CDs that cost about $1.25 to make for $10 or $15 at a show. I realized the profit margin and positive cash flow and decided Id do a CD every year. The songwriting and passion were all there. A CD was a product of that which could be sold for a profit. Most are sold at gigs but I sell a lot nationally and internationally over the internet. College kids are from all over the U.S. They go home on breaks and show their friends my CD. When they get older they graduate and move elsewhere.

DDS: Do the college kids stay fans when they graduate?

RH: I did a show in LA for the Rosebowl. The alumni from Purdue asked me to come there and play in a bar because Purdue was playing. We got emails out. Alumni remembered me. Because of networking on the internet, we packed the bar silly with my alumni following - people coming into for the Rosebowl. The bar owner said hed never seen anything like it. It was cool how the alumni support kicked in.

DDS: How do Europeans find out about you?

RH: I post a song on an MP3 file and share it. If you type my name into a search engine, theres thousands of things that come up. All my songs are on the temporary steal sites. Radio DJs around the world are playing my songs. The songs get bootlegged live and end up on the internet. If someone is going to an extreme to get a live copy, its an honor to me. Theyre a true fan and will spread the word.

DDS: How do you feel about being independent?

RH: Sometimes you feel like you dont fit into society about 15-20%. The rest of the time its a very large buzz. Being independent, I do what the hell I want whenever I want. It seems like everyone is trapped in a mold.

DDS: What makes you appealing to college market?

RH: I like to talk to the crowd on the microphone. They feel comfortable because I talk to them. Some of my songs are off the wall. I also have an ability to capture an audience with certain ballads. Some of the girls like what I write about relationships because they can relate. Most of my songs come from an experience in my life.

DDS: How did you become a Jagermeister artist?

RH: I heard that Jagermeister needed a band from Indiana because the other band wasnt doing their job. The business side of me was thinking that Im in the college market, and all I drank in college was Jager. I videotaped myself performing for frat parties and had someone following me around with a camera, filming some of the crazy things I do in my lifestyle. I sent Jagermeister a VHS of me. They hired me right away. It was because of the numbers I performed in front of. I sent them photos of the fans drinking Jager. They give t-shirts with your logo on them, bumper stickers, matchboxes, lighters. I won an award with them selling 100 bottles of Jager in one night. They put me on a national tour with my own tour bus. I was the emcee with a guitar. They paid me well. I played my songs in between the band and got my bottle out. Everybody was drinking Jager. Jagermeister sponsors me so I promote Jager.

DDS: What other promotions have you created?

RH: Ive taken my act to Jamaica for spring break 6 years in a row. I got the spring break companies to pay for me. I called the president of a big spring company and said I can do this for you. I told them Id bring my fans and play. When I played my first gig in Jamaica, there were kids from all over the country. So I stacked my suitcase full of CDs and bumper stickers. I had a marketing plan to get as many CDs out with the website on it to all these diversified kids from different parts of the country. I hired Jamaicans to promote and give them out. They put me at the most popular bar. There were probably about 2,500 3,000 people without shoes on in the sand. Ive taken my band and done solo acoustic shows.

DDS: Why do you do private parties?

RH: They charge $10 or 15 a head. I can make anywhere from $800- 3,000. They have it in private houses, especially at college campuses. I always sell CDs. And you entertain a market of under- age kids who will support you on the college or club scene as they turn 21. At those in-house things youre more of a rocker in that atmosphere the kids sign up for your email, they want your autograph, and youre creating a fan for life. I see under-age kids as an untapped market.

DDS: How do you stay on top of things?

RH: I try to follow the motto- "There is no substitute for daily preparation." I maintain a healthy lifestyle-swimming daily and dont abuse substances. I have learned from some of my icons - Garcia,Crosby, Clapton, Marley - that moderation is the route to go.
This interview was done for the new edition of Daylle Deanna Schwartzs best-selling book, Start and Run Your Own Record Label (Billboard Books). Excerpts from it appeared in Daylles News & Resources, her free newsletter. http://www.daylle.com revenge@erols.com

Rich Hardesty earns a 6-figure income by working his original music in the college market. He started off playing solo acoustic shows for about 7 years. During that time he gained a lot of experience and recognition doing three to four shows a week on college campuses and clubs. Rich has a list of 400 songs that have accumulated over the years. http://www.richhardesty.com

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