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- August 2001 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
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Table of Contents

8. HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICIST PART I by Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity
10. CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Rainmaker Publicity, founded in 1996 by ex-ABC Radio exec, Rhonda Kelley , is looking to add a few new bands to their roster this year. Rainmaker works with unsigned artists and indie labels ONLY!!

For more info and rates, go to: www.rainmakerpublicity.com


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Welcome to the August edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

Ariel Hyatt is the President of Ariel Publicity, Artist Relations, and Cyber Promotions in New York. This week we feature PART ONE of her 3 part series on how to be your own publicist. In this week's segment, Ariel helps you to better prepare your BIO.

CD Baby is quickly becoming the most popular CD Vendor on the Internet. Owner Derek Sivers is in a league of his own when it comes ideas on how to promote yourself and your music. In the month's newsletter, you can take a look at several of Derek's Music Marketing Strategies.

And in this month's review section, the MuzikMan takes a listen to a Bluesy-Rock gem by singer/songwriter E.G. Kight

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The feedback about the newsletter has been tremendous, and it's great to hear that it is helping many of you. If you have an idea for a future article, send it in, and I'll try and locate someone who can help us out on that subject.

As is the case every month, there are a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain some exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the August edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble


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Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in January. As is the case in The Indie Bible, the contacts listed are sorted into five sections.

1. Sites that will review Independent Music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play Independent music
3. Online services that will help to sell your
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3 files
5. Sites where you can promote your band!



E-Dan brakeout@brakeout.net
We are pure music, from thrashing to melodic beats. We expose you to music that shares a common thread: it's original and it's good.

Sink Hole 'zine
Marck SinkHoleZine@yahoo.com
We specialize in punk music, but review any independent music, especially ska, rock and roll, or anything with an edge that stands out or crosses genres. All of our reviews, interviews and stories are available in the print version of our publication only.

Geoff webmaster@madmonkeymusic.com
We are an online magazine sifting through all of the independent music out there and giving you a clue as to which ones are of quality. We don't judge the musical style, however, we help direct you to the music that is good in it's particular genre. Mad Monkey is in the process of splitting into three sub-resources: www.madmonkeymusic.com - Reviews(for now) music sales & distribution www.madmonkeyrecords.com - A new totally unique label. www.madmonkeymagazine.com - Reviews & will eventually take over the theme of madmonkeymuscic as well as be a hard copy magazine.

A Planet of Sound
We have strict quality control over our unsigned section, so you only get the best in unsigned alternative music, and we don't get a site full of rubbish!

Instant Feelings
Are you an artist that wants to get publicity in Sweden such as reviews of your cd? Send them to us! We are a Swedish music site with open eyes and ears and a huge fascination for music.

Musician's Realm
Would you like to have your CD reviewed on Musicians Realm? Drop us a line and send us a copy of your CD. We'll assign someone from our staff to review it.

The Urban Cross Network - Hip-Hopzone.com
Hip-Hop from a Christian perspective. Email us and will give you an address and a contact person to send your project to be evaluated.

The premier hiphop information center and home to the hiphopist ezine, the premier hiphop ezine online, representing all the elements for all the different sides of hiphop. From online radio to daily hiphop news, hiphopist.com is aiming to be the main hiphop website.

A site dedicated to the Chicago local music scene with band listings, reviews, concert listings, downloads, and more. All free.

INDEPENDENT RECORDS provides bar coding, SoundScan registration, and musician discounts for the independent artist. By providing you with the ability to have a retail ready package, you could be on your way to getting your music into retail stores and distributors and into the hands that matter the most, your fans. Come and check us out to see what we have to offer. (http://www.indierec.com)



Eufonia Radio
Jesus D. Diaz G. / Eufonia
Apartado postal #2146
Sucursal de correos "J"
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon 64841, MEXICO
We have a weekly two hour radio show here in Monterrey Mexico, where we play lots of indie rock and other non commercial genres. This show is also broadcasted on the Internet through one of the biggest portals in Latin America: www.terra.com.mx It is a very interactive concept, since we communicate with the audience by icq, email and phone during the show.

Rock and a Hard Place
Torch rockhardtorch@hotmail.com
I have a Radio Show and Website that PLAYS AND REVIEWS indie Rock/ Metal/AOR and everything heavy, hard and weird. The show which runs online and at a small market station, KABU 90.7 FM in Devils Lake ND. We are fully supportive of the indie community and will add band listings, various music links, pictures and everything in between.

Village Voice Radio
Unlike anything you'll ever hear on the Internet or radio. Musically, we do it all - from rock to jazz to blues and hip hop; from techno to trance to country; from back-beat to blue-beat to beat-box and break- beat; from garages to juke joints and stadiums - including Special Programming featuring Village Voice writers and critics.

Tormentor Radio Show
Based out of Paris, France. Dark, electro, industrial.

Chicago Local Radio
The goal of Chicago Local Radio is to provide bands a place to showcase their music and for listeners to hear some of the best bands they may never have heard about. This site is about the music. So sit back, listen to the broadcast, and take solace in the fact that you're helping to support the local music scene.

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"NOMA Music matches up and then submits the CDs of songwriters, bands, and composers to over 400 worldwide major and indie record label A&R directors, in addition to 200 plus television and film production companies, who license songs and hire composers. If you are determined to have your music heard by key industry people, you can start by sending in your CD and/or giving us a call. Let NOMA Music work for you!" www.noma1.com
1-877-980-7700 (PST) 1-818-566-8817 (International callers)



The BHN is for serious independent bands and labels that want to share BeHeard.Net's leverage in the indie music market. In the BHN every artist owns their own music, web presence, identity, and keeps their own profits.

Creates, promotes broadcasts, distributes, and sells entertainment content globally. ATOM-BOMB.COM facilitates independent artists world wide by creating a venue for them to display and sell their works to a global audience.

Rebel Sounds
Signing up could not be easier. IT's FREE. There is a non-exclusive contract which means you can still market yourself else where. You can also remove your details from the site at any time.

All Indie
We give independent artists and labels an advantage in today's major-label dominated music industry. We provide the services and resources independent musicians and record labels will need to compete for their share of the music marketplace. Our vision is to serve as a catalyst for artists and small record labels in the various stages of the development of their independent careers.




Once your band or group is registered we will assign your free unique sign in key. This will allow you to follow our easy instructions to upload you band's music for the millions of MP3 listeners on the internet.

eClassical.com is a completely virtual record label and a secure online store open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Customers and visitors can download great classical music in MP3 format and also find out more about classical music and its history.

Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com
The ILE is a list of music people who wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 400 current listings, it's a great way to get some free exposure Everyone involved with the music business is welcome to place a listing. It's a one-to-one exchange of text links or banners, and as I mentioned....it's FREE!



We are dedicated to educating and empowering artists, with an emphasis on artist advocacy and artist development. We are also committed to supporting the arts by rewarding and highlighting the most hard-working and deserving artists. StarPolish is a collaborative effort between artists and music industry professionals.

We are currently selecting musicians who upload music to feature, so as soon as you register someone will be reviewing your listing as a potential feature. Register at our site in order to get a user name and password e-mailed to you. Then use your username and password to LOGIN to add your profile to our database.

Bob Masse's Rock Posters
30 years of rock art by one of North America's premier poster artists
Check out our website: http://www.bmasse.com
E-mail: bob@bmasse.com
Telephone: (604) 736-8353


8. HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICIST - PART ONE by Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity
? 2001 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


For this article, I interviewed several entertainment writers from across the country. Their comments and advice are included throughout. Writers who will come up throughout are: Mike Roberts (The Denver Westword), Jae Kim (The Chicago Sun Times), Silke Tudor (The SF Weekly).

MYTH: A Big Fat Press Kit Will Impress a Writer

TRUTH: Writers will only become exasperated by a press kit that is not succinct and to the point. A bio, a photo and 6-8 articles double-sided on white paper is a good sized kit. If a writer wants to read more than that he will contact you for further information. If you don't have any articles, don't worry, this will soon change.

The first step in your journey is to create a press kit, which consists of four parts -- the Bio, the Photo, the Articles and the CD.

Jae Kim: "The ultimate press kit is a very basic press kit which includes: a CD, a photo with band members' names labeled on it -- not a fuzzy, arty photo -- a clear black and white, a bio, and press clips -- 10 at most, one or two at least. 40 is way too much."

PART 1: The Bio
Write a one page band bio that is succinct and interesting to read. I strongly advise avoiding vague cliches such as: melodic, brilliant harmonies, masterful guitar playing, tight rhythm section, etc. These are terms that can be used to describe any type of music. Try to make your description stand out. Create an introduction that sums up the your sound, style and attitude in a few brief sentences. This way if a writer is pressed for time she can simply take a sentence or two from your bio and place it directly in the newspaper. If you try to make a writer dig deeply for the gist, that writer will most likely put your press kit aside and look to one of the other 30 press kits that arrived that week.

TIP: Try to create a bio with the assumption that a vast majority of music writers may never get around to listening to your CD (500 new releases come out in the United States each week). Also, writers are usually under tight deadlines to produce copy -- so many CD's fall by the wayside.

Q. Whose press materials stand out in your head ?
A. Jae Kim: "Action shots of bands. Blur has had a few great photos, and Mariah's are always very pretty. Also, Mary Cutrufello on Mercury has a great photo -- enigmatic with a mysterious quality. Her picture was honest and intelligent, just like her music."

A. Silke Tudor: "The Slow Poisoners -- a local SF band who are very devoted to their presentation. They have a distinct style and everything leads in to something else. Photos are dangerous. If the band looks young and they're mugging you have a pretty safe idea of what they're gonna sound like."

PART 2: The Photo
It is very tough to create a great band photo. In the thousands that I have encountered only a few have had creativity and depth. I know it can seem cheesy to arrange a photo shoot but if you take this part seriously you will deeply benefit from it in the long run.

Create a photo that is clear, light, and attention grabbing. Five musicians sitting on a couch is not interesting. If you have a friend who knows how to use PhotoShop, I highly recommend you enroll him or her to help you do some funky editing. Mike Roberts tends to gravitate towards: "Any photos that are not four guys standing against a wall. Also, a jazz musician doesn't always have to be holding a horn."

MYTH: Photos Cost a Fortune to Process in 8 x10 Format

TRUTH: Photos do not have to be expensive. There a few places to have photos printed for a great price. My personal favorite is ABC Pictures in Springfield, MO. They will print 500 photos (with layout and all shipping) for $80. Click the link to check out their web site or telephone 888.526.5336. Another great resource is a company called 1-800-POSTCARD, which will print 5000 full-color, double- sided postcards for $250. Extra postcards not used in press kits can be sent to people on your mailing list, or you can sell them or give them away at gigs

PART 3: The Articles
Getting that first article written about you can be quite a challenge. Two great places to start are your local town papers (barring you don't live in Manhattan or Los Angeles) and any local fanzine (available at your favorite indie record store). In addition, a few hours of net surfing will reveal the hundreds of sites that review CD's. Look for reviews of music that is similar to your band's type of music and then send your CD's to those reviewers. As your touring and effort swell, so will the amount of articles written about your band.

Ariel Hyatt is the President of Ariel Publicity, Artist Relations, and Cyber Promotions, in NYC. For the past five years she has worked closely publicizing a diverse family of touring and developing indie bands including Sally Taylor, Leftover Salmon, K-Floor, The Stone Coyotes, Soulhat, Fathead, and devon. http://www.arielpublicity.com


(c) 2001 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Work backwards. Define your goal (your final destination) - then contact someone who's there, and ask how to get there? If you want to be in Rolling Stone magazine, pick up the phone, call their main office in New York City, and when the receptionist answers, say "Editorial, please." Ask someone in the editorial department which publicists they recommend. Then call each publicist, and try to get their attention. (Hint: Don't waste Rolling Stone's time asking for the publicist's phone number. You can find it elsewhere. Get off the phone as soon as possible.)

If you want to play at the biggest club in town, bring a nice box of fancy German cookies to the club booker, and ask for just 5 minutes of their advice. Ask them what criteria must be met in order for them to take a chance on an act. Ask what booking agents they recommend, or if they recommend using one at all. Again, keep your meeting as short as possible. Get the crucial info, then leave them alone. (Until you're back, headlining their club one day!)

I know an artist manager of a small unsigned act, who over the course of a year, met with the managers of U2, REM, and other top acts. She asked them for their advice, coming from the top, and got great suggestions that she's used with big results.

In other words: Call the destination, and ask for directions. You'll get there much faster than just blindly walking out your front door, hoping you arrive someday.

You know those loyal few people who are in the front row every time you perform? You know those people that sat down to write you an Email to say how much they love your music? You know that guy that said, "Hey if you ever need anything - just ask!" Put them to work!

Often, people who reach out like that are looking for a connection in this world. Looking for a higher cause. They want to feel they have some other purpose than their stupid accounting job. You may be the best thing in their life. You can break someone out of their drab life as an assistant sales rep for a manufacturing company. You might be the coolest thing that ever happened to a teenager going through an unpopular phase. You can give them a mission!

If they're a fan of your music, invite them over for pizza to spend a night doing a mailing to colleges. Go hit the town together, putting concert flyers on telephone poles. Have them drive a van full of friends to your gig an hour away. Have the guts to ask that "email fan" if she'd be into going through the Indie Contact Bible and sending your press kit to 20 magazines a week. Soon you can send them out on their own, to spread the gospel message of your amazing music, one promo project at a time. Eventually, as you grow, these people can be the head of "street teams" of 20 people in a city that go promote you like mad each time you have a concert or a new CD.

Those of us busy busy people may think, "How could ANYone do this slave work?" But there are plenty of people out there with time on their hands that want to spend it on something besides TV.

Don't forget that to most people, the music business is pure magic. It's Hollywood. It's glitter and fame and fantastically romantic. Working with you might be the closest the get to that magical world of music. Give someone the chance to be on the inside circle. Put 'em to work.

Have you been filtered? If not, you should start now. (Huh?) With the Internet, there are more "media outlets" than anyone can digest. A site like MP3.COM has 100,000 artists on there. Many of them are crap. People in the music biz get piles of CDs in the mail everyday from amateurs. Many of them are crap. But you're not crap, are you? No! So prove it! Don't sit in the bin with the rest.

You need to go through filters. Places that reject many, only letting the best of the best pass through. As long as you're good (really good) - what you want are MORE filters! More obstacles... More hurdles... Because these things weed out the "bad" music. Or the music that isn't ready. Or the people that weren't dedicated.

I worked at Warner Brothers for 3 years. I learned why they never accept unsolicited demos: It helps weed out the people that didn't do enough research to know they have to go meet managers or lawyers or David Geffen's chauffeur FIRST in order to get to the "big boys." (Deal with the 'gatekeepers' to get to the mansion.) If you REALLY REALLY BELIEVE in your music, have the confidence to put yourself into those places where MOST people get rejected. (radio, magazines, big venues, agents, managers, record labels, promoters...) Because each gate you get through puts you in finer company. ("the best of the best") And you'll find many more opportunities open to you once you've earned your way through a few gates.

I prefer to ignore the music industry. Maybe that's why you don't see me on the cover of Rolling Stone. One of my only regrets about my own band was that we toured and got great reviews, toured and got lots of air play, toured and booked some great-paying gigs. BUT... nobody was working the inside of the music business. Nobody was connecting with the "gatekeepers" to bring us to the next level. We just kept doing the same gigs. Maybe you're happy on the outside of the biz. (I know I am.) But if you want to tour with major-label artists, be on the cover of national magazines, be in good rotation on the biggest radio stations in town, or get onto MTV, you're going to have to have someone working the inside of the biz. Someone who loves it. Someone who is loved by it. Someone persuasive who gets things done 10 times faster than you ever could. Someone who's excited enough about it, that they would never be discouraged. Like your love of making music. You wouldn't just "stop" making music because you didn't get a record deal would you? Then you need to find someone who's equally passionate about the business side of music, and particularly the business side of YOUR music.

Derek Sivers is the president of the highly successful online Independent music store, CD Baby. CD Baby's success is a direct result of Derek's determination to help Indie artists. One way in which he helps is by making sure that most of the money made from each CD sold goes directly to the artist.

Derek has also created CD Baby.net, which is a site full of free resources, tips, articles, advice, links, and "anything else we can possibly do to put the power in the hands of the independent musicans". Host Baby is a new project which makes websites available to artists at a low cost. http://www.cdbaby.com derek@cdbaby.com

The first The Nashville New Music Conference, which will be held October 10-14, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference will feature more than 200 showcasing artists at over 20 venues in downtown Nashville. Over thirty music business panels during the event have been designed to educate and empower conference attendees. Visit http://www.2nmc.com/ for details.

THE INDIE LINK EXCHANGE is a list of people that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 450 current listings, it's a great way to get some immediate and free exposure There are no rules to follow. It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. http://www.indielinkexchange.com/ile


10. INTERVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Artist: E.G. Kight
Title: Trouble
Genre: Blues-Rock
Label: Blue South Records
Website: www.egkight.com

Now does this girl look like trouble to you? She is looking very much like the smooth and sultry jazz crooner, but E.G. Kight is really the burnin' red-hot blues mama. She is on a mission to deliver all the fire in her soul via her music. Besides, who can judge a book by its cover?

"Trouble" is fiery blues-rock album filled with the soulful passionate vocalisms of diva with a true purpose. A totally knock-your-socks-off band that won't quit backs her, so her vocal style is a more than a welcome partner for the music.

Now let's get down to business; this CD really kicks some ass! E.G. is in marvelous form. Her spirit takes off bringing each and every song to another level.

The woman with the devil in her eyes starts things off with "Trouble With A Capital "T"." And with that, E.G. makes a clear opening statement and sets the pace for the whole session. After telling everyone within earshot that she is trouble, she begins to espouse her womanhood by putting all eligible men on notice that "It Takes A Mighty Good Man" to satisfy this ball of fire. I believe her. Then a real crankin' blues-rock number called "A Woman Can Tell", with Koko Taylor, sets the record straight once and for all that she is a woman to be reckoned with. Believe it baby, she is going to be knockin' on your door with some foot stompin' blues that will take your breath away. "The Rooster Song" is definitely not about an animal, it's more about a man in a lot a trouble for having a roll in the hay with the wrong woman. She lets her unfaithful partner know in no uncertain terms how it is and what will be. There is hell to pay, and there is no worst than the scorn of a woman to endure. Yes, E.G. Kight can unravel a tale and sing the blues with power and conviction.

This album really smokes right along. None other than the "Queen Of The Blues" Koko Taylor inspires the lady to create some of the best damned blues I have heard by a woman since Bonnie Raitt was at the height of her success. Believe it people; this is one great album that is just dripping in the emotion of the blues.

1. Trouble With A Capital "T"
2. Let The Healing Begin
3. The Queen
4. It Takes A Mighty Good Man
5. Nothin' But The Blues
6. First In Line
7. My Mask
8. The Rooster Song
9. A Woman Can Tell
10. Blue Dawn
11. Your Love Looks Good On Me
12. Better Off With The Blues
13. When A Man Loves A Woman
Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck muzikman@bcn.net is an independent music reviewer. Keith writes reviews for "Women Of Music-Music Of Women" as well as several other sites on the Internet.

Reviews, interviews, and articles can be viewed at these sites:

Duckmusic.com and OnStage Magazine launch Onstagetrivia.com where musicians can win over $13,000 in prizes.

Musicians can test their knowledge of the music business and win prizes at Onstagetrivia.com. Each month new questions will be created from the current issue of Onstage magazine. From Green Day to Smash Mouth, Counting Crows to Clint Black.

Onstage magazine is where artists grab the mic and sound off about making music and livin' the life. Over $13,000 in prizes will be given away. The grand prize winner will have their next CD or CD single enhanced by DuckMusic.com.


Onstage magazine is available news stands for $3.95, or for subscription online at http://www.onstagemag.com. The Onstagetrivia.com sweepstakes will run from May 1st to September 30th. The grand prizewinner will be announced October 1st. Potential sponsors can contact Onstage sales associate Keith Murray at kmurray@intertec.com.

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EXPOSITORY MAGAZINE is a cyber-collection of writings, art, Media Reviews and humor centered on the feminist experience. Published bimonthly, our June issue (Vol 1, Issue 2), premieres our new section devoted to feminist, female Indie musicians. In each issue EM will be highlighting, promoting and reviewing one artist per issue. To that end, if you are a female, feminist-minded musical artist (and not a Hollyweird/Corporate construct), we are interested in hearing from you. Please email us with your details and be willing to provide a CD, bio and press package for evaluation upon request. Tina Coggins ExpositoryMagazine@tcdesign.net www.tcdesign.net/Expository

EM is looking for a music reviewer!! If you are a feminist into female Indie music, who knows about music and how to write about it articulately (and are willing to do it for free), for the love of God/dess please write, take the keyboard out of our hands and give our much-deserving musicians the props they've earned. Tina ExpositoryMagazine@tcdesign.net

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The newsletter goes out to 8300 people and is growing rapidly!

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