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- April 2001 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
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Table of Contents

8. A FRESH LOOK AT MP3.COM by Fiona Klonarides
11. WMMW CD OF THE MONTH reviewed by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


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This month's newsletter has some great articles, and all are somehow related to MP3s.

Lynn Carey Saylor continues her monthly column with Part Two of an informative tutorial on how to create streaming Real Audio files. Lynn has listed the steps in such a way that even those that are highly intimated by the whole idea of creating music files, can follow along without fear of being left behind in a cloud of confused frustration.

What better way to find out about the mysterious MP3.com than by an insider. Fiona Klonarides of musiceditor.com has been moonlighting at MP3.com for the last while. In Part 1 of a two part article, Fiona shares several valuable insights that may help to eliminate some of the negative myths about this Internet giant.

Staying with the MP3 theme, well known author David Neuve of The Music Biz Academy shows you how to make a few extra dollars a month by setting up a page at MP3.com.

This month the Indie Contact Newsletter features its first "Artist of the Month". The MusikMan himself, Keith Hannaleck, reviews Patti Spadaro's CD, Short Stay.

As always, there are a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the April edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

Rainmaker Publicity, founded in 1996 by ex-ABC Radio exec,
Rhonda Kelley , is looking to add a few new bands to their roster
this year. Rainmaker works with unsigned artists and indie labels ONLY!!

For more info and rates, go to: www.rainmakerpublicity.com

LYNN CAREY SAYLOR would like to announce the new official site for the GuitarGirls.com Songwriting contest at http://mp3.com/guitargirls. Lynn also continues to accept girls for the recently created GuitarGirls.com Affiliated Artist Page. See http://guitargirls.com/community.htm for further details."

GUITARGIRLS.COM NEEDS YOUR HELP! The large list of submitted song entries has been painstakingly narrowed down to 15 for the final 7 spots to be added to the "Contestant's Page" AND to the new MP3.com/GuitarGirls Page and given a shot at winning the free day in the studio courtesy of Skip Saylor Recording as well as a great electric guitar donated by MusicalCloseouts.com. Please listen to each song and vote for your favorite. http://www.guitargirls.com/vote.htm


Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in March. As is the case in The Indie Contact Bible, the contacts listed are sorted into five sections.

1. Sites that will review Independent Music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play Independent music
3. Online services that will help to sell your
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3 files
5. Sites where you can promote your band online for FREE!




NOiSE MUsic Magazine
We are a college based music magazine insert that reaches more than 27,000 readers each month and would love some indie bands to get there stuff to us. We do not have a website, not until July 2001, but the magazine is a full color affair that needs new acts. Send music to: NOiSE MUsic Magazine, Matrix Media, 1138 East 9th Street, Suite 2, Erie, Pennsylvania 16503

GRITZ: "Good Southern Music Other Food for The Soul"
Michael B. Smith mbsmith@mindspring.com
We review Southern music of all types, as well as blues, classic rock, pop. No metal or rap. Folks can send cds and packages anytime. GRITZ PUBLISHING, 1813 N Main St., Greenville SC 29609

Punk Updates
Hein Terweduwe hein@punkupdates.com
The site tries to be the world's n?1 resource for upcoming punk releases. Also a lot of reviews and a listing of local (Belgian) p?nk concerts. mp3's are available of new albums.

Fiona musiceditor2000@yahoo.com
The complete, online A&R resource, new music reviews, and more...

Extreme Online Music Magazine
Roxanne Blanford roxanneb@usa.net
A free, independently operated new music magazine featuring reviews, interviews, photos and news on all genres of popular/indie music.

We support the growth of hip hop artists world wide through exhausting a network of free resources designed to give artists more promotion, exposure, and positive press on a global scale.

Larger Ego
Greg Olear Greg@LargerEgo.com
We are a fairly new up and coming e-zine. We will be reviewing music soon and want to be able to feature an artist of the week, as well as the actual music that is submitted to us. We are an independent writer's magazine that wants to support independent music as well.

DIW Magazine
Marc Hawthorne marc5@sirius.com
A quarterly print publication dedicated to covering the best in independent music, film, literature and culture.

Dig This Real (magazine)
edie (Publisher) edie@digthisreal.com
http://www.digthisreal.com DTR is a magazine that concentrates on performers, bands and musicians. We accept unsolicited material for reviews or upcoming features.

IMAGINESTATION: A global meeting place for the creative community.
**Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts**
*Promote your creative talents on the web using our
Free Artist Directories!
Visit us F2F: Music and Entertainment Expo, April 28 & 29, 2001
NJ Convention Center, Edison ,New Jersey

Visit us on the web: http://www.imaginestation.net




Stanford Interview: Issues and Women's Ideas
Laura Lee stanfordinterview@hotmail.com
We play music by solely women musicians on every program. Every week I am scrambling to find music by women musicians, so get in touch! We play riot girrl, garage bands, hip hop, women dj's mixed music.... everything. Contact me by e-mail, or send your music for preview to: Stanford Interview: Issues and Women's Ideas, c/o KZSU 90.1FM, PO Box 20190, Stanford, CA 94309 (please include bio info with CD). I will e-mail artists when I play their music so that they can hear it on air.

Dr. Brad Stone, Music Director bstone@jupiter.sjsu.edu
We program World, jazz, blues, reggae/ska, Latin, classical, electronic/ ambient, folk, country, bluegrass, a cappella, Women's, Native American, Celtic, etc.

SoundwaveChildren *TEKNO-RADIO*
leny len soundwavechildren@hotmail.com
Acid Tekno / Dance Trance music 24-7 online *TEKNO-RADIO* all good acid-tekno/dance music welcome for review & listing.

Deirdre Morrissey dmorrissey@live365.com
FREE Internet Radio. Take control of the airwaves! Create your own radio station or listen to others from around the world.

The LoneStar JukeBox
Rick Heysquierdo rick@lonestarjukebox.com
An independently produced radio program on Pacifica Radio, that promotes Americana and Alt-Country genres as well as AAA format and world beat music.

Radio Muse - Independent Songwriter Radio
The idea behind the show is to bring together the very best independent music from songwriters at all levels and stages of their musical journey. Every month Radio Muse invites you to join us for a wonderful excursion that leads to a place where time stops and the music begins. We hope to help spread the word about some of the truly fantastic, undiscovered talent that we know is out there.

Maggieb.com invites you to submit your independent recording project to showcase your work and identity on a dedicated platform. Indie artists of ALL musical styles and genres are encouraged to submit projects for consideration. We feature enormously talented independent musicians and songwriters who are underexposed or on private record labels that are difficult to locate. Maggieb.com provides a unique opportunity for indie artists to be recognized and to be heard.

For submission information visit: http://www.maggieb.com




***note: The online vendors and labels listed below are those that offer artists a Nonexclusive contract, meaning, you can join up with as many of these services as you like.

Gemma Records
Adam Sugar Info@GemmaRecords.com
Toronto hub of deep/funky house, intelligent breaks and innovative electronic music. AKA "The Artists' Label". The contracts span not over time but in 500-unit blocks, and the artists keep ownership of their masters--we merely license the material.

Tony Vinski vinski@indierex.com
An online independent record store. Everything is on consignment and we ship for the bands.

Mekko Chivon Entertainment Group
J. Michaels Mekkochivon_musicgroup@msn.com
New record label looking for talent to push to the next level. Submit all materials. Visit our website for details

MPX 2000
Jack Irona mpx@search2nite.com
Music Promotion X-tra, The Record Industry's #1 NYC Public Relations Firm.

We are content providers to over 250 online retailers for music, books & video as well as in-store look up systems. If you send us your CD, along with label, distributor, release date info, catalog number, barcode and genre of music, we will list it in our database, which will then be listed in the kiosk and possibly at the online retailers (if they have distribution and are listed in one of the one-stops). Essentially we are a B2B between labels, distributors, artists and the buying public.

This is your guide to independent music success secrets, featuring over 175 ways to thrive and prosper with your own band or record label. Goal setting, networking, lists of distribution channels, offbeat promotional ideas. It's all here!

Purchase it today at BEST MUSIC BOOKS




MP3 Songs - Help for Unsigned Artists
Chris Burke mp3.songs@btinternet.com
Help and info site for unsigned artists and bands. Get your band on the top 20 unsigned artist chart.

Take your music to the world! Visit our site and find out about getting the music you create online.

The ILE is a list of music sites that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 400 current listings, it's a great way to get some immediate and free exposure Everyone involved with the music business is welcome to place a listing. It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. Visit today....it's FREE!




Indie News
Fred E. Gostein indienews@live.com.au
An online column that provides valuable information for indie acts.

ProSponsor - Delivering Sponsorship To The Masses
Warren Teller info@prosponsor.com
We are a full service sponsorship agency based in Atlanta, GA. Our website features our unique "Online Solutions" section - a searchable database of unique sponsorship opportunities including bands, festivals, tours, artists, entertainers, etc.

Punk and Ska in New Jersey
Laura DeviantAmbition@hotmail.com
A great resource for anyone in the New Jersey underground/indie scene. Shows, band links, etc.

Pump Audio
Ari artistrelations@pumpaudio.com
Pump Audio licenses your music to paying customers in TV, Film and Advertising. There is no fee. You maintain ownership. Clients include MTV, Paramount, Sony and more...

"HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC SUCCESSFULLY ON THE INTERNET" by David Neuve, shows you powerful Internet marketing techniques to help sell your music merchandise online!

Buy it today at BEST MUSIC BOOKS


8. A FRESH LOOK AT MP3.COM by Fiona Klonarides ? 2001


MP3.com's music newsletter - which last week featured "Fart Greetings" - caused quite a predictable stink on its own message boards, and in the press. Yet the irony is that the "download a brownload" email generated so many click thrus that it propelled The Rodents' "Fart Song" to #1 on MP3's overall charts. Meanwhile - to add to the irony - serious, neo-Flamenco platinum-selling guitarist Ottmar Liebert, who was the main feature in the aforementioned newsletter, shot to #3. A week later, it's "Who Farted??" by Killer Spam's Comedy Stuff now sitting at #1, the Rodents have dropped to #2, and thankfully cool heavy rock band Saliva's "Your Disease" is at #3. The good news is the fart songs should waft away eventually, and the weird news is the "Fart Song" was the fastest-ever #1 charting song on MP3.com.

But before serious music lovers get too depressed, check this out: thanks to some positive relationship-building between MP3 and major labels, the site's content is pretty compelling these days. High profile artists on the site right now include Eric Clapton - whose tracks from his new CD "Reptile" topped the chart at #1,2 and 3 respectively; Madonna and Faith Hill have had artist pages up for some time, and breakout bands Saliva and American Hi-Fi have cool tracks on the site. Even the nubile Brooke Allison who's been on MP3.com for a while, just got signed to EMI/Virgin, while industry veteran Clive Davis's new label J Records, will soon have priority acts O-Town and Olivia artist pages on MP3.

Great, but how does this help unsigned artists sharing the same website?? And, didn't MP3.com just stop paying out Payback For Playback (it doles out $1 million each month in cash to the artists on the site with the most song plays/downloads/CD sales) to artists, unless they sign up for its new Premium Artist Services, whereby for $20 a month you can auction your way to the top of the charts, with your artist name in bold while you're on the charts; get search results priority positioning, and song approval priority (your new songs get approved and go live on the site faster), and so on (we'll go into how to promote your music on MP3.com more effectively next month).

Well, "lest we forget"...here's what MP3.com continues to offer artists - and it's all completely free!

1) Want a free website? Well, MP3.com basically gives you a "free website"! They have an easy song and photo uploading system, you can quickly upload your music, info and images to the site.

2) Your music is hosted on a hi-tech, well managed, super-infrastructure site.

3) You're immediately part of a huge music and music fan community, and its message boards.

4) MP3.com gets millions of visitors each week from all over the world, including Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

5) If you learn how to "work the system" and are serious about getting your music heard, MP3.com provides a platform where you can do this - and get paid for song plays.

6) Their new licensing program will help get your music into soundtracks, and on to compilation CDs, for a sign up fee of just $25.00.

7) They will press high quality "DAM" CDs that you can sell to music fans and give you some flexibility on pricing your own CD.

8) With infinitely more major and indie label artists coming on to the site, MP3.com will keep drawing more visitors to the site.

9) We've said sad good-byes to other music sites like the Riffage, which ran out of funding some months ago, despite having supported new artists passionately till the end of its days. MP3 is sticking around. It's probably the safest, online haven for unsigned artists right now. (IUMA just got rescued by Vitaminic, but was in danger of extinction until recently.)

So, before we hurl criticism at MP3.com for deciding to make its Premium Artists (the $20 a month crowd) the only artists eligible for its "P4P", let's think about the enormous time and financial expenses the site must utilize in administrative costs - writing checks to its artists who make money on the site, tracking their song plays, etc. is not an easy task. If you work the system - and your music is GOOD! - you'll get your $20 back each month, and more. Worst case scenario, you're getting free web hosting. And, like quite a few artists on the site, you might even get discovered - and signed!

Last but not least, here are four MP3.com artists selected by Musiceditor.com, for your listening pleasure!

SunLikeStar - alternative rock from Vancouver, BC

ChandaLeigh Bailey - beautiful, sophisticated soul sister

Film - British fronted band based in Atlanta, winning all kinds of contests and sounding great

Katey Morley - Sarah McLachlan meets Portishead, plus really distinctive vocals

Part 2 - next month.

Fiona Klonarides is the founder and editor of Musiceditor.com, an online A&R site named by Music Connection in December 2000 as one of the top music resource sites online for unsigned artists. http:www.musiceditor.com

A Music and Entertainment Expo will be held at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ, on April 28-29, 2001. Midway Productions, Inc., promoters of the event, are currently looking to get the word out to potential exhibitors as well as attendees.

"There are many opportunities available for everyone," says John Torre, president of Midway. "For exhibitors, it's a chance to show their goods and services to the practicing musicians and industry professionals in the New York - New Jersey metropolitan area. For musicians and industry professionals, it's a chance to get some great deals on gear, studio time or online services, to name a few."

There will also be a full-schedule of events taking place on the main stage at the Music and Entertainment Expo. Highlighting the day on Saturday, April 28, will be a special appearance by legendary guitarist Les Paul. Being billed as "A Conversation With Les Paul," Les will conduct a seminar, Q& A session, and maybe even sign some autographs.

Various other seminars, improvisational clinics and live performances will round out the activities on the main stage.

Don't miss out on being a part of this very special event. For more information on exhibiting or attending, please log onto Midway's website at: www.midwayproductions.com, or call toll-free at 800-811-4412. While online, don't forget to sign up for the mailing list for up-to-the-minute news!


9. CREATING REAL AUDIO FILES by Lynn Carey Saylor - PART 2 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

This month's article is a continuation of last month's "Creating Real Audio Files."

For all of you who followed my instructions and were successful in making your files, congratulations, you're almost there! Posting them correctly so that they stream flawlessly is your final step and the subject this of discussion.

The first thing you'll want to do is to upload one of your newly created .rm files to your Web server. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will call this file "hitsong.rm." You'll want to put all of your .rm files in one place to keep them organized. I always send mine to the audio folder of my server. Using our file "hitsong.rm" and the Web site "anysite.com" as examples, the URL of the uploaded file into the audio folder would be the following: http://www.anysite.com/audio/hitsong.rm. Knowing the URL where you have sent your .rm file is very important to the next step in the process, so you'll need to make a mental note of it.

The big misconception about Real Audio is that people often think that all they have to do is upload the song file, link to it and it will stream. That would be the procedure for other music files such as MIDI files or MP3's, but Real Audio works in a different, slightly more complicated way, because there is a second file in addition to the .rm that you need to make and upload to your sever. This is a pointing file (often called a metafile) which will have the extension .ram. What is a "pointing file," you may ask? It is just a simple text file that contains the actual URL of where your Real Audio file is located on your server. This file is the means by which your Real Audio file is directed to "stream." Your Web page will therefore contain a link to the .ram file, instead of to the actual .rm song file.

To make the pointing file, follow these steps:

1. Open your text editor. I use what is probably the most widely known text editor, "Notepad."

2. Type in the URL where the file is located. For our example, that would be the URL: http://anysite.com/audio/hitsong.rm

3. Next, save it to your desktop (or wherever you can easily locate it for uploading) as the name of your song with the extension .ram (hitsong.ram).

4. Upload the newly created hitsong.ram pointing file to the audio folder of your server (or wherever you uploaded your .rm file to). Remember that it is an ASCII text file and not binary, so be sure to send it up as such.

Now you should have two files uploaded to your server - "hitsong.rm" and "hitsong.ram". You must have both of these files correctly made and uploaded before completing the final step of how to set up the link on your Web page.

Recall that I mentioned above that you must link to the .ram file and not to .rm file? This is critical. Your song will only stream if you link to the pointing file. That file (hitsong.ram) will direct your real audio file (hitsong.rm) to begin to stream when you click on the link. So type out what ever you want on your Web page ("Listen to Real Audio of hitsong here" for example) and then link the text to the following URL: http://www.yoursite.com/audio/hitsong.ram

Viola! You've done it! You now have streaming Real Audio on your Web site. If you missed part one of this tutorial, "Creating Real Audio Files," I will have it posted at the following link on my Web site: http://www.guitargirls.com/realaudiotutorial.htm

Lynn Carey Saylor is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and co-owner of the Los Angeles area recording studio, Skip Saylor Recording. Grammy Award winning records such as k.d. lang's "Ingenue," Guns n' Roses' "Use Your Illusion I and II" and the track, "Wishing It Was," from the 8x Grammy Award winning and Album of the Year Santana release, "Supernatural," are a few in a long list of gold and platinum records that have been mixed and/or recorded at the facility.

In early 2000, Lynn founded the Web site, GuitarGirls.com, which seeks to promote up and coming female singer/songwriter/guitarists with her GuitarGirls Contest as well as to pay homage to such successful female artists as Sheryl Crow.

If you have a question that you would like Lynn to answer in an upcoming issue, please e-mail her at: Guitargirlsmail@aol.com ===================================================

"If you're looking for a book that gives specifics on craft, reality checks on the music business and profuse, real-life-examples of what a song is and how to write one that flows from your mind and speaks from your heart, BECOMING REMARKABLE is your ticket to ride. " American Songwriter Magazine

Harriet Schock is a multi-platinum songwriter/recording artist whose songs have been recorded my numerous artists, nominated for a Grammy and used in films. Her fourth and fifth cds, American Romance and Rosebud, have recently been nationally released, as well as her book, BECOMING REMARKABLE. As well as performing worldwide, she speaks, teaches and consults in person and via the internet. For further information about her book, cds, concerts or consultation, go to http://harrietschock.com or call (323) 934-5691.




I'm no stranger to the internet. I've been promoting my music successfully online for well over six years now. Up to this point however, I've more or less avoided MP3.com. Why? Well, I've been somewhat skeptical about my ability to compete with so many other musicians all in one place. Could I - a simple pianist and composer - really hope to make a dent on the MP3 charts? It seemed a rather daunting task. However, a recent article about the financial MP3 success of fellow pianist Ernesto Cortezar spurned me to action! I needed to get off my butt and get with the program. So, on January 1st of 2001, I began the new year as an MP3.com artist. This is they story of my first month.

Once signed up, my first act was to upload MP3 files of my best songs. I then did a bit of research into the promotion opportunities available at MP3.com. There are two primary means of generating revenue. The first is via MP3's 'DAM' (Digital Automatic Music) CD program. This very cool sales tool allows musicians to mix-and-match uploaded songs into digital CD 'collections' - which can then be sold to visitors to MP3.com. The artist receives 50% of the retail price for every CD sold through the site. Even better, once the customer orders MP3.com does all the work, burning the CD shipping it directly to the customer.

It took me only a few days however to realize that DAM CDs sales are actually the least productive means of making money via MP3.com. The real money is in the famed payback-for-playback program. Every month MP3.com sets aside a $1 million dollar pot exclusively for member artists. The more playback activity an artists generates, the bigger portion of that pot the artist receives. Some artists make literally thousands of dollars per month using this program. See http://www.mp3.com/payback for statistics on the highest paid artists. It's Pretty unbelievable.

But, to make significant money, one needs to generate *serious* playback numbers. This is done via MP3.com radio stations, of which there are literally thousands. Sorting through them all is a task, but the more stations you can get to play your music, the more money you make, which also results in higher ranking on the MP3 song charts. This in turn leads to more song exposure, placement on more radio stations, more radio play, higher rankings, and on it goes in a continuous circle of promotional bliss. Or at least, that's the theory.

So, having discovered all this basic information, I dove right into the world of MP3.com. After creating my own page (http://www.mp3.com/davidnevue) and uploading my songs, I started my own MP3 radio station and called it 'Whisperings,' a solo piano radio station at http://www.mp3.com/stations/whisperings. On it I featured my own solo piano compositions as well as songs from other artists in the same genre. I then promoted this station via my already existing web sites and mailing lists, while at the same time pitching my songs individually to other MP3.com radio stations.

It didn't take much time at all to see results. It was actually quite easy. By the end of the first month, my station 'Whisperings' had reached (at it highest position) #3 on the classical station charts, #10 on the Easy Listening station charts, and #5 on the Jazz station charts. One of our songs made it to #2 in it's specific genre, and I ranked 4 different songs in the top 40. Wow, that wasn't hard at all.

Using simple promotion strategies and some persistence, I made nearly $100 at MP3.com in my first month. Here is a day by day account of my earnings.

Activity Summary for January 2001

Date Plays Earnings 01/01 0 $0.00
01/02 5 $0.00
01/03 3 $0.00
01/04 9 $0.00
01/05 8 $0.00
01/06 14 $0.00
01/07 6 $0.00
01/08 25 $0.00
01/09 42 $2.29
01/10 40 $1.04
01/11 78 $2.23
01/12 53 $1.26
01/13 48 $1.29
01/14 38 $1.08
01/15 45 $1.54
01/16 68 $2.79
01/17 87 $3.11
01/18 167 $3.60
01/19 118 $3.66
01/20 89 $3.33
01/21 112 $4.98
01/22 130 $3.98
01/23 162 $4.27
01/24 109 $2.85
01/25 181 $5.34
01/26 190 $4.60
01/27 197 $7.07
01/28 175 $7.10
01/29 276 $8.23
01/30 303 $9.98
01/31 365 $9.85

Totals 3073 $95.47

Not a bad start at all, and based on the current earnings trend, my total for February should exceed $300. And, while that isn't exactly a treasure trove, it is a good beginning to what I hope is long term growth. But now comes the really hard part - staying on the charts. Whether or not I can maintain my current station and song positioning remain to be seen.

So, can musicians make money promoting music at MP3.com? You bet. And with a little effort on your part, it's easier than you might think. There really no secret to it, but there are a few key elements certainly help. Here are some tips based on my experience so far:

#1) Take advantage of past successes: I am very fortunate to already have a very successful music-oriented web site targeted directly to musicians and music lovers. This really helped get the 'Whisperings' station off the ground, generating airplay almost immediately.

#2) Get your fans involved: I have very loyal fan base. To succeed at MP3.com, I strongly recommend you get your fans involved. You would be surprised what difference a few dedicated fans can do.

#3) Song titles matter: The only thing you have to draw attention to your song in the charts is your song title. If you can come up with a catchy or interesting song title, you're more likely to get curious listeners. Look over your own song titles - if you had to choose, what would YOU click on?

#4) Focus your energy: Pick one song - any song with an interesting title that's well crafted - and promote the snot out of it.

#5) Create multiple stations: Why only have one station? The most successful artists on MP3.com are creating multiple stations and using stylistic variations to populate the station charts. Once you get your first station established, start working on another, and use your successful station to promote your new station to your repeat visitors.

#6) Make your stations GOOD stations: You MUST gain station fans and repeat listeners. Without them your station, even if it gets a good start, will begin dying a slow death. If the music is lousy, why would anyone come back? MP3.com artists play a lot of 'put me on your station and I'll put you on mine' games. Avoid this mentality and don't include bad music on your station just because the artist guarantees they'll play your station. If you like the song, fine, include them, but if it's mediocre at best, then your station will be mediocre. Your station is only as good as your worse song.

#7) Pitch your best songs to new stations every day. Start the morning by checking your genre charts to see if any new up-and-coming stations are on the rise. If so, check them out, see if your music will fit in the format and if so email the station creator. If you do well, 1 in 5 stations will play your music. The more stations you're on, the more song plays you'll get. Do realize that some of these stations are 'play for listing' stations - and will demand you listen to them a few times a week to participate. If the station is a HOT station, that might be fine to commit to. However, if the station is doing mediocre in the charts, don't bother. If you do well promoting your music on MP3.com, you won't have time to listen to every station that agrees to play your music - so pick and choose wisely.

#8) Encourage your station participants to listen to your own station - but don't be dogmatic about it. There's nothing wrong with *asking* your station participants to help out by listening whenever they can. And, if your station is successful, they'll WANT to help. Everyone wants to be on a HOT station, so if you become fortunate enough to make the top 10 or 20, enjoy it, and get your participants involved.

#9) Develop working relationships with your station participants: This also goes toward #8 above. If your station does well, the artists on your station will be grateful, and will have a definite incentive to help you succeed.

So there you have it. After my first month on MP3.com, I'm a believer. So, if you, like me have been riding the fence about MP3.com, take my lead - and jump on in.

David Nevue is the founder of RainMusic.com and the The Music Biz Academy (http://www.musicbizacademy.htm). He is also a professional pianist, recording artist, and author of the book, "How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet." You can find his MP3.com station at http://www.mp3.com/davidnevue ===================================================

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11. WMMW CD OF THE MONTH reviewed by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Artist: Patti Spadaro
Title: Short Stay
Genre: Rock-Blues
Websites: www.seasonsofwhat.com
Patti Spadaro plays her heart out, and takes total control on "Short Stay." She plays lead and rhythm guitar, and steps in to sing on two songs, "Give A Little Back" and "Watch It Fly." She sings with a passion and fire, and it emulates her guitar proficiency. The rest of the vocals are covered by Stefana Dadas, who is also a soulful singer. She makes every word count, as the inflection of her voice bleeds and pleads with every stinging note laid down by Spadaro. Spadaro makes the singing relatively easy for Dadas, as she runs off some funky and jumpin' licks that make the music come jumping out at you. The rest of the group provides stellar support in their respective positions as well.

There are six tracks of abundant rock-blues that will get your blood pumpin' and your soul in a groove on this CD. This girl means business. Patti Spadaro is just getting started - watch out Susan Tedeschi, she's knockin' on your door.

1. Give A Little Back
2. Let's Roll
3. Short Stay
4. Watch It Fly
5. Time Enough
6. Preconceptions

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