The information you submit will be listed in the next edition of The Indie Bible.

A new edition is released every December. It will also be placed immediately in the Indie Bible ONLINE. We’ll also put a listing for you in our monthly newsletter.

The Indie Bible is a highly TARGETED directory. To qualify, your service MUST fall under one of these categories:

  • MAGAZINE, WEBZINE or Blog that REVIEWS independent music
  • RADIO STATION or SHOW that PLAYS independent music
  • VENDOR or LABEL that SELLS independent music (you must be actively seeking new talent)
  • an AUDIO BLOG or DIGITAL SERVICE that allows independent artists to UPLOAD their music or video files
  • any other helpful resource that enables independent artists to gain more exposure


For a VENUE Listing in the INDIE VENUE BIBLE, you simply need to run a venue, club, restaurant, coffee house, house concert, festival, concert series etc. that welcomes the music of independent artists.

Do NOT submit a listing if you are:

  • a SOLO ARTIST, BAND or SONGWRITER (artists and bands are NOT listed in the Indie Bible)


Listings in the Indie Bible are FREE!

To submit your service, simply send an e-mail to with your NAME, WEBSITE, CONTACT INFORMATION and a BRIEF DESCRIPTION of what your service has to offer. Please include the GENRES that you prefer to work with.