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The Trifecta You Must Have For The Next Time You Release Music…


[New for 2022!] In place of the Indie Venue Bible (one of our most underrated products), the Spotify Bible has been added to the lineup! The remixed Ultimate Indie Bundle is better than ever and will make promoting your music a breeze.

#1) The Indie Bible


The Indie Bible has contacts for everyone you need to get the word out. Radio stations, Publications, Podcasts, Blogs, Labels, Distributors, Publicity services, and MORE! This will help you create a buzz around your release!

#2) The Indie Bible Online Database


The Indie Bible Online Database is constantly being updated with thousands of services worldwide that help you promote your music, that you can filter by service, genre, and location. This is accessible anywhere you have wifi, or can be copied into your own personal database.

#3) The Spotify Bible

IndieSpotifyBible1 (1)

The Spotify Bible is our best-selling directory. As your release approaches, you can use this to reach playlist curators to get your music in front of thousands of new fans! This directory has curators for any genre you can think of, no matter how experimental your music gets.

BOTTOM LINE? This bundle is a must-have for indie artists… and right now (on this page only), you can get all three of these products for $150 $79!

Ultimate Indie Bundle Remix

These three top-selling products make one indie music promotion trifecta!


(Online Database recurring for $29/year starting one year after purchase)

This limited time offer ends at 11:59PM PST on March 24, 2022…

Get it before the clock runs out!


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