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- September 2001 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
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Table of Contents

8. HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICIST PART II by Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity
E-MAILING TIP OF THE MONTH by David Wimble, The Indie Bible
10. CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Rainmaker Publicity, founded in 1996 by ex-ABC Radio exec,
Rhonda Kelley , is looking to add a few new bands to their roster
this year. Rainmaker works with unsigned artists and indie labels ONLY!!

For more info and rates, go to: www.rainmakerpublicity.com


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For submission inquiries and additional information visit:


Welcome to the September edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

First off, as many of you know, the 3rd Edition of The Indie Bible is finally available! This new edition contains over 6000 contacts that will either REVIEW your music, PLAY it on the radio, help you to SELL it, or allow you to UPLOAD your MP3 files at their site! There is also a number of helpful resources that will help you to promote your band and your music. Most of these are free.

This new edition also has new sections for Women in Music (400 contacts), Christian Music (210 contacts), Goth (120 contacts) and New Age Music (110 contacts). For more info on the new edition, visit www.indiebible.com/icb or e-mail me at: bigmeteor@home.com

Now, taking a look at this month's Indie Contact Newsletter, Ariel Hyatt is the President of Ariel Publicity, Artist Relations, and Cyber Promotions in New York. This month we feature PART TWO of her 3 part series on how to be your own publicist. In this month's segment, Ariel gives some tips on getting your CD ready and into the hands of the right people for review.

There is higher number of contacts than usual this month, so the second article is a short one, and is actually the first installment of a new series I like to call "E-Mail Tip of the Month". In this series, I'll address the various aspects of e-mail etiquette. I'll also give some pointers on how to tap into this powerful and effective tool - but in a reasonable and respectful fashion. If you have any do's or don'ts of your own in regard to using e-mail, please send them my way, and I'll be glad to add them into an upcoming installment.

And finally in this month's review section, the MuzikMan reviews the impressive CD "Believe", by Susan Z.

PLEASE NOTE that the Interactive Music Xperience (IMX) that has been advertising in this newsletter the last few months, and was due to take place this October in Los Angeles, has been cancelled!! For the most selfish of reasons, their website is still up and running, with no indication that they have bolted, but I assure you that they have gone under, and there will be no IMX this year.

ALSO NOTE that The Nashville New Music Conference, which will be held October 10-14, 2001 in Nashville, is still going strong. I'll be there, so please drop by my booth and introduce yourself. This conference will feature more than 200 showcasing artists at over 20 venues in downtown Nashville. You can find out more by visiting their website at http://www.2nmc.com

Many of you have requested that I put up a message board at my site so that people can communicate about the success's they have had with various radio shows or publications as well as the places to avoid and why. There are a number of boards set up at: www.indiebible.com Feel free to promote anything you like!

As is the case every month, there are a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain some exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the September edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble


SOUNDWRAP is the world's first FREE complete solution for music producers, artists and distributors to securely distribute and sell their music over the web by converting unsecured MP3's into MPS files. MPS files may be swapped and copied but will need to be purchased to be enjoyed in full. SOUNDWRAP automates the registration, sale and billing of music over the net and at the same time offers total protection against PIRACY. Download your FREE wrapper now at www.soundwrap.com/IndieContact and start selling your music online TODAY.

Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in August.
As is the case in The Indie Bible, the contacts listed
are sorted into five sections.
1. Publications that review Independent Music
2. Radio stations/shows that play Independent music
3. Online services that will help to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or Videos
5. Resources and promotional sites for Independent bands




Lilith's Child Website Magazine
Erin P. Capuano LilithChildMAG@cs.com
Concentrating on up and coming artists, we look for local singer/songwriters or bands that we can cover in our issues. Our issues come out monthly and in them you can find articles, interviews, show reviews, cd reviews, and monthly columns. Our webzine does not turn any female artist away...it's free exposure.

Bruce Hartley bruce@figgle.com
We feature album reviews and interviews with artists we think are interesting for one reason or another. We're always anxious to hear new music - or even old music that didn't get its proper audience. We can't promise we'll review it, but we'll definitely give it a listen.

Theresa Key info@studio2000.tv
Your Guide To Interactive Entertainment & Technology, is an interactive news journal for musicians, artists, multimedia developers & fans of the entertainment industry. Each issue features exclusive interviews, ECD/Music reviews, technology reviews and best practices in marketing & promotion - those that utilize rich media, the internet, DVD, ECD and wireless technologies to get the job done.

An international, online, monthly magazine devoted to emerging women in music. FEMMUSIC features interviews, show reviews, CD reviews, show previews, genre based artist directory, artist of the month, demo of the month, website of the month, and more.

Trance Pro.com
Seth Wells seth@trancepro.com
We offer news, reviews, interviews and much more dealing with Trance and electronica.

The Female Musician
Tj Orlando FM@femalemusician.com
Educational electronic music magazine,audio production facility and community geared for women of all ages in all areas of the music industry.

from those who are looking to have their songs placed in television, film, and commercials. We are also looking to hear from emerging indie bands, solo

artists, and great songwriters who are targeting the major and indie record labels hoping to land a recording contract. All styles of music are welcome and eligible for licensing and record label submission. Broadcast quality recordings are a must!

Visit www.noma1.com for more information.
Phone: 877-980-7700. E-mail: promotion@noma1.com




The No Non-Smoking Zone
An online Radio show that features unsigned and indie bands. Our live broadcast can be heard Wednesday and Saturday 7 PM Central Time, Chicago, IL USA. We're just a couple of old musicians still paying our dues. To hear your music on our live broadcast send us an e-mail.

Radio Crystal Blue
Dan Herman cblue@mindspring.com
Radio with a freeform feel; old/new music plus spotlight on musicians with strong Internet presence. Live biweekly Internet radio.

Rob Vining rob@radioaid.com
Streaming radio exclusively for unsigned/independent artists, providing band's website link through streaming radio player as their music plays.

KWRS 90.3 FM
Molly Schwartz kwrsmd@mail.whitworth.edu
Spokane's Best College Radio. Broadcasting to the city of Spokane, WA on 90.3 FM and to the entire world at http://www.whitworth.edu/Students/Kwrs/webcast.html

Sirius Satellite Radio
Meg MGriffin@siriusradio.com
Sirius has begun broadcasting and is now conducting a comprehensive quality assurance program. Following the completion of this program, we will begin commercial service for consumers later this year. We are working with an eclectic group of music experts that have three things in common: they know the music, they know the people who make the music, and they know what listeners want to hear. Our music programmers are musicians, music historians, and composers, among others. We welcome the music of Independent artists!

Jorge Aloy jaloy@crosswinds.net
I'm a music journalist, radio DJ and dancefloor DJ, and I work at FM radio stations and dance clubs in La Plata, Argentina. I have my own daily show on RADIO FUTURA 90.5 FM. I also host a weekly show at powerful LR11 Radio Universidad FM 107.5 I play "world" stuff, electronic, HH and weird bands. These stations and I are very interested in knowing and spreading good new music. We think it's important to give our listeners a free choice, and show them many options, new or unknown musicians. And specially to have place to non popular/"top40" music, new music growing in the world, etc. You can send promo items (CD, tape or vinyl), as well as the information and any questions that might arise about our work, to this address: Jorge Aloy, c/o Radio Futura, Conexi?n C.C. 465, 1900 La Plata, Argentina, South America.

When you send your music, write "CD, CASS, PROMOTIONAL MUSIC" etc. on the envelope, to avoid problems with our mail customs.

KWKM Radio
We are accepting submissions from indie artists (all styles) for possible airing on a developing indie artist show on our station. Acceptable formats include cd, dat, cass and 1/4"2trk (vinyl too). Send to: Billman/KWKM Radio, 1520 Commerce Drive, Show Low, AZ 85901. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

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Disc Makers offers complete CD, cassette, and 12" vinyl packages and provides helpful guides, newsletters, and DIY resources to the independent musician. We offer most every CD packaging option available, from jewel boxes and Digipaks to jackets and CardDiscs-- all with the fastest turn times in the industry. Our packages include a free UPC barcode, unparalleled customer service, and a money-back guarantee. Get 300 full-color, 11"x 17" posters for only $99 when you make CDs with Disc Makers. Learn more at http://www.discmakers.com/hl




JK Music
The best in underground rap music.

The divining rod between music industry professionals and STAR QUALITY musicians.

We provide the One foundation for the fan and artist to meet - to be engaged. Music will be available to all listeners, near and far. The Artist can go into all the world and the fan can experience the Next. We are currently promoting 25 artists out of 200 we will be embedding into MP3 players. These players will be sold in Major retail Store Chains, with JavaMusic artists preloaded into them. We are already doing this, and we are still searching for 175 more artists for the next phase of it.

Cut out the middleman and sell it yourself. Yes that right with 440music.com you sell directly to the customer. Don't pay high commission to an online store when you don't have to. If you have an e-mail address we can set-up an on-line store for your band. Send an e-mail to tom@timsc.com and request info on musicians free internet store.

Barrio Records
Lee Soto info@barriorecords.com
Boston and New England's Premiere Label, first to represent area talent regionally, nationally and internationally. Also developing new talents everywhere in all genres Salsa, Pop, R&B and others.

Molecular Laboratories
Andy info@molecularlaboratories.com
Formed in 1997 by members of the band Miss Lonelyheart and located on the outskirts of Washington, DC the label is dedicated to releasing quality independent rock music that would otherwise go unheard. Accepts unsolicited material.

Digable Records
bgyrL4Life digablerecords@planet-hiphop.com
The #1 nma in the rap game. representing krs-one, u-god, phife dawg, deadly venoms, poor righteous teachers and more. Specializing in online promotion, syndication and distribution on the top MP3, Hip Hop and Rap sites on the net. We can help you establish an online presence or promote your existing site. Servicing labels and independent hip hop/rap acts.

Musiceditor.com, the complete online A&R resource, is offering an in-depth demo critique, and/or the chance to get your demo shopped to major and indie labels to ONE lucky artist or band who purchases the new INDIE BIBLE before November 1st, 2001! Just buy your copy online at https://www.indiebible.com/me and you will be entered automatically! Musiceditor.com's (www.musiceditor.com) A&R staff will contact the winner during the week of November 12, 2001.




Matt matt@topicalnetworks.com
We run a digital download service that offers much to the indie community. We accept digital music from all artists and sell them in digital format to fans, giving artists a direct 50% revenue share. We also have the ability to place indie artists right next to the major label talent we distribute as well. We also will be offering a reviewing service.

A free music video site featuring punk, ska, oi, hardcore, rockabilly, psychobilly and indie bands. We encode and post all the videos for free and link them back to both the band and label website. We have 600+ videos and live clips and, well, we just kinda rule.

"Songwriters in the New Millennium" takes an in-depth look at the songwriting community as it enters the new millennium, characterized by drastic change brought on by technology & the Internet. The report series contains over 16 in-depth articles analyzing the results from the survey by some leading members of the songwriting community such as Dean Kay (ASCAP), J.W. Johnson (BMI), Allen Foster (The Songwriters Monthly), Mark Schulz (NARAS) and David Michael Thomas (NSAI), and is edited by Anne Freeman.

FREE Adobe PDF Report Downloads. Includes:
(1) "Changing Expectations & Realities,"
(2) "Charting a Career Path,"
(3) "Songwriter Survey Results."

You can download a copy of the e-Report series at




DJ dj@greatmusicsites.com
Find Great New Music at GreatMusicSites.com! Attention Artists: Promote your music FREE at GreatMusicSites.com

Paul Cuthbert-Vice paul@longislandmusicscene.com
Long Island's hometown portal for music and entertainment providing free exposure and resources for musicians and music fans.

Lise LePage lepage@indiedisco.com
An independent music community, with users contributing reviews, articles, news, downloads, and more.

Curtis maelstrompr@earthlink.net
A free band-label matchmaking site. The site features band and label profiles, band and label reviews, a music glossary and a difference between terms sections that explains the differences between certain topics that people mess up on all the time.

101 Music Business Contracts, Forms & Agreements
Ty Kelly TopNotchProducts2@hotmail.com
Over 100 Music Business Contracts, Forms & Agreements for anyone involved in the music industry. All music forms covered.

Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com

Bob Masse's Rock Posters
30 years of rock art by one of North America's premier poster artists
Check out our website: http://www.bmasse.com
E-mail: bob@bmasse.com
Telephone: (604) 736-8353


8. HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PUBLICIST - PART TWO by Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity
? 2001 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Part 4: The CD
I assume that if you are reading this you probably already have your CD printed and ready to go. If this is not the case, CD's are easy to print up and lots of manufacturers can guide you in the process. My favorite CD manufacturing house is AMG CD's. They do a great job, have a quick turn-around time, and their prices are great. Mention that you found out about them through us and you will get a discount!!

The CD artwork, like the press kit, must be well thought out. You should customize your press kits so that they look in sync with your CD. This way when a writer opens up a package the press kit and the CD look like they go together. Also, put your phone number and contact info in the CD so if it gets separated from the press kit, the writer knows how to contact you.

I asked Eric Rosen, the VP of Radical Records, how he oversees the development of product. He had a few things to say about stickering CD's (placing an extra sticker on the cover to spark the interest of a writer).

"If you are going to sticker your product, be unique in the way you present it -- try to be clever about it -- plain white stickers are boring." He went on to say that "Recommended Tracks" stickers are great for the press (suggesting no more than two or three selections).

Eric does not think that stickers are too advantageous in CD stores, because then "You are just covering up your artwork."

Don't waste precious CD's! Keep in mind that 500 new CD's come out every week in the United States. Unless you are sure a writer actually writes CD reviews (many are not given the space to run them) don't waste your hard-earned dollars sending that writer a CD. Again, ask the promoter which writers like to receive CD's for review and which ones don't need them.

Q. What do writers like ?

A. Silke Tudor: "When people personalize things and use casual words. If an envelope is hand-addressed, I will notice it right away and I always open things that people put together themselves. Hand-written stuff gets read first. . .The bands that do PR for themselves are the ones that stand out for me"

A. Mike Roberts: "Include the name, show date, time, ticket price, place, and who you are playing with. . .If I don't see the contact number I have 69 other kits to get to."

Q. What do writers hate ?
A. Jae Kim: "I hate those padded envelopes that get gray flaky stuff all over you -- I feel like it's asbestos." She also dislikes "When I get a package with glitter or confetti in it -- it gets all over my desk." "I [also] don't like Q & A sheets" -- She prefers to come up with questions herself rather than receive answers pre-fabricated for her and spoon-fed.

A. Silke Tudor similarly reports: "I never open anything over my computer."

A. Mike Roberts: "I don't have much interest in gimmicks like hard candy. If I tried to eat it, it might kill me. Also you can't expect a writer to shove something in the paper at the last minute. Please give as much lead time as possible."

Q. What do writers throw in the garbage immediately?

A. Mike Roberts: "Anything past deadline."
A. Jae Kim: "Pictures of women's butts or profanity that is degrading to women."
A. Silke Tudor: "If I already know the band and I know that I don't like it."

(continued next month)

Ariel Hyatt is the President of Ariel Publicity, Artist Relations, and Cyber Promotions, in NYC. For the past five years she has worked closely publicizing a diverse family of touring and developing indie bands including Sally Taylor, Leftover Salmon, K-Floor, The Stone Coyotes, Soulhat, Fathead, and devon. http://www.arielpublicity.com

The first The Nashville New Music Conference, which will be held October 10-14, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference will feature more than 200 showcasing artists at over 20 venues in downtown Nashville. Over thirty music business panels during the event have been designed to educate and empower conference attendees. Visit http://www.2nmc.com for details.


9. E-MAILING TIP OF THE MONTH by David Wimble, The Indie Bible
(c) 2001 All Rights Reserved.


E-mail is obviously here to stay as one of the key marketing tools of the 21st Century. You can now communicate in seconds with anyone, anywhere, and often receive a response within minutes, rather than within weeks (as was the case, and still is with snail mail). Best of all - it's free!

Here is this month's tip to help you to better utilize this powerful tool...


Blind Carbon Copy (or bcc:) is a way to send an e-mail to MANY people at once, without anyone being able to see the e-mail address of others that the message has being sent to. If bcc: is not used, and the list IS visible to others, you can be sure that many people will scoop the addresses and add them their own mailing list - meaning more SPAM coming to you, and all those on your list (SPAM is unsolicited e-mail).

As you know, when you receive an e-mail that simply uses a regular cc:, the addresses of all of the other recipients are visible. This can also create chaos when one of the recipients decides to use this as an opportunity to "Reply to All" and send out a message of their own to your list. This usually is followed by a number of angry e-mails from list members, demanding to be removed from your mailing list.

All e-mail programs that I know of have the bcc: option. Sometimes the bcc: is not visible when you first set up your e-mail software, and must be made active by choosing a menu option that allows the bcc: to become active.

You use the bcc: as you would use the regular cc: when copying someone on a message you send out.

1. Prepare the message you want to send out, just as you would any other e-mail.

2. Once the message is ready to be sent out, highlight the list from your address book (or the names) that you want to send your message to.

3. Once the names are highlighted, click the bcc: button.

4. You should now see the list name, or the individual names in the bcc: field of your e-mail.

It might be a good idea to send out a practice e-mail before you send out your true message. You can send a message to yourself, and use a friend's address in the bcc: field. When you get the message, and open it up - if you don't see any other recipients, then you know you have done it right!

Good luck, and happy mailing!

David Wimble is the editor and publisher of The Indie Bible, a directory that helps musicians and songwriters to gain exposure for their music. Gig Magazine (August 2001) calls the Indie Bible "a huge resource" for the Independent musician. www.indiebible.com bigmeteor@home.com

THE INDIE LINK EXCHANGE is a list of people that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 450 current listings, it's a great way to get some immediate and free exposure There are no rules to follow. It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. http://www.indielinkexchange.com/ile


10. WMMW CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
? 2001 Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


Artist: Susan Z
Title: Believe
Genre: Folk-Pop
Label: Mylaboo Music
Website: www.susanz.com

Susan Z and her CD "Believe" will make a believer out of you straight away. Her sweet voice is the mirror of her beautiful smile. With the looks of a model and the voice of angel, this temptress will lure you away from all of your daily cares and worries. Susan sings with warmth and tenderness while playing some contagious chords on her acoustic guitar.

The most prolific tracks are "Wash My Hands" and "Justin Jones." Those songs just really pulled on the proverbial heartstrings. The lyrics and music have a lot of impact. Every song she sings seems destined for top-forty airplay. This is definitely radio friendly music. That could be a good or a bad thing depending on your personal taste. My taste allows for this kind of music to entertain me, not on a regular basis mind you, but often enough to give a good listen and to be able to appreciate good talent when I hear it. Susan Z has it all going for her on this CD. Give it a listen and decide for yourself, or take her music on a test drive right on her site.

1. Lost In Heaven
2. Believe
3. Love Is A River
4. Something
5. Fly
6. Your Kiss
7. Only When It Rains
8. Perfect World
9. Wash My Hands
10. Justin Jones
11. Three Little Animals
12. It Reminds Me

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck muzikman@bcn.net is an independent music reviewer. Keith writes reviews for "Women Of Music-Music Of Women" as well as several other sites on the Internet.

Reviews, interviews, and articles can be viewed at these sites:

Send Submissions and snail mail to:
PO Box 476
Adams, MA 01220

NEW OPPORTUNITY From GuitarGirls.com
In an effort to expand the resources available on the site as well as give as many female guitarists exposure as possible, GuitarGirls.com is looking for female guitarists to write reviews on a favorite guitar instructional book, video or software. With each accepted review, the bio of the guitarist who wrote it as well as a link to her Web site or mp3.com page will be posted.

Please see the URL http://guitargirls.com/guitarbookreview.htm for an example of the review format. If interested, please email Lynn@guitargirls.com with the title of the book, video or software that you'd like to review.

The Musicians Tip Sheet is a free newsletter for musicians which includes many industry contacts and informative information about the music industry.

To subscribe please send an email to:

Zebra Music Web Site http://www.zebramusic.com An information depot for musicians featuring hundreds of Industry Contacts, The Gig Sharing Network, The Musicians Tip Sheet, Industry Interviews, Music FAQ's, Music Chat, The Musician Discussion List and many Cool Links to help your musical act.

It's that time of year again. The Nashville Songwriter's Association (NSAI) has kicked off its 2nd annual song contest! This year's competition has seen tremendous growth over last year. A title sponsorship from the leader in country music programming -- CMT -- and the most popular country site on the web -- Country.com -- have been added to increase awareness of the contest.

Part of the winner's package will include a guest spot on CMT's new afternoon show, Most Wanted Live!

The partnering of CMT and Country.com with the NSAI Song Contest will offer contestants tremendous television and Internet exposure. The contest will be posted on Country.com (the most viewed country site on the web) along with the winner making an appearance on the new Most Wanted Live television program on CMT.

All entries submitted before or on September 14, 2001, will receive $5.00 off each entry and a chance to win a Big Baby Taylor guitar.

For more information log onto http://www.country.com/comm/sweep/nsai

Questions? songcontest@nashvillesongwriters.com

If you are interested in advertising in the next issue of this newsletter please contact me at bigmeteor@home.com or (613) 596-4996. Ads are $25 for 10 lines. If you advertise for five consecutive issues, your ads will only cost $20 each ($100 total).

The newsletter goes out to 9000 people and is growing rapidly!

Just a reminder that past issues of this newsletter can be viewed at: https://www.indiebible.com/newsletter

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