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- November 2004 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
Cover Design By Bob Masse
$29.95 + Shipping

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Your Music by Purchasing The Indie Bible!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sites Where You Can Get Your Music Reviewed
3. Radio Shows that will Play Your Music
4. Online Services that will Help to Sell Your Music
5. Sites Where You Can Upload Your Band's MP3s or Videos
6. Helpful Music Resources
7. How Many CDs Sales Are In Your Audience? by Tim Sweeney, MusicStrategies.com


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Disc Makers' Independent Music World Series is coming back to the West.
The IMWS will give six independent artists the chance to showcase in
front of music industry and compete for over $35,000 in gear and prizes.
Hurry: the deadline for entries is December 3rd, 2004.
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This month's winner of the CD Trophy Clock (for more information visit http://www.cdstands.com/index.shtml?icn ) is:
- Kraig Erickson, Esko, MN

This month's winner of the Sennheiser E835 microphone (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- Omega Johnson, Cambria Heights, NY

This month's winner of a pair of Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones (visit http://www.sennheiserusa.com )
- Sam Hodge, Barboursville, WV

This month's winner of the A&R Directory (for more information visit http://www.musicregistry.com ) is:
- Chad Heaps, Baltimore, MD

This month's winner of "100 Miles to a Record Deal" by Bronson Herrmuth (for more information on this book, visit http://www.songrepair.com ) is:
- Julie Mayne, Austin, TX

This month's winner of the musicSUBMIT music promotion and publicity service (for more information visit http://www.musicsubmit.com ) is:
- Norm Maschke, Toronto, ON

This month's winner of "How To Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet" e-book by David Nevue (for more information on this book, visit http://www.promoteyourmusic.com ) is:
- Phillip van der Heever, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

This month's winner of "The Ultimate Survival Guide to the New Music Industry: Handbook for Hell" by Indie 911 (for more information on this book, visit http://www.indie911.com ) is:
- Jennifer Souza, Reno, NV

This month's winner of FREE webhosting for 2 years through BandLookup.com (for more information visit http://BandLookup.com ) is:
- David Kemick, Calgary AB

This month's winner of the an Artist Press Kit (ArtistPK) (for more information visit http://TOURdatabase.com ) is:
- Will Sokolowski, Crystal Lake, IL

This month's winner of a one year subscriptions to Electronic Musician Magazine (visit http://www.emusician.com) is:
- Lisa Miller, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Beat Wire will deliver your press release directly to the desk tops of over 5000 music editors at daily newspapers, magazines, news agencies, top Web sites, radio stations--every place you need to be promoted. Whether it's a new CD, upcoming tour, charity concert, or any other music-associated event you want to announce, there is hardly anything more potentially rewarding than a positive response to a well-written press release. Our clients have had their music featured in major media outlets like New York Times, CNN, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today to name just a few. In addition to press release distribution, Beat Wire can also write a press release for you.

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"How to Build a Music Web Site That Sells" is a step-by-step guide to the best-kept secrets of selling more CDs on the Internet you ever thought was possible.

"This is the most on-the-money best laid-out easy and entertaining incredibly informative absolutely accurate and insightful book I have ever seen on the subject of promoting your music online." - Derek Sivers, CDBaby and Hostbaby

Beat major labels on the Web: http://www.musicpromotiontips.com


Welcome to the November Indie Contact Newsletter.

This month's article is by author Tim Sweeney. Tim's article focuses on developing habits that will help you to generate MORE CD sales at your live shows. By following Tim's suggestions, you will definitely sell more CDs at your shows.

The new edition of the INDIE BIBLE has just been released! Listings now feature PHYSICAL addresses, PHONE and FAX numbers to go along with the usual WEB and E-MAIL addresses. For more information on the new edition visit: https://www.indiebible.com/ib

If you know of any SERVICES that are open to Independent artists (radio stations/shows, publications, vendors, labels etc.) please let me know about them. As an incentive, I will put FIVE ballots into the monthly draw for you for EACH listing you submit. Available prizes can be viewed at: https://www.indiebible.com/newsletter

To qualify for a listing, a service must NOT currently be listed in the Indie Bible, must be up-to-date, and must fall into one of the 5 Sections. Also, NO listings using FREE SITES sites such as Angelfire or Geocities. You can e-mail your listing(s) to listing@rogers.com Your ballots will be added to the draw right away!

I will be at the NAMM show in January, and am going to try and get some of the music equipment manufacturers to supply some BIG prizes for the end of the year for those that send in the most listings.

As is the case every month, there is a large group of new contacts in this newsletter that can help you to gain more exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the November issue of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble
The Indie Contact Newsletter
Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in October.
The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.

1. Publications that will review your music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play your music
3. Services that will help you to sell your music
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3s or videos
5. Helpful resources and promotional sites for recording artists

Do your records rock? Do they sound huge like the big names? Punchy, warm, loud? Better than the competition? If not, Rare Form Mastering is the answer. Our experienced engineers, mastering grade processing and reference monitoring can bring that major label sound to your music. From your original mixes to the final delivery master, from our engineer's hands to your fans' stereo or surround system. Whether CD, DVD or vinyl, we have the experience to make your music sound the way your audience wants it to sound. Put our 2,500+ albums of mastering experience to work for you.




Hot Indie News
269 12th St. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11215-3919
PH: 917-865-2591 FX: 917-591-4846
James Lane HotIndieNews@yahoo.com
We are now accepting band/CD submissions (official launch date of our site is December 2004) to help independent artists increase their worldwide exposure. So, please feel free to send your CDs/ Press Kits to the address listed above for consideration on our site.

Moving In Stereo
213 Dickinson Ave. East Northport, NY 11731
PH: 516-655-6119
Darren Paltrowitz darren.paltrowitz@gmail.com
An internationally-syndicated monthly column covering albums, concerts, movies, comedy and books.

Metal Coven Webzine
PO Box 580326, Houston, TX 77258
Angel Bollier webmistress@metalcoven.com
Extremely informative online Metal webzine promoting Heavy Metal and the Underground Metal scene.

The Singing Songwriter
112-C Winding Way, Covington, KY 41011
Kenny Hart news@kennyhart.com
Tips, techniques, news, reviews, and resources for performing songwriters and others interested in songwriting and performance. Send your CD and bio or press kit. Syndicated feed reaches millions of potential readers.

Hip Hop Logic
2370 Market St. #391, San Francisco, CA 94114
Clyde Smith hiphoplogic@netweed.com
Hip Hop movies, albums, news, reviews and related Hip Hop phenomenon

The Deli
A new magazine focused on the New York City music scene. Provides news and in-depth interviews with local bands, analyses of where the scene is headed, CD and equipment reviews and features, as well as classified advertising space for bands, studios, and others.

JukeboxAlive.Com. An Online Music Community built for the Independent Touring Musician. State of the art Flash streaming media player for video and MP3. Full Suite of Online Music Options for both touring musicians. Ex. http://karldenson.jukeboxalive.com. Tour calendars / band stations / tour blogging). Promoter Tools for management and labels. Example Profile: http://aquemini.jukeboxalive.com. Search Engine Optimization in Google(r). Multi - Media streaming audio and video for just $4.00 a month. Internet Tour Tools, Template Driven Newsletter Service (Create a proffesional newsletter in minutes), Fan contact management tools - stay connected while on the road. For Info: www.jukeboxalive.com Details:
http://www.jukeboxalive.com/infopacket.html. Phone: 828.232.0013

VISION MUSIC USA is a TRUE independent musician's resource! Services include: Artist Development, Booking, A&R Consulting, Merchandise, Graphic Design, Web Design, CD Duplication, CD Mastering and much more! Take advantage of our great resources including a FREE DEMO EVALUATION for all artists reading this email!

For more information, please contact us:
Vision Music USA - Austin Office - 877-241-2613 or 512-585-1591
Vision Music USA - Boston Office - 877-269-4189 or 781-248-9960
Email - info@visionmusicusa.com Visit - http://www.visionmusicusa.com




Audio Independence
PO Box 24121, New Orleans, LA 70184-4121
Wesley Clark wesley@wesleyclark.com
An internet radio station dedicated to getting independent musicians heard. Our station now gets 75,000 hits a month. We have a unique approach in that we feature new artist for a one hour show playing 5 to 6 songs from their CD. We also list the band and their website or our web page.

H.Perkins Bluegrass, 1320 AM WBRT
106 South 3rd. St. Bardstown, KY 40004
Howard Perkins h.perkins@juno.com
I have two hours of programing a week playing Bluegrass Music. I play a lot of Independent Musician's music. I have live bands drop by as well.

PO Box 9284, Wilmington, DE 19809
PH: 302-798-0144
The TINK radio@thetinksinc.com
The TINK plays most of Metal music made on this earth and then goes to his T.V. show for more.

Blazin' Mics FM
PO Box 25668, Baltimore, MD 21224
Hector Rivera blazinmicsfm@yahoo.com
#1 Unsigned Hype Internet Station. 24/7 365 Days of non stop music!

The Indie Limelight Radio Show
Produced by IAR Networks and Indie Artist Radio, has proven that Independent Music has become "sought for" music around the world. The shows production is a complete hour of Independent music and artist interviews distributed to over 100 radio networks around the world with latest statistics of over 1.2 million listeners every.

A college radio station located at the University of Richmond, Virginia!

Get started selling your CDs at IndieGate.com for only $30.00

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Now indies can sell more CDs at live events with this durable mobile listening station! Comes complete with integrated CD player. Easily portable, it closes to contain and protect all items neatly. Simple, quick and easy to use... just open it and set it on your merch table. Purchase price includes one set-up fee for IndieGate.com.




CD Army - Fighting for Independent Music One CD at a Time
PH: 214-943-7550
Nic Climer nic@cdarmy.com
Independent musicians web hosting and worldwide distribution of your music.

Know It All Records (A Division Of A Know It All Release)
PO Box 25903, Federal Way, WA 98093-2903
PH: 253-476-3409
Malcolm (Lazarus) Bryant knowitallentp@hotmail.com
An entertainment nation and a renaissance record label with an eclectic roster of sustainable and enviable artists with substance, sustenance, and subsistence in their music that bridges generations and geographical origins.

ZCM Records
Am Kesselhaus 9, 79576 Weil am Rhein, Germany
PH: +41-78-631-75-45
Shelley Slater shelley@zcmrecords.com
Independent Metal/Punk/Hardcore label, distro and mail order.

4833 Front St. Unit B, PMB 276, Castle Rock, CO 80104-7901
PH: 303-781-9199 FX: 303-806-2862
Michael P. Meyers michael@starvingformusic.com
Providing a unique outlet for the distribution and marketing of Indie music around the world. Sign up today, no cash outlay from the artists.

Dying Giraffe Recordings
St. Anthoniusplaats 9, 6511 TR NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands
Ingmar info@dyinggiraffe-recordings.com
A label for anyone who is into music, creativity and exchange. We form a label in which commercial interests do not reign supreme. Our aim is to create a better atmosphere for both musicians and music fans.

Egomania Records: The Business Of Rock And Roll
PO Box 370069, Reseda, CA 91337-0069
PH: 818-708-8454
Jon Dunmore dunmore@egomaniarecords.com
An AGENCY, providing video & CD production, press kits for bands and musicians, photography, providing live entertainment for weddings, festivals, corporate, any social function. Online Listings for musicians & bands, web design.

215 Execs Entertainment Consulting and Management
G. Mookie McClary gmcclary@215execs.com
A one of a kind full scale independent music Consulting and Management Firm. Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live!

Incubation Music
PO Box 20425, New York, NY 10025
PH: 212-807-6397 FX: 646-390-7241
Jennifer Grimmer jennifer.grimmer@incubationmusic.com
A music publishing and production company dedicated to the exposure of our catalog and delivering song solutions to our clients.

Stretch the Skies
33 Sumner Park, Rochester, NY 14607
PH: 585-820-9353
Kenneth Fournier ken@stretchtheskies.com
Provides an all-encompassing system for artists to rise through the levels of a career in the music business, by implementing practical tools, industry education, artist development, and career paths that make sense.

Dingo Gold Records
PH: 281-577-0110 FX: 281-577-0175
PO Box 2150, Porter, TX 77365
The finest in Top Shelf entertainment.

The Indie Edge
4341 Spring St. #47, La Mesa, CA 91941
PH: 619-301-3279
Lonny Brooks lb@theindieedge.com
Artist management, guerrilla marketing and PR for the Indie artist.

If your CD isn't for sale in CD Baby, you're losing sales!
CD Baby has been featured in the NY Times, MSNBC, Wired, CNET and more.
10,000 CUSTOMERS A DAY go through cdbaby.com looking for CDs like yours.
Such a popular online store, you HAVE to make sure your CD is there.
They pay $20,000 a week to musicians like you (over $1 million so far!)
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO START SELLING is go to http://www.cdbaby.net
Takes 5 minutes. Send them a box of CDs. They'll sell them and pay you.
Real cool people. Total first-class treatment. Great CD distribution.

The 6th Edition lists 4200 publications that will review your music and 3400 radio stations that will play your songs. ALL genres of music are covered!

"I bought the Indie Bible and am still overwhelmed by it!" - Michael Grady, The Strange Angels

Get your copy today at http://www.indiebible2004.com or visit your local Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Borders, Virgin Records or Barnes & Noble (in Canada at Long & McQuade).




Doug doogz@doogz.net
Discover and listen to the best in Underground artists.

PO Box 18895, Panama City Beach, FL 32417
FX: 707-549-4436
James Moore info@christianweed.com
If you're a Christian artist or label interested in distributing your songs using the Weed system, e-mail us (preferably with a link to samples of your material). If we feel your music is marketable, we'll reply with the paperwork you'll need to fill out and fax back to us.

ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Get yourself a FREE SAMPLE COPY from: bandit.42@aweber.com




PH: 888-996-8742
Jer Olsen
Dirt-cheap CD/DVD Manufacturing, posters, flyers, business cards and more, plus a wealth of free and low-cost industry tools for serious professionals.

NUEVAS MUSICAS: promotion for New Age composers
Priscilla Hernandez postmaster@yidneth.com
Music portal/e-zine and message board for New Age composers

1332 Cat Gap Rd. Clayton, GA 30525
PH: 706-782-5820
Chris Miller chris@doubleplanet.com
Smart learning & entertainment for bright, creative people.

VA UnderWorld Online Magazine
4101 Brookside Ln. Virginia Beach, VA 23452
PH: 757-717-4102
Deidre McClellan anu332002@yahoo.com
Dedicated to the promotion of Underground artists in and around the state of Virginia.

LiveWire Contacts
156 Hamilton St. Cambridge, MA 02139
A contact manager specifically designed for musicians.

QUAD Magazine
Jeela jeela@quadmag.com
Urban music in Hawaii... Interviews, reviews, club listings and links to other Urban music sources in Hawaii.

1670 Heron Rd. Ottawa, ON K1V 0C0
PH: 1866 8477436
Billy info@soulcanada.com
Street Hip Hop. Showcasing the many talents of Canada to the World!

The League of Rockers & The Rolling RocHaus
13318 31st Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98125-4411
PH: 206-367-3584
James II therollingrochaus@hotmail.com
Each is a licensed Recording Company, Music Publishing Company, Motion Picture & Concert Promotion Company all wrapped into one!

265 Sunrise Hwy #322, Rockville Centre, NY 11570
PH: 877-570-7471 FX: 877-570-7471
Michael Paternostro info@getmpk.com
Multimedia press kits on DVD, including all production services - performance/music video, on-camera interviews, audio, photos and DVD programming.

Music Paths Workshops
8161 E. Plata Ave. Mesa, AZ 85212
PH: 480-343-8458 FX: 480-219-8545
Lorrie Smith lorrie@musicpaths.org
Workshops and seminars for musicians and music industry professionals.

In Real Time
POB 15371, Boston MA 02215
PH: 617-233-7426
James McCaffrey info@inrealtime.com
Provides practical knowledge, educational resources, and services to help independent musicians create and share DIY music and video art with the world through online digital distribution and promotion, including comprehensive resources about emerging strategies to provide artists with fair compensation for their work.

Busy Beaver Button Co.
PO Box 87676, Chicago, IL 60680
PH: 773-645-3359
Christen Carter buttongal@busybeaver.net
We make custom buttons good, fast and cheap!

Box 571, Harrisonburg, VA, 22803
PH: 540-434-9426
A helpful resource that allows Independent artists to gain more exposure on the web.

30 Compton Way, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
PH: 609-689-1711
We manufacture our own line of CD Boxes for artists to sell their music at shows or in stores.

Earth 2 Earth
111 N. Perry, Pontiac, MI 48342
PH: 248-335-7015 FX: 248-335-7638
Lisa Angelilli art@freshhotshirts.com
Your one stop shopping for custom screen printing, embroidery and all types of promotional items.


The Indie Link Exchange is a list of music sites that wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 1200

It's a simple one-to-one exchange of text links or banners. ALL styles of music sites are welcome!
SONICBIDS is an online service that connects musicians and music promoters. Instead of mailing out traditional, bulky press kits, Sonicbids' members email Sonicbids Electronic Press Kits (EPKs). Soncbids EPKs - which contain the MP3 files, pictures, press reviews and contact information - can be easily emailed to anyone, anywhere! In addition, members can directly submit their EPKs to some of the world's biggest festivals, clubs, and conferences for free. Members are also eligible for exclusive Sonicbids spots at some of the hottest conferences around the world. Promote your band in a powerful new way, for only $49.95 a year.

Go to http://www.sonicbids.com/default.asp?pID=1435 today!


7. HOW MANY CD SALES ARE IN YOUR AUDIENCE? by Tim Sweeney, MusicStrategies.com
? 2004 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


The reason why most artists can answer is predictable. They continue to make the same mistakes they made before, during and after their shows. For example, using the ideas they got from their fellow artists (who have not even sold as many CDs as they should be able to), they promote their shows in two very typical ways.

One, they email the same mailing list they email about every show. Never taking into account that they are trying to get people who work all day to get back in the car, back into traffic and away from their television sets, which provides hours of mindless entertainment. They don't "preplan" their shows, so there is no idea of which songs they will be doing (except for a hand printed set list) that will have any value or meaning to their fans that show up. In essence saying to them, we didn't think of you enough to plan anything to inspire you so stand there and watch us for 45 minutes and think we are great. Since nothing was planned or thought out ahead of time, the email will merely say, come to our next show at this place on this day and time. Boy that would really inspire me!

Two, when they decide to try to get new fans to come to their shows they head to the streets with flyers. A piece of paper which states again the place and day and time of the show. Nothing of value, just a piece of paper where no one can hear their music. When some artists do give out CD samplers they forget the verbal tracks expressing who they are as artists and the value in their music. Again not putting in the time or effort to do it correctly so it will be of benefit to them and their fans.

When the usual 25 people including friends and family come to the show, they transform into "rock gods" and play to themselves. Never building the bond they need to with the audience that will motivate people to want to buy a CD. They don't talk about their songs or how it relates to the audience. Of course the volume of the music is an issue and the group never did anything about the visual aspect of their show to make people focus on them. Just magically taking the stage after the last 3 bands have played and gone over time will be enough. Won't it?

After the performance, it's time to focus on arguing and letting out all their frustrations. Most groups or artists do this right after the last note of the last song. Or after they put their gear away. Again hiding from the people who came out to see them and making sure to break any kind of bond they have built. And just to frustrate them even more, they will only offer CDs for sale through a merch table where people have to wait in line. That will cap off the evening. Of course they have to save their private time for when they get home to criticize each other for what wasn't done and how they can do better on their own or better yet, it's just time to quit music all together.

If any of this is familiar to you, than you need to start over! It's time to start being a successful artist.

The power of the message in your lyrics and in your songs can't be found solely in someone hearing it. You have to promote yourself as an artist. Reach out to new people all the time. Not your current mailing list who have already bought your CD. New people in your home city. Talk with people. Get them to learn about you. The person you really are. How you can help them be more aware of their lives and community through your music. Express that between your songs at your shows. Redesign the venue to reflect "you" when you play. Be creative. Be different. Be YOU.

After the show, step off the front of the stage with CDs in hand and thank people for coming. Get to know them. Have them buy CDs right then from you. Learn what they liked about your show and your music, so you can share it with new fans. Be the last to leave. Make sure you have talked with and listened to everyone. These are just a few of the strategies that I teach artists like you. Yes, you are an artist. Start your music career over acting like one and believing you are one.
If you are ready to make the small jump from 3-4 CD sales per show to 30-40, check out my in-depth seminars like Music Strategies, (www.MusicStrategies.com) or my books like Tim Sweeney's Guide To Successfully Playing Live. They will help you become the artist that you are. One who can move past self-doubt and procrastination to being an artist that is self-sufficient.
Subscribe to the award-winning free ezine/webzine MUSIC MORSELS - the music industry's monthly publication featuring self-help for musicians and songwriters including interviews with national and unsigned recording artists, industry profiles, CD reviews and much more. Just send an email to MusMorsels@aol.com with the word "Subscribe" in the subject field.

MUSICIANS & LABELS: Send your press kits (must send complete press kit (photo, bio, clippings), not just a CD) to us for possible upcoming reviews or interviews in Music Morsels. We cover all genres. Mail to: Sandy Serge, Editor, Music Morsels, PO Box 672216, Marietta, GA 30006-0037 USA URL - http://www.serge.org/musicmorsels.htm
Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more.

The A&R Registry, Publisher Registry, Music Attorney, Legal & Business Affairs Registry and the Film & Television Music Guide are the four directories no Professional or Musician should be without if you are serious about your career. Each directory covers the US, Canada and UK markets and comes complete with direct dial phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, assistant names and company websites.

For more information, sample listings or to place an order, go to our website at http://www.musicregistry.com or call us at 800-377-7411 or 818-995-7458.
ARE YOU an unsigned act, songwriter or producer?? Looking for a Get yourself a FREE SAMPLE COPY from: bandit.42@aweber.com
Songwriters, bands & artists! Enter to win a grand prize of over US$50,000 in cash, merchandise and more! This the largest prize package in any annual songwriting competition. Also, winners' songs will be featured on a nationally syndicated radio program serving over 60 cities in the US and Canada. Judges include A&R Managers from Major Record labels and publishers. BONUS: Early bird entrants receive a FREE gift.
Hurry, visit: http://www.songwriting.net
On Big Meteor's debut CD "Wild River"

"This is more like what I think of as actual music" - KDVS Radio

"This is music that appeals to the soul" - Zzaj Productions

Purchase your copy today!! https://www.indiebible.com/bmr

Regular Placement Ads are $250 each. If you advertise for 3 consecutive issues, you will receive a $100 discount ($650 total).

Premium placements (the first 2 ad spots) cost $300 per month (with no discount for multiple placements).

This newsletter goes out to over 90,000 music people each month!

Contact: newsletter@indiebible.com or (613) 596-4996.

Past issues of this newsletter can be viewed at:

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