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- July 2001 -

The Indie Bible: Independent Music Promotion
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Table of Contents

8. RADIO AIRPLAY - TIPS FOR SUCCESS by Geneva World, GirlMedea
9. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL TOUR by David Hooper, IndieBiz.com
10. WMMW CD REVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

MAGGIEB.COM invites you to submit your independent CD recording to showcase your work and identity on a dedicated platform. Indie artists of ALL musical styles and genres are encouraged to submit projects for consideration. We feature enormously talented independent musicians and songwriters who are underexposed or on private record labels that are difficult to locate. Maggieb.com provides a unique opportunity for indie artists to be recognized and to be heard. All product sales go directly to you -- the artist -- in support of your endeavors.

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Welcome to the July edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter.

Geneva World is a well known advocate of the Independent music movement. She produced the highly successful "Girl Power Flower Hour" radio show at KCRH Radio in California, and now runs the GirlMedea website, and its online radio show, GirlMedea radio. Geneva has written an exceptional article on how to submit your music to radio stations.

Well known front-liner of the Indie movement, Dave Hooper, has submitted an article with tips on touring. Since summer is upon us, I thought the timing was right to present some tips on how to survive on the road.

The Muzikman is back with another review. This month Keith takes a listen to Judi Silvano's CD "Songs I Wrote Or Wish I Wrote".

As is the case every month, there are a sizable group of new contacts listed that can help you to gain exposure for your music. So dig in, and enjoy the July edition of The Indie Contact Newsletter!

David Wimble

Rainmaker Publicity, founded in 1996 by ex-ABC Radio exec, Rhonda Kelley , is looking to add a few new bands to their roster this year. Rainmaker works with unsigned artists and indie labels ONLY!!

For more info and rates, go to: www.rainmakerpublicity.com

Below are the contacts that were submitted to me in January. As is the case in The Indie Bible, the contacts listed are sorted into five sections.

1. Sites that will review Independent Music
2. Radio stations/shows that will play Independent music
3. Online services that will help to sell your
4. Sites where you can upload your band's MP3 files
5. Sites where you can promote your band!



Stuart stuart@vacant.org.uk
Scottish indie music resource - live and record reviews, band list, gigs, news, streaming radio, message board, local guides, demos...

3BlackChicks Review
Rose "Bams" Cooper bams@3blackchicks.com
I'm interested in submissions from Black artists to start, specifically soul, jazz, and gospel artists (opening to a wider spectrum of styles to be reviewed later). I prefer minidisc, CD, or tape submissions (in that order), though I will accept whatever the artist has available to use.

Music Link of Virginia
PJ Sykes musiclinkofva@hotmail.com
Free links to Virginia based music sites. Featuring reviews & bands of the week!

Cincinnati Music Online
Michael DeWees mdewees@cincymusic.com
An organization providing free promotion of Greater Cincinnati artists and music.

Score! Music Magazine
Jeanne Jeanne@scorerocks.com
We cover an eclectic array of artists, both signed and unsigned. Get reviewed now!


SOUNDWRAP is the world's first FREE complete solution for music producers, artists and distributors to securely distribute and sell their music over the web by converting unsecured MP3's into MPS files. MPS files may be swapped and copied but will need to be purchased to be enjoyed in full. SOUNDWRAP automates the registration, sale and billing of music over the net and at the same time offers total protection against PIRACY. Download your FREE wrapper now at www.soundwrap.com/IndieContact and start selling your music online TODAY.
INDEPENDENT RECORDS provides bar coding, SoundScan registration, and musician discounts for the independent artist. By providing you with the ability to have a retail ready package, you could be on your way to getting your music into retail stores and distributors and into the hands that matter the most, your fans. Come and check us out to see what we have to offer. (http://www.indierec.com)



Moon Radio
Welcome all cybernauts. Our show is transmitted from the moon for your listening pleasure. Take a seat and feel free to enjoy the sounds as we take our journey through madness. But first, we ask that you buckle up. This ship's known to rock!

Closed Caskets for the Living Impaired
Dach dach@closedcaskets.com
The most popular Goth radio show of all time, broadcast locally in Irvine, California and online internationally!

The Space Odyssey
Michigan State University
Amanda thespaceodyssey@hotmail.com
Do you have information on a band that you love, or do you want us to find information on a certain band? Well then please drop us an email and let us know. I am sure if you're curious about a band there are other people out there who would love to learn more about them too!

WSAR Internet Radio
Teddie Tapawan radio@smartapplerocks.com
Supporting Independent Bands and Musicians from Around the World.

Steve Rullman steve@thehoneycomb.com
Music that Matters. Radio*Promotions*Bookings*Design*Record Label. Awarded "Best Local Website 2001" by New Times Magazine

Seismic Radio
Want to have your band featured on Seismic Radio? Want us to interview your band or post a recent interview?

We are big on supporting independent artists and independent labels, giving them the publicity they normally wouldn't get otherwise. please check out the submissions page for more info.

"NOMA Music matches up and then submits the CDs of songwriters, bands, and composers to over 400 worldwide major and indie record label A&R directors, in addition to 200 plus television and film production companies, who license songs and hire composers. If you are determined to have your music heard by key industry people, you can start by sending in your CD and/or giving us a call. Let NOMA Music work for you!" www.noma1.com 1-877-980-7700 (PST) 1-818-566-8817 (International callers) promotion@noma1.com



Skateboard Marketing
An independent music marketing company who focuses on street marketing & commercial specialty shows, active rock & college metal radio promotion. For eight years we have specialized in artist development for all the major labels and many Indies respectively.

The Record Exchange
Don Rosenberg drose@trexonline.com
Vendor that sells independent music / holds in-store performances. (Located in NC and VA)

Traveler Enterprises
Harold Crosby cros_1@excite.com
We work around the world with country artists in promotion, publishing, airplay and sales.

GenX Village
Mike Call mungo@gxvillage.com
We are a new site that would like to help all the independent and local bands with CD sales, web hosting and Mp3 downloads.

Opulent Records
Jason Appleton booking@sgwband.com
We are an Indie Label that provides support for Indie Bands needing booking, online radio play, distribution and otherwise.

Dreams to Reality Records
Bonnie Ray bray@dreamstorealityrecords.com
We provide entertainment the whole family will enjoy. Searching for new talent - non-exclusive contracts available.

GUERRILLA MUSIC MARKETING HANDBOOK by Bob Baker This is your guide to independent music success secrets, featuring over 175 ways to thrive and prosper with your own band or record label. Goal setting, networking, lists of distribution channels, offbeat promotional ideas. It's all here!

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The CDs, CD-Rs, vinyl, cassettes, DVDs, t-shirts, videos, etc. you have worked hard to produce (you know, the ones you're selling off the corner of the stage between sets at your gigs) will be what IndieWax.com wants to promote and distribute for you.

We enable musicians to interact creatively with other musicians as well as engineers, DJs, agents, producers and other artists across all geographic boundaries, genres, bad weather and screaming landladies!

Music Network USA - Artist Video Showcase
Vic Pettenuzzi vicp@mnusa.com
Are you an artist with streaming video of your band? Send us a direct link to your streaming video clip with a brief description of your band. Your link will be considered for our "Artist Video Showcase Directory". It is recommended your streaming video is available in popular streaming formats such as RealVideo.

Indie-Music.com - Where Serious Musicians Surf

One of the original musician resource websites, Indie-Music.com offers thousands of contacts - venues, studios, media, radio, labels, and more. Plus, an extensive archive of how-to's for the music business, and up-to-date commentary on the industry. The Indie News newsletter provides a free tip sheet with listings for radio airplay, record label submissions, gig opportunities, and more. https://www.bookingagentsdirectory.com
The ILE is a list of music people who wish to exchange links with other music related sites. With over 400 current listings, it's a great way to get some free exposure Everyone involved with the music business is welcome to place a listing. It's a one-to-one exchange of text links or banners, and as I mentioned....it's FREE!



Hank Walker hwalker@gigswaps.com
Free Service. Book shows online, communicate with your local scene, and use online tools to help build your following.

Music Planet Festival Finder
Current listings of music festivals around the world.

If you are an Independent Musician, Unsigned Band or Songwriter, you've come to the right place! This FREE Resource will provide all the tips and information you need to help you with the business side of your music and make it easier for you to follow your dreams...

"HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC SUCCESSFULLY ON THE INTERNET" by David Neuve, shows you powerful Internet marketing techniques to help sell your music merchandise online!

Buy it today at BEST MUSIC BOOKS


8. RADIO AIRPLAY - TIPS FOR SUCCESS by Geneva World, GirlMedea
? 2001. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.


As a DJ and Music Director of the college station KCRH, I have experienced a variety of self-promotion (dare I say guerrilla?) tactics of indie musicians trying to get airplay. I have wept as indie musicians have hounded me and other times politeness has resulted in high rotation for an artist on my show.

There are tricks to submitting your music to radio stations. Don't assume that your talent alone will get you airplay, nor believe that your great selling techniques will get you on the playlist. You can save a lot of money, time and self- respect by following the below guidelines.

1. Make sure your music is ready to be heard on the radio.

This is the most important rule I can give you. Unless the radio station says that it excepts demos or indie recordings, don't send material that has not been properly recorded and mastered.

2. Just because you "give" the station your CD, it doesn't mean they owe you.

I get bands that call me every week, telling me that they sent in their album and are telling their friends about my radio show. They continue to tell me who else is playing them, where they are appearing, how many times they have called and ask why am I not jumping all over them. I expect this from PR and record labels. That's their job and in most cases they are offering a product that is suitable, popular and have a relationship developed with me.But if you're going it alone, do not make yourself a nuisance. Do not make the me feel like I OWE you for the CD you sent in. It's the quickest way to becoming a coaster.

3. Do not go through DJs (unless otherwise noted).

Little known fact: DJs are at the bottom of the barrel. Unless they produce their own show (normally only college stations) the playlist is made by the Music Director. You want to send your material to the Music Director. Not the DJ.

4. Do not make more then one follow-up phone call.

You Have two choices. Call once and make contact with the Music Director to tell them the CD is on their way, or call about 3 weeks after sending the CD to check on its status. Unless you are told to make contact again, don't. You will be considered a pest and won't help you (Music Directors talk to one another). When you make the follow-up phone call, inform the Music Director of who you are, the band name, what type of music you play and when you sent the CD. Give them your phone number (it probably won't be written down) and say you are free to talk anytime.

If the Music Director says s/he has listened to the CD and does not think it is suitable, don't continue to sell yourself. They have made up their mind, and rarely do they reverse it. What you should do is ask for why the CD was not chosen (you may get tips for improvement next time) and if they know anyone who may be interested. Thank them listening.

If you are told that you are going to be on the playlist, do not go overboard with questions. Ask when you may expect to see yourself in rotation, what songs will be used and if the station would be interested in having you appear live on one of the shows. If the answers are not available, ask when would it be a better time.

* I've been seeing bands include a postcard SAS (self addressed stamped) prompting me to pop it in the mail when I receive the CD and if I plan on playing any songs. Expensive but wonderfully effective.

5. Research before you send your CDs out.

CDs cost money, don't waste yours. Only send your CD to radio stations who play your style. As simple as it sounds, too many bands don't research where they send their music. At a rap station, I still know of folk CDs that get sent in. At a classical station, I've heard of classic rock appearing. This does not get you airplay. So, call the station or check out their website and find out the station's format.

6. List which songs could be singles.

Labels tend to pick which songs will be singles and radio will follow those guidelines (most of the time). Don't make the Music Director search your entire CD for a hit. I will normally try three tracks and listen for 30 seconds. If nothing moves me, to the pile it goes. What if I hit the wrong three tracks? I don't add you to the playlist. Invest in buying stickers to place on your CD with tracks listed that you think make good singles.

7. Don't send a book for your press release.

Personally, I like bulky press releases. I like knowing about the bands that I like. But that's because I do interviews and reviews. With the rare exception of myself, sending in big press releases just destroys trees. In a cover letter, try to cover the most important information about yourself. Keep it simple and include contact info. Including a photo of the band signed.

* Things never to include in the envelope: Glitter or anything that could blind unsuspecting Music Directors.

Also, look into buying The Indie Contact Bible. This will help you with your research and get those CDs of yours out the door. Also, don't neglect internet radio stations. They are a perfect training ground for new bands.

Geneva World was the producer of highly popular radio show, Girl Power Flower Hour. Ever the supporter of women in music, Geneva has developed a website about girl musicians at GirlMedia http://www.girlmedia.com. Geneva is also the director of GirlMedea radio, which runs from the site.


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9. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL TOUR by David Hooper, IndieBiz.com
(c) 2001 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission


Anybody who has ever been on a tour will tell you that it?s not all fun and games. In fact, a lot of times it can be just the opposite. Still, bands comes to me all the time wanting to hit the road on what they think will be the thrill of a lifetime. Here are some steps I put together with a band named Adam http://www.adam.org for those who think they want to be road warriors.

The Big Four:

YOU'RE GOING TO NEED RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION First of all, don?t buy a van your first time out. Lease one and see if this is something you really want to get involved with. If you?re ready to take the plunge and buy something, a new van is always best as far as reliability, but you can also find real bargains at rental companies. These companies are great about keeping their automobiles serviced like they should and keep great records of all maintenance done.

If you do buy something or use your own van, don?t even think about hitting the road without a AAA membership. Not only will they pick up your broken down car, they?ll also make sure you don?t wind up in jail...at least for speeding.

YOU'RE GOING TO NEED SOMEWHERE TO CRASH Hotels can get expensive. Aside from the "I traveling along and need a single room" trick, you may be able to get two nights for the price of one simply by getting an early check in (3-4am), sleeping in, and staying at the same hotel the same night.

In other words, play your gig, drive to the next place you?re going, check in, sleep, get up, play the next gig, and go back to the same room that night. It throws your sleeping schedule off, but you?re broke and nobody said this would be easy.

Can you live without HBO? Campgounds like KOA are a reasonable option if you just want a shower and don?t mind sleeping in a tent or the van.

Another great option is staying with other bands you meet along the way or ahead of time. People love to help other people. Take advantage of the Internet to meet people and work on your relationship ahead of your tour.

YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO EAT Get some camping gear and get used to cooking your own food whenever you can. You?ll feel better than eating fast food all the time as well as save money.

Another advantage of hotels is that many offer free breakfasts. Take advantage of this when you can and be sure to make a few trips to take care of as many future breakfasts as possible.

YOU'RE GOING TO NEED MONEY Don?t count on getting paid for every gig you have lined up. Sooner or later, you?re going to run short on funds. Panhandling or selling CDs on the street is an option and may very well get you the cash you need to get enough gas to get to the next city.

Have a credit card for emergencies! Murphy?s Law applies here, so don?t be stupid!

OTHER IMPORTANT RULES 1. Avoid calling cards! The surcharges really add up and you?ll definitely need the money for something else.

http://www.broadpoint.com lets you get free long distance on the road by listening to ads before each call.

2. Get plenty of sleep. If you don?t your performance will suffer and you won?t be able to do interviews, visit record stores, or anything else you?ll need to do make this tour a success. Sleeping bags are a must. They?re great the the van, in strange houses, and wherever else you?re going to end up.

3. Pack light. This isn?t a vacation, it?s work. The less junk you bring, the less there is to clutter the van/bus, the less there is to break, the less there is to annoy the neat-freaks in the band, etc.

4. It's sometimes cheaper to go thrift-store shopping than to spend money at the Laundromat.

5. Avoid buying anything in States with high sales tax. Buy cigarettes in NC, KY, and other tobacco states. Avoid buying them in NY, PA, and NJ.

6. Avoid alcohol. It de-hydrates you, costs a lot of money, and tends to make everyone irritate each other much more quickly. Remember, this isn?t a vacation.

7. Be NICE to people. It will go a long way and be well worth it when you come around next time.

8. When unloading and loading your equipment, keep on person at the van, and one inside the venue to keep an eye on things. NEVER leave your equipment unattended, even if you think you can trust the people...you can?t.

9. Unless you're late, drive the speed limit. You?ll get better mileage and not have any problems with cops. One speeding ticket can screw up the whole tour budget.

10. If possible, take a laptop computer with you. Yahoo! has great information on the places you?re visiting, maps, and things you really can?t live without.

11. Print off a list of all your contacts, including your mailing list, and keep it with you. If you get in a bind, try contacting someone in the area & see if they can help you.

Good luck with your tour!

David Hooper is the founder of IndieBiz.com and co-author of How I Make $100,000/year in the Music Business (Without a Record Label, Manager, or Booking Agent)! He is known for combining traditional music business knowledge with the guerrilla marketing necessary for independent bands to compete. He has worked in the past with Lords of Acid, Marcy Playground, and bush. Current clients include Confederate Fagg and the Kentucky Headhunters.

Dave is also co-hosting the first The Nashville New Music Conference, which will be held October 10-14, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference will feature more than 200 showcasing artists at over 20 venues in downtown Nashville. Over thirty music business panels during the event have been designed to educate and empower conference attendees. Visit http://www.2nmc.com/ for details.


JOIN THE INDIE REVOLUTION! "Booking, Promoting and Marketing Your Music" by Nyree Belleville, provides the step-by-step tools that you need to make a good living as a musician and performer.

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10. INTERVIEW OF THE MONTH by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


This month Keith reviews Judi Silvano's CD "Songs I Wrote Or Wish I Wrote".
Genre: Jazz
Label: JSL Records-www.jslrecords.com
Website: www.jazzcorner.com/silvano
Judi Silvano lets her heart and soul come pouring out on her CD "Songs I Wrote Or Wish I Did." This woman really knows how to manipulate a song to fit her voice and style. She is fortunate to have a well-versed band to support her colorful and poignant vocals. Its lead singing like Silvano's that make a jazz song sound like it should. With highly energized emotionally charged music to back her every step of the way, she makes it seem so effortless and natural. She sings every song like it's her birthright.

She covers "A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing" like it was written specifically for her, and on the other side of the tracks sings "Hey Boy", whereby she becomes the flirtatious diva with a message. "I Love Music" tells her story. She interjects her vivacious personality into every song. And it all comes right from the tip of her toes. You find out how much she loves music very quickly from the way she handles herself throughout each and every song.

It's easy to see that Judi Silvano is in this game for the long haul. She takes her art seriously, and it shows throughout this whole album. I found the music to be excellent from start to finish, and that is what compliments Silvano so well. At times the band is allowed to spread its proverbial musical wings and strut its stuff, as the singer gives them some room to do what they do best. Ultimately she is rewarded by her open-ended approach to the music and the power the lyrics hold. I recognized the group's talent and abilities collectively quite readily when I was able to listen to the entire band without separating the vocals. It's a fascinating and rewarding experience when you can focus on the singer, the music, and then both.

This girl swings, and she looks every bit the part of the fulfilled singer on the cover of this CD. Now you tell me? is she having a good time living to the fullest and experiencing all the joys of life and her music or not?

? Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
June 12, 2001

1. Sad & Blue
2. When Love Was You & Me
3. Make It Classic
4. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
5. Without Rhyme Or Reason
6. I Love Music
7. Listen To This
8. If I'm Lucky
9. Hey Boy
10. Climbin' The Peak
11. Something Tells Me
12. You're My One

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck muzikman@bcn.net is an independent music reviewer. Keith writes reviews for "Women Of Music-Music Of Women" as well as several other sites on the Internet.

Reviews, interviews, and articles can be viewed at these sites:

Duckmusic.com and OnStage Magazine launch Onstagetrivia.com where musicians can win over $13,000 in prizes.

Musicians can test their knowledge of the music business and win prizes at Onstagetrivia.com. Each month new questions will be created from the current issue of Onstage magazine. From Green Day to Smash Mouth, Counting Crows to Clint Black.

Onstage magazine is where artists grab the mic and sound off about making music and livin' the life. Over $13,000 in prizes will be given away. The grand prize winner will have their next CD or CD single enhanced by DuckMusic.com.


Onstage magazine is available news stands for $3.95, or for subscription online at http://www.onstagemag.com. The Onstagetrivia.com sweepstakes will run from May 1st to September 30th. The grand prizewinner will be announced October 1st. Potential sponsors can contact Onstage sales associate Keith Murray at kmurray@intertec.com.

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EXPOSITORY MAGAZINE is a cyber-collection of writings, art, Media Reviews and humor centered on the feminist experience. Published bimonthly, our June issue (Vol 1, Issue 2), premieres our new section devoted to feminist, female Indie musicians. In each issue EM will be highlighting, promoting and reviewing one artist per issue. To that end, if you are a female, feminist-minded musical artist (and not a Hollyweird/Corporate construct), we are interested in hearing from you. Please email us with your details and be willing to provide a CD, bio and press package for evaluation upon request. Tina Coggins ExpositoryMagazine@tcdesign.net www.tcdesign.net/Expository

EM is looking for a music reviewer!! If you are a feminist into female Indie music, who knows about music and how to write about it articulately (and are willing to do it for free), for the love of God/dess please write, take the keyboard out of our hands and give our much-deserving musicians the props they've earned. Tina ExpositoryMagazine@tcdesign.net

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The newsletter goes out to 8300 people and is growing rapidly!

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