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    2. Radio Stations, Shows and Podcasts that will PLAY your songs
    3. Labels, Vendors, Distributors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
    4. Websites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
    5. Helpful Resources for recording artists

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Get Your Buzz Up
Shah Evans
Dedicated to supporting indie/underground/unsigned Hip Hop and R&B music! All MP3s and videos MUST contain a 500x500 or bigger jpg of the artist. If you're sending a mixtape, send the mixtape artwork for inclusion in the post. If we are interested in posting your audio, video or interviewing you, someone will contact you, there is no need to follow up. @getyourbuzzup

The Girls At The Rock Show
We are a diverse coterie of badass girlfriends that are from various social, ethnic and geographical backgrounds from all across the United States. We all met serendipitously and have bonded and gathered to form a sisterhood to bring you an international digital media site dedicated to music reviews (EP/LP), concert reviews, interviews and so much more. Whether you have a general question or you're an artist(s) looking for coverage, you've come to the right place. We love to turn people on to new music, so if you have EPs/LPs/Singles/live dates that you'd like us to review or let the world know about, drop us a line or you can complete our ONLINE FORM. Either way, we'd love to hear from you. @GirlsATRockShow

Beautiful Buzzz
Erin Maher
A new music blog and event production company based out of San Francisco, CA. Our goal is to expose up-and-coming artists who we believe are on the cutting edge of Indie Pop, Nu-Disco, House, Electronic and Dance music. We believe the world needs to know about the little guys - and we love to support independent musicians from around the globe! We try to feature music within 7 days of release. Ideally we'd love to listen to your music before it comes out with a private Soundcloud link and release date. Please only send us Soundcloud and Spotify links. We mainly post singles - we love listening to albums, but will only post one song from the album. If you're sending us an album please specify which single you want us to post. We do not post music videos - sorry! Please send us a promo photo along with the music - we want to showcase you not your cover art! We want to know the people behind the music. Taking these into consideration will give you the best opportunity of being featured on our pages. Thanks! @beautifulbuzzz

The Doorway To
Clint Listing
Digital Extreme Underground music outlet. Underground Metal (Doom, Death, Black, Grind, Thrash, Prog, Post and Avant). Hardcore & Post Hardcore. Post Rock and Prog Rock. Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics, Neo-Folk, Martial Industrial and Odd Electronica. We prefer not to get physical submissions. We accept digital promos download links. DO NOT ATTACH FILES - they will be deleted!!! @Azmzine

jerome promotions

jerome promotions



Halshack Indie Rockcast
Hal Jester
I began my company HALSHACK as an independent A&R, public relations manager and now a radio personality to source bands and artists that I feel are in viable contention of possible notoriety or even stardom in the mainstream music industry. I look for quality emerging artists an aspire to working with only the best indie and unsigned acts. I produce my own radio show in order to gain attention for these artists by giving full promotion on my website, radio show and various social media outlets and platforms as well as possibly having an article or review written about certain acts that garner the attention. We also provide blogs and music reviews for certain artists that we deem worthy of the extra exposure by my highly trained staff of ex record label scouts and musicians. I cater mainly to Rock/Alt/Pop with a smattering of Reggae, Ska, Americana and Funk occasionally mixed in. @halshack

KRBX - Radio Boise
1020 W. Main St. #50, Boise, ID 83702
PH: 208-258-2072
A community radio station. Our volunteer programmers strive to provide quality local programming for the wide range of people and communities in our listening area who are not satisfied by existing media outlets. To submit your music, e-mail us a LINK to your media. @radioboise

The Spy
33 NE 7th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Ferris O'Brien
Your go-to location for independent, local music and features more than 20 unique specialty shows that include 80s New Wave, Rockabilly, Soul, Punk and Post-Punk, Classic Alternative, Blues and Roots, Reggae and much, much more. Additionally, The Spy hosts an all-vinyl show, a wine-and-music pairing show, a dating show, and an Oklahoma music show. These specialty shows set The Spy apart from traditional corporate radio. @thespyfm

Radio Free Fargo
PO Box 1899, Fargo ND 58107
PH: 701-478-4959
Matt Oland
A low power FM station broadcasting from the Fargo-Moorhead area on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. Our DJs play a wide range of music reflecting a diverse range of tastes and we will be supplementing this programming with talk shows discussing issues of local and national importance and interest. The station plans to strongly feature the local arts and music scene and provide a vital resource to the Fargo Moorhead community. @RFF959

WLXU - Lexington Community Radio
123 E. 6th St., Lexington, KY 40508
PH: 859-721-5688
Mary Clark

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Howard Rosen Promotion
521 W. Channel Islands Blvd. #15, Port Hueneme, CA 93041
PH: 805-382-2200 FX: 805-201-7816
Since 1985 We have been helping artists reach their goals of obtaining radio airplay, expanding their fan base, and creating awareness throughout the industry. @Howiewoodpromo

National Record Promotion
137 N. Larchmont #500, Los Angeles, CA 90004
PH: 323-658-7449
Larry Weir
We promote artists and groups at radio with an emphasis on independent labels and recording artists. Over the last five years NRP has worked with many major acts. NRP will assist you in weekly tracking reports...national chart activity & radio interviews.

119 Bowling Ave. Nashville, TN 37205-2357
Tony Bates
Our Radio Promotion work focuses on relevant radio stations (terrestrial and online), especially college radio stations, in the U.S., Canada and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Our staff works daily to build relationships with radio stations, regional promoters, music/entertainment publications and websites, and media outlets throughout North America as well as in eastern and central Europe. We work mostly with Rock, Pop-Rock, Americana and Alt-Country artists.

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JSC International Entertainment
We are looking for songs that can be played in Japanese commercial outlets, such as restaurants, cafes, and retail stores in Japan. We are particularly looking for Bossa Nova and Latin music as well as songs of Japanese sounds due to high demand for the upcoming licensing opportunity. This music will be used for background music in many different situations. Japanese listeners like Bossa Nova and Brazilian music, so this can be a great opportunity for those who compose and play this type of music.

Beet Events
288 E. 1st St., North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B3
PH: 604-817-8830
Artist & tour management. We work with developing artists to grow their career in Canada. Services include artist career coaching, grant writing, branding, booking, musician staffing and more.

PH: 310-801-0137
Music production / brand development / public relations & social media management. @SLSeventgroup

119 Bowling Ave. Nashville, TN 37205-2357
Tony Bates
We provide Social Media Marketing and Social Commerce Solutions for our clients, in addition to Artist Management and Record Label Services. We work with artists, record labels, agencies, events, and brands of all kinds that want to effectively engage their supporters and fans via social media. Considering the global marketplace and international appeal, we offer our services in several languages as well, when appropriate to meet your goals. We work mostly with Rock, Pop-Rock, Americana and Alt-Country artists.

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Busted Flat Records
161 Queen St. N., Kitchener, ON N2H 2H8
PH: 519-221-0884
Mark Logan
We are a Folk / Country / Roots / Blues label. Please mail all submissions to the above postal address. Send in a CD & bio. Please do NOT send MP3s or other encoded formats via e-mail. We will not visit a website to listen to your music. We want to hold and touch your music! We WILL listen to all submissions. Please do not call us or e-mail us about your recording. If we like your CD we will contact you. @BustedFlat

Bongo Boy Records
472 US Hwy. 46, Ste. A, Belvidere, NJ 07823
PH: 908-455-1576
Monique Grimme
Keeping Rock n' Roll true and reckless. Operates divisions across record releases, music publishing, promotions, social media marketing, music placement, television and radio, music piracy prevention and artists management. Bongo Boy Records accelerates the evolution of artists into a global leading full service music entertainment company; enhancing capabilities of distribution in Asia & the world, merchandising, artists support and fan growth. @Bongoboyrecords


mi2n - music industry news


601 E. 5th St., Charlotte, NC 28202
PH: 704-780-4707
A platform Dedicated to indie artists and creatives. Artist can sell their creative digital work at any price. No Commissions. No Obligations - EVER! Disctopia pays the highest per stream and never take a commission from direct purchases (downloaded copies). Streams and downloads can stack up if you allow artists to be truly free. Disctopia also allows collaboration pay, meaning you can automatically split payments between band members, producers, writers and even managers. @distopia

Music distributing app originated in Japan. Upload your original music today and show your world to the listeners in Japan and in the globe. Alphanote was created to rejuvenate the music industry with its new free music stream platform, connecting music creators, listeners and fans with the best music experience. The unique combination of the latest technology and influencer-based marketing strategy is alphanote's key advantage, effectively platforming the influencer model for the music industry for the first time. The alphanote app available both on iOS and Android comes with many useful features such as features that bring monetary benefits to musicians like merchandise stores, event management and social tipping, or enrich their musical experience in any way. Also data collecting such GPS location tracking is an important feature which guarantees the quality of data and analytics. @alphanoteMusic

The Bongo Boy Rock 'N' Roll TV
507 Rte. 46, Ste. A, Belvidere, NJ 07823
PH: 908-455-1576
Monique Grimme
An unprecedented TV series that brings quality indie music videos to over 3.5 million cable subscribers in the United States. The series has placed acts on 20 television channels on publicly accessed giants such as NBC, NBC Comcast, FiOS, Time Warner Cable, RCN , AT&T and Cablevision. The show airs at prime time, 6 days a week for a total of 125 times on 20 Channels. Cities like New York and music city Nashville are only a couple of the many towns and cities which someone can watch the TV show. The focus is on educating the public about independent artists and their quest to greater success. The episode is dedicated to exposing the arts to new and old fans alike by featuring original music videos from around the world from talented indie artists. submit your OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO to our e-mail address. The Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll is on 20 Television channels, 6 days a week, 125 times in 4 weeks on prime time. Bongo Boy TV is more then a cyber channel we are real Television. If we select your submission, all submissions then must be, without exception, be accompanied by a fully completed and signed music video license agreement form and a full payment of $100.00 as a sponsorship/donation* Otherwise your video will not be aired on TV. @Bongoboyrecords
9401 Mentor Ave. #160, Mentor, OH 44060
PH: 216-395-4513
Free mixtapes for streaming and download updated daily. Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Reggae, Blends, Remixes, Instrumentals, East Coast, West Coast and Dirty. @LiveMixtapes

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A mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly, or privately to pre-approved followers

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lisa lynne author


PH: 866-282-5360
A members-only site offering a one-stop shop for stock video. Our members enjoy access to our unlimited library and our global marketplace. @VideoBlocks

9415 Culver Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
PH: 800-401-3093
The world's leading music licensing platform, technology partner, and digital asset and rights management platform, providing services to over a thousand companies. A white label B2B music technology platform for publishers, labels, broadcasters, production companies, and creative agencies. Iconic brands across the media landscape leverage SourceAudio's industry leading music search, distribution, licensing, monitoring, and management capabilities to generate revenue, enhance creative, and maximize efficiencies. SourceAudio's network-based approach for buyer, publisher, and sub publisher connectivity in one cloud based ecosystem is revolutionizing the music-for-commercial media supply chain. @sourceaudio (DRT)
PH: 646-494-3783
Your premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring service that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ radio stations. These radio stations include Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. Some of the radio broadcasting networks Although there are many genres of music, specializes in monitoring radio broadcasters in the following formats: CHR/Pop (Top 40), Rhythmic, Urban/Hip Hop/R&B, Country/Americana, Rock/Alternative, Gospel/Christian/Inspirational, Adult Contemporary and Jazz/Fusion. gathers millions of songs being played each day and compiles DRT Reports for our clients. A DRT Report breaks down exactly who is playing a song, when it's played and how often it's played. also offers Historical 8 Week Reports which list the history of airplay detections on all of our monitored stations during the last 8 week period. In addition, we provide Comprehensive Reports which shows the exact time of day/night a song is played on each of our monitored radio stations. If you have a song receiving airplay on radio and want to know when and where it's being played, get your DRT Report today!

Festival Network Online
PO Box 18839, Asheville, NC 28814
PH: 828-658-2779 FX: 828-645-3374
Julie Cochrane
Lists more than 10,000 events throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking performers, from local & regional to national & international. @_festivalnet

radio airplay promotion

radio airplay promotion


The Top 5 Mistakes Most Songwriters Make Licensing Music
Hear it straight from 5 top music licensing experts!

How to Succeed with Self-Produced Concerts
PH: 415-275-1466
Lisa Lynne
For musical artists who are just breaking in, or experienced performers who have been at it a long time, this book is a helpful tool to manage the new era of independent music: This guide will show you how to take control of your ability to find or create new places to play, book venues on your own, be your own agent, manager, promoter and publicist. This means taking control of all aspects of the touring business and having a system in place that will greatly increase your proficiency to make it work. This book will also serve new presenters who wish to open up their space for a concert or concert series. Both performers and presenters can follow the guidelines in this book and work together and make the most of every opportunity. For performers, being able to coach new presenters will empower you to uncover a wealth of opportunity and therefore set you free ... to perform your music as often as you wish and with abundance. @LisaLynneFranco

Make Money From Your Music
Want to license your music to TV & film? We show you exactly how to make that happen. Discover what thousands of songwriters don't know about getting music into TV & film. We offer a selection of videos to help you gain the freedom to make music full-time like you were meant to.

Organic Music Lessons
288 E. 1st St., North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B3
PH: 604-817-8830
Music Lessons for Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano & Voice. Advanced classes include songwriting, arranging and music business. We work with you step by step to provide you a supportive educational environment with music industry professionals. Skype Lessons, North Vancouver, Vancouver, In Home Lessons in Vancouver or North Vancouver. SPECIAL: Music Lesson Sampler Pack ($66 for 2 x 30 minute music lessons).

DIY Musician Podcast
13909 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230
Kevin Breuner
Join CD Baby's Kevin and Chris as they discuss current music news, interview artists and industry professionals, offer tips and tricks to help today's independent musician move their career forward and much more! Interviews about how to be a successful musician without compromising your art. It's a perfect time to take advantage of the many opportunities for Do-It-Yourself artists that are springing up everywhere. @cdbaby @kbreuner

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Jason Grishkoff
A service started by Jason Grishkoff of Indie Shuffle. The goal of the website is to connect artists with music bloggers, playlisters and record labels. There are currently 351 active blogs & labels using SubmitHub, with a combined reach of 37.5m fans. In total, they have received 2,613,066 submissions, with an average response rate of 75%. There are two types of credits on SubmitHub: "standard" and "premium." With premium credits, you can expect to hear back from blogs within 48 hours (96 hours for labels). For a blog to respond, they will need to listen to at least 20 seconds of your song, and if they don't like it they'll need to expain why. Sometimes the feedback you receive when your song is declined will be useful. Other times it might not make sense. Please keep in mind that bloggers are real people and sometimes it's hard to find the perfect words for why they don't like a song. At the end of the day, music is about personal experiences, and what works for you won't work for everyone. If a blog decides that they like your song, they'll let you know when and how they plan to share it. You'll be able to chat with them about the release, and share any information you think they might need for their coverage.

A user-friendly, feature-rich, online newsletter management program for novices and professionals alike.

jerome promotions

jerome promotions


7905 N. Crescent Blvd. Pennsauken, NJ 08110-1402
PH: 800-468-9353
The nation's leading CD / DVD duplicator, replicator and printer. When you're ready to make CDs, we're ready to make it happen. We're musicians too, so we know what you need to make it in this business: The best-looking product, the hottest-sounding audio and the most valuable (and free) promotional tools, including free distribution, a free UPC bar code and much more! @discmakers

OASIS CD Manufacturing
7905 N. Route 130, Delair, NJ 08110
PH: 540-987-8810
We help you manufacture your CD or DVD project. We also help you package it creatively, promote and distribute it so it doesn't become just more clutter in your apartment. @oasisdisc

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Ultimate Indie Bundle Affiliate Signup


Music Reports
21122 Erwin St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367
PH: 818-558-1400
Transparent, independent and trusted, Music Reports has been pioneering cutting-edge solutions to rights administration for 20 years. We invent solutions for the increasingly complicated digital media landscape, setting the standard for innovation in rights management. We build customized tools to solve any market intelligence, rights acquisition, administration, reporting or payment challenges facing the music and data industries, employing intel and software to automate and accelerate accurate, transparent reporting. Music Reports is not a society or an aggregator of rights. We do not require rights owners to affiliate with us, become members, or pay any fees to receive the reports or payments we provide on behalf of our clients. We do not set royalty rates and we do not commission royalties. When we pay, we pay 100% of royalties due from the first use of each sound recording embodying your composition(s), with no deductions other than required tax withholdings (if applicable). SONGDEX is the world's largest and fastest-growing registry of music copyright and related business information, containing detailed, relational data on tens of millions of songs, recordings, and their owners, covering virtually all of the commercially significant music in existence. SONGDEX demystifies and simplifies music rights administration.

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A Musician's Guide to Instagram: Posting Photos Your Fans Will Love

by Dave Kusek, New Artist Model
© 2017 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

You don't need professional experience or equipment to take photos your fans will love. This musician's guide to Instagram gives you tips to get you started on the popular platform.

Instagram is an incredibly useful platform for musicians and bands. That said, I know the photography-heavy content intimidates many musicians. Just taking a quick browse through Instagram's "Explore" page will present thousands of photographs that were no doubt shot by professionals.

But you don't need professional experience or equipment to take photos your fans will love. In fact, if you have a phone, you have everything you need.

What is the purpose of your Instagram page?

Before you start taking pictures, I want you to ask yourself what the purpose your Instagram page will serve. Is Instagram a place you know a lot of your fans hang out? Is there a strong community for your genre of music on the platform? Like any social media channel, Instagram takes dedication, and if you're not going to benefit from forming a community there, don't waste your time.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about theming your content. In other words, what kind of images and videos will you post? This will have a lot to do with both your career goals and your fan base. Let's start with your career goals.

What do you want to be known for? What kind of image do you want to portray? What are you good at? What elements of your career are most important to you?

If you're a tech-heavy band that goes all out with the pedal boards, you might post some photos of your gear from time to time. Use your caption to explain the settings and tone and ask fans about their favorite pedal.

From the other angle, what kind of content do your fans enjoy? Do they like seeing videos of you teaching? Live videos? Backstage or studio videos? Gear photos? Gear reviews? Live show photos?

It may be difficult to tell at first, so use it as an opportunity to experiment. Use your Instagram analytics to determine which posts were most popular and do more of them. Eventually you'll get a firm handle on what resonates with your audience.

Use natural lighting whenever possible

The easiest hack to getting great quality photos (even if you have absolutely zero photography skills) is to use natural lighting. Seriously. All the filters and editing in the world won't be able to make a dark photo look good.

The best lighting is a soft or indirect light - think outside on a slightly overcast day, or near a window the sun isn't coming directly through. If you're in light that's too harsh you can get photo-killing shadows.

Avoid using your phone's flash. Nine times out of ten it will overexpose your photo. That means instead of photographing the lyric sheet you're working on in your dark home studio devoid of windows, bring it out to your living room with your headphones and a pencil and set up a little flat lay by the window.

Instead of filming your guitarist playing a cool riff in the dark and cramped rehearsal room, grab an acoustic guitar, set up a stool, and get the shot in a bright room in one of your homes.

Of course, you can get some really creative shots in low-light or extreme hard-light situations. Experiment. Take a ton of photos and see what you come up with. Remember, like music, photography is something you will improve at with practice, so don't be afraid to take shots (after all, you don't have to post everything you take).

Use filters in moderation

Filters can be a good tool to achieve a uniform look to your feed, but they can be WAY overdone. Make the filter too strong and it will take away from the actual shot. Everyone goes through that filter-obsession phase when they first get on Instagram, so let's try to get through it as quickly as possible.

If you're using natural lighting, you may not even need a filter at all. Simply make small adjustments to the brightness and temperature of your photos. If you do want to use a filter, try to roll it back a little. Most editing apps will allow you to bring the strength of the filter down a few notches so you still get the effect without it being distracting.

Once you find a filter you like, you can add it to all your photos to make them look uniform and branded, so fans will be able to instantly recognize it as your photo. Some great editing apps are VSCO Cam, Afterlight 2, and Snapseed.

Focus on one thing per photo

Think about your photos like songs. Just like a song, they need to have one subject or idea and everything in the photo contributes to that idea.

That means if you're taking a photo of you wearing your new merch, you shouldn't have a cluttered desk space, a few instruments, and your bass player's arm in the shot. Those things aren't supporting the merch or the message you're trying to share. Instead, let the shirt be the focus. Put yourself in front of a plain or colored wall to make the shirt really pop and draw the eye.

You can use the grid feature of your camera to get the "subject" of your photo perfectly centered. If you want to make things a little more artsy, try moving the subject off-center right on the third grid lines or cropping the shot in interesting ways.

Get inspiration from other musicians

While you'll learn a lot from just playing around and snapping shots for yourself, it can also help to take a look at what other musicians are doing on Instagram.

Check out some of your favorite bands and musicians on the platform. What are they doing from a photography standpoint? What photos really draw your eye? What is it about those photos that you love? What can you learn from them?

If you want more social media tips and ideas of what you can post to your social channels, check out this free eBook. Inside you'll find three social media checklists that will help you come up with easy ways to promote your music so you can get spend more time playing and writing.

Dave Kusek is the founder of New Artist Model and Berklee Online. Over the years he's worked with tens of thousands of musicians around the world across every genre imaginable and in many different markets. New Artist Model is an online music business school designed especially for indie musicians. Learn how to turn your music into a career, understand the business, and start thinking like a musical entrepreneur.

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mi2n - music industry news

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