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Lower Placement
(1 month)


Middle Placement
(1 month)

Middle Placement
(3 months)
$650 (savings of $100)
Middle Placement
(6 months)
$1200 (savings of $300)
Middle Placement
(1 Year)
$2100 (savings of $900)
*Premium Placement
(2nd and 3rd positions)
$300 Per Month (no discount for multiple placements)
*Premium Placement
(Top placement)
$400 Per Month (no discount for multiple placements)

*based on availability


"700+ responses as of yesterday!"
- Christopher Conlan, BoomBoxRadio

"My advertisements in the Indie Contact Newsletter have always paid for themselves within 5 days. I average 1000 additional page views on my site after each newsletter is sent out. I'm always surprised at how many new people come to my site each time I advertise in the Indie Contact newsletter. There has been no drop off in visitors, even though I advertise every month."
- Charlie Cheney, The Indie Band Manager

"We got some great leads from your newsletter, to be sure!!"
- Betty Ray,

"A BIG THANK YOU for including me in one of your newsletters in the fall of last year. After that issue came out, I was AMAZED at the number of CDs and presskits I received as a result of our listing. have so much good material to work with now, and I owe a great deal to your listing. Thank you so much!"
- Juliette Riedl, Juliette's Open Mic Radio Show

"The newsletter boosted our traffic so well that we're flat out impressed!"
- John Foxworthy, Garage Radio

"Thanks to your newsletter we have had many people come to our site and the signups are flooding in every day. We could have never dreamed of such a great response so soon! Thanks to this overwhelming response we should have our site up and running for customers way ahead of schedule."
- Don Schockow,

"After you listed AfterFX Magazine I've been buried in press kits! Thanks again for all your help. Take care, God bless, and keep up the great work!"
- James Harvey, AfterFX

"I've been trying to get back to you for a week, but I've been bombarded with bands! Which is great! I can't thank you enough and give you high praises for your work!! If you EVER need someone to attest to your effectiveness, don't hesitate to ask! Keep up the fantastic work!"
- Torch, Rock and a Hard Place Radio Show

"I just wanted to thank you and let you know that the exposure I receive in the Indie Contact Newsletter has made all the difference in the music portion of my radio show. Since being listed (3 days ago) I've gotten over 100 e-mails from artists that want to submit music to the show!"
- Michael Anthony, Voyage Beyond Radio

"Just wanted to thank you for including Click 4 Musicians in your newsletter, the response was great!"
- Cindy Carlier,

"I wanted to say thanks for the recent listing you did. You were right - we are getting loads of e-mails and submissions of CDs for our charts and/or reviews!"
- Glenn Horton, Editor of The Creative Line Magazine

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