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What If Your Music Could Support Itself?!

3 Super Underrated Gems That Could
Dramatically Change Your Career!

The Indie Bible has been helping Indie Artists develop their careers and promote their music for over 20 years!

And in these 20 years, we have released several great products, some of which have been…

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If you’re serious about advancing your music career, then read on…

☝ These are the Indie Bible Hidden Gems! 👆

1. The YouTube Bible

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s largest search engine?

YouTube is a music discovery machine with 2.6 Billion users worldwide.
Your fanbase is out there, and YouTube playlists will get your music in front of them.

2. The Venue Bible

There are way more music venues out there than you think.

So next time you need a venue for a show, or album release,
or if you are planning a tour anywhere in the US and Canada, the Venue Bible will be your best friend.


3. The International
Booking Agent’s Directory

Booking agents book, route, and coordinate one-night gigs, college shows, tours, festivals, and more.

Booking agents are an asset, especially in territories outside of your normal range.

They can book gigs you never could have gotten on your own, and they have expertise in tour planning to make sure every show is sold out.

If your goals for your music career include...

💎 Making great music…

💎 Growing your fanbase…

💎 Making money to sustain your great music… (and potentially becoming a rockstar!)

Then with these directories, you will be equipped with the contacts you need to reach your career goals.

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