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Dear Indie Artist,

If you’d like a simple way to escape the grind and build a loyal fanbase...get more radio play or publicity for your music...and book more live gigs...then this letter will show you how.

For more than twenty years, the INDIE BIBLE has been the go-to resource for indie musicians who want an affordable way to promote their music.

Our music business directories are loved by indie artists all over the world, and lauded by music industry experts.

Why is this important for you?

If you’re struggling to build a fan base, you know how hard it can be to market yourself as an indie artist...

You face plenty of obstacles with “breaking in” to the business.

Maybe you worry there will never be enough time…

Or wonder how you’ll find the resources to properly promote your music.

Well, we’re indie artists too!

We understand.

And we can tell you from experience you’re not alone. In fact, almost every indie artist struggles to gain traction in their career for ONE key reason…

Lack of access.

When you start, it feels like you’re on the outside looking in, doesn’t it?

Let’s face it…

You simply aren’t going to be successful in this business without the right connections!


It’s suite of 3 of our most popular music directories that includes:


Gives you contact information for over 7,000 radio stations, music blogs and music magazines that want to hear your story and air your music.

The Indie Bible ONLINE Database

A powerful marketing and promotion tool for independent artists of all genres. Lets you find listings of promotional services, radio shows, blogs, magazines and record labels that cater to your style of music, which you can then export and save to your own personal database program.


A massive directory that lists 30,000 live music venues in the US and Canada, it’s for indie musicians of all genres who want to play A LOT MORE live gigs at a local, regional, or national level, and get paid to do it!

In short:

The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE is everything you need to get your music heard, get more gigs, gain more fans, and sell more of your music -- including CD’s, merchandise, and tickets to your live shows.

Artists like you are using it RIGHT NOW to achieve breakthroughs in their career.

And you can too.

Here’s how…



Find contacts for your needs and your type of music 

Our directories are organized by geographic area and cover all genres (and different service categories). 

Here’s a sneak preview:

IB Sample

Looking for radio airplay? Distribution or PR help?  Want to be reviewed by an influencer in your genre?  We’ve got you covered!

And with access to our ONLINE DATABASE, finding the contacts you need to grow your music business has never been easier or faster.

Venues are organized by geographic area and genre.  This means you can find gigs locally, regionally, or nationally – even build out a successful tour!


Contact them using the info provided 

We even show you how! 

So you never have to feel intimidated.

PLUS, where possible the description reveals the contact’s preferred method of receiving submissions.


Get airplay, reviews…and book more gigs!

There simply is no easier or more straightforward way to find an audience for your music.

You’ll attract new fans faster than you thought possible and build relationships to last you a career!

As an indie artist, you only have so many hours to promote your music.

What if you could “skip the line” and know exactly who to contact to gain access at all levels of the music business?

Could you reach your goals faster?

The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE lets you do just that.

It would take you weeks, maybe months, to come up with TARGETED contact information (and background info) with this level of detail.

And worse, most online directories out there provide you with incomplete or out-of-date information.

That’s why the ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE is like a VIP pass for indie artists...

We’ve taken thousands of pages of data and boiled it down to a format that even a total technophobe can use.

To recap…


Get Contact info for over 7,000 music industry decision-makers who can help get your music heard (In print and publishing, distribution, PR, and radio and record labels)

Get more gigs as soon as today (With contact information for 30,000 live music venues in the US and Canada at your fingertips!)

Quickly grow your fanbase and gain exposure (By having your music reviewed in magazines, on blogs, and getting your songs played on indie-friendly radio)

Get your music in front of millions of potential new fans (Via reviews online and in print, websites that will play your audio and video, and by getting your music played on the radio)

Save time and money (You can spend thousands of hours doing research or make a small investment in yourself and get results as soon as today)

Get detailed, up-to-the-minute information for each contact (Includes name, email, phone, socials, and a detailed description of what they focus on, and how to send submissions)

Instantly find venues that welcome your style of music (Which genre each venue features is tagged using over 40 color-coded genre tags)

Fast track your success using our online database (THE fastest way to search, collect, and export targeted contacts you can reach out to right away)

Contact thousands of venues of all types (Festivals, colleges, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and bookstores – any place you can land a gig!)

Increase income from your music career (Live performances are paid but it doesn’t stop there. They’re also an ideal platform to sell your CD’s and other merchandise.)

Quickly fill up tour dates and plan a successful tour…locally, regionally, or nationally!

Say “no more!” to throwing your music out there and hoping it sticks…our directories give you the resources you need to…

Create Relationships With Influential Contacts And Build A Music Career That Lasts!

For more than two decades, The INDIE BIBLE has been the gold standard for music industry directories and is routinely praised by music business experts.

For example, here’s what Rick Barker, former manager of Taylor Swift, and marketing consultant to the major labels, has to say about our directories:

Bottom line:

If you want more airplay, reviews, and gigs starting today, you need The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE.


Not nearly as much as you might think.

Especially when many artists pay a PR company, manager, or booking agent thousands for a similar level of industry access.

But you don’t have to pay $1,000.

You don’t even need to pay $500.

Bought separately these directories would cost you $210.

But if you order today (as in right now), you’ll get ALL THREE for $210 $59.95 (you save 72%)!

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the hours, weeks, and months you could waste trying to find this information on your own.

Plus, if you order now you’ll also get the following exclusive bonuses…


Indie Music Marketing Handbook


This guide is no less than 115 articles by the smartest people in the music biz and covers everything you need to know to be successful at playing live.

Your live performances will become more successful and fulfilling.

The guide will reveal to you intimate and calming insights on how the industry works, to lower your anxiety level, calm the initial jitters, and make the entire process less intimidating

Especially if you haven't played out a lot.

Insights like:

How to Submit Your Music for Review (A sound review strategy is the key to more publicity and can make all the difference when it comes to getting your music heard)

How to Get Radio Airplay (Also, a little-known way to set it up so any of your future releases get fast airplay too)

Get Your Music into Film and TV (Sync licensing is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your passion for making music)

How to Copyright Your Music (Don’t let others profit from your hard work!)

Why You Need an Entertainment Lawyer

How to Create a Press Kit That Gets Noticed!

How Royalties Work (And how to arrange it so you do something one time and get paid for it on a recurring basis…for life!)

How to Take Advantage of the Marketing Power of Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and MANY MORE!

And much, much more!

You won’t find this exclusive information anywhere else, at any price.

We could sell The Indie Music Marketing Handbook for $97 or more as a standalone product (it’s that valuable).  Instead, we’ll send it to you FREE with your order of The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE today. 


The Ultimate Guide to Booking Gigs

guide for booking music gigs

This guide is no less than 115 articles by the smartest people in the music biz and covers everything you need to know to be successful at playing live.

Your live performances will become more successful and fulfilling.

The guide will reveal to you intimate and calming insights on how the industry works, to lower your anxiety level, calm the initial jitters, and make the entire process less intimidating

Especially if you haven't played out a lot.

Insights like:

Breakthrough solutions for how to get better gigs (Let’s face it, not every gig is a dream gig!  Here’s a simple plan to source and attract better quality gigs that pay well and you love playing.)

The “insider” secrets of how the live music industry works (Plus, exactly what to say to booking agents to ensure you land more gigs)

A simple “gig checklist” of everything you need for a successful performance (When you see this, you’ll never want to do a gig without it again)

9 surprising solutions to beat stage fright once and for all

How to break into the college market in 4 easy steps

Proven ways to command higher fees for your live show (In our experience, most artists sell themselves short. Use the secrets in this article to earn more every time you take the stage!)

Follow up secrets that let you book the gig of your dreams

3 easy steps to use in approaching booking agents

A quickie “idiot’s guide” to performing at open mics and jams

5 quick start steps for setting up a successful tour

How to turn your gigs into major media events

A “can’t miss” way to use radio to build your fanbase

Contract secrets used by all successful performing and touring musicians (Protect yourself and save money on lawyer’s fees)

Fastest known way to get big sponsorship money for your band, tour, event, or production

Everything you need to know about playing non-traditional venues (And booking festivals, fairs, and events!)

Performing: A “real-life” insight into how to really grab your audience

Wicked cold and a big gig? Tips for singers – what works!

Little known way to set yourself above the competition when scouting for an agent (No one else is talking about this!  You’ll immediately approach agents with more confidence)

How to sell 60,000 CD’s! (Plus, a little-known “trick” for how to sell more CD’s at every live performance)

How to double your gig revenues by selling merchandise

And much, much more!

The Ultimate Guide to To Booking Gigs has a $75 Value

And it’s yours FREE, if you order the ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE today.

But you can’t afford to put this off.

This bundle features 3 of our most popular products so we simply can’t keep the price this low forever.

In fact, it may be going up very soon.

To get The ULTIMATE INDIE BUNDLE at the lowest possible price (and with the limited-time special bonuses), click the button below to order right now:


You’ll get instant access to all three directories and both music industry guides.

The INDIE BIBLE and the VENUE BIBLE come in an easy-to-use PDF format and can be viewed on any of your devices.

All of which means you could be getting more reviews, more airplay, or more gigs just minutes from now, if you want.

Don’t wait another minute to start enjoying the success you deserve!

To Your Performing Success,
The Team @ The INDIE BIBLE

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