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Get in touch with booking agents who work with your genre and style of music.

(These are agents who represent events, venues, and promoters that are actively looking to book musical talent)


Find booking agents who book gigs in the region you’re looking for. 

(Your ideal booking agent will help you find gigs by leveraging industry contacts they’ve already established)

Some of our most successful artists play the game on both ends by hiring a booking agent while also sourcing their own gigs.


In the directory, you’ll get up-to-date, detailed contact info for more than 2,200  booking agents in more than 200 countries

Listings are sorted by geographic location (Find targeted contacts within minutes...)

Each listing has full contact information (including physical address, phone number, contact name, e-mail address, web address, Facebook, and Twitter)

Listings also include genres that the booking agent works with (and all the cities, states, or countries in which they book artists!)

Finally, the directory comes in an easy-to-use PDF format and works on ALL computers, smartphones and personal devices.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced performer or you’re brand-spanking new…

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You’ll be blown away by the amount of detail in every individual listing and how much faster it is for you to get in touch with booking agents that can help your career.

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Using our BOOKING AGENTS directory, you will… 

  1. Find gigs all around the globe (in music venues, clubs, festivals, colleges, concert halls, restaurants, weddings, casinos, private parties, corporate events and more...)
  2. Discover agencies that specialize in booking artists on resorts and cruise ships (Imagine… getting paid to perform in beautiful settings for relaxed guests… while enjoying free vacations!)
  3. Grow your fanbase and gain exposure (Let them hear the passion with which you play live… few things will convert lifelong fans faster!)
  4. Increase income from your music career (Live performances are paid but it doesn’t stop there.. They’re also an ideal platform to sell your CD’s and other merchandise.)
  5. Promote your music in the best way possible (Few things will do more for your brand than looking an audience in the eye and building that personal connection they crave.)
  6. Plan tours effectively (When you use this directory, not only will it let you fill up tour dates, but you’ll find people and resources to help make your life easier!)

After two decades in the #1 spot, The INDIE BIBLE is widely considered the gold standard in the music industry and is the darling of indie musicians worldwide.

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