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Finally… An Easier Way To Promote Your Music On YouTube

 …Even If You Don’t Have A Video!


“This resource will help your music get played to the masses!”

-- Brooke Stilla , Singer/Songwriter


YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine

(And gets over 5 billion video views per day …that’s millions of potential new fans waiting to discover your music!)

Get instant access

to detailed contact info for over 3,500 YouTube playlists!

Playlists categorized by genre

so you can quickly find and contact curators that welcome your style of music (All you need to do is reach out)

Easy to use, clickable (and searchable) PDF format

so it works on all computers, smartphones and personal devices!

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If you’d like to know a simple way to connect with playlist curators on Youtube…without hours of mind-numbing research…then here’s how thousands of independent artists and producers like you are doing it.

And why you can too, using the INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE.

The INDIE BIBLE (our flagship product) is trusted by indie artists all over the world and has been the #1 directory in the industry for the past 21 years. 

In our YouTube edition, you’ll get detailed, up-to-date contact information on over 3,500 YouTube playlists.

Connect With Playlist Curators In Minutes!

If you’ve ever tried to find a YouTube channel that takes submissions from independent artists, you know how hard it can be.

You might spend an hour to find ONE curator that welcomes indie artists’ music.

To make life harder, the search results typically turn up hundreds of outdated channels (and dozens of channels that only produce their own content).

Finding an indie-friendly curator in this mess is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You can expect to spend days or weeks to find a small handful of curators that are open to adding your music to their channel.


We've Done All The Research For You!

All you need to do is reach out to curators looking for your style of music.

Don’t have a video? 

No sweat!

We’ve included HUNDREDS of channels that will play your audio files!

Our YouTube Bible ALSO features over 1,000 YouTube Music playlists, covering all genres.

This means you can get your music in front of millions more daily YouTube Music listeners by streaming it on indie-friendly playlists.

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Ask yourself...

How long would it take you to find this much information for even one playlist?

How much time would you waste on playlists that aren’t even a fit for your music?

How much worse does a “no” feel when you’ve already invested so much time?

The Indie YouTube Bible includes a section for YOUTUBE MUSIC!

YOUTUBE MUSIC (formerly Google Play Music) is Google’s music streaming service.

The Indie YouTube Bible features over 1,000 YouTube Music playlists, covering all genres.

Tap into the MILLIONS of daily listeners of YouTube Music by getting your music streamed on these indie-friendly playlists.

You Have Limited Hours
To Promote Your Music...
Make Them Count!

You Have Limited Hours to Promote Your Music.. Make Them Count!

Using the INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE you can:

Get contact info for over 3,500 YouTube playlists

(Includes playlists that will play your audio file.  You don’t even need a music video!)

Target playlists with listeners who love your style of music

(Listings are organized by genre so you can quickly pinpoint the playlists that offer your best chance of being included)

Get access to music industry connections

(And not just any connections…these are the real decision-makers that can help you promote your music)

Get your music in front of millions of fans every day

(YouTube is one of the top destinations for today’s fans to discover new music)

Detailed, up-to-the-minute information

(Includes playlist/channel name, owner’s name and contact, socials, description of the channel and what they focus on, subscribers, views, and where applicable, how to send submissions)

Save time and money

(You can spend thousands of hours doing research or make a small investment in yourself and get results as soon as today)

Quickly grow your fanbase and gain exposure

(By placing your music on playlists that already have thousands of subscribers)

Say “no more!” to throwing your music out there and hoping it sticks

Instead, say “hello” to a list of targeted leads that can help you get your music heard faster)

With instant access to thousands of music industry connections, The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE is like the ultimate backstage pass for independent artists.

How to Use The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE in 3 Easy Steps


Scroll to playlists that cater to your type of music (Easy!  Our directory is clickable, searchable, and organized by genre! PLUS: It covers ALL genres!)


Contact playlist curators using the info provided (We show you how!  PLUS, we reveal the do’s and don'ts of contacting list curators)


Sit back and get more streams! (No guarantees of course… because we don’t know the quality of your music… but if you reach out to enough of the right playlists, the advantage is yours.)

We’ve taken the juggernaut that is YouTube and reduced it to a format that even a newbie would understand.

Every aspect of the INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE is designed to make it easier and faster for you to get more views, listens, and gain exposure using this powerful music marketing tool.

Plus, you’ll love how easy and user-friendly it is.

The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE is your doorway into a “secret” world of playlist curators you never knew existed!


Not nearly as much as you might think. 

Especially when you consider many artists pay a manager thousands of dollars for a similar level of industry access and connections.

But you don’t have to pay a thousand dollars today.

You don’t even need to pay $100.

The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE retails for just $78.50.

And if you order TODAY, you’ll also get…

Free Bonus #1

The Independent Artist's
Guide to YouTube

Youtube Guide

This collection of 41 articles by YOUTUBE EXPERTS covers all the KEY areas that you need to focus on.

It’s written in an easy-to-understand and accessible way that will let even a newbie quickly master YouTube marketing.

You’ll learn:

* What is YouTube and how does it work

* How to upload your video to YouTube

* How to create your own YouTube channel

* How to get your music on YouTube channels

* How to get your music on YouTube Music Playlists

* How to drive traffic to your video

* How to maximize YouTube’s tools for artists

* How to make money on YouTube

And more!

The Independent Artist’s Guide To YouTube usually sells for $39.95.  But we’ll send it to you FREE if you order the INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE today.

Free Bonus #2

Rare "Insider" Tips from Playlist Curators

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 12.04.41 PM

We collected a series of quotes and tips directly from playlist curators – the same people you’re trying to engage with.

They’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal how YouTube works.

And how you can use this powerful tool to grow a fanbase.

You’ll get actionable tips to ensure your YouTube journey is a breakthrough one.  Insights like…the do’s and don’t of contacting a list to quickly build a following on YouTube…and much, much more.

The advice from these curators is nothing less than a roadmap to your success.

They’re telling you, in simple terms, their own experience of what works best.

A $97 Value, we’ll include these tips FREE with your order of The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE as well.

You’ll be taken to our shopping cart.  Simply enter your info and you’ll get instant access to the INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE and all the bonuses in easy-to-use PDF format.

So you could be contacting playlist curators within minutes if you want.

Don’t wait!

Click the order button below and get more views on YouTube starting today:

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P.S. YouTube is a music promotion GOLIATH.

And it offers unique opportunities to the independent artist.

If you’re sick and tired of…

❌ Feeling like you’re stuck in obscurity

❌ Getting “ghosted” by curators

❌ Doing a ton of research only to get a “no”

❌ Not knowing where to look to find targeted playlists

❌ Being on the outside of the industry looking in

✅ The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE is your ticket!

You’ll have thousands of industry contacts available to you at the click of a button.  Plus you’re getting the Independent Artist’s Guide To YouTube and “insider” tips from YouTube pros (a combined $136.95 of additional value, free).

Today: Get The Indie YouTube Bible
+ 2 Freebies for One Payment of Just $78.50

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