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Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

“Thanks for saving me about 4,000 hours of work!”

— Dave Grammerstorf, Recording Artist

Get detailed contact info

for 5,400 Spotify playlists, 3,500 Apple Music playlists, and 3,500 YouTube playlists that will play your music!

Win new fans and gain exposure

(Streaming services are the “new radio” where most modern consumers go to discover new music)

Playlists categorized by genre

so you can instantly find and contact curators that welcome your style of music (All you need to do is reach out!)

The choice of successful indie artists

(Our directories are known as the gold standard in the industry and are beloved by indie musicians all over the world!)

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Are you an independent musician or producer? 

If you would like to know a simple, low-cost way to grow a following and get more streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube…then this might be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s the story:

Our flagship product, the INDIE BIBLE, is trusted by indie artists all over the world and has been the #1 directory in the industry for the past 23 years. 

Now, for a limited time, you can get your hands on our STREAMING PACK for more than $100 off the sticker price! 

You’ll get up-to-date contact info for thousands of playlists across Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube you can submit your music to.

Bottom line:

Online Streaming is Where Today's Music Fan Discovers New Music

Streaming services are the new radio.

And if you want to succeed as an indie artist this year and beyond, this is where your music NEEDS to be.

Our STREAMING PACK bundles together everything you need to conquer the BIG 3 streaming services: the INDIE SPOTIFY BIBLE, INDIE APPLE MUSIC BIBLE, and INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE.

That’s three of our best-selling directories!

(At almost half the price.  More on that in a minute.)

You’ll have thousands of music industry connections at your fingertips.

Contacts that can help your music get played on…


Get your music in front of 550 million Spotify Listeners (This is no longer optional in today’s market.  If you want to succeed, your music needs to be on Spotify.  Period.)

Apple Music

Over 80 million listeners waiting to discover your music (Our INDIE APPLE MUSIC BIBLE is a must-have for anyone looking to promote their music on one of the go-to streaming services available today.)


YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine (With over 5 billion video views per day …that’s millions of potential new fans!  You are taking a big risk as an independent artist today if you ignore this powerful marketing tool. Plus, listings include hundreds of channels that will play your audio file…so you don’t even need a video!

Connect With Playlist Curators In Minutes!

If you’ve ever tried to find contact info for a Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube playlist...or get your music played on one of those platforms, you know how hard it can be.

Not to worry, our STREAMING PACK has got you covered.

We’ve done ALL THE RESEARCH for you (so you don’t have to)!

All you need to do is get in touch with the curators that play your style of music.

You’ll be getting any available contact information including location, contact name, e-mail, website, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter.

The info is detailed, up-to-date, and known to the most reliable in the industry. 

Not only that, but you’ll see the entire range of genres each playlist features, how many songs are in the playlist, and a description of the playlist itself.

Plus, each directory is an easy to use, clickable (and searchable) PDF format, so it works on all computers, smartphones and personal devices! 

Target Playlists by Genre

Listings are organized by genre (and cover all genres).

So you’ll never wonder if you’re wasting your time…

Or reaching out to curators that aren’t interested in your music.


Ask yourself...

How long would it take you to find this much information for even one playlist?

How much time would you waste on playlists that aren’t even a fit for your music?

How much worse does a “no” feel when you’ve already invested so much time?

You Have Limited Hours
To Promote Your Music...
Make Them Count!

You Have Limited Hours to Promote Your Music.. Make Them Count!

We’ll show you how to do all of this at a steep $100 DISCOUNT in a moment.

But first, here’s a sample of what you can do using the STREAMING PACK:

Get contact info for 12,000+ playlists from the top three destinations for today’s fans to discover new music!

(5,400 Spotify, 3,500 Apple Music, and 3,500 YouTube!)

Focus on what you do best…making music!

(You only have so many hours each week to get your music out there.  Don’t waste them doing research!)

Grow your fanbase and gain exposure

(And do it faster than almost any other method)

Get more people every month streaming your music

(By placing your music on playlists with thousands of subscribers)

Discover a simpler way to promote your music

(Listings are organized by genre...this  lets you instantly target playlists with listeners who you know enjoy your style of music)

Save time and money

(You can spend thousands of hours doing research or get results as soon as today)

Get access to music industry connections

(And not just any connections…these are the real decision-makers that can help you promote your music!)

Avoid common mistakes

And steer clear of questionable pay-for-placement services)

Get on more playlists with less effort

(With thousands of industry contacts at your fingertips…just waiting for you to reach out!)

Detailed, up-to-the-minute information

(Includes playlist/channel name, owner’s name and contact, socials, description of the channel and what they focus on, subscribers, views, and where applicable, how to send submissions)

Includes 100 “official” Spotify curators

(These are Spotify-approved list owners with hundreds of thousands of listeners)

Say “goodbye!” to throwing your music out there and hoping it sticks

(Instead, say “hello” to a list of targeted leads that can help you get your music heard faster!)

With instant access to thousands of music industry connections, The STREAMING PACK is like the ultimate all-access backstage pass for independent artists.

How to Use The Streaming Pack
in 3 Easy Steps


Scroll, click, or search your way to the Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube playlists that cater to your type of music (Easy!  Each directory is organized by genre, and covers ALL genres)


Contact playlist curators using the info provided (We show you how!  PLUS, we reveal the do’s and don'ts of contacting list curators)


Sit back and get more streams! (No guarantees of course… because we don’t know the quality of your music… but having the right contact info levels the playing field and gives indie artists like you the means to promote your music!)

We’ve made the whole process so simple and non-intimidating that even a complete newbie could do it.

Every aspect of the STREAMING PACK is designed to make it easier, faster, and more fun for you to get your music played on all of these juggernaut platforms.

It’s continually updated so you’ll only have the most relevant information.

Plus, you’ll love how easy and user-friendly it is.

We’ll take you by the hand…

And guide you through a “secret” world of playlist curators you never knew existed!


How much would you expect to pay in order to access THOUSANDS of music industry connections that have the power to help your career?

$1,000?  $2,000?

When you consider many artists pay a manager or a booking agent that much (or more) for industry connections and access…that would be a fair guess.

But you don’t have to pay $1,000 today.

You don’t even have to pay $500.

The STREAMING PACK retails for $235.

But if we hear from you today, you can get instant access for just $235 $135 (You save $100!).

Your One-Time Investment Includes:

The Indie SPOTIFY Bible ($78.50 Value)

Gives you detailed contact info for 5,400 Spotify playlists.  Spotify is where your music NEEDS to be if you are going to succeed in today’s market.

spotify bible

The APPLE MUSIC Bible ($78.50 Value)

A must-have for musicians interested in promoting with Apple Music.  You get contact info for 3,500 playlists.

apple music bible

The Indie YOUTUBE Bible ($78.50 Value)

YouTube is one of the main destinations where fans discover your music.  You’ll have contact info for 3,500 YouTube playlists, 1,000 YouTube music playlists, and hundreds of playlists that will play your audio file – no video needed!

youtube guide for musicians marketing

And if you order today, you’ll also get the following…

Fast-Action Bonus #1:

The Independent Artist's
Guide to Spotify ($39.95 Value)

Spotify Upsell

This guide is a collection of 30 articles written by SPOTIFY EXPERTS.  It covers all the key areas you need to know about.

Written in an easy-to-read way that even the most technologically challenged will understand, it’s designed to ease you into your Spotify experience.

You’ll discover:

* What Spotify is and how it works

* How to get your music on Spotify

* What a playlist curator is

* How to approach curators with your music

* What curators are looking for in your pitch

* How to build your following on Spotify

* Release strategies for success

* How the Spotify algorithm finds new tracks

* How to create your own playlist

And more!

THIS IS A MUST: In the guide, read “The Murky Business of Spotify Playlist Pitching” by Aric Jenkins.  It covers the questionable placement services you’re sure to encounter.  This article alone could save you more than your entire investment in our Streaming Pack!

The Independent Artist’s Guide To Spotify usually sells for $39.95, but it’s yours FREE when you order the STREAMING PACK today.

Fast-Action Bonus #2:

The Independent Artist's
Guide to Apple Music ($39.95 Value)

Apple Upsell

This guide is 25 articles written by APPLE MUSIC EXPERTS and shows you everything you need to know to be successful on Apple Music.

You’ll learn:

* What Apple Music is and how it works

* How to get your music on Apple Music

* How to set up your Apple Music account

* How to approach curators with your music

* How APPLE MUSIC FOR ARTISTS can boost your exposure

* How to build your following on Apple Music

* How to create your own playlist

And much more!

The Independent Artist’s Guide To Apple Music also retails for $39.95.  But we’ll send it to you FREE with your order today.

Fast-Action Bonus #3:

The Independent Artist's
Guide to YouTube ($39.95 Value)

Youtube Bundle

This collection of 41 articles by YOUTUBE EXPERTS covers all the KEY areas that you need to focus on.

It’s written in an easy-to-understand and accessible way that will let even a newbie quickly master YouTube marketing.

You’ll learn:

* What is YouTube and how does it work

* How to upload your video to YouTube

* How to create your own YouTube channel

* How to get your music on YouTube channels

* How to get your music on YouTube Music Playlists

* How to drive traffic to your video

* How to maximize YouTube’s tools for artists

* How to make money on YouTube

And more!

The Independent Artist’s Guide To YouTube comes with a $39.95 price tag.  If you order the STREAMING PACK today, we’ll include this FREE as well.

Fast-Action Bonus #4

"Insider" Tips from Playlist Curators ($290 Value)

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 12.04.41 PM

We collected a series of quotes and tips directly from playlist curators – the same people you’re trying to engage with.

They’ll take you behind the scenes to reveal how each of these platforms works.

And how you can use them to quickly grow a fanbase.

You’ll get actionable tips to ensure your streaming journey is a breakthrough one. 

Insights like…

  • The do’s and don’t of contacting a list curator
  • How to quickly build a following on YouTube
  • The exact wrong way to do playlist submissions (Almost everybody does this!  This tip will let you stand out and improve your chances of getting your music placed)
  • A simple way to get repeat inclusions
  • How to prepare your music for playlisting
  • How curators want to be approached (and how not to approach them!)
  • And much, much more!


The advice from these curators is nothing less than a roadmap to your success.

They’ll tell you, in their own words, exactly what to do.

We could sell these as a standalone product for $290 or more.

But we’ll also include it FREE if you order today.

Altogether, you’re looking at a combined value of $645.35 in products and bonuses that you’re getting for $135!


You’ll be taken to our shopping cart.  Once you’re there, simply enter your info and you’ll get instant access to the STREAMING PACK and all the bonuses, in easy-to-use PDF format.

All of which means you could be contacting playlist curators within minutes if you want.

Don’t wait!

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The Team @ The INDIE BIBLE

P.S.  Online streaming is the new radio.

And Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube each offer HUGE opportunities to the independent artist.

So if you’ve ever struggled with…

❌ Feeling like you’re stuck in obscurity

❌ Getting “ghosted” by curators

❌ Doing a ton of research only to get a “no”

❌ Not knowing where to look to find targeted playlists

❌ Being on the outside of the industry looking in

✅ The STREAMING PACK is your all-access streaming pass!

You’ll have thousands of industry contacts available to you at the click of a button.  Plus, you’re getting the Independent Artist’s Guides and “insider” tips from streaming pros (a combined $409.85 of additional value, free).

We honestly couldn’t make this any easier for you.

Take our word for it: you do NOT want to look back and regret not making this small, one-time investment in yourself when you had the chance!

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