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Dear Friend,

Are you an indie musician looking to perform live?

If you’d like to know about a simple, low-cost resource indie artists like you are using to book more gigs and plan successful tours

Without driving themselves mad trying to locate good venues…

You’ll want to read every word of this today.

Here’s the story:

For more than two decades the INDIE BIBLE has been the go-to resource for indie artists of all genres who want to promote their music, get more gigs, and attract a flood of new fans and followers.

Our music industry directories are known by experts to be the best in the business, and are loved by indie artists all over the world.

Here’s why this is important for you:

If you’ve ever tried to find contact info for venues that book indie artists, you know how hard it can be.

Maybe you’ve spent HOURS doing research…

And STILL haven’t had much luck.

Maybe you’ve done the mind-numbing work of going in circles between confusing websites, scrambling to find out if a venue welcomes indie musicians (and what genres), or struggling to get reliable contact info.

Maybe you’ve even tried other directories online, only to discover their listings are incomplete or out-of-date.

As an indie artist…

You only have so many hours to book gigs… you need to make them count!

That’s why we created the INDIE VENUE BIBLE.

A massive directory that lists 30,000 live music venues in the US and Canada…

It’s for indie musicians of all genres who want to play A LOT MORE live gigs at a local, regional, national level, and get paid to do it!

In fact, artists like you are using it RIGHT NOW to book more gigs.

And you can, too.

Here’s how…


Find contacts by region.

There are six regional directories with contact info for venues in the United States and a seventh directory covering ALL of Canada.

Inside every regional directory you can instantly jump to state listings by clicking on the state you’re looking for in the table of contents.  Once there, you can also click on major cities to navigate straight to those listings too.

In other words, it’s never been faster or easier to find the information you need, when you need it!


Isolate venues by genre.

To make your life even easier, we painstakingly researched which genres of music each venue features.

Once the genres of a venue were confirmed, that venue was tagged with a set of unique, colorful GENRE TAGS.

There are over 40 different GENRE TAGS. They cover every known style of music from Ambient to Zydeco. You’re in there somewhere!

These allow you to scroll through The INDIE VENUE BIBLE and instantly see which venues in any given area welcome your style of music.


Book more gigs...and faster too!

Gig types listed include venues, festivals, colleges, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and bookstores – any place you can land a gig!

Think about it...

What if instead of spending all your time looking for suitable venues you could reach out to thousands of venues that feature your genre of music – one after another, in rapid succession?

Do you think you could book more gigs?

Maybe even fill up your tour dates?

This is NOT a fantasy.

It’s exactly what our VENUE BIBLE is meant to help you do.

To help you decide if it’s for you…

Here’s A “Sneak Peek” Inside One Of Our Directories!

Seeing is believing.

With the sample page below you’ll instantly see the depth of our VENUE BIBLE and how the various GENRE TAGS work.

You’ll notice that for the larger cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh, listings are separated into 3 categories:

  • Festivals
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Clubs/Venues

When you see this sample directory…

You’ll be blown away by how much faster it can be for you to get in touch with all sorts of venues you can perform in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already a performing artist, or you haven’t even played your first gig, every aspect of the VENUE BIBLE will make it so much easier to get more paying gigs.

To recap...

Using our VENUE BIBLE directory, you can…

Get more gigs as soon as today (With contact information for 30,000 live music venues in the US and Canada at your fingertips!)

Instantly see which venues welcome your style of music (Which genre each venue features is tagged using over 40 color-coded genre tags)

Contact thousands of venues of all types (Festivals, colleges, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and bookstores – any place you can land a gig!)

Grow your fanbase and gain exposure (Let them hear the passion with which you play live… few things will convert lifelong fans faster!)

Increase income from your music career (Live performances are paid but it doesn’t stop there. They’re also an ideal platform to sell your CD’s and other merchandise.)

Promote your music in the best way possible (Few things will do more for your brand than looking an audience in the eye and building that personal connection they crave.)

Quickly fill up tour dates and...

Plan A Successful Tour... Locally, Regionally, or Nationally!

It’s never been easier.

The INDIE BIBLE is the only widely-trusted music directory designed for indie musicians, and routinely earns praise from music business experts.

Sources like MakingAScene.org, an independent music magazine, that wrote this about the INDIE BIBLE:

“With 20 years of publication it is rare to find a reputable resource for the indie artist that actually delivers on what they promise let alone do it for two decades”

Or Jeri Goldstein, author of How To Be Your Own Booking Agent, who had this to say:

“The Indie Bible is the ultimate resource for the independent musician”

With instant access to thousands of music industry contacts who can help you book more gigs, The INDIE VENUE BIBLE is your ticket to finally break out of obscurity and…

Become A Successful Performing Artist... Even If You’re On A Budget!

Bottom line:

If you want to book more gigs, you need the INDIE VENUE BIBLE.

It’s an enormous directory with over 1500 pages of listings covering all of the U.S. and Canada.

It also comes in a convenient PDF format so it works on ALL computers, smartphones and personal devices.

All of which means you could be booking gigs just minutes from now, if you want.

So, how much does The INDIE VENUE BIBLE cost?

Not nearly as much as you might think.

Especially when you consider the hundreds (or possibly thousands) of hours it would take you to uncover this information on your own.

You can get instant access to the INDIE VENUE BIBLE today for just $48.50.

Plus, if we hear from you today, you’ll also get…

Free Updates For One Full Year!

The VENUE BIBLE is being updated nonstop to reflect venues coming and going…phone numbers and emails changing…and other important changes…

So you can count on the version you get being 100% up to date.

But when you grab your copy of the VENUE BIBLE today, you’ll also be eligible to update your copy for one full year!

This means at any point IN THE NEXT YEAR you can email us and we’ll send you the most recent version.  In that way, we can ensure you have nothing but the most up-to-date information.

But you can’t afford to take your time with this offer.

The VENUE BIBLE is one of our most popular directories and we simply cannot keep giving it away at this low price forever (and especially not with a full year of FREE updates).

The price could be going up soon (maybe even by tonight).

So if you’re still reading…

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To Your Performing Success,
The Team @ The INDIE BIBLE

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We really couldn’t have made it any easier for you.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the INDIE VENUE BIBLE will save you thousands of hours and put you on the fast-track to success as a performing artist.  

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