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Here’s how to do it…


Prepare to release your music…

Once you have gone through the paces of registering your song and sending it to your digital distributor, like CD Baby, TuneCore, etc… you now have a release date for your new single to hit all the major platforms.

This means you can finally start promoting your song and reaching out to playlist curators.


Promote your music to playlist curators…

There are two types of playlists:

Editorial vs. Non-Editorial

Both types of playlists are great for indie artists, and you should try and get on both. But there are differences…

Editorial playlists: These are playlists curated by the streaming platform itself, and often have their own ways to submit music to them. Spotify for artists, for instance, has the submission process built-in so you can pitch your music directly to Spotify-curated playlists.


Getting your music on editorial playlists is a good way to reach new fans because they have a lot of followers. However, you are likely to only land one or two placements on these playlists.

The barrier to entry on these playlists is high and often based on merit over quality. If it’s between your song and the Arctic Monkeys, you’re out of luck.

Non-Editorial playlists: These playlists are independently curated, and take a little bit more work to get on. These curators are always looking for new music to add to their playlists, so it’s important to get your music to them directly.


☝ These are the playlists that will get your music in front of the right audience!

There are thousands of non-editorial playlists that cover every genre, sub-genre, and sub-sub-genre. This means your unique style of music can reach, not just more ears, but the right ones!

You’ll find more quality listeners who will save your song, look for more of your music, or follow you on Instagram from 6 non-editorial playlists with 10,000 followers than you will from an editorial playlist with 100,000 followers.

Getting On Non-Editorial Playlists

Getting on Non-Editorial playlists takes a bit more work than Editorials… but they are integral to reaching new fans!

The problem with the non-editorial playlists is that you have to find out who to pitch your music to and how they want it submitted.

Some curators want mp3s emailed to them, some may want a soundcloud link, and some may want you to submit through a specific playlist submission site.

This information is not easy to find and can take up to an hour just to find the contact info for one curator.


But don't worry about that, because we have you covered.

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