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The Indie Artist’s Dilemma: Waiting Instead of Chasing

Do you ever find yourself wondering:

🤔 What if no one listens to my album?

😬 Is my music good enough to build a fanbase?

😯 How am I supposed to get the attention of magazine editors and playlist curators?

Countless indie artists let these concerns stop them in their tracks. 

And those artists find themselves stuck waiting for something to happen. 

But the problem isn’t that your music isn't good enough. 

The problem is waiting. 

Do you ever hear anyone say “wait on your dreams”?

No. Dreams are for chasing

You already have put in most of the work.

🎸 You’ve spent thousands of hours honing your craft.

🎸 You’ve spent lots of money on gear, lessons, studio time, recording equipment…

🎸 You have a catalog busting at the seams with music waiting to be released.

Now it’s time for the easy part. 

Releasing and Promoting Your Music!

These days, it’s easier than ever to distribute your music to major platforms. 

There are more and more music distributors popping up all the time. 

And the easiest way to choose which one is right for you, is by googling the big distributors and picking one depending on your release schedule.

However, once you have some releases under your belt and a few thousand monthly listeners, you’ll want to start pitching your music to distributors for their marketing and label services. 

This means they will help with the promotional efforts of your release.

But for now, you are probably going to be doing it yourself. 

This means YOU have to reach out to:

Music blogs

Radio Stations

Playlist curators

Music Reviewers

Music Venues


Music Supervisors

Sync Libraries

And more promotional services all by yourself. 

This is the easy part?


It took you years to learn your instrument, 

and hundreds of songs to write your best ones. 

This will only take a few hours a week for a few weeks before and after releasing your music. 

Because you have the Extreme Indie Bundle…


☝ These are the playlists that will get your music in front of the right audience!

There are thousands of non-editorial playlists that cover every genre, sub-genre, and sub-sub-genre. This means your unique style of music can reach, not just more ears, but the right ones!

You’ll find more quality listeners who will save your song, look for more of your music, or follow you on Instagram from 6 non-editorial playlists with 10,000 followers than you will from an editorial playlist with 100,000 followers.

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The Indie Bible

  • 1900 magazines and music blogs
  • 4400 radio stations
  • 960 labels and distributors
  • 410 promotion, marketing, management, and PR services
  • 190 sites where you can upload your band’s MP3s or videos

The Indie Bible ONLINE Database

  • 1 year subscription
  • Categorized by 43 genres 
  • Search. Sort. Export.
  • New listings added daily! (10,835 current listings)

The Indie SPOTIFY Bible

  • Detailed contact information for 5,400+ popular Spotify playlists.
  • Contact information for 100 ‘official’ Spotify curators.
  • Each playlist is categorized by GENRE so you can easily contact the curators that welcome your specific style of music.

The Indie APPLE MUSIC Bible

  • Detailed contact information for 3,700+ popular Apple Music playlists.
  • Listings are sorted by GENRE, with all available contact information including location, contact name, e-mail, website, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter.

The Indie YOUTUBE Bible

  • Detailed contact information for 3,500+ YouTube playlists.
  • 1,000+ YouTube Music playlists, covering all genres.

The Indie Venue Bible

  • 30,000 venues, festivals and colleges in the U.S. and Canada

The Booking Agents Directory

booking agents directory
  • Listings for 2,100+ booking agents from around the world 

5 Bonus Music Guides


The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your music

The Ultimate Guide to Booking Gigs

The Ultimate Guide to Touring and Playing Live

Independent Artist’s Guide to Spotify

Independent Artist’s Guide to YouTube

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