An Open Letter To Any Indie Artist Who Wants 6 Of Our Best Music Business Directories… PLUS 5 Exclusive How-To Guides – For Less Than HALF The Sticker Price!

Discover The All-In-One Indie Bundle That Gives You 100% Of The Resources You Will EVER Need To Successfully Promote Your Music!

Dear Indie Musician,

If you’d like to get your hands on detailed, up-to-date contact info for well over 50,000 music industry contacts that can help you gain fans and exposure, attract publicity and record deals, and build a following...

And do it for less than the cost of ninety minutes of studio time

Then this will be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here’s why:

For more than twenty years, indie artists like you have relied on the INDIE BIBLE to affordably promote their music, get more radio airplay and streams, book more gigs, or sign with an agent or record label.

Our directories are the ultimate fast-track to escaping obscurity and getting your music played worldwide.

More on that in a moment.

But first...

If You’ve Ever Tried To Market Yourself As An Indie Artist You Know What An Uphill Battle It Can Be

There are so many talented acts out there.

More coming on the scene all the time.

It can be hard to break through and get your music heard.

Maybe you’re frustrated at not seeing results for the hours you put into promotion and marketing.

Maybe you worry you’ll never have enough time (or money) to adequately do the job.

Or maybe you find yourself in a “catch-22” of feeling like you don’t have the resources to compete with other artists.

If so, you’re not alone.

For most new (and experienced) musicians the biggest obstacle is not having a rolodex of music industry decision-makers you can pick up the phone and call.

Let’s face it…

If You’re Going To Succeed As An Indie Artist You NEED The Right Connections

That’s why, as indie artists ourselves, we created the INDIE BIBLE.

Because we understand!

We wanted to give the independent musician on a budget an affordable means to successfully promote their music.

Listen to what Rick Barker, former manager of Taylor Swift, and marketing consultant to the major labels has to say about the power of the INDIE BIBLE:

Music industry experts agree...

Even one of our directories could save you months, if not years, in finding the connections you need to “make it” as an indie musician and build a sustaining career.

Not only are they extremely user-friendly…

But they cover ALL GENRES of music too.

And guess what?

If we hear from you in the next few minutes, you can have a suite of no less than 6 of our most important directories at a FRACTION of what you would otherwise pay.

Here’s what’s included:  

1. The Indie Bible


Our classic offering. Find radio stations, blogs, and websites that will feature your music, including…

2000 magazines and music blogs, 4200 radio stations, 1100 labels and distributors, 1000 promotion, marketing, management, and PR services, 400 sites where you can upload your band’s MP3s or videos

The Indie Bible ONLINE Database

Includes a 1-year subscription. Categorized by 43 genres. Search. Sort. Export. New listings added daily!

2. The Indie SPOTIFY Bible

spotify bible

Get your music in front of 380M Spotify listeners! Win new fans and gain exposure. The SPOTIFY BIBLE offers detailed contact info for 4,200 Spotify playlists, all categorized by genre so you can quickly find and contact curators that welcome your style of music.

3. The Indie APPLE MUSIC Bible

apple-music-guide-mock up

Get your music in front of 345M Spotify listeners! Win new fans and gain exposure. The SPOTIFY BIBLE offers detailed contact info for 4,200 Spotify playlists, all categorized by genre so you can quickly find and contact curators that welcome your style of music.

4. The Indie YOUTUBE Bible


Includes 3,500 YouTube playlists that will play your music! You are taking a big risk as an independent artist today if you ignore this powerful marketing tool. Plus, listings include hundreds of channels that will play your audio file…so you don’t even need a video!)

5. The Indie Venue Bible

indie venue bible

Contact info for 30,000 venues, festivals and colleges in the U.S. and Canada!

6. The Booking Agents Directory

booking agents directory

Includes listings for 2,300 booking agents from around the world!

With instant access to thousands of music industry connections, The STREAMING PACK is like the ultimate all-access backstage pass for independent artists.

How to Use The Extreme Indie Bundle
in 3 Easy Steps


Find contacts for your needs and your type of music Our directories are organized by geographic area and cover all genres (and different service categories).

Apple Bible Sample Marked (1)

Looking for radio airplay? More streams? Distribution or PR help?  Want to be reviewed by an influencer in your genre?  We’ve got you covered!

And with access to our ONLINE DATABASE, finding the contacts you need to grow your music business has never been easier or faster.

Venues are organized by geographic area and genre.  This means you can find gigs locally, regionally, or nationally – even build out a successful tour!


Contact them using the info provided 

We even show you how! 

(See the bonuses included with today’s special offer below)

You never have to feel intimidated.

PLUS, where possible the description reveals the contact’s preferred method of receiving submissions.


Get airplay, reviews…and book more gigs!

Made for indie artists, by indie artists!  You’d be hard pressed to find an easier or more straightforward way to find an audience for your music.

You’ll attract new fans faster than you thought possible and…

Build Relationships To Last You A Career!

We’ve taken the process of promoting your music and made it so simple even a total newbie can be successful.

Plus, you’ll love how intuitive and user-friendly our directories are.

The EXTREME INDIE BUNDLE will help you save all the leg work and time of finding these contacts and give you the ultimate inside track to better promote your music as soon as today.

So, to recap…

Here’s What You Can Do Using The Extreme Indie Bundle:

Get Contact info for over 7,000 music industry decision-makers who can help get your music heard

(In print and publishing, distribution, PR, and radio and record labels)

Find gigs all around the globe

(in music venues, clubs, festivals, colleges, concert halls, restaurants, weddings, casinos, private parties, corporate events and more...)

Get more people every month streaming your music

(By placing your music on Spotify, Apple Music, And YouTube playlists with thousands of subscribers)

Get your music in front of millions of potential new fans

(Via reviews online and in print, websites that will play your audio and video, and by getting your music played on the radio)

Avoid common mistakes

(And steer clear of questionable pay-for-placement services)

Get contact info for 4,200 Spotify playlists

3,700 Apple Music playlists, and 3,500 YouTube playlists! (Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube are the top three destinations for today’s fans to discover new music)

Find agencies that specialize in booking artists on resorts and cruise ships

(Imagine… getting paid to perform in beautiful settings for relaxed guests… while enjoying free vacations!)

Plan tours effectively

(When you use our BOOKING AGENTS directory, not only will it let you fill up tour dates, but you’ll find people and resources to help make your life easier!)

Get detailed, up-to-the-minute information for each contact

(Includes name, email, phone, socials, a detailed description of what they focus on, and how to send submissions)

Discover a simpler way to promote your music

(Listings are organized by genre...this lets you instantly target playlists with listeners who you know enjoy your style of music)

Save time and money

(You can spend thousands of hours doing research or get results as soon as today)

Get access to music industry connections

(And not just any connections…these are the real decision-makers that can help you promote your music!)

Get on more playlists with less effort

(With thousands of industry contacts at your fingertips…just waiting for you to reach out!)

Instantly find venues that welcome your style of music

(Which genre each venue features is tagged using over 40 color-coded genre tags)

Fast-track your success using our online database

(THE fastest way to search, collect, and export targeted contacts you can reach out to right away)

Increase income from your music career

(Live performances are paid but it doesn’t stop there. They’re also an ideal platform to sell your CD’s and other merchandise.)

Get the resources you need to create relationships with influential contacts

(And build a career that lasts!)

Say “goodbye!” to throwing your music out there and hoping it sticks

(Instead, say “hello” to a list of targeted leads that can help you get your music heard faster!)

You Only Have So Many Hours To Promote Your Music Make Them Count!

The INDIE BIBLE is the choice of successful indie artists. Our directories are known as the gold standard in the industry and routinely praised by music industry experts.

Sources like MakingAScene.org, an independent music magazine, who wrote this about the INDIE BIBLE:

“With 20 years of publication it is rare to find a reputable resource for the indie artist that actually delivers on what they promise let alone do it for two decades”

Or Jeri Goldstein, author of How To Be Your Own Booking Agent, who had this to say:

“The Indie Bible is the ultimate resource for the independent musician”

Bottom line:

Don’t be fooled by imitators.

You can’t afford to waste your time on directories that provide you incomplete information at best, and out-of-date information at worst.

The EXTREME INDIE BUNDLE puts thousands of music industry contacts at your fingertips and gives you the level of access you need to successfully promote yourself as an indie artist.

However, this bundle is NOT for everyone.

It’s definitely NOT for the average musician who just wants to earn a few hundred dollars per month and have a fun part-time gig. 

This is for aspiring professional musicians and existing pros who are serious about making a GREAT living from their music.

If that’s you…

And if you’re serious about building a fanbase and turning your music into a sustainable business…

Then this information is NOT a luxury.


It’s Crucial.


How much does The Extreme Indie Bundle cost?

Not NEARLY what you might expect.

Especially when you consider many artists pay a manager, a PR company, or a booking agent thousands of dollars to grant them a similar level of industry access and connections you’ll soon have.

But you don’t have to pay $1,000.

You don’t even need to pay $500.

If you were to purchase these directories separately, it would cost you more than $400.00.

But if you take advantage of our LIMITED-TIME BUNDLE PACKAGE today, you pay just $194.95 (you save $205)!

That’s pennies when compared to the opportunities you could lose if you don’t take action on this today.

Plus, if you order now, we’re also sending you the following 5 rare and extremely valuable How-To guides:

[BONUS #1]

Ultimate Guide To Promoting Your Music

guide to promoting music

The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Your Music features no less than 95 insightful articles written by the field’s top experts and covering everything you need to know to put your career into overdrive!

Articles Include:

  • How to Submit Your Music for Review (A sound review strategy is the key to more publicity and can make all the difference when it comes to getting your music heard)
  • How to Get Radio Airplay (Also, a little-known way to set it up so any of your future releases get fast airplay too)
  • Get Your Music into Film and TV (Sync licensing is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your passion for making music)
  • How to Copyright Your Music (Don’t let others profit from your hard work!)
  • Why You Need an Entertainment Lawyer
  • How to Create a Press Kit That Gets Noticed!
  • How Royalties Work (And how to arrange it so you do something one time and get paid for it on a recurring basis…for life!)
  • How to Take Advantage of the Marketing Power of Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and MANY MORE!
  • And much, much more!

You won’t find this exclusive information anywhere else, at any price.

We could sell The Indie Music Marketing Handbook for $97 or more as a standalone product (it’s that valuable).  But when you order the EXTREME INDIE BUNDLE today…

We’ll Send It To You FREE!

Extreme Indie Bundle

[BONUS #2]

Ultimate Guide To Booking Gigs

guide for booking music gigs

This guide is no less than 115 articles by the smartest people in the music biz and covers everything you need to know to be successful at playing live.

It will reveal to you intimate and calming insights on how the industry works, and lower your anxiety level, calm the initial jitters, and make the entire process less intimidating

Especially if you haven't played out a lot.

Insights like:

  • The “insider” secrets of how the live music industry works (Plus, exactly what to say to booking agents to ensure you land more gigs)
  • A simple “gig checklist” of everything you need for a successful performance (When you see this, you’ll never want to do a gig without it again)
  • 9 surprising solutions to beat stage fright once and for all
  • How to break into the college market in 4 easy steps
  • Proven ways to command higher fees for your live show (In our experience, most artists sell themselves short. Use the secrets in this article to earn more every time you take the stage!)
  • 3 easy steps to use in approaching booking agents
  • A quickie “idiot’s guide” to performing at open mics and jams
  • Little known way to set yourself above the competition when scouting for an agent (No one else is talking about this!  You’ll immediately approach agents with more confidence)
  • 5 quick start steps for setting up a successful tour
  • How to turn your gigs into major media events
  • A “can’t miss” way to use radio to build your fanbase
  • Fastest known way to get big sponsorship money for your band, tour, event, or production
  • Everything you need to know about playing non-traditional venues (And booking festivals, fairs, and events!)
  • Performing: A “real-life” insight into how to really grab your audience
  • Wicked cold and a big gig? Tips for singers – what works!
  • How to sell 60,000 CD’s! (Plus, a little-known “trick” for how to sell more CD’s at every live performance)
  • And much, much more!


Plus, you’ll learn a simple formula for how to DOUBLE your gig revenue by selling merchandise. And many more secrets to help you earn more from playing live as soon as your next gig.

The Ultimate Guide to To Booking Gigs has a $75 Value, but it’s yours FREE, if you order the EXTREME INDIE BUNDLE today. 

[BONUS #3]

Ultimate Guide To Touring And Playing Live


This guide contains valuable insider info that will save you tons of time and stress. Written by industry experts, it offers valuable insights on all the key areas of booking gigs, playing live and touring.

[BONUS #4]

Independent Artist’s Guide To YouTube

2021_IndieBible_SpotifyMusiciansGuide-600 (2)

This guide is a collection of 30 articles written by SPOTIFY EXPERTS covering all the key areas you need to know about.

You’ll discover:

* What Spotify is and how it works

* How to get your music on Spotify

* What a playlist curator is

* How to approach curators with your music

* What curators are looking for in your pitch

* How to build your following on Spotify

* Release strategies for success

* How the Spotify algorithm finds new tracks

* How to create your own playlist

And more!

THIS IS A MUST: In the guide, read “The Murky Business of Spotify Playlist Pitching” by Aric Jenkins.  It covers the questionable placement services you’re sure to encounter.  This article alone could save you more than your entire investment in the EXTREME INDIE BUNDLE!

[BONUS #5]

Independent Artist’s Guide To YouTube

YouTube Musicians Guide 2nd edition

This collection of 41 articles by YOUTUBE EXPERTS covers all the KEY areas that you need to focus on.

It’s written in an easy-to-understand and accessible way that will let even a newbie quickly master YouTube marketing.

You’ll learn:

* What is YouTube and how does it work

* How to upload your video to YouTube

* How to create your own YouTube channel

* How to get your music on YouTube channels

* How to get your music on YouTube Music Playlists

* How to drive traffic to your video

* How to maximize YouTube’s tools for artists

* How to make money on YouTube

And more!

The Independent Artist’s Guide To YouTube comes with a $39.95 price tag.  If you order the EXTREME BUNDLE today, we’ll include this FREE as well.

But time is short and you must act fast.

These are 6 of our most popular directories and we simply can’t keep giving them away at this low price for much longer.

Plus, the bonuses are good only for a short time as well.

So if you’re serious about taking your career to the next level…

Don’t take any chances.

Click on the button below RIGHT NOW to secure instant access to the EXTREME INDIE BUNDLE and time-limited bonuses while you still can:

Extreme Indie Bundle

Once your order is complete we’ll send you all 6 directories in an easy-to-use PDF format.

You can view them on any PC or Mac computer, even your smartphone.

All of which means you could be in contact with music industry influencers just minutes from now, if you want.

Don’t wait to start enjoying the success you deserve.

Seize the day!

To Your Success,

The Team @ The Indie Bible