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We are very GRATEFUL for all the artists and bands that have taken the time to let us know how much our directories have HELPED their music career!


The Indie Bible is far and away the most comprehensive resource for getting exposure for your music." - Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of "The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label from A to Z"

"The Indie Bible is the ultimate music resource for the independent musician. It is organized, in-depth and current, and there is nothing out there like it! Keep it within reach and your business will benefit." - Jeri Goldstein, author of "How To Be Your Own Booking Agent"

"This is SOOOO Good! The Indie Bible kicks assss!!" – Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby

"I just bought your "Indie Bible" and am very impressed by how well you have tackled this Herculean - nay, Sisyphean task!" - Jonathan Kochmer,

"WOW is all I can say! This is an absolutely priceless resource for Indie musicians. If you want your music reviewed or on the radio THIS is the resource you need to have!" - Jodi Krangle, founder The Muse's Muse Songwriting Community

"I was looking through the Indie Bible again last night and I have to tell you how big a fan I am of it!!!! I think it should be a necessary acquisition for every indie band looking to get their music out there!" - Carolyn Ballen, The Indie Music Forum

indie bible music promotion: image of a world music artist performing live on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of a live rock music group performing on stage "The Indie Bible is a 'must have' for any Indie Artist!" - Madalyn Sklar, Founder of

"With the rise in popularity of The Indie Bible, David will go down in the annals of music history as a true folk hero and trailblazer for the Independent music industry" - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"If you're a serious musician there are two ways to go - you can scour the Internet searching for the occassional contact database which may or may not be up-to-date, or you can get yourself a copy of the comprehensive Indie Bible. It's all here!" - David Nevue, author of "How to Successfully Promote Your Music on the Internet"

"The thing that I think is best about this book is that there are a lot of niche places to promote your music such as Radio Shows, Magazines, and Labels. The Indie Bible will help you go narrow and deep!" - David Hooper, Founder of Kathode Ray Music

"The new Indie Bible is bigger and better than ever! And I'm thrilled to have one of my articles included in it!" - Bob Baker, author of "The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook "

"In today's ever volatile music market, there is probably no more proactively updated resource on the market than the Indie Bible. As an independent promoter and publicist, I have used each edition with equally great results!" - Kenny Love, Radio Host and President of

Thanks for saving me about 4,000 hours of work!" - Dave Grammerstorf, Recording Artist

"It's great! The articles alone are worth the price." - Beau Wadsworth, Recording Artist

"Thank you for your hard work. Because of your resource, my music is now in 80 countries!" - Bob Ryszkiewicz, Recording Artist

"This book has been an AMAZING help for my promotion. I'm getting a lot of response from music resources I would have never found on my own." - Matthew, The Matthew Show

"I bought the Indie Bible and am still overwhelmed by it!" - Michael Grady, The Strange Angels

"This is a really phenomenal resource that you have put together. I love it!" - Jordan Hall, Recording Artist

indie bible music promotion: image of a girl tuning her guitar
indie bible music promotion: image of a bass player from a metal band performing on stage "The Indie Bible is an absolutely great music resource. I was able to get some spins on some radio stations because of it, and now I'm ready to pick up the book again and send out more CDs. You have definitely empowered the Independent Musician with your bible. Thank you so much!" - Chellie Coleman, Recording Artist

"The Indie Bible is the one book you need to have beside the phone, and handy anytime you sit down to get the word out. It will make your music promotion easier and you'll spend less time spinning your wheels and more time playing music. Each edition just gets better and better!" - Bill Evans, founder of

"This is the most valuable music resource I could ever have imagined for breaking into this market. 'Bible' is an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Shanynn Raigh, Recording Artist

"The Indie Bible is one of the greatest publications to ever hit the streets. It helps out any band in dire need of exposure." - Performance Online

"I just got your book and I love it!" - Carla Hall, Author of "How to Create a Press Kit

" has been affiliated with the Indie Bible for nearly four years now and has received much correspondence and new music to share with our visitors and listeners as a result. It's an amazing resource no independent musician or indie music biz should be without!" - Andie Jones, Editor and Webcast Host

"The Indie Bible is an awesome resource. Hats off to you for undertaking such a GIGANTIC project!" - In Perpetual Motion Internet Radio

"My press kit is full of positive press from around the WORLD because of The Indie Bible." - Terry Christopher, Award Winning Singer/Songwriter

"The Indie Bible is the real deal! Touting hundreds of pages packed solid with helpful resources and insightful articles, this is an investment you can't afford NOT to make if you are serious about furthering your career!" - Lynn Carey Saylor, Founder of

"My expectations were quite high; I had read on more than one website that this was the definitive source guide for independent musicians and I expected a monumental work worthy of such lofty praise. I was not disappointed." - Jef Peace, Peacework Music
indie bible music promotion: image of two jazz singers performing live on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of punk rock guitarist performing live on stage

"If you are an artist in need of one book to cover every aspect of music and marketing it properly, this an Experts Guide to doing so." - Keith "MuzikMan" Hanneleck, Music Dish

"The Indie Bible brings the pure spirit of art and music one step closer to surviving among the powerful jaws of corporate envelope pushing. This carefully arranged collection of addresses for musicians is a must for intelligent indies. Why be a slave to labels when David's work can give us long wings instead? His book can help us all sing (in the words of Ani DiFranco): O I'm gonna take the money I make and go away..." - Bridget Brigitte, singer/songwriter and CEO, BAM Productions

"Congratulate you on providing such a great service to musicians and music-related companies!" - Greg Mercer, Editor-in-Chief, Punkt Zine

"You rule! I just checked out a couple of pages and it already looks great!" - Nick Costanzo, Cave Studio

"I think the Indie Bible kicks ass, so I'd love to get some people to you!" - Pamela West, Angelfly Records

"I recently received a copy of this amazing book, and was simply blown away at the amount of information that it contains!" - Michael Allison, The Global Muse

"I have my copy & I refer to it every day!" - Denise Vasquez, Recording Artist

"It's great! The articles alone are worth the price." - Beau Wadsworth, Recording Artist

"I truly believe this is one of the best books out there for indie musicians like myself! MORE PEOPLE should have a copy! " - Kelly Cornelius, Transceover Productions

"This is a really phenomenal tool that you have put together. I love it!" - Jordan Hall, Recording Artist

"Your bible blew us away!" - Lyric Jude, Tuchix Studios

"I LOVE my Indie Bible!!!" - Madame Venus, Swamp Bytche
indie bible music promotion: image of an indie band performing live on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of a jazz sax player performing live on stage "Several months ago my husband and I bought your Indie Bible online and I have to say it has been fantastic. My husband's CD is being played all over Europe right now and has become very popular. " - Sally Rodgers, Songwriter

"This is the ONLY book you need!!" - Jenn London, Recording Artist

"I really just admire what you are doing with the Indie Bible. It's so helpful, man - for many indie bands!" - Jon Hensley, DarkSide of the Radio

"Full thanks for you and your team! You Rule! I'll be sure to pass your website to all musicians i know so that they too can experience the wonder of the Bible... " - Rui Lobato , Recording Artist

"I'm just sitting here plugging away at trying to increase our success, and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all you've done and are doing. This business can be a beast, but you continue to provide resources that can keep me busy and away from thinking negatively. " - Blake Lindley, The Dead Rebels

"This book is a 316-page collection of the most useful resources on the planet and presented in an easy-to-follow format ... quite possibly the most valuable piece of literature to occupy any recording artist's library. " - John Foxworthy, GarageRadio

"Just wanted to tell you that the Indie Bible amazing data base. I was the songwriter/ guitarist for the million selling MCA band, TRIXTER. Now that I'm reinventing myself w/ 40FT. RINGO, I'm using all the weapons necessary to conquer. This book is definitely part of the arsenal!" - Steve Brown, 40ft. RINGO

"We've taken the wrapper off and WOW what an amazing resource! It is a fabulous publication. It is indeed the bible for independent musicians. We here at Alchemical Radio shall find The Indie Bible a fantastic resource for years to come. " - Tim, Alchemical Radio

indie bible music promotion: image of an experimental music group performing on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of country music guitar player performing live on stage "Just got the Indie Bible...AWESOME!!" - Dax Wadley, The Soul Elephant

"I'm releasing an LP in a couple of weeks, and let me tell you, The Indie Bible has literally rolled out the red carpet in advance for me. How sweet is that? " - Jeff Sanders, Mountain Mirrors

"I find the Indie Bible incredibly useful!! THANK YOU!!" - Abbie Gardner, Recording Artist

"The Bible is GREAT!!" - Matthew Puckett, Recording Artist

"Just got the CD ROM version of the Indie Bible. What a resource! Thanks so much! " - David Kelley, 2 a.m. Orchestra

"The Indie Bible is my most often used tool. I depend on it and the Updates." - Tracylyn Lendi, Recording Artist

"I have been getting contacted by people who say our radio project has been listed in the Indie Bible. I appreciate this and wanted to thank you. The artists are receiving lots of airplay and are all very happy!" - Bruce Callow, Radio Host, Costa Rica Radio Show
"I just received the Indie Bible and I'm quite amazed by all the resources that you have compiled for independent recording artists. This is a remarquable work!! Thank you so much!!! " - Rejean Paquin, Recording Artist

"It's amazing how many people actually know of you and your book! " - Marie Warren-Bossio, All Night Long Productions

"You are doing a great job for us musicians. THANKS again! " - Juliette Esper, Recording Artist

"Thanks for making our lives easier!" - Johnny Jace, The Ivory Tower Project

"It's an excellent compilation of resources for Indies. As a new "bedroom label" we will be getting much use out of it!" - Kelly McTiernan, Koala Bear Studios
indie bible music promotion: image of a female fronted metal band performing live on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of a punk lead singer performing on stage "Websites come and go within 6 months to a year. The Indie Bible is the only music resource that stays on top of who's around and who's not. They also focus primarily on music sites that have actual value to artists. All the musicians I work with personally are required to have a copy!" - Tim Sweeney, author of "Tim Sweeney's Guide to Releasing Independent Records"

"THANK YOU - thanks for all your help in this cold, hard, corporate music world. You rock!" - Mia,

"We believe that The Indie Bible is the most comprehensive & useful tool that is available to the independent artist & industry person alike. Thanks for all of your work & integrity in providing this service!" - Leigh Silberg, United Global Artists

"The book is 'showing me the way' You are awesome!" - Katrina, Recording Artist
"David, I just think you did an extraordinary job in what must have been a nightmare. It's an INCREDIBLE buy! You could get lots more for the effort. Lots more! It is a TRUE resource for the small, struggling indie label/musician. A TRUE resource!" - Dixon DeVore, Cricket Power Records

"It's a wonderful publication and I am happy to recommend it whole-heartedly to everyone we deal with!" - Peter Whitehead, The Band Register

"I love this book!" - Billie Joyce, Recording Artist

"Let's face it. the indie artist is a small business owner. The Indie Bible provides the information you need to get your music out there as an industry professional." - Gigi Swanson, former director of the Music Business program, Musictech College

"It was the best money I've ever spent. I have over 120 radio stations around the world asking for my CD!" - Mark Pfau, Graffiti Thrill
indie bible music promotion: image of a singer songwriter performing live on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of female fronted rock band performing live on stage "It has helped me in more ways than you could imagine! I’ve even begun using it in the classes and workshops I give! Everyone has found the Indie Bible helpful." - Vicki Logan, President of the Minnesota Assoc. of Songwriters

"The Indie Bible is a must have resource to anyone - on any side or level - of the music business." - Ben McLane, Esq, Music Attorney

"I really just admire what you are doing with the Indie Bible. It's so helpful, man... for many indie bands. Keep up your hard work dude. Just keep on chooglin." - Jon Hensley, DarkSide of the Radio Show

"The Indie Bible is my most often used tool." - Tracylyn, Good Rain
"You are doing a great job for us musicians. THANKS again! " - Juliette Esper, Recording Artist

"As a reviewer I can vouch for the advice in the "Getting Your Music Reviewed" section. Christ if only a tiny fraction of the submitters to my site read the advice in this section I'd be one happy hombre. Please. For my sanity. - Art Grauer, The Circular Cosmic Spot

"Buying a copy won't guarantee a gold record, but it will give those willing to devote time and energy to promotion numerous ideas and outlets for exposure. It also serves as an excellent resource for anyone that is directly related to helping bands and artists gain exposure, like promoters and labels. " - Christopher Grotke,

"There are many books on the market for venue, magazine, club and other listings, and depending upon your goals you may need more than one. But in this day and age, if I were an independent musician (or a publicist/manager who worked with one), I'd grab this book in a heartbeat. It's only a starting point, however, and how you use the information (and whom you put your trust in) will ultimately tell the tale. Good luck!" - Bill Holmes, Cosmik Debris
indie bible music promotion: black and white image of a punk band performing live on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of a rapper performing live on stage The Indie Contact Newsletter
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EVERY MONTH for the last 15 years, the Indie Contact Newsletter has provided artists and songwriters with valuable articles on how to succeed in the music business.

Each of these newsletters also features a LARGE list of music services that are looking for submissions (radio shows, labels, magazines etc.).

You can also win the legendary Shure SM58 Microphone in our monthly draw.

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We would like to introduce you to an amazing package that we have developed for independent musicians that makes promoting your music completely affordable.

The Ultimate Indie Bundle includes ALL of the directories you will read about on this website - The Indie Bible, The Indie Bible ONLINE and The Indie Venue Bible.

As an ADDED BONUS you will receive TWO e-books with 190 articles on how to SUCCEED in the music business, PLUS next year's edition of the Indie Bible.

If you were to purchase the 4 directories that make up the Ultimate Indie Bundle separately, it would cost you $340.

When you purchase them in the Bundle Package, you pay only $59.95.

That's an incredible savings of $280!

indie bible music promotion: image of a live jazz singer performing on stage
indie bible music promotion: image of a country music group performing live on stage Our Articles E-Books
Education is the greatest gift that you could give to your career!

Don't make the SAME mistakes THOUSANDS of other artists have made before you!

Our directories include valuable insider information that will save you TONS of time and money.

These articles are written by industry experts, covering marketing, contracts, the power of social media, getting airplay & reviews, getting signed, finding gigs, playing at festivals and much more!


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