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One of the key components of THE INDIE BIBLE is the valuable collection of articles that are included.

The key to your success is education - learning how the business works, and the best approaches to take in order to further your career.

There are hundreds of thousands of well-intentioned artists that refused to put in the work that success requires. You'll never hear of them because they stumbled, tripped and imploded!

Although their music may have been incredible, they tried to make it on talent alone, not understanding that true success and longevity requires an unshakeable persistence and tenacity ... an inner force that is required to push through the inevitable peaks and valleys that you will face in the music business.

Education is the greatest gift that you could give to yourself and your career!

In order to arm you with the knowledge that leads to success, THE INDIE BIBLE includes 66 articles covering ALL areas of music promotion:
  • How to submit your music for review
  • How to submit your music for radio airplay
  • How to submit your music to bloggers
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to boost your exposure
  • How to contact labels
  • All about distribution
  • Marketing strategies
  • Legal and copyright information
  • Music licensing
  • Emotional issues: How to deal with rejection, bad reviews, ignorant tweets etc.
  • and much more!

The writers of these articles are the most KNOWLEDGEABLE people in the business including:
  • Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of the classics "The Real Deal" and "How to Start Your Own Record Label"
  • Jeri Goldstein, author of "How to be Your Own Booking Agent"
  • Panos Panay, founder of Sonicbids
  • Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby
  • Jodi Krangle, founder of The Muse's Muse
  • Suzanne Glass, founder of Indie-Music.com
  • Ariel Hyatt, founder of Ariel Pubicity and Cyber PR
  • Gilli Moon, founder of Songsalive!
  • Sheena Metal, host of the Metal Highway Radio Show
  • Bryan Farrish, Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
  • Chris Robley, the DIY Musician Blog
  • Richard P. Dieguez, Entertainment Lawyer
  • Bill Pere, President of the Connecticut Songwriters Association
  • Christopher Knab, author of "Music Is Your Business"
  • Chris Standring, A&R Online
  • and many more!

To receive your sample articles:

"How to Submit Music for Review." by Jodi Krangle, The Muse’s Muse
"How to Use Radio Promotion to Boost Airplay and Build New Audiences." by Jeri Goldstein, PerformingBiz.com
"Music Marketing Strategies." by Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby
"A Primer for Submitting Your Music to Radio, Music Blogs, Press and Labels." by David Wimble, Editor of The Indie Bible

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