S o n g w r i t i n g B o o k R e v i e w : by Jodi Krangle
THE INDIE CONTACT BIBLE - compiled by David Wimble
WOW is all I can say. Well. I guess I have to say more than "Wow" or you're not going to get much out of this review, are you. ;-) Here's the thing: This is an absolutely priceless resource for indie musicians. If you want your music reviewed, on the radio, *heard*, THIS is the resource you need to have. It's not going to tell you "how" but it will *certainly* tell you "who". Everybody is in here. And I do mean *everybody* (yup. The Muse's Muse too!).

David has listed everyone's name and e-mail addresses where applicable, along with their urls. Why only urls, you ask? Because by going to that url, you can likely locate all the latest contact information and those things change pretty quickly. Trying to keep up with that would be an impossible task. Still, there's a lot that needs to be kept up with anyway. Because of that, two or three issues come out per year with updated information that David himself and the readers who use his bible, find out about. There are five sections: reviewers of independent music, radio stations that are willing to play independent music, services that will help you sell your music over the internet, sites that will allow you to upload music files, and sites that will allow you to upload information about your band for FREE. Each section is divided into genre, then by geographical location. It's enormously useful and should save you hours and hours of trawling the net only to find dead links and information that doesn't apply to you at all. The Indie Contact Bible is a great tool and one I highly recommend you pick up in order to compliment your other music marketing techniques. Have a look at the url above and read through a few sample pages to see what I mean.