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Features: May 2002

The Indie Bible
David Wimble, Editor

book review by Madalyn Sklar

  Indie Bible

I was recently strolling around the SXSW tradeshow when I ran into David Wimble, editor of the famous Indie Bible. I couldn't wait to give him my personal testimonial about the "bible". About two weeks prior to SXSW I started receiving emails from indie women artists around the country saying they found out about GoGirlsMusic.com from the Indie Bible's new "Women in Music" section. I was wow'd by this. It's not often that artists tell me how they come across our web site.

So now I'm sifting through the many informative pages of the "bible" and am totally digging it. There are pages upon pages of publications that will review your CD, radio stations that will play your music, services that will sell your music, sites where you can upload your MP3s, plus many great resources and web sites to promote your band. This edition has a new section containing 33 articles covering all areas of music from those in the know. Industry insiders like Tim Sweeney, Nancy Falkow, Carolyn Ballen, Ariel Hyatt, and more.

The Indie Bible is a must have for any indie artist!

For more info, visit http://www.indiecontactbible.com/

Madalyn is the founder of GoGirlsMusic.com, the coolest "chicks that rock" web site around. She started the site back in 1996 to help promote women in music and was recently named one of the 15 People You Should Know In The Biz by Indie-Music.com. She can be reached at madalyn@gogirlsmusic.com.

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