November 2011

The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections.
    1. Publications that will REVIEW your music
    2. Radio Stations/Shows that will PLAY your songs
    3. Labels, Vendors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
    4. Sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
    5. Helpful Resources for recording artists

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SSG Music
3211 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144
Nikki Benson
News, reviews and interviews. We heavily cover Seattle and the Northwest US ... but we also report on the rest of North America. Visit our website to find the contact for your area. We're trying to go green, so please e-mail your music to us. If you absolutely need to send something physically, send it to our mailing address.

MAGNET Magazine
attn: Reviews, 1218 Chestnut St. #508, Philadelphia, PA 19107
MAGNET has relaunched as a monthly print magazine and our second issue back is out now.

Independent Music Promotions
James Moore
A popular indie music blog dedicated to music industry tips, artist resources, publicity services, as well as reviews, features and interviews for indie bands. All artists with professional quality music will be accepted and all genres are accepted as well. Visit our website to submit your material via Musicxray. The blog is maintained by James Moore, author of "Your Band Is A Virus!" PLEASE NOTE: There is a fee for reviews and promotion, starting at $10.
If you're a publicist, manager or label representative and you'd like to request that we cover your artist, get in touch (we don't accept requests directly from the artists).

Box 22001, Vernon, BC V1T 9L7
PH: 250-309-1299 FX: 250-545-4822
Our Vandala Ezine and blog brings top independent music, interviews, reviews, news, events and more to fans with a 100% unique honest spin! Check our website for Submission Guidelines.

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NewcomerRadio Deutschland
Gabelsbergerstrasse 1, 64711 Erbach, Germany
PH: +49 (0) 6062-267889
Jochen Ringl
An interactive radio and media portal for bands and artists. Our program format is currently broadcast in 32 countries worldwide. Genres include Rock, Hardrock, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Gothic and Metal.

Native Trailblazers BlogTalkRadio
PH: 757-333-6868
Vincent Schilling
Specializing in Native American and First Nations artists – submit a bio, photo, website and MP3s to be considered as a guest on this award-winning Aboriginal People's Choice Award nominated show.

66 Avenue des Champs Elysees - LOT 41, 75008 Paris, France
PH: 0899-23-23-89
Christophe Marcy
Music programming is 100% independent artists. Programming is from the catalog of digital label ALIEN PROD.

European Gospel Radio
An international radio service operating since 1979. Access to EGR is open to all who have a Christian message to broadcast, regardless of their denomination or Church affiliation. Our mission is to spread the Gospel from Milan, Italy, to the World on shortwave radio and the internet.

Radio Waves
Michael Anthony
From the Creators of Brocket 99 comes our less hard edged, not so controversial little brother... Radio Waves. We're looking for the best pod friendly, indie and unsigned Rock, Pop, Dance and Top 40 bands in the world. A bit of Reggae too mon'. Surf in, get the love lotion ready and hear the waves! The very best music you've never heard. Guaranteed ... or we'll clean the sand out of your shorts. E-mail at least 192 kbps music links to us.

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Gabelsbergerstrasse 1, 64711 Erbach, Germany
PH: +49 (0) 6062-267889 FX: +49 (0) 6062-267889
Jochen Ringl
Services include consulting, management, promotion, marketing, publicity, business strategies and interactive development.

Jared Ingersol Music Management
PH: 314-266-1870 FX: 314-884-2099
Providing a full range of services (in booking, management, and promotional capacities) to artists in the Folk, Acoustic and Americana music genres.

The Management Agency
Committed to providing the very best in development support, production and marketing for Christian artists, ministries, and other businesses needing professional services so they can focus on what they do best. Our services include artist management, artist development (all aspects), tour management, promotions & marketing, concert & event promotions, social network & fan development.

Mic Check Productions
PH: 224-280-8283
Bianca Garrison-Quick
A full-service production company that specializes in Hip Hop artist development, music production, music composition, music publishing and more!

Schilling Media
Vincent Schilling
A Native owned and operated media and public relations corporation that provides media and public relations services to individuals, companies and organizations. Our services include festival and events promotion, artist bookings, business copy (written content), press releases and pre-promotional and onsite photography and video.

Essential Music and Marketing
10 Allied Way, London, W3 0RQ UK
PH: +44 208-749-7250 FX: +44 208-740-0740
Our creative marketing and promotion services raise Essential’s capabilities far above the traditional role of a distributor. For smaller independent labels we can provide the logistical support of a dedicated label manager to oversee releases. We are also proud to enable a growing number of artists to successfully release their music on their own labels, by working alongside artist managers to provide extensive and flexible project management. The services that we provide can include core label functions like product manufacture and registration with PPL, PRS for Music and UK Chart; product management including overall strategy, recruitment of third party specialists, sourcing featured artists and commissioning remixes; and coordinating marketing services.

Jaybird Communications
PO Box 20062, Dag Hammarskjold Stn. New York, NY 10017
PH: 646-484-6764 FX: 646-381-3627
Laurie Jakobsen
Provides individualized public relations and marketing communications services to deliver your message to the right audiences and achieve real results for you.

Gracie Management
Chasson Gracie
New York based artist management, development and consultancy firm. Gracie Management searches for artists, labels and other creative types out there who love to do something leftfield and are looking for a creative, but also a strategic approach to take their careers to the next stage. Gracie Management also has a consultancy division to act as a strategic partner, being responsible for branding and research. Gracie Management also works with music supervisors, directors and licensing agents to get your music placed, including, but not limited to film, TV and commercials.

The Musicians and Authors Media Group (MAMG)
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
PH: 212-810-1151
Forrest Casey
Promotes the works of established and emerging musicians and authors through our custom promotional print and website programs.
PH: 818-505-1836
Started by industry veterans to further the goal of helping develop the cutting edge of new artists and labels with innovative marketing and talent. Combining 25+ years of valuable experience with an arsenal of talents and a passion for breaking albums and artists, Indie Power is about to add a few new pages to the history books! @indie_power

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Dead Sound Music Company
2538 Hennipne Ave. S Unit C. Minneapolis, MN 55406
PH: 612-281-3957
Adam Schmid
We are a full service record label and recording house involved in every step in music creation. We strive to help artists bring a professional product to their fans.

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66 Avenue des Champs Elysées - LOT 41, 75008 Paris, France
PH: +33-671-97-88-87 FX: +33-821-90-05-34
Christophe Marcy
We distribute digital indie music all over the world into more than 1200 stores. Free sign up. We pay out 80% of all sales.
A place where the consumer can buy and download artists' music and videos and can also buy the artists' merchandise.

Sunset Island Music
Unsigned bands and indie artists can now upload their music directly to the Sunset Island Music site at You will also be able to put up information about your band, future gigs and any other information that you would like the fans to know.

Indie Videos
Don't get lost in the big video websites. Link your independent music videos here and stand out!

Download site focusing solely on Rock, Metal, Punk music genres! While we appreciate the releases and artists of the Major Record labels, our initial goal was to make available as many indie and unsigned artists as possible. Many indie labels and unsigned artists do not have many outlets where they can promote and sell their music. Our goal is to encourage them as much as possible and create an environment where they can reach out to the fans.

TV will never be the same again because you can make it what you want with iBroadcast.TV. Imagine being handed a remote control with easy access to a rich variety of TV stations in every conceivable genre, all streaming top quality content. Imagine creating your own TV station with just a few clicks from a vast universe of videos and live streams available for use in your broadcasts. Imagine experiencing all this with your Facebook friends for free, anywhere in the world.

The BeatFaktory
PH: 662-614-3377
Alonzo Holmes
Buy beats online. Sell beats online. Get free beats online.

Google Music's Artist Hub
A feature that allows unsigned bands to create a profile and sell music direct to fans. Available at this time only in the US.

The Music Bed
1227 W. Magnolia Ave. #520, Fort Worth, TX 76104
PH: 800-380-8154
The music from The Music Bed can be used in any non-broadcast wedding and photography projects, and any non-profit or church related media. A few people that can use The music bed are Wedding Photographers, Portrait Photographers, Wedding Videographers, Non-Profit Organizations, Ministries & Churches and Production Companies. We do not license any music for commercial broadcast or film uses. As a matter of fact, most of the artists that we have on this site are artists that also license their music for commercial work through different licensing groups. We have formed partnerships with a number of those licensing groups to bring you their roster of music for this specific purpose.

Sunset Music Publishing
410 Park Ave. 15th Fl. #1530, New York, NY 10022
PH: 646-670-8589
We have launched an innovative online automated licensing tool for music supervisors to find production music in all formats and with all styles of music. Submit your music using our online form.

Black Toast Music
PH: 818-882-9060 FX: 818-882-9062
Bob Mair
A leading independent music publisher/production music library located in Los Angeles, CA. Since its launch, the company has placed music in hundreds of television series, including "True Blood," "Dexter" and "The Wire," specials and TV movies, dozens of high profile motion pictures, including "Arthur" with Russell Brand, "When In Rome" with Kristen Bell, "I Love You, Phillip Morris," "Dead Silence," "Jiminy Glick," and others, along with videogames, internet advertising campaigns, and numerous, multi-media presentations.

Express In Music
PH: +65-6784-4602
Singapore-based website connecting thousands of musicians with clients seeking personalized music. We personalize songs for your branding and communication needs. Based on your brand's story and character, we customize an original song that best represents your persona. Touch your audience and customers emotionally. Engage them with a piece of personalized music that attaches your brand's meaning. Simply set up a profile and start reviewing Music Requests. You may express your interest to a maximum of 3 Music Requests at a time. Choose those that you are comfortable and confident in producing. You may submit more than one track for each project. Join for free – and get paid for your efforts.

5 Signet Ct. Swann Rd. Cambridge, CB5 8LA UK
Allows registered users to upload videos of their performances - be it singing, dancing, acting or just any kind of talent, and share them with the global audience. Users then judge videos on a weekly basis and vote for their favorite budding stars. The word Desitara is derived from two Indian words, Desi (meaning 'of the country') and Tara (meaning 'star'). Thus Desitara is a country of stars and our vision is to discover and create these stars. This is a country which has no boundaries and whose citizens are from all over the world. A country where talent is recognized, respected, loved and adored. So, welcome to this Desitara.

Music Forte
931 W. 75th St. #137-261, Naperville, IL 60540
PH: 888-659-2867 FX: 888-297-8807
Allows you to create albums, promote, and sell your music in a secure environment. Additional artist benefits enable targeted marketing through our own social network as well as exposure to the massive audiences of Facebook and Twitter.

Stars Uncharted
Features the best artists, songs and music videos that the music industry is hiding from you. In other words: if you want to discover music that's creative, intelligent and meaningful- you're definitely in the right place!

311 Montford Ave. Asheville, NC 28801
PH: 828-232-0016
Will Cumberland
Our Advanced Jukebox Player protects your music from being digitally downloaded, yet allows fans to hear your music online. This creates exciting possibilities for you to present yourself to new audiences without being ripped off.

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Rue Abbe Cuypers 3 1040 Brussels, Belgium
PH: 32475615912
Frederick Tubiermont
The first global house concerts network. Join the movement!

An entertainment platform designed to help talent in the entertainment industry reach new audiences and find professional opportunities. Stagee makes it easy and fun to create a buzz and connect with fans, casting professionals, directors and producers. Stagee talent profiles feature photo spreads, videos, show reels, real-time updates, blogs and more. Viewers can discover your profile, vote for you, rate what they see, and share it. The more often you add new content, the more buzz you generate. The more buzz, the bigger your audience - on Stagee and off Stagee!

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Orchard Street Press - Eco-friendly Screen Printing
PH: 414-755-0468
Julie Teska
A sustainable screen printing and graphic design company that prints apparel, accessories, posters, patches and other merchandise for businesses, bands, organizations and events.

Jamie Anderson, Journalist
PH: 613-791-3224
I'm an experienced word slinger who can write you a bio or press release that'll get you the attention you deserve.
We have launched the 2nd teaser video for our new mobile music platform, Artist Growth. You can view the new video at our website. Artist Growth will be launching officially in Nashville on Wednesday January 11, 2012 at The Country Music Hall of Fame. We will be posting a much more thorough expose piece on the company, what the system actually does for artists, and how this new technology will play a major part in the new model for the music industry in December. To receive the announcement of that video and any further information on our launch in 2012, please go to our website and give us your preferred contact e-mail. We promise to keep it to ourselves! Happy Holidays.

Festival Network Online
There's nothing like a live performance! FNO lists more than 7,000 events throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking performers, from local & regional to national & international. @_festivalnet Search by 22 different music genres, event attendance, zip code radius & more. Plug in festival dates with club dates.

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Music Marketing Manifesto Blog
John Oszajca
Advanced strategies, secrets, tactics and tips on selling your music online. @JohnOszajca

PH: 613-791-3224
Jamie Anderson
Blog with valuable information for musicians, from promotional tips to caring for your guitar, by an experienced journalist and touring musician.
PH: 646-383-1110
Steve Widman
Database that enables you to find a Guitar Teacher in any state.

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7660-H Fay Ave. #342, La Jolla, CA 92037
Protect your songs before distributing or playing them! Register your copyrights with the ORIGINAL music registration site! Started by a California attorney who first began representing musicians in the 1970's,™ has grown into one of the most trusted names in song and music registration worldwide. With years of experience in the music business, we know that the whole copyright process can be both boring and intimidating, especially for those trying to focus on the creative process. So the initial concept was simple: Make it easy for songwriters to register their work and establish evidence of their copyrighted material — quickly and inexpensively.™ is now used by songwriters, musicians and music publishers in more than 50 countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia (and copyright law is recognized in 160+ countries).

Apple GarageBand '11
Welcome to the school of Rock. A Mac-size practice space. Your own recording studio. If you want to learn to play an instrument, write music, or record a song, GarageBand has everything you need.
30 Compton Way, Hamilton Sq. NJ 08690
PH: 609-689-1711
Scott Clark
We manufacture our own line of CD boxes for artists to sell their music at shows or in stores.

5925 NE 80th Ave. Portland, OR 97218
PH: 888-448-6369
The best place to host your website/domain! Powerful artist tools including blogging, calendar, mailing list, selling merch, and streaming audio. Integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter and more! No design skills are needed. We have hundreds of professional design templates. Sell your music through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, Rhapsody + over 15 other music sites!
Allows musicians and fans to promote and share their music to the world through social networks © and ©! You can let your fans listen to your songs straight from TweetMySong's music player or optionally let them download your track(s)! TweetMySong also tracks the song publisher's (you!) unique listens, total listens, and downloads!

A free web service which allows you to sell your digital music online and keep 100% of your sales. You can sell and promote your digital music to your fans on Facebook, SoundCloud, VibeDeck and your own website.

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Dallas Songwriters Association
Sammons Ctr. For The Arts, 3630 Harry Hines #20, Dallas, Tx 75219
A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information about the craft and business of songwriting. All styles of music are welcome in the DSA, and membership includes writers of all ages. DSA monthly activities include meetings with guest speakers, song critiques and performance showcases that are open to the public. In addition, the DSA supports and promotes workshops and contests and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada
Dedicated to supporting established and upcoming talent in the Heavy Metal genre and its subgenres and promoting the overall practice of music. The association will also help with promotional tour support, informing its members of grant support and new and upcoming information concerning the ever evolving music industry of today. we will be representing our association through trade shows, conferences and seminars, and our own events.

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Is Your Band Ready to Hire a Publicist?

by Diane Foy, Skylar Entertainment
© 2011 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

There are many questions to ask before contacting a publicist or PR firm to determine the answer to that question. A publicist needs to be able to present an interesting story in addition to great music. What is special about you or your band that sets you apart from the many other artists in the same market and genre?
  • Are you playing live shows often, drawing crowds and building a fan base?
  • Have you recorded a CD or EP that will be released to retail and/or online outlets?
  • Does your band have a professional website?
  • Are you active on social media – Facebook page, twitter, YouTube etc.?
  • Is there a regional or national tour in the works?
  • Have you done some publicity yourself in your local area?
  • Do you have a professional biography?
  • Do you have professionally shot photographs?
  • Have you had your music licensed to TV or film?
  • Is there another aspect of your life or career that is unique?

One benefit of hiring a professional publicist is that they can get your music into the right hands and open doors that may have been previously closed. Publicists spend years building and maintaining their media and industry contact list and most importantly their relationships and reputation with those contacts.


Now that you have decided you are ready to hire a publicist to help you get to the next level, can you afford to pay one? Professional publicists can charge $1,000 to $1,500 or more per month and often require a 3-6 month minimum. Are you rethinking that are you ready question? You have probably already spent more than this amount on instruments, gear, recording, touring and other necessities of being a musician, however, if you are serious about a career in music, you must think of marketing and promotion as necessities.

The good news is music publicists are music fans and if you truly are ready and they love the music often they will tailor smaller campaigns for you to get started. If national touring is not a possibility at this time, the publicist may concentrate on regional media and a shorter time frame. Think about your budget before contacting a publicist to at least have a range in mind of what is possible. Be honest about your budget, if you know you can only manage $2,000 or other amount, tell them. Some publicists are flexible and will work with you in the beginning stages.


The best way of finding a publicist is to ask other performers and industry in your circle for a referral. If there is a band or artist similar to your genre of music that has a good buzz going on, visit their website and see who is listed as their publicist. Next step would be Google terms like "music publicist" "music publicist city or country)" or if your genre of music is specific "jazz publicist" or "metal publicist".

Check out websites, if the website is not professional it may tell you that the publicist doesn't value presentation and image. Read the company profile and publicist bio, check out their past and present clients, read press releases they have written and see if they are active on social media. Social media is a huge aspect of promotion therefore; everyone involved with the band should be active on social media.

After your research you should have a few options to consider and initiate contact with. For a first contact an email outlining who you are and what you are looking for is best. Give a little info on your band or you as a solo artist, your history, what you have achieved so far, upcoming plans and most importantly links to websites where they can get more info and listen to your music.

From there you will see what the response is, if you don't receive a response after a week or so contact again and remind them who you are (best to include original email in body of follow up email). Often the publicist has just been busy and a gentle reminder shows you are serious and reminds them to get back to checking out the info you sent. Or very likely your email went to spam, junk or was accidentally missed. If they are interested they may put a rough publicity plan together for you to give you an idea of their approach and rates. They may also tell you any number of reasons why they can not take on the project and/or refer you to another publicist more suited or more available.


Hiring a publicist does not guarantee media coverage, no matter how good the music is or how much you have going on; there are many factors beyond anyone's control that determines what media will cover. Like with all aspects of your career, think of publicity as a building process. You may not receive a lot of coverage on your first tour, however, the more often you play a city the more people will come out and the better chance of receiving press.

An ideal plan would start a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance of CD release or first tour date. CDs need to be mailed out, bio written or updated, press release written and distributed and time for contacts to receive these before follow up pitches for coverage starts. Media outlets have lead times to consider: daily papers 3-4 weeks, weeklies 3-6 weeks and monthly magazines can be 2-6 months.

Your publicist should keep you updated on the process and results as they happen and provide a report on media received and solicited. If you don't hear from them it may mean there is nothing new to report, however, the more in contact you are with your team the better so ask how things are going and if they need anything more from you. Keep the publicist updated on all your efforts and results too as it helps the publicist if they have something new to pass on when pitching or following up with media. Think of all aspects of your career as a long term building process. Learn everything you can about the business, work on your craft and network, network, network.

Diane Foy is the Director of Public Relations & Social Media for Skylar Entertainment, a boutique PR firm for the Arts & Entertainment industry formed in 2004.

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indie contact newsletter

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