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We take great pride in making sure that our directories are as up to date as is HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Our reputation DEPENDS on it. FIFTEEN YEARS and counting!

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the content of your directory, please contact us, and we will refund your money without question!

We may ask why you're not satisfied, just so that we can understand if changes are needed ... but you're going to get your money back.

Keep in mind that we are not responsible for the manners of the various site owners, music editors, venue owners and radio station employees.

If you have problems with ANYONE please contact us. If we get more than one complaint about a particular listing, we will remove their service from the next edition!

We are ALWAYS open to suggestions. It is input from our customers that has helped us to survive the peaks and valleys of the last 15 years. The wacky ride that is the music business.

So, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I wish you the very best with your music!

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David Wimble
Editor of The Indie Bible

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Submission Opportunities Delivered to Your Inbox Each Month for Free!

EVERY MONTH for the last 15 years, the Indie Contact Newsletter has provided artists and songwriters with valuable articles on how to succeed in the music business.

Each of these newsletters also features a LARGE list of music services that are looking for submissions (radio shows, labels, magazines etc.).

You can also win the legendary Shure SM58 Microphone in our monthly draw.

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indie bible music promotion: image of a singer performing live on stage at the grand ol opry The Ultimate Indie Bundle
Purchase ALL of Our Directories for a FRACTION of the Price!

We would like to introduce you to an amazing package that we have developed for independent musicians that makes promoting your music completely affordable.

The Ultimate Indie Bundle includes ALL of the directories you will read about on this website - The Indie Bible, The Indie Bible ONLINE and The Indie Venue Bible.

As an ADDED BONUS you will receive TWO e-books with 190 articles on how to SUCCEED in the music business, PLUS next year's edition of the Indie Bible.

If you were to purchase the 4 directories that make up the Ultimate Indie Bundle separately, it would cost you $340.

When you purchase them in the Bundle Package, you pay only $59.95.

That's an incredible savings of $280!

Our Articles E-Books
Education is the greatest gift that you could give to your career!

Don't make the SAME mistakes THOUSANDS of other artists have made before you!

Our directories include valuable insider information that will save you TONS of time and money.

These articles are written by industry experts, covering marketing, contracts, the power of social media, getting airplay & reviews, getting signed, finding gigs, playing at festivals and much more!

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Our Guarantee
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About The Indie Bible

Started over 18 years ago, The Indie Bible has sold over 100,000 copies, helping thousands of independent artists to succeed. Having spent THOUSANDS of hours gathering this information we are confident that no matter what genre you fit into we can provide the information that will help you to reach your dreams.

The Indie Bible was created for independent artists by independent artists.

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